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I kept a separate journal of these miraculous days to explain later what happened. I paste in the Vasectomy reversal paperwork as part of the scrapbook and forget all about it for a decade until pulling it out to show CAT around her 10th year. Imagine my surprise when my eye falls on the operation date — June 23rd — which became her younger brother’s birthday. How amazing is our God? Later, as we pull out CAT’s social security card which is assigned by the U.S. govt. now at birth, imagine my amazement to see that her number also contains this date – 623 -23-XXXX. God leaving his mathematical signature. We did have a 4th child – a boy – in my 45th year. Kaiser referred to it as a “geriatric” pregnancy. We referred to it as a miracle. What are the destinies to be for these two special children? Time will tell.