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It’s over. It’s over – the season of mercy and grace is over. No more warnings, no more exhortation, no more calling – now is the time for dealing. They’ve all heard, they’ve all known. The gospel has gone throughout the entire world, all the nations. The Bibles have been written in many translations – no excuse. Where the Bibles have not gone, My Spirit has. I have not turned away any, I have called to all, and now the dealing comes – the spankings come. I AM turning the other cheek! What they have seen was My good side. They’ve seen My mercy, they’ve seen My grace – now they’ll see My judgment, they’ll see My discipline, they’ll see My anger, and this great, great, great displeasure. But most of all they’ll see their own destruction now. They’ll see their own destruction now.

Mine will be hidden, taken out and put in a secret place. Everyone with a true heart and a pure heart, and desire for righteousness and holiness, the desire to know Me more than ever before – they will be taken away. As I have said, good is now going from this land, and other countries everywhere. Good is being taken away. There will be nothing good left for them, but Mine now will come and have a very strong, powerful revelation of what I want, of what is prepared for them, of Who I am, and who they are.

Now is the time for strength and power and elevation to one, and dealing and weakness and confusion, destruction, to the other. Chaos comes upon the ones – darkness comes upon the ones – that fled from the Light… gross darkness now. They ran from the Light into the Darkness, and now they will see how dark the Darkness can be. It’s over now – finished!

They thought that things would just be status quo, but no! Because the time is over. Time’s up! They were given an amount of time, and they’ve put it to use as they wanted, and as they chose. Each to their own choices now. Each on their own paths. The righteous will now do more righteously, and the wicked are doing more wickedly. Mine will be taken out from among them, and put into the barn – kept safe, kept warm, kept nourished, kept protected and loved, sheltered, hovered over by My Spirit, overshadowed by Me.

To the others I say, “Well, go to your gods. Go to the things you ran to, and see where your help will come from them! Ask them for help now – ask each other! You laughed and mocked at Mine, and now you have what’s left. Go to each other, go to your gods, go to your idols. Go to those you insisted would be your strength and protection: your money, your savings, your investments – go now to them.

Mine are coming to Me, to the place of great riches… true riches. Yours are all going to turn to rust and dust. It’s now the time. The time of grace and mercy for them is over. You have made your choice. You’ve chosen hate. And now I say to you, “Too late, too late. Now face your fate.”

You don’t say, “On my deathbed I’ll come.” You don’t say, “When I’m ready.” You don’t say when you come, I call when it’s time. If you turn your back when I call, don’t think I’ll receive you when you decide in your pride and haughtiness, “Oh now I’ll come.” It’s over, it’s over.

This says the Lord.

Source: It’s Over. Time’s Up. – Anna Young

While praying on February 6, 2020, I received this message: “There is a lot of death and suffering right now around the world. This has always been, however, it is about to change and go to the next level. It …

Source: Seals being opened | 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Elizabeth Marie

Child of the Most High, it is I, your Redeemer and King, the Suffering Servant but also the Master of all creation. I lived, died, and rose again that all who believe and walk in My ways should be saved. …


So much for the Watchmen to watch lately!

Heaven Bound


It’s really been a month unlike any other. January 2020. In all the years I have been watching Bible prophecy I have never seen anything quite like this. The events we have witnessed over the past few weeks are really unprecedented in my opinion. And now at the start of a new month we can only imagine what the next few weeks might bring.

I am in the process of putting together a time line. Drawing from words, pictures and events of the past month or so I hope to paint a picture as to where we have been and where we may be headed. With all that has happened it would not be out of the realm of possibility (in my opinion) that the Four Horses of the Apocalypse are already in progress and that we are indeed rushing headlong towards judgment.

That being said, please…

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My dear brothers and sisters!

A lot went through my head yesterday. Simply because many visions and words arrive and arrived. But mainly, because a lot comes together. And that is – WORLDWIDE!

Israel / Palestine Peace Treaty!
United Kingdom/BREXIT!
Locust plague in Kenya – previously in Mecca etc.!
Severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions!
Iran /Russia /Turkey!
The escalation around Trump’s person and office!
Simply countless!
And much of it is Biblical!

In late evening prayer I got this word:

MY beloved daughter,
hear the word of the Lord, Lord!
For thus says the LORD to you:

You ask,
what will happen now !?

My child,
it has begun!
The end is near!

Don’t worry!
Everything has already been ordered for you!


The time of dancing and singing and the feast is at your door!

Meanwhile, this world is sinking into chaos, war, hunger and need!

Do not be afraid!


But the time of mercy –
namely in peaceful time
still redemption and salvation
to find,
is in the last hour!

Therefore I tell you:

Buy the right time –
because you don’t know
when and how quickly I let it get dark now!

Children of the world –
I call you one last time:


Because the baton is already handed over to the last and greatest wrongdoer!

Not long and he receives the scepter over this world!

The last chapters on this current world are open!

Who didn’t want to hear
will see it then and have to live through!

So speaks your FATHER,
who RULES over everything –
for EVER and EVER!

Whose THRONE is raised above the SKIES and whose WORD,
and WAS and IS and WILL BE and LIVES!


In a word to me personally
I still got this:

And as for the world:
It will soon be an event which
makes everything spin!

And I got Revelation 6.

Scripture @ Source: What happens next?! – Kristina Heuken-Goossen

MY child,
hear the word of the LORD, LORD!

Thus says the LORD:

Because of three and because of four offenses I will let it come now over the earth!

Consumption and plague and cholera!
So much suffering!
NEW – unknown diseases are spreading rapidly!
And there is nothing you can do
and there is no remedy for it.

in your last hour!
Be ready,
because it has already begun!

And you will see and realize
that your much praised medicine does nothing!

Deadly and unstoppable,
it pulls everything away
which it hits!

You, MY little flock,

Because also from your middle,
loved ones will die out of your families
Hope they have repented before!
Hope they have accepted ME before!

Pay attention and be vigilant!

it comes in very fast!

My children,

Jeremiah 36:27-31

Source: EPIDEMICS!? – Kristina Heuken-Goossen

At the end of the video that I did last week I mentioned that I heard from the Holy Spirit while praying about the “coronavirus”, the first line from the old …

Source: You Must Not Fear the “Coronavirus” or any Other Plague that Will Come – Holy Spirit Wind