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Source: Mayday-Mayday-Mayday – Roxanne

Dream 604

Daughter, speak to the multitude. Behold the four horsemen of the apocalypse ride.

Look and see the black horse; his rider holds a pair of scales in his hand. For across the nations on earth will come mass starvation. The crops will be destroyed or not planted, and those crops that are available will be unaffordable to most. The days of plenty have ended. The days of want are here. Many will die from this death. Plague and pestilence will continue to ravage the nations.

Look and see the pale horse and his rider. New plagues and outbreaks will be noted worldwide. More deaths and confinement and house arrests will be seen. A mental health crisis will cause the authorities to take drastic measures to control the people. Military police will be called to the cities to contain the violence outbreaks. Police will be stationed in all schools and public meeting places. Armed guards will be patrolling public events, festivals, concerts and fairs. Martial law will be declared.

Look and see. The red horse and his rider come. World war and the new world order go hand in hand. Nation after nation, country after country will be swept into war. The Glorious Kingdom is suddenly upon you. Jesus is returning are you ready?

Source: Behold the four horseman of the apocalypse ride – Barbara Francis


Source: WHO ARE THE ‘2 WITNESSES’?: PART 3 – My Hiding Place


  • Watchmen don’t give up! Don’t give in. Continue until He comes.
  • Repent: leaders in the churches that do not acknowledge the evil days in which we live ignore the end time events. They’re the ones that encourage sin.

Excerpt of Interpretation of Watchman warning while fires of sin rage down below the tower:

adults knew better than they did
not want to hear the truth from anybody especially in this crowd they will do their own thing go their own way
and not pay a price for it on the attacks on the towers that was an attack on those preaching the truth and warning the church that they’ve got to start living right the attack on the terrorists was the
attempt to silence the messengers and kill the messengers to cover up the truth to hide it to destroy it to bury it to knock it down to come against it the fire of the destruction the hitting the foundations was an attempt destroyed
to destroy the foundation of the church Jesus said the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church
and there’s fire in hell as I recall from the word of God so this was this was a clear indication to me the heavy equipment they were using they were they were using anything they could laws leaders elected officials the white house the courthouse who knows what they were basically saying we’re going to come against us and those leaders that that were dressed in military that were con that were conforming to the world around them what they were doing was they were compromising the gospel they were compromising the truth of god’s word and they were coming against the very thing
that god’s word tells us to do which is be holy for he is holy. They were not hiding that full frontal
assault there was no stealth involved nobody was doing anything hidden. The top of the trucks were open.
You could see the metal in the gasoline. They used the flare they threw the flare and then they and they set it on
fire and then they revved those engines and headed right towards the foundations of the church. In other words, they’re not going to hide the assault. There’s no stealth going to be involved in this. Folks, it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming!
Those tower talkers were united and
unafraid and committed to preaching until the return of Jesus. Until he comes, they raised those fists
in the air and said, “Until he comes, they were united and they weren’t going to shut up they weren’t going to be silenced they were not going to be
bothered by the people telling them to shut up. They weren’t going to listen.”

They were warning the people of the fire ahead, the hell that was coming in spite of the attempts to be silenced, they kept preaching they kept teaching. they kept saying the things that needed to be said. They were being obedient to God in spite of the attacks. They weren’t going to
back down. They weren’t going to compromise they were not going to water down the gospel they were using all their energy and all
their voices the one the church to walk in a different way and walk in holiness
and they were hoarse and proclaiming the truth and what I see with this is they had been doing this and doing this and doing this they had worn and they had worn and they had warned and they had warned and they had more and people wouldn’t listen but they kept yelling
they kept screaming they were trying to get attention to people and they had been doing this for so long their voices were hoarse and could hardly be heard at one point they were whispering one person was just whispering as loud as they could because
they were so committed to getting the message out

Ending statement for Watchmen:

I’m just telling you this — He’s trying to remind us that he’s
coming back soon. He’s trying to remind you and I that we’ve got a job to do, people to reach, a message to share. So thank you for stopping by and listening. Share it as much as you
want tell people what’s going on, and I don’t care if they mock, laugh, ridicule, make fun.  I don’t care at this point in
my life in the last two years … I’m not going to stop. I’m
not going to shut up.  I’m not going to be quiet.  I’m not going to back down. I’m not going to compromise. I’m not going to surrender…

Source: The Fire Tower Dream – Dana Coverstone


We are the last generation that will live to see the things prophesied in the Word of God pertaining to End Times. The players are set and waiting on their appointed times to make their appearances on the world stage. May I be so bold as to tell you that so are the Witnesses. They are not in heaven waiting to be launched here on earth. NO! They have been for various years, in their secret places being forged by the Master also awaiting their moments to be sent forth on their missions. This moment will be defined by the latter rain of the Holy Spirit.

Source: WHO ARE THE 2 WITNESSES?: Part 2 – My Hiding Place

Source: Unprecedented Persecution – BRIDEOFYESHUA-RS