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“Beloved. Hear the Sound in the Heavenlies! Hear the Sound of Salvation and Justice! Hear the Rhythm of the Heavenly Hooves, pounding out the themes of the soon coming King!”

Source: The Sound in the Heavenlies! ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

“So many have doubted and questioned Me in this time of great turmoil. I AM writing a Love Letter today, and I AM reinforcing My Love for you,” says The LORD.

Source: Stop Going in Circles! ~by Sandi Holman

“This steam boat is leaving, this Jet is about to take off, this ride is going
where you’ve never been before.
This train has left the station; all aboard, have your ticket ready — bags packed —
I am at the terminal checking you in
myself — I am the pilot, don’t be late!”

“My (bride)wife and I are ready – we will collect the virgins — be prepared
I long to see you — to have my family
back with us again!”

“So, Don’t delay — get ready — Seek me
I can be found, I am not hiding,
I am in clear sight, open your Bibles,
Seek me, I am in the Holy Word,
I Am the Word! Feed on me!
I love you all!”

Continue reading @ Source: They do not Fear My Name – Anonymous

The war in The Church is beginning. A separation is coming. The lukewarm will be separated from the disciples of The LORD.

Source: War in the House of God — Watchman vs Wolves ~by Ty Unruh

Source: Come To Me! – Justin Adkinson

Dream 700

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, I stop and realize that I could not have raised my boys without the Goodness of God.

Source: His Goodness Keeps Running After Me! ~by Sandi Holman

I heard, “You are the TRUE ROYALS; Rejoice, My Bride, the Time of the Divine Coronation of the One True King is near!”

Source: The True Royals ~by Deborah Waldron Fry