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On September 30, 2021, in the middle of the night, I woke up to these words: “False Flag” and “Leaders”.

Source: False Flag Warning! — Come to Jesus Now! by Elizabeth Marie

Source: THE TWO WEDDING RINGS – Daniel Masika

October 7,2021 1:00PM

My daughter write My words,

(omitted from here, a personal word at the start of the message for the Bride)

Daughter, events are about to proceed forth. Tell My Bride I AM coming soon. Don’t ever get tired of hearing those words My Bride, for they are where your hope lies. Things are about to get tough and you will all need to be reminded of those words so that you can and will hold on tight and not let go of the hope that I AM coming. My timing is perfect and soon you will have full understanding of why I have waited and why you will experience some things many, actually most, thought they would avoid. I have always carried My people through trials. I have always blessed My people with strength and endurance as well My word reminds you to run the race set before you. You will rejoice and will be relieved when you know all you will come to know. You will be grateful for My ways.

My Bride, be steadfast. Do not fear anything you see or hear in this world for I have each of those who I created, yes all, even those who are yet to know Me, for they are the ones you will harvest. All is in My control and you have nothing to fear from men. Lean into Me. Lean on Me. Press in and hold on. Here we go. I love you My Bride, My Remnant, My Warriors, My Watchmen. Sound the alarm!! It commences now.

ABBA Father

Source: It Commences Now – Teri Hennessey

Dream 523

“There is a move of My Spirit coming,” says The LORD.

“It is coming and it will break forth throughout the Land.  I will move in great power and glory with the fire of revival.

“It will burn in the North, South, East and West, beginning in pockets of revival and spread until they connect, for I will move by My Spirit once again, and the harvest will be plentiful.

“I have only begun to move. It will begin as a small flame, that seems insignificant, but I will fuel it and fan it with the oil of My Spirit and the wind of My SPIRIT, and the Wind of My Spirit will not only fuel the fire, but cause it to spread like wild fire.

“It will be an unquenchable Fire, for nothing will put it out or keep it from spreading,” says The LORD.

“I will restore the years of drought and failed harvests, and cause there to be a Mighty Move of My Spirit that will sweep across the nations and the entire World,” says The LORD.

“I AM coming for My Bride that is spotless, and I will make her ready.  I will adorn her with righteousness, and beautify her with My Glory.

“I AM placing a jeweled crown upon her head and she will be glorious.  I will NOT be mocked, and the harvest that I said is plentiful, will BE.

“I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh and sweep across the land in great power.  My Church cannot be contained in the walls made of bricks and mortar, and will not be able to be contained.

“I WILL SWEEP through the land in great power and glory, and the church will not be in a building, but flow out of My People, and they will bring in the harvest with great unspeakable joy,” says The LORD.

Source: Unquenchable Revival Fire by June Sheltrown Reinke

“Beloved. You have been on a journey. Some of you have left homes, families, jobs, people, and lifestyles because of circumstances in life.”

Source: The Bride and the Stairway to Heaven by Deborah Waldron Fry

The LORD says, “The time to prepare is almost over. Get your spiritual house in order for you do not know tomorrow may bring. ”

Source: Wickedness Will Be Removed by Lynne Johnson

I saw the Bride as she began to wake, she yawns, she stretches this way and that way.

Stretching one arm and then the other and she now “RISES UP, ‘OUT’ OF HER SLEEP”.

She heard the sound of her Beloved calling, and the sound was “DEEP CALLING UNTO DEEP”. This is the hour and this is the day, that she could/would NO LONGER sleep.

As she heard the sound of the One calling her, to come out into the deep. She rose up, she stood to her feet, and at this point there was nothing that could hold her back from stepping forward as “DEEP CALLED UNTO DEEP”.

Sleep had tried, she was so weary and so tried, sickness and disease even the government tried to hold her down, she had become so weak, cold and indifferent and this is what made her sleep. Discouragement came, she had been “feeling NOT a thing,”ONLY DEFEAT.

But HER yearning, oh my gosh, daily she yearned for Him and only Him, for His tangible touch, and as she heard her ~~ Lover’s Voice, it OVERWHELMED her heart. NOT ONE THING COULD HOLD HER BACK.

As she “HEARD HIS VOICE”, Her heart beat so hard, there was absolutely NOTHING that could keep her down, she took no more time.

She was upon her feet, with “FIRE IN HER EYES, and ABSOLUTELY NO DEFEAT”.

There were voices everywhere, when awake and even in her sleep.

The voice of the stranger, echoing, fear, and defeat, death and discouragement it was everywhere.

She arose and threw off discouragement, sickness, weakness, death and defeat….. as it were a “FILTHY RAG” wrapped around her, and it fell to the ground at her feet.

She continued to listen to His voice. It sang over and over, within Her and through her like a sweet, sweet sound through a gentle breeze.

She heard Him say, “My Beloved Bride, “IT HAS BEEN COMPLETE”, now STAND TO YOUR FEET AND COME OUT INTO THE DEEP. NOW IS THE TIME, COME FORWARD WITH ME, I WILL LEAD YOU AND GUIDE YOU, where to go and what to do, where to be, but definitely, NO MORE RETREAT.

Do not despair, of the voices you hear they are not Mine, You know My voice, you hear voice, there is “not another that you would follow”.

Keep your ear and your gaze toward Me, ‘there IS NO TRUTH IN THE EARTH for you to hear, see or follow’.

Those who chose fear over faith, during this tumultuous time in the earth, what will they do, what will they do?

There is joy, grab hold of My joy, My joy it is your strength. Choose it, take it and My joy will be yours, ALL FEAR, it has to go.

For The LORD says, “I come quickly. And My Reward is with Me, to give every man according to his work, yes his work shall be.

I AM the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. Blessed are they that do his commandments that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gate into the city.

For without are dogs and sorcerers, and whore mongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth it and make it a lie.

I Jesus have sent Mine Angel to testify unto you these things ‘in the Churches’.

I AM the root and the offspring of David, and Bright and Morning Star. And The Spirit and The Bride say, “Come.” And let him who hears, say “Come.”

Let whosoever will come and drink of the water of life really.

He which testifies to these things says, “Surely I come quickly”.”

The Grace of our LORD Jesus Christ be with you all. (Revelation 22).

Source: The Voice in the Earth, Fear! by Gail Manizak

Source: Be Not Afraid For What Will Come – The Messenger

Word (1st) received February 26th, 2021 at 11:53 PM

My Children, I AM here to tell you that deep darkness is coming upon the earth and the people. This is not just a figure of speech but of actual fact. The darkness is very soon upon all. It is this darkness that you MY Warriors of Faith must be ready for. It will be unlike anything ever experienced on this earth. During Moses’s time darkness was experienced by MY People and those of Egypt, not the entire world. This darkness will cover the entire earth for three (3) days and this darkness will be felt by ALL PEOPLES. It will be so thick that light will only be seen a few inches from your face. It will also be DEADLY, AS THOSE CAUGHT OUTSIDE IN IT WILL NOT SURVIVE UNLESS THEY ARE ABLE TO BE IN A LOCKED CAR, AND THEY ARE BELIEVERS IN ME. THIS IS WHEN THE DEMONS WILL BE RELEASED FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL AND ANY HUMAN CAUGHT OUTSIDE IN THIS WILL BE KILLED. THE DEMONIC REALM WILL ONLY BE INTENT ON KILLING ANYTHING THAT WILL BE OUTSIDE DURING THIS TIME. HUMAN AND ANIMALS WILL BE THEIR PREY. Therefore as I have told you, you must be ready for this time. Arrange for your family to be together at this time, as believers in ME will be protected in your homes.

YOU MUST COVER ALL WINDOWS AND LOCK YOUR DOORS BEFORE THE DARKNESS DESCENDS. You will be given a two (2) warning before this darkness descends. You will see Aurora Borealis lights in the sky during the day and the nights before the darkness descends. The darkness will come upon ALL THE EARTH AT THE SAME TIME, AROUND 12:00PM NOON TIME. TIME WILL ALSO APPEAR TO STOP. Please understand that you will need to have enough water and food to last for the full 3 days of darkness. You must not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, OPEN YOUR DOORS OR WINDOWS DURING THIS TIME. To do so, will allow demons entry to your home. Believers in ME will be unharmed but all unbelievers will be harmed! Also you will hear noises outside, both voices, animal like sounds and screams. You may also hear voices that sound exactly like someone you know, a neighbor or a relative. UNDERSTAND THIS,NO HUMAN CAN SURIVE THIS DARKNESS. ANYTHING THAT YOU HEAR IS A DEMONIC ENTITY TRYING TO DECEIVE YOU INTO OPENING YOUR DOORS. The voices may appear to beg you to let them in. Do not fall for this deception! Do not allow anyone in your household to do so.

I REPEAT, NO HUMAN IS ABLE TO SEE OR MOVE ABOUT IN THIS DARKNESS! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DO SO, SO DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE VOICES. My Chosen Ones will have light in their homes, while other believers will need candles. Be prepared for this. Only MY Chosen Ones will be able to use their fridges and freezers. There will be no power for most during this time. As I have told you, you must keep ALL CHILDREN AWAY FROM THE DOORS AND WINDOWS AS THEY MUST NOT OPEN THEM. You will need to stay physically together during this time. DO NOT SEPARATE AS THERE IS SAFETY IN BEING TOGETHER. ALL believers will have angelic protection OUTSIDE their homes so you will be protected, as long as you listen to MY instructions that you are NOT TO OPEN YOUR DOORS OR WINDOWS FOR ANY REASON!!! Believers and MY Chosen Ones will be praying to ME during this time of darkness. Pray for peace and calmness of spirit especially for non-believers and children. IT WILL BE GRANTED.

I, KING YESHUA AND MY FATHER WILL VISIT EACH HOUSEHOLD AND PERSON. NO ONE WILL BE MISSED. This will be a last chance for unbelievers to understand and accept ME into their hearts. Those that do not accept then will experience pain and anguish, and some will get another opportunity during MY Harvest of Souls. This is a short time which will follow the three (3) days of darkness. I wish none to perish but some will not choose wisely even during this timeIt will be their choice. Again I say to you prepare for this time. Once you see the lights in the sky, the Aurora Borealis, get your family together and stay together. Do not allow family to go to work as the darkness descends at noon time, and many will not make it to safety. Do your best to ensure that your family listens to you. Once the darkness descends, they will begin to understand the importance of being safe together. Again I will repeat MY WARNING — DO NOT OPEN YOUR DOORS FOR ANY REASON. NO HUMAN CAN SURVIVE IN THIS DARKNESS WHICH CAN BE FELT AS WELL AS SEEN. No human can see anything in this darkness so it would be impossible for any to find a way to your home. Any voices begging to come in and be safe are not humans, they are evil demonic entities intent on killing any humans that they are able to. They can and will imitate voices of your friends, neighbors and relatives. DO NOT BELIEVE ANY VOICES THAT YOU HEAR OUTSIDE. Do not open your doors early, BEFORE THE FULL 72 HOURS HAVE PASSED. You must be obedient to MY instructions for the safety for those in your homes.

As I have said all believers will have MY angels protecting your homes so no evil will be able to force an entry to your home. However, if you open your doors or windows, then you are allowing them entry to your home. DO NOT DO SO. Be wise, MY Children and follow MY instructions and all will be well. During My and MY Father’s visit to your homes, MY Chosen Ones, MY Warriors of Faith, will be anointed and transformed. This will be apparent to all. My Warriors of Faith are to wait for their instructions which will come to them after the 3 days of darkness. Be ready, My Children, MY Chosen Ones, for you will never be the same again!

Your King Yeshua, Your Redeemer, Messiah and your soon-to-be Bridegroom
Are you excited?

Scriptures given:

Isaiah 26:20 NKJV
“Come my people, enter your chambers and shut doors behind you; Hide yourself as it were, for a little moment, until the indignation is past.”

Isaiah 60:1 NKJV
“Arise shine; for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth and deep darkness the people, but the Lord will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you.”

Joel 2:2 NKJV
“A day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness, like the morning clouds spread over the mountains.”

Amos 8:9 NKJV
“And it shall come to pass in that day, says the Lord God, that I will make the sun go down at noon, and I will darken the earth in broad daylight.”