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“Get ready for now I AM releasing a greater outpouring of the Watchman Anointing, to My faithful watchers, for its time to pursue, overtake and recover all.”

Source: An Outpouring of the Watchman Anointing! ~ by Veronika West


I saw the Bride of Christ and she was holding a lamp in her hand, lifting it up, shining it into the darkness.

Source: The Bride of Christ — Holding A Lamp!

Source: Dream: Foolish Bride Fails To Heed The Holy Spirit – Focuses On Cares Of This World Instead! –– Humbled for Service

Source: Dream: False Light In Lamps – Marty Breeden

Feb. 20, 2019

“Just as I brighten the path that is ahead of you, I will brighten you,” says the LORD.

“You will be a BRIGHT shining light in the midst of darkness, to extinguish it all around you.  For My Light is in you!  My Light will be seen on you, and as you walk in MY light, darkness will not be able to invade you or overwhelm you or influence you!

“You will be distinct!  You will be seen!  You will be sought after!  Many will see My light in you, and find refuge and safety in ME.

“You will make a difference in many lives, as you defeat the dark one and become a beacon of hope,” says the LORD.

“I have established you in My Kingdom of LIGHT,” says the LORD.

“I have established you in MY Kingdom of Righteousness!  I have given you MY PEACE that passes all understanding.

“You will stand in the light of My countenance and Glory and be filled with LIGHT and LIFE that cannot be hidden.

“Your purpose has been established by ME, and your righteousness is of ME, because of your trust in Me and My finished work on the cross.

“You are planted in My kingdom of LIGHT, founded upon Me, established in Me, and you will not be powerless, but powerful and productive.

“My light in you is greater than laser, more penetrating, more powerful and more impacting.

“YOU ARE LIGHT, and you will shine forth in My kingdom that is without end,” says the LORD.

From Source: You Are Light!

Feb. 13, 2019

The foolish virgins believed they were going with the bridegroom right up until he came. They never expected to be left behind. If they did think this was possibility they would have been prepared. Instead they asked the wise for their oil. Children, now is not the time to sleep! The wise have been preparing as I have instructed them to do in every message given to my Messengers and Prophets. The time is at hand now. Many of the foolish are trying to give direction and instruction to the wise. Have you prepared? Do you have oil? Do you understand what the oil is? Many will be caught off guard. I told you to be ready! My Angels are waiting for my command. At MIDNIGHT a cry will be heard throughout the land. The earth will tremble and quake.


Source: THE BRIDEGROOM IS COMING! – Godshealer7 (Barbara)

February 6, 2019