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Source: The Spoken Word of God – Rebecca Roberts


“Beloved. Let not your heart be troubled. There is a Truth the world does not know.”

Source: I AM He Who is True Love!

Source: Your KING IS COMING. Are you ready, have you prepared? – Barbara Francis (Godshealer7)

After all is said and done,the word of God will still stand.

After all has passed away,it will still be standing firm and unshaken.

After every book has passed away and is forgotten,

The word of God will still be fresher than any page ever written,

Fresher than any page ever read.

It’s Truths still timeless no matter the generation,

Its Truths still unchanging, its Truths still resounding

Louder than any anthem ever sang.

In the memories of the damned,it is a Truth they wish they could still hear and heed to.

To the redeemed,it is a Truth they are glad they heeded to.

To those on earth,it is The Truth calling them to salvation.

Yet,ignored by many,

Unnoticed by many.

Regardless of how many choose to ignore

Regardless of how many refuse to give heed,



And let all who proclaim the name of our God Jesus Christ depart from ALL iniquity.

He is a HOLY God.

H-O-L-Y is His name, and it is impossible for Him to excuse your sin and let you into Heaven.

Repent while you still have the chance.

Turn to God now with weeping ,wailing, and mourning.

Heed the word of God while you still have this privilege.

Only God’s word will remain forever.

The world may not view what you are wearing as too short,but that doesn’t mean God sees it the same way.

The world may think you are righteous and going to heaven,but that doesn’t mean that’s how God sees you.

Turn to God with weeping and mourning,for He will have compassion.

Whoever calls on the name of The Lord will be saved.
Joel 2:1-32 is what The Lord Jesus Christ is saying right now

Excerpt from Source: Poem: THE WORD OF GOD – Rachael Mushala Chisulo

October 10, 2018 (10/10/18 = same day Hurricane Michael comes ashore in Florida panhandle)

“My Children, My Father sent Me in the flesh to walk among you. I walked your earth in flesh and bone and became the sinless and perfect Lamb of God. I was slain for the sin of the world, and all that believe upon Me and receive Me will be saved. Some ask “Saved from what?” Tell them, My scribe, that they will be saved from eternal separation from their Creator. The hearts of My creation were created specifically to hold Me within them. A heart that does not have Me within it is empty, and consequently, that heart is filled with darkness, emptiness, and evil. I was the sacrifice on the Cross for every human heart that will receive Me. It is not enough, My Loves, to just believe that I existed. You must believe why. You must understand My pure and simple Gospel. My sacrifice upon the Cross was full payment, full payment for the sin of the world. I broke the curse put upon My Creation, being the perfect atonement for that curse. Either you accept that I was the perfect sacrifice or you do not, for My mercy was put in place for those that will receive it. It is My will that not one will perish. It is My will to wrangle in the last lost sheep, but those filled with the pride of their own self-righteousness keep chasing My lost sheep away. They judge My lost sheep not by My standards but by their own. Only I can judge what is in the heart of a man, yet so many of My Children think that they are capable of judging. Since you cannot see into another man’s heart, how do you judge what you cannot see?”

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Source: Where is your armor? – Angel Falcione