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“Great is My faithfulness to you at all times,” says The LORD.

“I have kept you all the days of your life, and you are where I want you to be right now.  I AM the One who shifts you, and your times and seasons are in My Hands that are in control of your destiny.

“Be assured that I AM always on task and on time.  There is no delay in My Performance, and nothing can alter the events that I have authored in your life that are shaping you, molding you, maturing you, and preparing you for the purposes I created you for to fulfill,” says The LORD.

“Those things that you do not understand, just commit them to Me, Who is infinite in understanding.  The dark spots and difficult times in your life are just as important as the bright spots and the good times.

“For it is the times of testing that has refined your faith and fortified your resolve to go in the direction of your destiny.

“I will give you everything you need, and prepare you as well as others that I will align you with, so that there will arise a great army of ready warriors that will accomplish great feats for My Kingdom and My Glory.

“They will be ready to war a GOOD warfare, because of their own history of faithful endurance, and I will use them mightily to bring in the harvest that will be plentiful,” says The LORD.

Source: There Will Arise a Great Army of Ready Warriors ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

I was seeking Father on what He wanted me to post today, and right after I asked, I got a WIND ADVISORY on my phone.

Source: A Wind Advisory ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry

“The Samson Warriors filled with the Spirit of Grace and Truth shaking the pillars of the kingdom of Darkness!”

Source: The Samson Warriors ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry

“I AM NOT going to rehabilitate you,” says The LORD.

I will only transform, heal, revive, restore.  It is MY WORKMANSHIP in you, and you are a NEW CREATION in Me!  You are not a fixer upper like a building that needs refurbished.

You are a living temple, and what I do is a living Word that heals, My living Water that refreshes, My FIRE that ignites and refines and empowers, My power that translates from darkness into MY marvelous light.

“My Word cleanses and purges and purifies and heals and restores and delivers.  You will not be a makeover or a do over.  I will perfect you and beautify you as you trust in Me as your Savior and LORD,” says The LORD.

“My Spirit is in you to transform you into MY OWN IMAGE,” says The LORD.

“Just walk in My Spirit, Walk in the faith that I have given you, Walk in My Word, Walk in fellowship and friendship with Me, Walk in My will, and Walk in My love.

“Follow My lead and you will go from glory to glory as it will be ever-increasing.  Act on what you already have and who you already have become in Me.

“You will see my greater glory when you just continually walk with Me, and I will elevate you into new heights of My Glory and you will be a vessel of honor that I will USE for My Glory as you walk in the newness of life that I have already given you, because you have trusted in Me to be your Savior and LORD.”

Source: Transformed into His Image ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

Warriors of the Wind and the War Room of God, The Time of Transition! I saw a gathering of Eagles on the Thermals of The Spirit.

Source: The Time of Transition ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry

“Beloved. Though the voices of this world are declaring the spread of disease, fear, and unrest, this is not My Voice, My Child.”

Source: The Sons of Zadok, Wildfire and A Time of Acceleration ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry

Some of you are thinking about giving up, throwing in the towel or waving a white flag of surrender.

Source: Be Strong and of Good Courage ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry

“Be bold as a lion,” says The LORD.

“I did not give you a spirit of intimidation, and you are not to fear.  I have empowered you with MY Spirit, and you are not to turn back in the day of battle.

“Courage and valor are your clothing, and you have mighty spiritual weapons that will overwhelm the enemy, every time.

“For that which is of My SPIRIT, IS SPIRIT, and everything and everyone in your natural environs will be subject to the power of My Spirit that supersedes and superintends any other,” says the LORD.

“The unseen is greater than the seen,” says the LORD.

“Although you do not see the sword of My Spirit, it is a tangible reality.  It is more powerful than what your eyes behold.  USE the weapons that I have given you that are unsurpassed.

“Do not surrender or turn back or give up, for the victory that I will give you is just ahead, as you refuse to cower, and face the enemy, head on.

“He will flee from you in terror, for My fear is in you, and will surround you, and you will utterly defeat the enemy and destroy his diabolical weapons and works as I do, and will do through those who will engage in the fray, rather than retreat,” says the LORD.

Source: Bold as a Lion ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke