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Our appointed time has come, Bride of Christ, Arise and Seek His Presence. The Father wants to hear an expression of our love towards Him with our voice.

Source: “Ready My Bride!” – Part 3 ~by Angela Reese

“As My People are beginning to awaken to Truth,” says The LORD, “It will be a rude awakening to where you are and where you have been.”

Source: Capture the Moment and Conquer All ~by Sandi Holman

For over a week, The Father provided details of what His Bride should look like for the coming wedding.

Source: “Ready My Bride!” ~by Angela Reese

Source: THE END – Whitney Eslick Manuel

Source: It IS at hand – T. Andrew Farley

Source: WARNING DREAM for America and the Church….desolations come! – Elizabeth Marie

Source: Seek Me Now – Roxanne

I heard, “It is I, be not afraid! There is no one like your God! Run with your King into the Place of Unbridled Joy!”

Source: Run With Your King into The Place of Unbridled Joy! ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

Source: Are U Ready for HIS COMING? It is Later than U think! The Romans Road – Elizabeth Marie

Source: I AM EXALTING YOU – Abby K