Deliverance, Mercy, Healing, Salvation, and the Lover of Your Soul

I LISTEN to Jesus..His Spirit… which is revelation. The hourglass of time and age of grace comes more  quickly to an end. Almost 2,000 earth years have passed since Christ’s plan to redeem fallen sinful mankind on a humble cross outside of Jerusalem, and His triumphant reappearance 3 days later after taking back the keys of death for you and me who believe. I am a humble servant who watches and communicates as Holy Spirit directs. I do not try to promote, publicize or profit from revelation given freely to me, as this is God’s Biblical directive. I just pray daily over this humble blog that seekers of God’s truth will come, first in a trickle, now in the hundreds and finally in the thousands. Discernment takes a lifetime; following where God leads has truly been an adventure.

God is good all the time. Jesus offered free miracles of healing and deliverance which demonstrated God’s generous nature and LOVE when He walked the earth, then His disciples were told to go out with signs and wonders which are recorded for you to read in the New Testament. However, God never stopped offering is grace and healing and deliverance from evil’s snares. He is STILL the great physician and always will be. God’s character and attributes do not change with the times. Call on the Holy Spirit to partner with you will bring healing for minds, bodies and souls by the authority given to you as a believer in Jesus Christ as your Messiah — the one who intercedes for you before the throne of His Father. Believers are called and are to go and take authority over oppression and speak God’s timeless truth as given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit in 66 individual books the world calls The Bible. It is written, “By His stripes you are healed.”

Break the chains of oppression.  Close the “gates” of rebellion that invite and give permission for oppression to enter.  Evil comes to lie, steal and destroy. The fight against illness in bodies and minds is fought by principalities and spirits.  Evil prefers that this truth not come to the light.  Passive Christianity leaves little room for the Holy Spirit to minister in the gifts available to all believers. Faith should be active and powerful!

When you have been set free, in thankfulness you will turn to Him that made your healing possible. God hears you wherever you are. He loves you completely whatever you’ve done. Speak with him conversationally as you would to your deepest, closest friend. No need to memorize preset prayers. There is no secret formula.

Through His grace, salvation, cleansing and turning from past sins, a new start are available to anyone willing to humbly state, “I am a sinner before you God. I repent of pride in myself. I know man cannot build its own way to You, but must believe in the way of salvation you made possible before the beginning of the world when the Word, who is your son only begotten son, Jesus, spoke all things into existence. I believe the Word was then made flesh and dwelt amongst us as described in the Gospels. I will now live for you. I will burn with passion to see other souls saved and redeemed as I have been. Holy Spirit, come into my life and teach me to be holy and pleasing to God. Teach me what it means to not grieve your spirit with my worldliness. Teach me to love others unreservedly and put aside my childish selfishness. Amen.”

Jesus, who has always existed with God, was placed in a human womb by way of the Holy Spirit, and then lived a blameless, sinless life for 33 1/2 years and was put to death upon a cross of wood in order that He might complete the plan of salvation which had always existed.  This “carpenter” from Nazareth spent his early years working with wood in his earthly father’s carpentry shop, knowing He would eventually hang upon this same material for all the world’s people so that your sins and my sins could be forgiven: the perfect lamb of God born as a sacrifice — called an atonement — so that whomever believes he died and was raised again to be seated at the right hand of Father God, whoever determines to turn away from their sins and live a consecrated life, not perfect, but always pursuing holiness to please the Holy Trinity — Father, Son Jesus and Holy Spirit will be saved. EVERY other person who has died in the history of the world is still dead.  All philosophers, religious figures, great thinkers, people who cared for others, martyrs, slaves, rich and poor = all gone. ONLY Jesus Christ has risen from the grave with power and keys of death and darkness in his possession. HE is the hope of the nations. His path is narrow. Many choose human arrogance, pride and worldly temporary gain over God’s perfect plan. What will you choose? Grace is a free gift. God does not force action. He created us with free will. By not choosing God’s son, you have then chosen a second option —  to follow the lies of the enemy. Not choosing IS choosing.

Becoming a follower of Jesus will now require action. To repent means to turn from the sins which once controlled you.  Begin to pray without ceasing — bring everything before your Father in prayer.  The Holy Spirit has come to dwell inside you now. You are a new person in Christ!

As believers, we all have His power living inside of us. For healing 1) Ask God to show his love and mercy and light. 2) Praise him for his goodness all the time as a God who loves to be invited to heal. 3) Ask the Holy Spirit to come and bring His angels of healing. Give permission for the Holy Spirit to remove all sickness and pain. 4) Command any spirits of pain and disability to leave. Say they have no permission to stay. 5) Command the affected body part to heal by the authority of Jesus’ name. (These steps may need to be repeated as necessary for healing to begin — often felt as a tingling or heat in affected area.) 6) Don’t forget to thank Jesus and consider a personal relationship with him from sheer gratitude and amazement at this healing miracle — JUST FOR YOU!

I would recommend turning from all the mindless “entertainment” offered today to waste valuable time while you are on earth. I do not watch television or listen to “popular” music. God does indeed speak in a small still voice. You must be small and still if you want to hear Him! Worship with Godly songs. Pray. Soak up testimonies of healers and prophetically gifted individuals and watch dear servants of God on media while it is still available. Hear what Holy Spirit is revealing to his prophets around the world about the United States and world events from a Biblical perspective. WAKE UP! Arise and shine. Be the light of the world that is your destiny. Shake off any chains that bind. Determine to have a pure heart and clean hands before your Creator. Eternity approaches…

He sees the sword coming against the land and blows the trumpet to warn the people”  (Ezekiel 33:3) is my Biblical mandate as a watchman of the Lord. Major changes are on the horizon. Read also from Hope’s website @ for an online community of prophetic voices. GOD IS ALWAYS SPEAKING. You will need to hear from His Holy Spirit yourself as darkness and deception increases worldwide. Pray over all postings you read on this site as well as from any person’s book, sermon, message or posting. Ask God yourself what YOU should believe.

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