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On 4.22.21 I saw in a brief vision the image of a majestic lion wearing a crown and holding a scepter. Jesus the Lion of Judah is returning to enact justice upon the earth. The earth will also undergo a major catharsis. The word follows.

The Lion of Judah returns

I will return soon to establish My Kingdom upon this earth. No weapon formed against Me shall prosper. I come to abolish the evil which has infiltrated and overtaken the earth. Your political arena especially is rife with crimes against humanity. The cries of persecution have reached the highest heights and I will remove that which stands in My way. Amen. I come soon children.

PREPARE your hearts


There will be a great shaking that will come upon this land – the whole earth even – tremors, spasms, eruptions of the highest order. The ground will move and shift and the plates beneath the earth will be lifted as My fury against these abominations is released. Volcanoes will release their magma, spewing forth their hot molten lava upon the earth, cascading into the oceans. The mountains will move and shake – a quaking the likes of which have never been seen or heard of. Seismic activity will be off the charts as the earth churns and rises up in revolt.

STAND AND REMAIN STANDING for you shall see My salvation

STAND as My servant Moses stood before the parting of the Great Red Sea


GIRD your loins about you

Travail no more for the hour of your redemption is nigh. Amen Amen Many changes are coming to this earth. I have heard the cries of My people. I will expose what the evil ones have done. I will trample them with My sword and My scepter. And my crown of justice shall prevail evermore! Amen!


I have spoken

I AM the Lion of Judah and I will return upon the clouds of glory

I will enact and establish justice upon this earth

My justice will prevail


Maranatha I come soon

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah

Lastly I heard ‘the Lion of Judah will prevail’

‘gird’ – prepare and strengthen yourself for what is to come

Genesis 49:10 The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh comes; and to Him shall be the obedience of the people.

Source: The Lion of Judah Returns – Cryptic1

Please be sure to anoint your thresholds, over and around your doors tomorrow before sundown [Carol’s note: when Passover begins].

Sundown Saturday, March 27 starts God’s Passover, which goes to Sunday, April 4, 2021, Resurrection Day!

“My Dread Champion (Jeremiah 20:11-12will come forth to fight for My People, My Beloveds.

Do not fear, I AM with you, My Beloveds.

For The Fear of The LORD will be known, as I deliver My Beloveds from the evil ones.

Know and believe, that I AM God.

For it is I who sit on The Throne, Ruling and Reigning over all, not the enemy and those who follow him.

I AM The One Who Rules. I AM He. There is none like Me.

I AM.”

God Bless You!

Source: The LORD’s Dread Champion Comes! ~ by Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

All things new my beloved little flock. All things new.

Look up my faithful redeemed. I have listened. I have heard. I have answerd. I AM the LORD. The GOD of all flesh. Is there anything impossible, too hard for me? No!!! Nothing is too hard. Nothing is impossible!!! What you have prayed for, I have given thee. Faith. Not sight.

Behold I come quickly. My rewards are with me. I have gone before thee and thus I shall return. I have made my dwelling in the midst of thee and was not received, not recognized and fully REJECTED. A second time was I REJECTED. How I have wept and grieved over man’s REJECTION and indifference to me. How my pain turned to wrath!!! How I have thirsted for man and his folly. I have cried REPENT. REPENT. REPENT. Many remain blind and deaf.

To all whom love me and long to behold my face, Rejoice. Again I say rejoice. I have over come the world. All I have. All I am is yours. I have restored my creation. My garden is Holy. Pure. I have a Holy. Pure and righteous people unto myself.

My harvest of souls in whom I suffered, Suffer for and gave my life, yes the shedding of my blood upon the tree, Yes the cross. Crushing and destroying the enemy. Oh fallen man your kingdom is finished!!!! I Reign!!! I have redeemed thee. I have loved you with an everlasting love, Yea with kindness have I drawn thee.

My weary and longing souls look up. Rise. Enter in. The desires of your heart and a cup that overflows with the sweet. Beauty for ashes. All things new. A wedding banquet. A prepared table. The house of GLORY. The House of the LORD. My house. Home. Fire of GLORY. Fire of life. ETERNITY. The winter has passed and the sound of the turtle dove is heard in the land. Behold the bride groom cometh!!!! It is finished. It is now. Rejoice my little flock. My beloved friends. Weariness shall flee from thee never to return.

Sing unto me a new song. Crown of life. I shall reveal all that is written, All that I AM shall I reveal. I shall give unto thee a white stone and a new name. I shall reveal to you my new name. I shall show you what you have not seen, What you have not known and understood…Ye shall know and shall Understand. The hour of completion. The hour of fulfilment. The fire falls. The awakening. The raising of the dead. Awake Awake oh sleeper. Raised up in life. Caught up GLORY. RESURRECTION.


I am coming and I will not keep silent! A fire will devour before Me, and a flame burns behind Me as I am a consuming fire! A mighty tempest is come, as the Lion of Judah, the Lord of Hosts is armed for battle and prepared to execute justice, raining fire on the wicked, as this will be the portion of their cup.

Hear Me My people, My remnant, your day is come, for I will redeem you from among men. I must reign until I put all My enemies under My feet. I come with holy fire, as I have never come before. My fire will consume, it will judge and it will separate. Every man’s work will be made evident. My fire will also bathe all those who are Mine in a fresh anointing, with a power and authority never before witnessed on the earth. My fire will bring terror to the hearts of men who have refused Me, but it will bring great joy and release for those who walk in My ways and have prepared for My return. Miracles will occur, and you will proclaim My Kingdom. You will bind the broken-hearted and set the prisoners free. You will comfort all who mourn and give hope to the hopeless. I have clothed you with the garments of salvation and covered you in My robe of righteousness. I have adorned you as My Bride. The earth is bringing forth her bud and the things which have been sown are to spring forth!

Another great shift is occurring and all will now change. Great upheaval will be seen in all aspects of life. It has already begun. But, My remnant army are prepared, and they know this is the time I have been speaking to them about. Rise My loves, rise and shine for My fire and My glory will illuminate the darkest places and expose all things. I am pouring out in full measure for My wise virgins, those who have not strayed from the voice of their Shepherd and King and have forsaken all else to keep covenant with Me. This covenant is My blood covenant ratified on the Cross of Calvary. Those in covenant with Me have accepted My sacrifice, drank the cup in full measure that I have offered to them, surrendered all to Me, no matter what the cost, and given their lives in full surrender, emptying themselves to become My vessels of righteousness. The great consummation of our marriage covenant is upon you!

A threshing like no other is here, and I will take back those who are Mine, My jewels, My precious ones. A tearing away is here, and I will be known upon the earth. I live forevermore, and I will make Myself known to all men. I am the only Son of the Living God YAHUAH…


Dream 480 – SparrowCloud9

The LORD began speaking to me, “The enemy has plotted and planned a long time for a hard dark winter.”

Source: Life vs Death and Good vs Evil ~ by Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

Peace. Be still and fear not, rejoice my faithful little flock. I AM with you always. I AM in you. I AM faithful. I AM true. I AM that I AM .I AM he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I AM alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.

I have overcome the world. Thus have you.
If I (GOD) be for you (and I AM for you), who then can be against you? NO ONE. NOTHING. I hear your prayers. I have listened. I have answered. Faith. Not sight. I see your tears, collecting them in my bottle. The mournful, Sorrowful cries are a reflection of my own. My flock is weary and downcast. Weighed down are many of my own feeling. Discouraged. Not seeing they fall away feeling defeated. Not being received, heard and believed by those closest to them.

Arise. Stand. Shine. Harken my my beloved redeemed ones, hear me. Your pain is my own. I came unto my own and my own received me not. Am I not familiar with Suffering and Rejection? I AM. I AM the man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. Know that all whom I share my cup of sorrow and affliction with, who drink to the dregs with me shall drink of new wine and shall drink of the milk and honey without cease.

TRUST ME. Those whom taste the gall shall taste the honey. I have made all things new. In the twinkling of an eye everything changes. All has changed. How blind many are. DESTRUCTION as an act of love and mercy. As my temple (body) was destroyed, my flesh as well as my heart pieced unto the melting as wax poured out of me in my love and mercy.

I AM poured out in the earth once again. Drink of me. Receive me. I AM pained as a woman in travail, pained to be delivered. I AM the way. The TRUTH. The LIFE. I AM the good shepherd. I AM leading you my flock to all I have prepared for you. I have done above all you can hope for or fathom. I have come that ye may have life and have it more abundantly. To give you Beauty for ashes. To give you an expected end. The desires of your heart.

Do not doubt. Do not fear. Trust and believe. Faith. Not sight. The way is narrow. It is my way. The only way. Few find. There is a way that seems right to a man, yet in the end it leads to death. Seek me and live. I desire no man perish. I have bore the sin of man in my body on the cross. I have ransomed you.

Let go. Lay it down. Even your life. Fear not. Give it up. All up. I have lay it all down. Given all up. MYSELF. Deny yourself. Humble before me. Precious are the death of my saints. Have I not overcome the grave? Have I not swallowed up the grave? I HAVE. Thus have ye. My gift to man. I love you with an everlasting love. Yea with kindness have I drawn thee. I have restored all the locusts. My great army, that I have sent unto you, in full. No loss is too great, no pain too deep it is all of my doing. I have allowed all for my GLORY.

I will raise you up. I have. There is nothing too hard or impossible with me, For me. I have answered prayers for your lost loved ones whom know me not. Trust me. You can not fathom the Glory of it all. Ye will remember not the former things. My GLORY. I know ye are weary and many are the heavy sighs that flood my throne. The pain is my own.

Are you ready my little flock? Are you watching? Waiting? Expecting me? I come at an hour ye expect not. Watch. Lamps burning. A wedding banquet. A new name. Healing. Restoration. RESURRECTION. A white stone. A new name . Undone. Restored. All things new.


Source: Peace. Be still and fear not – Krystal Beall

Source: The Sign Of The Fiery Red Dragon (Evening: 21st December 2020)! – Humbled for Service

Dream 458 – SparrowCloud9

Source: DO NOT LOOK BACK!!! – Roxanne