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Dream 610

The LORD says, “Let Me introduce Myself. Some of My People seem to have forgotten the magnitude of who I AM.”

Source: Let Me Introduce Myself ~by Sandi Holman

Source: Intimate Relationship with ME – Brother Moses

Source: those who have ears to hear… – Angela García

No matter what, where and when, The Place to dwell, always, is in His Presence by communing with Him.

Source: Being In The Garden Alone With JESUS ~by Jacob Awagah

I believe that those with The Holy Spirit are the Sons and Daughters of Issachar today, for The Spirit is revealing the deep things of God and things to come.

Source: The Color Blue, the Sons of Issachar, and The Holy Spirit ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

There is a prevailing demonic principality over our nation that must be dealt with if we are to experience breakthrough and revival.

Source: Declaring Defeat Over the Spirit of Pythos ~by Laura Gagnon

Source: No Protection Without Me – Brother Moses

Source: Seek My heart and you will know My will – April Denise Stefko

Source: WAR BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL – Anonymous One