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I saw a map of the earth and saw flashes of Light all over it in various places.

Source: Light Has Come to Illuminate ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry

For two mornings in a row, while praying, the LORD impressed on me the URGENCY of getting HIS BRIDE READY!!!! This is VERY SERIOUS!! The time is growing shorter and shorter ….. time is winding down…..DO NOT DELAY IN GETTING READY! MESSAGE (Received February 10-11, 2020): …

Source: bride must ready herself!! – Elizabeth Marie

“Let My light that is in you shine brightly and penetrate the darkness in your environs,” says The LORD.

“My light will put out the darkness in every corner of your world around you.  The darkness cannot defeat My light and it cannot defeat or penetrate you.

“Your life is hidden in Me, and no darkness can touch you because it cannot touch against Me.  You will indeed illuminate the world around you with light that cannot be put out and cannot be dimmed or extinguished.

“Rather, you will defeat the defeat with MY LIGHT that is more powerful than a laser,” says The LORD.

“You will not be a closet believer that is obscure and unreachable,” says The LORD.

“For I have called you OUT OF DARKNESS, into My marvelous kingdom of LIGHT.  YOU ARE OUT of obscurity.  Do not think for a moment that you can go unnoticed.

“For I have given you My life and light in you to become a world changer.  You will do this in your own corner of the world, and I will expand your boarders and your effectiveness will grow and expand as your light shines, and pushes the darkness out and enlarges My Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven,” says The LORD.

Source: Let His Light in You Shine Brightly ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

So much for the Watchmen to watch lately!

Heaven Bound


It’s really been a month unlike any other. January 2020. In all the years I have been watching Bible prophecy I have never seen anything quite like this. The events we have witnessed over the past few weeks are really unprecedented in my opinion. And now at the start of a new month we can only imagine what the next few weeks might bring.

I am in the process of putting together a time line. Drawing from words, pictures and events of the past month or so I hope to paint a picture as to where we have been and where we may be headed. With all that has happened it would not be out of the realm of possibility (in my opinion) that the Four Horses of the Apocalypse are already in progress and that we are indeed rushing headlong towards judgment.

That being said, please…

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My dear brothers and sisters!

A lot went through my head yesterday. Simply because many visions and words arrive and arrived. But mainly, because a lot comes together. And that is – WORLDWIDE!

Israel / Palestine Peace Treaty!
United Kingdom/BREXIT!
Locust plague in Kenya – previously in Mecca etc.!
Severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions!
Iran /Russia /Turkey!
The escalation around Trump’s person and office!
Simply countless!
And much of it is Biblical!

In late evening prayer I got this word:

MY beloved daughter,
hear the word of the Lord, Lord!
For thus says the LORD to you:

You ask,
what will happen now !?

My child,
it has begun!
The end is near!

Don’t worry!
Everything has already been ordered for you!


The time of dancing and singing and the feast is at your door!

Meanwhile, this world is sinking into chaos, war, hunger and need!

Do not be afraid!


But the time of mercy –
namely in peaceful time
still redemption and salvation
to find,
is in the last hour!

Therefore I tell you:

Buy the right time –
because you don’t know
when and how quickly I let it get dark now!

Children of the world –
I call you one last time:


Because the baton is already handed over to the last and greatest wrongdoer!

Not long and he receives the scepter over this world!

The last chapters on this current world are open!

Who didn’t want to hear
will see it then and have to live through!

So speaks your FATHER,
who RULES over everything –
for EVER and EVER!

Whose THRONE is raised above the SKIES and whose WORD,
and WAS and IS and WILL BE and LIVES!


In a word to me personally
I still got this:

And as for the world:
It will soon be an event which
makes everything spin!

And I got Revelation 6.

Scripture @ Source: What happens next?! – Kristina Heuken-Goossen

Hello My son, this is Jehovah Elohim speaking with you this day. Oh My precious ones, listen closely, for I AM is speaking. You see that the earth has been thrown into chaos in a short time due to the pestilence that has been unleashed. …

Source: According to Your Faith – Alan Carrico