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Description of a future plague — massive fever and WOES that continue on as God looks down to see if we will cease our wicked ways, repent and turn to Him through His son, Jesus Christ. Why do we have to be so rebellious, arrogant, proud and smug. Tragic waste of human souls. God is STILL reaching out everyone. Take His hand!

The Master's Voice

Surely wickedness burns like a fire;
    it consumes briers and thorns,
it sets the forest thickets ablaze,
    so that it rolls upward in a column of smoke.
   By the wrath of the Lord Almighty
    the land will be scorched
and the people will be fuel for the fire;
    they will not spare one another. – (Isaiah 9:18-19)

“The land will be exhausted. They will face crisis after crisis until they struggle to catch their breath. And yet there are more things to come.”  – (To Celestial, April 1, 2020)

I had various images this morning, can’t call them dreams, only one was a dream. I dreamt of the coronavirus disease, but throughout the dream it was referred to as “covid-15.” If it was written anywhere, on a patient’s tag or chart it read covid-15. My brain looking at these images kept trying to convert…

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Daughter speak to my children. My eyes watch over you day and night. I see all things. Nothing is hidden from me. I AM STRIKING the land of the unrepentant. I AM STRIKING the land of the false GOD worshipers and and …

Source: I AM STRIKING the land – Barbara Francis

Dream 395

My little flock of children why are you hiding? Am I not your Good Shepherd My children! You have been given instruction on how to use the weapons of your warfare against the enemy! Am I not a shield and buckler of My Own? If …

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(Pt 3:  Babylonian king invading, destroying, and making nations captive.) So in part 1 the Lord identified the Babylonian king as Russia and America as the quest. And in part 2, the last two judgements of Jeremiah 25:8-11 on America were detailed. As I …

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Daughter, My hand is upon those I call My own. Do not fear as you look around you and see the mounting destruction and chaos – for things will only get worse. I …

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I AM THAT I AM. Daughter the end is at hand. The world is crumbling, falling. Panic has infiltrated the masses. Everywhere you look there is despair and hopelessness on the faces of many. I AM …

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