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The LORD says, “Your weapons are not natural, but supernatural. They are MIGHTY through your God for the pulling down of strongholds.”

Source: The Stealth Archers of God, His Resistance Fighters ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry

I recognize this is a longer word and the Lord has had me sit on this prophetic word for the Pioneers for a little while now as He has been unravelling deeper revelation of what He is releasing.

In this prophetic word, I felt the Lord wanted me to share the details of a particular encounter I had with Him, because I believe there’s an impartation He wants to release through this word. Pioneers, I pray you receive a great impartation from His heart as you read this prophetic word.

The Pioneers, the forerunners, the trailblazers. They are moving with the leading of the Holy Spirit to create His pathway and breakthrough in new ways. There is a great birthing these Pioneers are now walking into, they are exploring new lands, conquering new places and they are actively running, stewarding and releasing the new move of the Holy Spirit in these terrains that have not been forged and ploughed before.


I saw there was a warning and invitation being released from the heart of God to the Pioneers to remain in the place of REST. The place of REST being the place of being led by His Spirit. I saw a tremendous temptation in the spirit in this season of acceleration and increase to “run ahead” of what God is doing, to attempt to build things before His timing, or to implement things before His unction out of passion and excitement. The Lord loves the passion and excitement of His Pioneers, but He wants the excitement and passion to be coupled with surrender, yieldedness and sensitivity to His timing and leading.

For the impartation, the revelation and manifestation that is being released to the Pioneers in this season is on a greater scale than many have experienced or carried before, and the heart of the Lord is that the Pioneers steward the increase well, with humility, integrity and sensitivity to His leading.

In the encounters I have had with the Lord lately concerning the Pioneers amongst others, I have felt a weightiness in the spirit that I haven’t felt before, that what He is releasing now is so precious, it is so weighty, it is so valuable, the Lord is looking for the Pioneers who will steward it well and release it with integrity. The place of humility and yieldedness to Him and to His timing, His ways and His strategy is the key to “entering into” this deeper place of revelation of His heart and secrets.


I had a powerful encounter with the Lord recently and in this encounter I saw Jesus and He was inviting the Pioneers into the most beautiful room in the library of heaven.

The interesting thing about this room in the library of heaven was the door was VERY SMALL. The door was tiny, so to “enter into this room” and to move into the invitation the Lord was releasing, there was a significant call to “lay down, and go low”. There was a deeper place of surrender, humility and yieldedness to the Lord that had to take place, it is not a place of “striving” to “be humble” but a recognition that He is Lord, and we are not. He is the One who we hand the reigns over to, to lead, to guide, to speak. We hand the reigns of timing over to Him. We hand the reigns of “the way” over to Him. We hand the reigns of how things are “built” over to Him, it was a place of such deeper surrender to Jesus and trusting Him in His way and timing. The beautiful thing is I could feel so strongly in the invitation to continue to ‘lie down’ and ‘go low’, is the plans, purposes and manifestation of what He is building is bigger than what is even being dreamt about by the Pioneers.

I watched as those Pioneers who were living in that place of surrender, humility and the secret place were entering in through this tiny door. The room they were invited into in this season was a room that had wall to wall bookshelves, as high as the eye could see. Huge ladders up to the top shelves and there were SO many books everywhere.

Jesus stood in the middle of the room at a large golden table and He was smiling. Behind this huge golden table was a red chair and as the Pioneers that had accepted his invitation, one by one entered in, I heard the loudest declaration booming from His heart, so strongly, it could have crumbled a mountain in a moment.

The declaration was:

‘Call to Me and I will answer you, and tell you [and even show you] great and mighty things, [things which have been confined and hidden], which you do not know and understand and cannot distinguish.’ – Jeremiah 33:3 – (Amplified Version)

My heart was so moved by what I heard. So moved by what I was seeing take place. The invitation to the Pioneers in this season, those that have been living not for the praise of man, not to build their own ministry, not to self-promote, not in striving, but in rest and deep intimacy with Him, were being invited into a place of HEARING and SEEING His heart and secrets unlike ANYTHING they had experienced before. This place was precious, it was weighty, it was a place where the Lord was about to reveal things which had been confined and hidden and release greater clarity, wisdom, strategy and revelation of what He is doing, what He is dreaming about, what He is saying and what is to come. This place was not entered into lightly, it was a place of seeing and hearing the depths of His heart, a most trusted place that the friends of God were accessing.

I saw Jesus pull down a large book from the shelf and engraved in gold on the front of this large brown leather bound book was Jeremiah 33:3. Jesus invited the Pioneers to come and “take their seat”.

Instantly I felt His presence fall SO heavily, it almost made me tremble and I knew a deep shift was taking place in the spirit over the Pioneers who had entered in. Not just this invitation into the most precious place of all, the deeper place of receiving the revelations and secrets of His heart, but a greater awakening and manifestation of the power of the Pioneers taking their SEAT. Such a great awakening of Ephesians 2:6:

“He raised us up with Christ, the exalted One, and we ascended with him into the glorious perfection and authority of the heavenly realm, for we are now co-seated as one with Christ!” – (The Passion Translation)

Suddenly, the knowing surrounded me. The chair being red, the place Jesus purchased for us by His blood, to take our seat with Him in oneness, seated in heavenly places. In this season of encounter with Jesus for the Pioneers in one of these rooms in the library of heaven, was releasing a greater awakening to their authority and seated place with Christ.

They took their seat and opened this huge book. The pages were FILLED with writing, the writing when I looked at it, was written on the page, but as I looked at each line, it was as though I could not only see the words on the page, but each line had a depth that I could see down deep into what looked like rivers of pure, flowing, living water. There was such an incredible sense of drinking in the revelation He was releasing, and thirsting no more for anything else but Him. Each word almost shouted “As you drink this water, you will never thirst again” (John 4:14), the fountain that will never run dry, yet each drink you take, you will become thirstier and thirstier for Jesus, to know Him and to know His Word.

I noticed that engraved on every page was 1 Corinthians 2:10:

“But God now unveils these profound realities to us by the Spirit. Yes, He has revealed to us His inmost heart and deepest mysteries through the Holy Spirit who constantly explores all things.” – (The Passion Translation)

There was a great unveiling of revelation taking place, a depth of revelation of the inmost parts of His heart and deepest mysteries, and it was ALL FOUNDED and FLOWING from Him – Jesus Christ and EVERY WORD deeply, rooted, grounded, founded, flowing and released from the Word of God.


For the last year or so I have been having profound encounters with the Lord regarding the Lord looking for those who will LINGER with Him. Over a year ago, the Lord came to me powerfully in a dream and for hours upon hours in my dream, He asked “Where are those who will linger? Where are those who will linger?” For those who linger, I will entrust the secrets of My heart”. This has been a word I impacted me deeply, and I have been carrying ever since.

He is looking for those who will linger with Him, His friends! Those who will sit with Him, to be with Him.

In this encounter I heard the Lord say “LINGER IN THE LIBRARY”. In this season of encounter in one of the library rooms of heaven, don’t rush to get out. For there’s not just one book the Lord is opening, there are MANY. He has MANY things to show you. MANY things to reveal, and in the temptation to “rush” from this place, or be ‘distracted’ or ‘prioritize’ other things above this place of encounter, will hinder the revelation flow of what He wants to release.

So do whatever you have to do in this season to LINGER IN THE LIBRARY!!!!!

The Lord also asked me a question:

“Lana, in libraries in the natural, what is the atmosphere established?”

I replied:

“Quietness, reflection, reading, meditation, absorbing”

He replied:

“Then how much more in a library room of heaven.”

The Lord was inviting His Pioneers into a deeper place of lingering, a deeper place of quietness before Him, being with Him, meditating upon what He is saying, delighting in His presence and hearing His heart. It was a place of encounter and conversing with Him, but I felt the focus the Lord was bringing was upon a “heart attitude” before Him, the position of rest, quietness, to hear and receive.

The depth of intimacy being entered into in this place was a place that had not been encountered before, such a deep place, that the Pioneers were even being left speechless by what He was speaking, releasing and revealing. Such beautiful, heavy, weighty, awe of God encounters.

I then felt Isaiah 30:15 all around me, a greater level of trust and strength was coming to the Pioneers:

“In quietness and trust is your strength.” Isaiah 30:15


He then spoke again:

“The enemy has been coming against you to muzzle you, to silence you, to stop you, to contain you and to prevent you in this season. The enemy has come like a wolf, to bring such deep fear, growling with his vicious lies, growling to cloud the atmosphere, growling to interfere with you hearing from Me, to create greater static and twisting of what I am saying, to hinder the fruit I am growing, the strategy I am releasing to you, and the increase of encounter, visitation and revelation that you have been invited into in this place. This place represents you, My precious Pioneers stepping into MORE, more than you have ever known or imagined, but it ALL FLOWS from who I am, My heart and My Word. The shift has begun and the very confusion the enemy has attempted to bring upon you, that very confusion will now be sent upon him as you step deeper into My rivers of revelation.”

“But you must stay under the canopy of My Word. Do not move from My Word. Stay covered, sheltered and immersed in My Word in this place and watch and see how the wolves will be chased away. Deception and lies will flee and you will move into deeper realms of My truth.”

“These wolves have come and made noise attempting to hinder this season of revelation and encounter, but they will not be able to keep up with the revelation I will release to you in this library room of heaven, and the increased favour that will flow from these encounters in this room. FROM this place of deep encounters with Me in this library room of heaven, you will receive such deep revelation of My heart and My Word that what I have asked you to place your hands upon in the natural with Me in this season and build and forge, the new pathways, new ground, new lands, new territories, will see a major increase of your authority and My favour RESOUND UPON YOU LOUDER than ever.”

“Where the enemy has come with his army like wolves growling, I am have been releasing My angelic hosts into your lives with shofars to HERALD loudly accompanied with My decree in this battle, and the atmosphere and airwaves are being CLEARED. They are being CLEARED so you will HEAR clearly and in deeper ways, and move into this season of the greatest awakening of hearing My voice and knowing the power of My voice and the secrets of My heart.”

Pioneers, there has been a great battle over many of you and what you carry and what the Lord has you forging, forerunning, releasing, the new land, the new places, the new assignments, but take heart, for the invitation upon you into the library room of heaven to access the secrets of His heart and revelation He is wanting to release, is profound. It’s a new place. It’s a new pathway of His heart. It’s a place where you will not only come alive in greater ways to what He has called you to do and release, but also release to others.

The encounters you will have with Jesus in this library room of heaven will release greater strength, refreshing and insight to you for this season and beyond. The word of the Lord to you in this place will break the confines that have held you down, and move you into a deeper place of carrying His heart. Take not this invitation lightly. Take not this season lightly. Take not this place of revelation lightly. For you are being invited into a place of receiving a greater increase in the greatest treasure of all, His heart. His heart for you, for people, for places, for cities, for nations. He doesn’t release the secrets of His heart cheaply. He’s looking for Pioneers who will steward His heart with integrity, purity, and not use His heart or the revelations He releases for personal gain or impure motives. He’s looking for His friends to come closer to Him.

What a precious and profound invitation being released to the Pioneers..

May ALL enter in through their surrender and yieldedness to Jesus! Humility is the key!

What awaits you in this room in the library of heaven will leave you forever changed, undone by the privilege of what He is inviting you into. May the prayer be “Lord, help me to steward your heart well!”

In the first week of July, I had a dream in which I was invited to a friend’s house for dinner. Their house was situated on top of a mountain and had many full-length windows. It was night time and they were expecting more guests. My friend was distressed because large cracks kept appearing in the ground of the front garden. She kept going outside and raking over the crevices, so that it wouldn’t distress the guests when they arrived. There seemed to be some sort of shaking going on. I suggested to her to just leave it until the morning, because it was going to keep happening all night and her raking wasn’t achieving anything. Then we were told that she and her husband had paid for us to go to Switzerland with them. There would be an evening meal beforehand. Going into the kitchen, I saw a large glass bowl with salad in it. I began to scoop up grated onion from the chopping board and put it into my handbag, as I knew there would be a need for food along the journey. Then I realized that it would be better to put the onion in a Ziploc bag to preserve it until later.

Just then, a large plane landed on the lawn. I had been allocated a single seat on my own, away from my husband’s seat because we were last minute bookings. My seat was by itself and facing so I could see out of the right hand windows of the plane, at right angles to all the other rows of seats. I could see another plane flying way back almost out of sight, like it was waiting for this one to take off. There was also a concert pianist on board and she was seated at a shiny black concert piano in the center of the plane. I was told that my piano was the old one just behind hers, situated at a lower level. As I went to look at it, she peered arrogantly at it and made a remark indicating it was clearly inferior. It was an upright ancient piano with very worn ivories and a peeling facade.

Understanding given of this portion of the dream: The house situated on top of a mountain with large windows indicates a watchman position and the darkness had already fallen by the time we arrived for the evening meal. Cracks appearing in the ground indicate continual seismic activity and an impending large earthquake. This may be an indication of the timing of this dream unfolding, during constant seismic activity, or it could indicate a shaking in the spiritual realm. In real life, this couple has actually just completed and moved to their own end-time refuge in a mountainous region of South Africa. The fact that they had paid for our tickets indicates that there are a company of forerunners who have paid the price and done the necessary spiritual preparation for others to be equipped and carried to a place of safety without cost to themselves. Switzerland represents a place of immunity and safety. This nation did not take sides during the world wars and is known to be a place of financial and physical security during a time of war.

Regarding the onions, what stood out for me is they were already prepared and whoever had done so would have done quite a bit of weeping. Onions are full of vitamin C – or vitamin SEE. They represent the revelation light imparted during a season of weeping, which was both preserved and carried onto the plane for the next leg of the journey, in order to bring nourishment to the passengers.

I was given the understanding that the two pianos represented the prophetic realm in the midst of this body of passengers. One was considered professional, well-known, skilled and there to entertain the passengers. I, on the other hand, represent the unknown prophets, those without large recognized ministries, who in the eyes of the professional circuit are relegated to an inferior position, as their sound is unknown and couldn’t possibly be as good as the professional ones – it was definitely on a ‘lower level’ in the hierarchy that existed among this company of people. (What came to mind is the recent warning videos of Pastor Dana Coverstone, which have been vilified by the so-called professional company of prophets presently parading on the ministry stage). It also seemed this woman pianist in her sparkling black evening dress was the organized entertainment; providing the official music and playlist for the flight.

I asked the lord what the plane represented and He said, “This is the two wings of a great eagle provided to take my Bride to her appointed place of safety”.

And I asked, “Why is my seat at right angles to the rest of the seats?”

“Because I am giving you a view that the others don’t have; the flank view. You can see what is in their blind spots. You can see the enemy sneaking up on the flank to take them out.

Wikipedia: ‘Flanking is useful because a force’s offensive power is concentrated in its front; a flanking maneuver uses the troop’s forward movement to create an attackable flank, A psychological advantage may also be present. The confusion and threat from multiple directions can often cause shock and panic. This may cause soldiers to run from the battle. A larger-scaled tactical flanking is called a strategic flanking. The Flank attack is the marketing strategy adopted by the challenger firm and is intended to attack on the weak points or blind spots of the competitor.’

He continued, “There are some who consider themselves trained professionals in the spirit. They considered their skill at releasing sound far superior to others. But I use the weak and the lowly things, the despised things to confound the wise. I will give you a word to release on the sin of pride among my Bride and it will put things in a spin and some will be flung out of their chosen seats in the center of what I am doing.”

Thank you Lord, but how will they be removed? You can’t get out of a plane when it is in the air.”

“This plane has not taken off yet, daughter. I have given you foresight to see the plan of the enemy once this plane has ascended and is moving in heavenly realms. This is my last check before takeoff.” And I understood that part of this planned attack included installing the professional pianist on the plane, in order to subject her captive audience to sound other than that which Heaven desired.

I saw the plane start to spin round and round from the central point where the two pianos were situated. It became a centrifuge, spinning very fast. This motion was causing a separation between particles of different weights; with the smallest ones remaining near the centre point. The largest, heaviest ones moved towards the outside perimeter. Then I was shown a white strip with holes of different sizes cut into its length. And a hand was taking each separated particle and sizing it by trying to put it through the smallest hole first. I heard, “Too big. Too big… Too big… Just right,” as the right size to pass the particle through was found. Each particle was matched to its portal.

Then the Lord said, “Some are too big in their own eyes. They magnify their importance in My whole plan. By doing this, they minimize the greatness of My grace in using them. And they look down on other men and women in My Body. Nebuchadnezzar suffered from this sin of pride, and as a result, he was appointed 7 years of humbling. I have no use for such as these in this season.”

Then a giant pair of scissors appeared and cut off the biggest hole on the white sizing strip. As this happened, I saw the interior of the plane again. Stewards and stewardesses were going to certain seats in the plane and telling the people they were sitting in the wrong seat. The people protested and held out the boarding passes and I could see ‘AAA” and the row number was on every person’s boarding pass who was being asked to move. I knew these were the seats that they had chosen and booked for themselves when they checked in online for this flight. They considered themselves worthy of triple A seats.

In some cases, there was yelling and fighting about being moved and security officers appeared out of nowhere and removed them forcefully from their seats. I saw them marched right to the back of the plane by the toilets. Then I could see new people were being brought on to the plane and placed in the vacated seats. All their boarding passes said ‘ZZZ’. And I heard, “Did I not say the first shall be last and then last shall be first?”

I looked at the people who had been moved to the back. They were sitting jam-packed in very narrow seats, about six in a row. And some begin to peck each other like crows to get more space to move. Others just sat with their heads hanging down, looking sheepish, like they knew that this was really where they belonged. The stewards just watched their behavior for a while. Then suddenly, they stepped forward and grabbed the ones arguing and demanding better seats by their collars. They open the exit door and tossed them onto the tarmac. And the door closed with a bang. Then I heard the scripture about the angels separating the tares into bundles and tossing them into the fire. And I was given understanding that this whole scene of moving and demotion had been in order to reveal the true hearts of these people. Before, they had been quietly sitting in their seats, waiting for takeoff. Everyone looked exactly the same, very well-behaved and friendly.

The whole scenario was a bit shocking to watch and the whole process didn’t take long. I looked out of the window of the plane after the squabbling, displeased ones were removed from the plane. And there I saw the woman pianist; she was in disarray on the tarmac with her stiletto heels in the air. She sat up and glared at the plane. and its passengers. And I was given a close up of her eyes. They were vicious, with slit pupils – like a cat or snake. And I could see deep darkness, rage and hatred at being removed from her position in the midst of the Bridal company. She shook her fist in the plane and then got up and stalked off to another plane hiding in the shadows and climbed into the pilot seat. This plane was a sleek, black fighter jet and in the hold of the plane, I saw many demons. And I knew this was the plane I had been shown while sitting in the flank position seat. It was coming to launch an attack on the Bridal company, as soon as it took off to the appointed place of safety.

And the Lord said, “Thus will I sift, expose and remove Jezebel from the midst of My Bridal Company”. And I was reminded of the Elijah in his confrontation with the prophets of Baal. After the difference between the true prophet and the false had been openly displayed before the people, and the prophets of Baal removed from the landscape, Jezebel had threatened to kill Elijah.

Separating Garment from Garment

Then I was shown a different scene. I saw a simple experiment which I had done in science class at school. A piece of filter paper was laid on the table. And a large purple dot was drawn right in the center with a felt tip marker. A big drop of water was placed by an eye dropper on the purple dot. Slowly, the water moved towards the edges of the filter paper, carrying with it particles of different colors. It was revealing the true color content which had been concealed inside the purple color dot. In the end, there were concentric rings of different colors and right at the outer edges was a ring of gray concentrating into black. This was at the same position as the largest, heaviest particles in the spinning centrifuge part of the vision.

Then the Lord spoke again, ” This is the company of those who are presently robed in purple garments and carry spiritual authority and kingship in the Body. Some are anointed and appointed by Heaven. And others, like Athalia, have taken the throne and the royal garments by murderous intrigue. I will sift and expose their hearts and separate between sheep and sheep. I will expose their true Colors. I will remove those who seek rule and elevation and stations of power and adulation. And I will introduce My Joash company, the hidden ones kept for such a time as this. I will remove kings and set up kings. I will remove seasoned ones who say, ‘My experience counts. I have a pedigree for power’. I will replace them with my righteous remnant, who has survived their murderous schemes, by hiding. Then I was given understanding that the ‘ZZZ’ on the boarding passes of those newly introduced to the plane, represented ‘tzaddi, tzaddi, tzaddi’ (Righteous, righteous, righteous) and that these ones signified a Melchizedek priesthood of righteous kings being unveiled in the midst of the Bridal company after the sifting.

Pt 2 to follow


via Pre-Flight Checks and Balances


I saw it is time to RUN, RUN, RUN AND DON’T LOOK BACK. The season of crawling is over. The season of walking over. It is time to run, run, run, the race and capture the crown of end time purpose and destiny.

“I have given you new running shoes and new running equipment and clothing for this month and for what is to come. Those who crawl and those who walk will not enter the “now” moment of my divine purposes that are now going to unfold upon the earth.



This is not a time to be stagnant. This is not a time to stand still. This is not a time to hide. This is a time to advance and those who will let me teach them how to run for this hour will advance in their end time destiny and purposes.

This is not a season to wait until everything passes by, because is not going to pass by, but it is going to intensify. I am going to teach you how to run in the glory realm, in my Spirit realm filled with the 7 spirits of God in you.

This running is your divine equipment and power to run through a troop and leap over a wall. This running is the greatest advancement of my kingdom upon this earth.

For I am pouring out the deepest fire of my pure holy love you have ever known to run with me in my glory realm. Running with me will even allow me in the days ahead to translate you as I did with Phillip.

Nothing is going to keep you from where I need you to be and to go where I need you to go, even if you have to walk on the water to get there. The works I did you shall also do, because I have gone to the Father.

I am seeking my “runners.” I am seeking those who are willing to give them the new spiritual footwear I promised to give you this month and the new running armor you need for what is coming in August and beyond.

Who will hear me? Who will run with me? Who will let me teach them how to leap with me upon the mountains? Who will let me give them Hines feet for this hour?

You can’t walk the same, speak the same, live the same if you are one of my “glory runners.” The time of intense training and equipping is here for you to learn. Those who are willing to learn to run with me in my glory at warp speed.

I am not looking for the fearful of heart. I am not looking for those who will cling to the old and try to get the new. I am looking for those who will run with Me. Those willing to run with those who are running with me as their King.

I am looking to and fro over the earth to find my “glory runners” that will run and advance my kingdom in my glory love and power to be a witness to this world that I AM THAT I AM!

Who is willing to put on these new running footwear for this hour. Who is willing to let me train them in this accelerated hour to function with me in my glory realm to become my wheel within a wheel upon the earth.

I am moving speedily, faster than any man could ever know upon the earth. I am changing things rapidly and those of you who are willing to run with me will learn of my “rapid increase.”

They will be able to move me in my “suddenlies” for they will know how to run on a moments notice. They will be prepared to leave all behind and run when they need to run. They will now how to run an not grow weary. They will not how to run the long race and how to sprint as I need.

My runners are going to be filled with the glory and knowledge of the Lord on a different realm then they have know by the gifts of the spirit and 5 fold ministry.

My runners are filled with glory, glory power, glory intimacy, power, authority an dominion to run with me to transform the earth. They will be able to taken to one place for a season and immediately go to another place in a “moment.”

They are not glued to a place, a movement, they are glued to me. They are one with me and they will run with me and be able to leap from mountain to mountain to unfold my purposes.



The time of my “runners” has come. I am going to change the whole face of the earth and transform the kingdom of this world into the kingdom of our God in Christ.

My “runners” are going to do great exploits for I searched far and wide on the earth for them who I can show myself strong to. They will stand in the gap in worship and intercession as they run.

They will speak with apostolic power as they run. Their voice will reverberate on the earth as the voice of many waters for I am in them. As they run, I will speak. As they run, I will release my power, dominion and authority in them.

No one will be able to stop them or hinder them, for they are of a “different kind” that will follow me fully. They are my married ones my overcoming ones, my full grown sons and daughters who will be trained to run and function as a wheel within a wheel on the earth.

Truly will be said, blessed are the feet of those who bring good news.” My “runners” are being released to come to Me, be with Me, so I can train and equip them with the new armor, new weapons, new strategies and plans to “run with them.”

And so shall it be, says the Spirit of God. For it is not by might, nor by power, but my Spirit says the Lord.

Blessed are those who “will run with the Lord’ for they shall never be put to shame.”

Habbakah 2: 2 -3 Then the Lord replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald MAY RUN WITH IT!

3 For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.

Isaiah 40:31 31 but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.



In this time of pandemic and social unrest the Lord Jesus is manifesting Himself to His remnant people who have eyes to see and hears to here.

We are it the time of Jesus 3rd day miracle of Cana to be completed in God’s full grown sons and daughters on the earth. The day of God’s finishing fire of His pure holy love is here to complete us!

The time is here! Are you in it?

Beloved, God’s remnant full grown sons and daughters are in the deepest visitation of the Lord in the power of the Holy Spirit that has ever been on the face of the earth.

The final push of travail of all creation is birthing the full company of full grown sons and daughters to manifest on the earth. The Lord’s end time people are being finished and prepared for the Day of the Lord that is here.

God is bringing forth his “fire bringer” generation of end time warriors. God is bringing forth “his burning ones” who are living behind the veil before His throne.

They are experiencing the glory realm life of the Kingdom of God on earth as is it is in heaven. He is completing them in full maturity to form as a Royal Priesthood, A Holy Nation, A Man-child, Over-comers and his Bride.

They will now manifest the face of a man as having a pure relationship with God. They will have a face of an ox on their left representing their pure servants heart to God and to men.

They will have the face of a lion on the right side representing the full kingdom power and authority in them. They will have the face of an eagle behind them representing their ability to be “spiritual” and be seated with Him on his throne seated in heavenly place.

This is the “brand” plucked out of the fire. These are the people who have the spirit of burning and spirit of judgment burning in them to refine them like pure gold and silver “battle ready” for the Lord.

While so many are still trying to live the “church life” these saints have a end time work, visitation of the Lord, being done in them in secret where no one but them and the Lord notices.

They are going to come forth on this earth like a Bride leaning completely dependent upon her beloved ready to cooperate fully as one with the Lord upon the earth.

As full grown sons, they will manifest the character and nature of Jesus full obedience to the Father in them.

As an overcomer they will be given kingdom power and dominion to tread upon the serpents and the scorpions and over all the power of the enemy.

As a man child they rule and reign with Him on the earth to subdue and transform the kingdoms of this world into the Kingdom of God in Christ.

They rule the nations with Jesus with a rod of iron. They will execute the judgments written. They will eat from the tree of life in the midst of the Garden. They will not be hurt by the second death.

They eat the hidden manna, they will have a white stone with a new name written on it that no one knows but them.

They have power over the nations, and rule them with an iron rod, as earthen pots are broken in pieces. they will receive authority and power to rule them from the Father. They have the morning star.

They are dressed with white clothes. Their name will never be blotted out of God’s book of life. The Lord will confess them openly to the Father and before the angels.

No one will take their victors crown from them. They will be kept safe in the hour that is coming upon the earth in Psalm 91 protection.

They are pillars in the temple of my God and never be put out of it. They have a new name, the name of my god, the name of the city of my God, the New Jerusalem which descends out of heaven. They have a new name.

They will sit beside Me on my throne, as I overcame and sat down on My Father’s throne.






( )

Daughter this is the beginning of the end. I call forth My mighty warriors, My bride to rise up! Rise up o Saints of God! THE WORLD IS HEADED FOR DESTRUCTION AND NEEDS THE PRAYERS OF THE SAINTS, THE PERSEVERANCE OF THE SAINTS, THE BOLDNESS OF THE SAINTS AND THE LOVE OF GOD THAT IS SHED ABROAD IN YOUR HEARTS. RISE UP O MIGHTY WARRIORS! I call you forth in this hour in the resurrection power of God – to rise up! The dead will rise amongst you, the blind will see and the lame will walk. Chains will be broken and many captives will be freed.

I came that all might live and live abundantly. I died for the remission of your sins. You must do your part now and offer Me a living sacrifice – your will must be conformed to My will in order that I might live through you. Heed My words.


All must come through Me in order to enter into My Father’s heavenly Kingdom. For My Kingdom is not of this world. I was not of the world but I came into the world to save it. So must you do the same My children. Be bold as a lion, be courageous and let nothing stop you. Persevere until the end. That is my will for you My children.

Love your Savior and King who will march with you into battle


Scripture Reference:

John 18:36. Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would fight, so that I should not be delivered to the Jews; but now My kingdom is not from here.”

John 3:17. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

Romans 12:1-2. 1 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. 2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

John 17:16-18. 16 They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world. 17 Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth. 18 As you sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world.

Source: Rise Up O Mighty Warriors! – Cryptic1

I heard, “You are the Anointed Remnant chosen by Grace; Rise up, Survivors of the House of Yahweh, whom shall you fear? It is your Hour!”

Source: The Anointed Remnant ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry

My Glory Falls on You:

As the waters cover the sea, so shall My Glory cover you and be seen upon you. No man shall plumb the depths of My Glory within you, but many will ride the crest into life everlasting. You will hear My voice and proclaim My goodness to the world. You will Be My goodness in the land, forgiving and loving the unlovable, bringing hope to the lost and deliverance to the captive.

I have called you, taught you, and now I send you. Do not be daunted by the enormity of the task I have placed before you. Walk it, just walk it, and I will make a way where there seems to be no way. As the path opens before you, many, I say many mansions will be ordered in heaven by the souls lined along the path you walk through. I have not asked you to build these mansions, I merely ask you to walk the path so My Glory may be experienced in the lives of all those within your touch.

You don’t have enough to give the masses, but I do. You don’t have enough time, but I do. You don’t know what you are doing, but I do. You don’t know anything, but I know everything. Look up Child, for divine appointments are on your schedule; for I the Lord your God have ordained you and sent you, before you were conceived in your mother’s womb. Shalom


Lo, I come. In the volume of a book it is written of Me. You are My written epistle and you are read by all men. As the Father and I are One, even so, you and I are One. Who will qualify to do the works that I have done? Who will qualify to do greater works than I have done? Is it not the lowly in spirit? Is it not written, “the meek shall inherit the earth”? The world has labeled you “servant”, but I have called you “Friend”. Look around you and listen to the world. Who is cursed daily? Is it not My little children, is it not the lowly, is it not the meek? It is written, “Out of the mouth of babes and infants I establish a stronghold against the enemy, to silence the foe and avenger.”

What you are about to see will take your breath away. You will watch Me take away from the wise and give to the humble. My Spirit is being poured out upon this land. “I will work and who will let Me?” I require obedience, not sacrifice. Obedience IS the sacrifice I require. It is through foolishness that I will confound the wise. I AM so simple, the wise totally miss Me. Look around you. The fields are white with harvest. The harvest is not sitting in church, it is waving at you from the field. What field are you in? Go therefore, for the Lord of the harvest has sent you. Allow Me to work My works through you. As the body is dead without the spirit, even so faith without works is dead. Where are your works? Babies believe and babies speak; I would also have you believe and speak. Will you be outdone by your children? I cannot physically return to this world until you physically return to Me. When you physically turn to Me, I will pour out My spirit upon this earth powerfully through your physical body…which is Mine. As you allow Me to bless others through you, as you allow Me to bring healing to others through you, as you allow Me to feed others through you, as you allow Me to set others free through you; you will discover joy as you have never known. You will discover healing for your own body, you will discover fullness, you will discover freedom, you will discover life!!

Who will qualify? If you are nothing, if you are nobody, if you are unsuccessful; you qualify. No one else does. Go forth, for I AM with you this day. Work the works that I have ordained. Do not say “I cannot do this”. For with God ALL things are possible and ALL the glory belongs to Me. Shalom

Beloved, What is happening in our nation is not an accident. The battle between light and darkness will now be on full display. This is not about “social justice.

This is not about socialism verse democracy, this is about good and evil, Jesus Christ against the Devil. This is about the souls of men and where they will spend eternity.

We are in the season of the unfolding of the “defeat of all evil.” That is right. The complete destruction of all evil on planet earth by the pure holy love of God is now beginning to unfold.

Light is now shining into the darkness and the darkness can not stop it. Everything that is hidden is now going to be revealed to give mankind a final choice to choose who they are going to serve God or be destroyed by siding with the devil.

This is the “war of the ages,” the beginning of the end of the church age and the entrance into the 7th day, 3rd day Kingdom of God invasion on planet Earth.

We are not where we were 3 months ago. We are not in the same day, the same hour, the same moment in time we were just in.

We are in a new time period who’s morning hours have just begun. Things have changed forever… get ready.. be alert.. and be battle ready.

I know many don’t want to hear this. Who wants to think about what is about to unfold upon the earth as the book of Revelation tell us, but the time is now here.

Right now God is at work finishing a company of believers who will now manifest as full grown sons and daughters to form a wheel within a wheel in full cooperation with God’s end time plans.

This day is not to overtake us as a thief in the night. God is going to have an end time army of overcoming people ready for whatever is coming for how ever long it is coming.

The Lord will manifest His Glory in a full grown army of Kingdom sons and daughters who are going to walk in their full dominion authority to subdue the earth as it was intended from the beginning.

Beloved, darkness and dense darkness is going to cover the earth. Satan’s time is short and he is raging because of the arising of God’s full grown sons and daughters that will defeat him under the command of King Jesus.

The manifestations of the full grown sons and daughters is accelerating at a pace Satan can’t keep up with. The man-child company of full grown mature saints and leaders are being birthed now.

They will be God’s burning ones, His glory bringers, His end time fully equipped people ready to redeem the earth and usher in the fullness of Jesus 1000 year reign upon the earth.

The time has come for all this to unfold. We are not going back to where we were. We are not going back to business as usual. We are not going back to play church. We are not going back to the old wine skin of lukewarm and dead religious activities.

We are entering into a new day. We are entering into the promised land that God has for his victorious bride. We are entering into the day of His glory to be seen upon the whole earth.

That is why the enemy is raging all around us, releasing fear, panic, sickness, plaques, civil unrest, socialism and the overthrow of our government, our President to bring in one world order.

We must wake up church to what is happening around us. We must listen to God and get ourselves and our families prepared spiritually, physically, financially and emotionally.

We must teach our children, and our families, that greater is He that is in us, then He that is in the world. Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loves us and gave his life for us.

The greatest days of God’s glory is here. We are in the moment in time where God is going to turn this upside down world right side up. He is going to turn his inside out church, right side up as well.

It is not about God just raising up Apostles and Prophets in this hour, it is about God rising up full grown sons and daughters to form a battle machine, a wheel within a wheel upon the earth.

The full grown sons and daughters of the Lord with 5 fold ministers together are going to release the pure holy love of God as Jesus desires.

The instructions of the Father are going to be done in a fully healed, fully yielded, fully completed mature body of believers.

They will have a double edged sword coming out of their mouths like fire. They will release words of consequences against kings, leaders and nations that will shake them at their core.

At this moment, the world mocks God, they mock Jesus, and they mock His believers, but that is coming to an end and the enemy and his minion know it.

That is why they seem to be releasing a preemptive strike to cause all this hatred and division in our nation. Yet light, swallows up and destroys darkness.

God’s love destroy hatred, and for this purpose the Son of God has been made manifest to destroy the works of the devil.

What should you do now?

1. Live Matthew 6:33 [Seek the Kingdom of God[a] above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. (NLT)] is your life’s plan.

2. Return to your first love and falling in love with Jesus with all your heart.

3. Repent and let God examine your heart and motives is next to remove the mixture of desiring the best of the world.

4. Pray that Revelation chapters 1-3 become a living reality in you to some you and your family, church can repent and overcome.

5. Ask Him to come and sit as a refiners fire and fuller soap to purify you as His priest like pure gold and silver.

6. Believe and consider this one thing: That He who has begun this good work in you WILL BE FAITHFUL to COMPLETE IT IN YOU!

7. Ask God for a practical plan for your family? Do you need a supply of food on hand? Are there PPE needs you have? Are you able to move on a moments notice? Do you have a plan to relocate if needed like in a hurricane?

These are just a few things to pray over.

The operative word I keep hearing in my spirit from the Lord is be prepared, positioned and battle ready, for whatever is to come.

The Lord is going to lead us, guide us, warn us, prepare us for all the work he desires to release now upon the earth and that includes the enemies activities.

He is now calling those who are being prepared and positioned to come up through the door in heaven as found in Revelation 4:1. The Lord is calling us up to “see and hear the things are to come.”

Beloved, don’t be moved by what you see. It is going to get darker, and evil will increase, but when sin abounds, grace much more abounds.

The greater the darkness that is appearing is releasing even a greater light of God’s pure holy love to defeat it fully. Beloved, Jesus has overcome this world and he is now going to overcome this world in and through you.

Look up all ye gates, and lift up your heads you everlasting doorway and let the King of Glory come in. Who is this King of Glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord strong in battle.

God has uttered his voice before us His army. He has released a command from heaven that is now manifesting on the earth. What is that command?

It is Isaiah 60: 1-2 Arise… Arise.. Arise… your light has come.. (the revelation of the King of Glory in your midst) and the Glory of the Lord has “risen” and will be seen upon you..

Darkness and great darkness will cover the earth, but nations… but nations are going to come to the brightness of your arising and the glory of the Lord shall fill all the earth.

Beloved, Get prepared, get positioned rightly with God, you and your family, your church, and your ministry in this third day new moment in History.

We are not in the same day. We are no longer in the 2nd day church age, we have entered the 3rd day, 7th day Kingdom age of the Lord.

It requires a new wine skin because He is pouring out new wine. We must repent, change, and get in divine alignment with God’s purpose now for this moment in time.  You have been chosen for such a time as this!