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For everything in the world–the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life–comes not from the Father but from the world. – 1 John 2:16

WARNING: Famous on earth gets you NOWHERE in eternity. Excess alcoholic Drinking, carousing, drunkenness, drug abuse, un-Biblical sensuality of all kinds, vanity instead of humble meek servanthood…oh so many entrances into hell. Please people, time is drawing closer to the end. God has been so gracious as to allow visits to Hell for the purpose of warning the lukewarm and unrepentant. Read your BIBLE for truth and clarification of the many visits. Don’t just believe these videos or brush them off as fear-mongering. Check out what Jesus, himself, said about Hell while he walked the earth with us sinners, and oh how we are all sinners every day — lost without our gentle, kind shepherd who leads us with his voice to green pastures and heaven through belief in the Bible’s truth. B-asic I-nstructions B-efore L-eaving E-arth!


“Wherever you go out, pray over these places, saying: “I claim this land/ area/ family, etc. for Jesus Christ and His Word. I proclaim that Jesus is Lord in this place and He will have His way.” In so doing, the soil has been prepared for the Word to take root.

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Darkness descends and expands- as leaven leavens the whole lump.  Evil is taking its place making ready for the end of days.  I speak My Word continually,  so that any who would desire to hear Me – would!  This is why I say pray for more laborers to tend in My harvest.  Labor now in prayer, for those who are lost as they are like those who are found in the wayside where My seed (Word) is sown.


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Source: 180 Degrees – Kylah D


The veil between heaven and earth and between hell and earth grows ever thinner as the sand from the hourglass falls. Ask for eyes to see and ears to hear. You will see things your natural eyes have never seen before, or perhaps haven’t seen since you were a child. Ask for ears to hear and you will hear the most beautiful music as my angels prepare for the wedding celebration. Many on the earth today are hearing me. Many are hearing Satan. Many are hearing the sounds of hell and many are hearing the sounds of heaven come forth. Trumpets. The trumpet calls. Booms. The grinding sound of iron upon iron as the bars holding hell together are being breached. May what you hear be a warning to you. Let what you hear be a sign to the nearness of the hour.

Do you want to hear my breath? Then stop and listen for it. Feel it even as my spirit blows around you. Seek truth and He will find you. Turn away from sin and he (Satan) will leave you.

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“Beloved. Do you know that I come to you in the night seasons?”

When you sleep, your mind is quiet and you can receive the things of the Spirit.  When you are greatly burdened and have prayed with tears for yourself and others, I come to you and lay My hand upon you, to heal you and comfort you and strengthen you.

I send angels to you, to surround you and minister to you.  I have not left you as an orphan, My Child.

I hear your prayers personally and the angels carry them lovingly in golden bowls.  The atmosphere of the Throne Room is sweetened by your precious prayers of faith.

They are as fragrant incense before Your Father.  Your prayers are the FIRE POWER of the Holy Spirit of God Who dwells within you.

They are well protected in the hands of My angels.  Though you may not see it in the natural yet, your prayers are accomplishing MUCH.

These prayers speak on your behalf.  They never die, Dear One, but will remain for eternity.  The Word is eternal.  My Word is ALIVE and your prayers are ALIVE.

Rejoice, Beloved.  Your faith and your prayers are resounding through the heavenly realms and you shall not be denied.

I SHALL bring about justice for My chosen ones, who cry out to Me day and night!  Only believe!”

“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you,”   John 14:18.

“And when He had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of saints,”   Revelation 5:8.

“For God speaks once, yea twice, yet man perceives it not.  In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, in slumberings upon the bed;  then He opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction,”  Job 33:14-16.

“And will not God bring about justice for His chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night?  Will He keep putting them off?  I tell you, He will see that they get justice, and quickly.  However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?”   Luke 18:7-8.

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours,”  Jesus speaking!  Mark 11:24.

Source: I Come to You in the Night Seasons! ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry


I have told you I will save all those being interceded for in this time and it is true. Behold! You will see My great and mighty power working in lives you had all but given up on.

Watch now as I delight in saving some of those you considered with the least hope. Those you have continued to intercede for. Those you have entrusted to Me. Watch now as I deliver from drugs, from prostitution, from corruption, some of those most dear to your hearts.

I always reward great faith. Lift up your faith to Me in prayer in these days, My Children. I long to show My Mighty Power in the lives of those you love. I long to answer your prayers, but you must lift up your faith to Me.

Pray now for all those you wish to see Me save. Pray daily. Pray with great faith. Pray in My Authority. Pray without ceasing. I know how to save them, for I alone know why they do not believe.

2 Chronicles 16:7-9

  • 7 And at that time Hanani the seer came to Asa king of Judah, and said unto him, Because thou hast relied on the king of Syria, and not relied on the Lord thy God, therefore is the host of the king of Syria escaped out of thine hand.
  • 8 Were not the Ethiopians and the Lubims a huge host, with very many chariots and horsemen? yet, because thou didst rely on the Lord, he delivered them into thine hand.
  • 9 For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. Herein thou hast done foolishly: therefore from henceforth thou shalt have wars.

Isaiah 59:1

  • 59 Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear.

From Source: Lift Up Your Faith – Glynda Lomax



Isaiah 29:18

And in that day shall the deaf hear the words of the book, and the eyes of the blind shall see out of obscurity, and out of darkness.

My son, IN THAT DAY, WHEN THE JUDGMENTS STRIKE IN RAPID SUCCESSION, THEN WILL THE DEAF EARS OF MY PEOPLE BE OPENED!!! I SAY TO YOU, MY SPIRIT WILL FLOW OUT OF HEAVEN IN A MIGHTY FLOOD!!! The eyes of those blinded by the false teachings will be opened! The ears of those made deaf by the false prophets will be unstopped! Those who are seeking Me will see and hear what My Spirit is saying, which is REPENT!!! FALL ON YOUR FACE BEFORE ME AND ASK, AND I WILL FORGIVE!!!

My son, THE DAY IS FAST APPROACHING, NAY, IT IS HERE, THAT MY PEOPLE WHO HAVE SOUGHT ME WILL BE AMAZED!!! I will open the blind eyes to reveal My Word to you! I will open the deaf ears to hear My voice speak to you! My Children, get ready to be amazed as you have never seen or heard before! Your minds cannot even fathom the joys and sounds and sights you will behold!!!

My son, I AM GOING TO BE DOING A MIGHTY WORK TO PREPARE MY BRIDE!!! I WILL TAKE OUT ALL THE SIN!!! I WILL TAKE OUT ALL THE PRIDE!!! I am going to move My Chosen Ones out of the buildings that constantly feed them milk – NO! SOUR MILK!!! My Spirit will teach them My Word and open new revelations to an untaught people! I AM FILLED WITH JOY THAT THE TIME HAS ARRIVED, AND ALL THINGS ARE NOW IN PLACE!!!


I tell you now, very bad things will come upon this world, but I have you in the palm of My hand! I will protect those that My Father has given Me, and gather you up as a hen does her chicks! Stay in My Word! Stay on your knees! Stay in the Spirit and not the Flesh! Amen.

Messiah Jesus

From Source: DEAF EARS – Byron Searle