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Source: Bring in MY HARVEST – 278pikelk


(Source: If You are Only a Hearer of My Word and Not a Doer; My Word is Worthless to You)

Received 1-13 and 1-14-18 through Jeff Byerly

“For if anyone only listens to the word without obeying it, he is like a man who looks very carefully at his natural face in a mirror;for once he has looked at himself and gone away, he immediately forgets what he looked like. But he who looks carefully into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and faithfully abides by it, not having become a [careless] listener who forgets but an active doer [who obeys], he will be blessed and favored by God in what he does [in his life of obedience].” (James 1:23-25 AMP)

I the Lord would ask you today, what is the purpose of me giving my warnings to a people who do not heed my warnings and do what I say? I do not give you my warnings for entertainment I give them so that my children would be prepared for the events that are coming. And yes the events that are coming are so terrible that none of you can imagine them, because you have never seen the hunger, the suffering, the destruction and devastation of the time that comes. It cannot be stopped. I have given my servants many many messages telling you to prepare telling you to get closer to me, telling you to be filled with My Spirit and to seek Me with every ounce of strength within your being, but how many of you have heeded this? I tell you that you will be held accountable for every prophetic word that you have read from Me and have not taken to Heart. If you are only a hearer of My word and not a doer; My word is worthless to you. My words demand action and change on your part. If you are not changed and transformed by My word you have not received My Holy Spirit and thus I have no part in you. For you cannot change yourself it is by My Spirit. The good works that I have for you to do, do not save you but you do them because of your love for Me.

I speak to my prophets, messengers and watchmen to make ready those who are not, to give instructions in righteousness, to give encouragement to my remnant/bride, to call those living apart from me in sin, to repentance and holiness and most of all because I love you. But you must seek me for yourself and though I give messages to my prophets, Messengers and Watchmen I want each of you to hear Me yourself and this can only come with time and practice. This means that you must come and spend time with Me each and every day and by this you will learn the voice of My Spirit that is still and small. There are not many of you that I will speak audibly to, just like there are not many who have ever seen Me. But I speak to ALL who are Mine.

There is still time you are still in the time of grace, though is very short. I bid you again this day to get to know Me. To seek after me with abandon. To seek Me with all your heart and you will find Me that is my promise, I cannot go back on my word. I am not a man and I can never lie. All the promises in My word are yes and amen, and all the curses for not following My word will come to pass as well. Everything in my word will be fulfilled. This is the time of the end and you will see things being fulfilled much faster than ever before, even as I speak.

Those who are not spiritually blind and deaf can plainly see what time you are in. My Spirit inside you you verifies these things to you. I tell you that 2018 will be a year like no other but it is not the end. Actually it is a beginning of things that have been prophesied from long ago. It would do you well  to review  the prophecies from scripture  as well  as my modern-day prophets. But I ask you again,what good will it do for you though to know these things if you are not prepared by My Spirit? Those not prepared by My Spirit will be overcome by the things that will happen. It is not that there is no hope for them, but it is for my people to show them hope. I am their hope! But to show these lost ones My hope, you must be full  and overflowing with My Holy Spirit. So you must listen to me and fill yourselves daily. This is not a suggestion this is a command but I do not force you it is your choice. I will tell you though, that all of the miracles that have been prophesied to come in the end days, will only come through those that have spent ample time seeking Me with all of their heart so that they are full of My Holy Spirit. That Spirit will be able to be seen on those faithful ones, My bride, My remnant and everyone will know who they are. I ask you now, wouldn’t you like to be one of these? Put what you have read and heard into practice! Do not let this message be one that you read and forget.

Won’t you please spend alone time with Me and get to know Me let me fill you with My spirit? I am jealous for your time with Me. I desire to show you and tell you secrets that only those who are close to Me know.

There is still time… but you must not delay!

Beloved I long for you more than you know.

I AM the Creator and Lover of your soul

Word from the Lord given on 12-30-17 at 7:50am EST

“Alright Jeff, write to My people.

I, the Lord Jesus Christ, Yahushua Hamashiach, would say to you this day that judgment has been declared upon the financial system of America and upon the world. For as I have said before, America is Babylon the great, but I AM THE GREAT I AM! YOU ARE NOT GREAT AS YOU SUPPOSE AND YOU WILL NOT BE GREAT AGAIN! DO NOT LISTEN TO THE FALSE PROPHETS OF PROSPERITY WHO WILL LEAD YOU TO HELL!

America, you once followed Me and My ways, but now you are the deepest, darkest, filthiest cesspool of the most abominable sin and blasphemous behavior ever known to man. You do what seems right in your own eyes. You murder the unborn and you have all manner of perverted sexual relations with whoever and whatever you please. Men marry men and women marry women and you call it “love” and you call it “good.” Your sins are too many to list! Yet you feel no remorse and the thought of repentance does not even cross your mind. You have another god. You do not know Me or worship Me. You worship your American Idols. I do not speak of a TV program, which is really enough of an indictment against you, but I speak of your “Almighty Dollar” and your great possessions that you love so much. Your preachers lie and say that I bless this country and it is good to have abundance and to desire more and more and more. It is the enemy that is now blessing your country, for he is the lord over the world system and he will burn you as a sacrifice in order to implement his “New World Order” without any trace of Me.

America, in your desire for “things” you have lost your desire for Me and have taken your eyes off of your Savior. The “things” you seek will bring you death, for I AM the only way to life. I have warned you over and over and over again by My true apostles, prophets, watchmen, preachers, teachers, pastors, servants, and even My handmaidens to repent, yet you do not. When I have allowed calamity to strike your land, you cry out to Me for a brief time but you do not repent and turn from your wicked ways.


Yet even then, I shall hear your cry if you turn back to Me with all of your heart! For I DO NOT desire to cast any of you into Hell or the Lake of Fire. Yet most will choose it of their own will.

I have a remnant, she is My bride and I tell her to prepare for this time to come. There will be lack and persecution and some shall be put to death for My name’s sake; this is the refiner’s fire. I tell you to purify yourselves now so this will not be necessary for you. You ask, “How shall we purify ourselves?” Draw nigh to Me and I will draw nigh to you. Renew your mind by My Spirit and walk in the Spirit so that you do not fulfill the lust of the flesh. As I have said, the whole law is fulfilled in this: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.” This is the first and great commandment and the second is like it: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”  On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets. No man has ever fulfilled even these two commands of himself but by My Spirit YOU CAN, for all things are possible through Me by My Spirit.

Spend time alone with Me alone in My chambers and I will spread My wings over you and cover you with My feathers. Delight in Me and My ways and let My joy be your strength, for when you are weak I am strong. I whisper My words of love and direction to those who quiet themselves and take time to listen to My still, small voice. My sheep hear My voice; this is My promise! But to recognize My voice among all the others takes practice and must be learned. Time of intimacy with Me is what separates you from the rest.

When your minds and hearts are focused on Me, you shall not fear. You shall see the reward of the wicked but it shall not come nigh your dwelling. You will see darkness engulf the world around you but you will have My light. I AM your God and you are My own special people who obey My word and love Me more than life itself because you know that I AM the giver of life and without Me you are nothing. You will NOT be forsaken! For I AM in you! I provide for My own and they shall go out with Me and reap My harvest. You shall walk in My power and My protection.

Once America and then the world is humbled, many shall come into My Kingdom!


Prepare yourselves and comfort yourselves with these words.

This is not to be posted until December 31st 2017 at 12:00 am EST”

Arise, shine. My Glory has risen upon you. Your Light has come. Did I not say to you that if you believe, you will see the GLORY of God?

Source: “My Glory Has Risen Upon You!” by Deborah Waldron Fry ~ HKP

Beloved. You are My Worshiping Warriors. You possess weapons not of this world, but supernatural weapons to shake the kingdom of darkness.

Praise, worship, shouting and dancing are very powerful weapons in the Spirit realm.

These weapons cause you to focus on your God and the power of HIS Might. I INHABIT the praises of My People!

Oh yes, for when you praise, it is an act of FAITH. Now you are seeing as I see, Dear One.

You see that you always have the victory through Jesus Christ, your Savior. You have chosen praise over worry, worship over fear.

You have chosen to shout the victory instead of whisper defeat and despair. I AM sending you out before My Army, My Warrior Bride.

With a heart full of praise, you shall sing and dance in My Victory Procession. Heaven shall join in with you.

Source: “You are My Worshiping Warriors!” by Deborah Waldron Fry ~ HKP

The Lord thunders and roars from Zion. And utters His voice from Jerusalem [in judgment of His enemies], and the heavens and the earth tremble and shudder; but the Lord is a refuge for His people and a stronghold [of protection] to the children of Israel. (Joel 3:16 – AMP)

Beloved, as I sat down to meet with the Lord on September 1, 2017, it was as if He was waiting for me. After a few minutes, I had a vision and began to hear the word of the Lord as He said to me, “The Lord has roared out of Zion! TODAY! I have released My roar out of Zion.”

With that word, I had a vision of an assembling army brought to stand at attention before the King of Kings as Commander-in-chief of the armies of heaven. Then I heard His roar that reverberated in the heavens and saturated this army with the glory waves of God.

This roar was releasing new “dunamos” power to those sons and daughters who have separated themselves unto the Lord. I was reminded of the movie, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” in which Aslan the “lion” roared and those frozen by the witch’s spell were set free. That roar in the movie was depicted as waves that began to thaw those held captive and set them free. This is exactly what the Lord did in His army as He roared out of Zion.

The roar I heard was like wave after wave of sound, (filled with the hidden manna or word of the Lord) and they were filled with new “dunamos” power and glory.

The sound waves that came from His roar overtook His army and changed them to walk in this new moment God had just birthed. This roar has come to bring his army into divine position and alignment for the new purposes He has released.

The First Prophetic Meaning of the Roar:
The word roar from Webster’s dictionary means: “to utter or emit a full loud prolonged sound, or to sing or shout with full force.”

The word has a twofold meaning. The first meaning is to utter or emit a full loud prolonged sound and that is exactly what I heard. His roaring has released the sounds (words) that will bring His sons and daughters into a new battle ready, “stand at attention” position before Jesus as Commander-in-chief of the Army of Heaven.

Everyone was standing in battle array and at full attention to hear what King Jesus was uttering to them and in them for this moment in time. The roar from His mouth came forth like waves, which began to take the shape of a sharp two edged sword coming from His mouth that gave to His army. His words in those waves revealed His commands, instructions, and directions and released His divine movement and work within His army, enabling them to execute His word upon the earth. This has now started in a new and profound way.

The LORD utters His voice before His army; surely His camp is very great, for strong is he who carries out His word. The day of the LORD is indeed great and very awesome, and who can endure it? (Joel 2:11 – NAS)

The Roaring Sound of His Voice:
When Jesus roared, He didn’t speak English words, but sounds that could only be discerned by the Spirit of God in His army. The sounds I heard were like the finger of God writing words in the hearts of His army that only they knew and understood, like cryptic heavenly sounds that could only be revealed in the one to whom it was sent. The Spirit of God took the sounds and translated them and wrote them as instructions and directions directly

To the rest of the world, even other Christians, the roar sounded like thunder that they could not understand, but in His maturing sons and daughters, it was much different. The sounds became instructions they could understand and had the ability to implement.

The roaring sounds came like wave after wave of glory, sent to soak His army, penetrating, transforming, positioning, and bringing them to attention. As they stood there, the Lord filled each of them with divine instructions. His roar brought His army together, positioning them to “ride with him” on His white horse, releasing them exactly where God wanted them to go, so they could execute His divine plans all over the earth.

As each person was filled with wave after wave of this roar of the Lord, I saw new and different kinds of weapons being given to each part of the army. These new weapons were being illuminated and empowered with glory waiting to be used in full dominion power and authority. The weapons were highlighted because they were the most powerful weapons of the Lord ever given to His army, which will finish the work Jesus started. The Lord was releasing in them His instruction manuals, directly writing them on their hearts so there could be no confusion or misuse of these new weapons. The new weapons came with the authority, power and instructions to use them instantly from the Lord as He desired.

The Defining Divisions of the Army Positioned for Release:
Then the Lord had me focus clearly on the army until I saw the different regiments, divisions, and companies He had put together. The roar of Jesus was working differently in each part of the army. I saw different divisions or companies that were brought to stand before the Lord to receive new specific instructions, battle plans, and weapons, given to be released and sent to different places upon the earth. These weapons were still highlighted and glowing with the glory of the Lord, the perfect weapons needed to change the regions of the world they were sent to.

Within these divisions, regiments, and companies, the Lord showed me smaller groups of warriors formed as spiritual brigades, which were being outfitted with new, straight from heaven, battle gear from the Lord, enabling them to do the “trench warfare’ with the Lord to destroy the enemy’s strongholds in those areas.

As Jesus’ roar reverberated in them, the Lord changed their old armor to new high tech armor and changed their uniforms to be fitted to work with the most high tech equipment and weapons the world has ever seen. These new uniforms, weapons, and armor allowed them to run with Jesus, to run through a troop and leap over a wall. The Lord has saved the best for last!

These spiritual brigades were enabled by the roar of the Lord to storm the gates of hell and bring the captives of Zion out of the regions to which they were sent.

The prolonged sound of His roar had much work to do in bringing the new alignment and assignments of the Lord’s army upon the earth. The purpose was to accelerate (right now) the maturity of the sons and daughters of God with a new deeper release of His Glory.

He is now strategically and divinely placing His army in a position for the new work that has now come on the earth in the last part of 2017. This “dunamos” power is beyond any that has been seen on earth since the days of Moses.

The Roar Continued:
The Roar that I heard did not stop in a few seconds. It continued until the full work of preparation was completed in His army to be ready for their mission. I knew in my spirit the Lord was about to give a second roar and the army would be released to do their assignments.

The release of these new assignments and placements by the Lord are about to change the nations of the earth, but the changes will come in a very hidden and secret way. As His army is released to complete their missions, they will release the tornado force winds of the Holy Spirit wherever they go. These winds will be filled with the glory and power of God that will bring the greatest change the nations have ever seen. The Glory of the Lord will fill all the earth.

These tornado force winds were fuel for the regiments who had received the new uniforms, battle armor, and new weapons to begin their “trench warfare.” These regiments were now glowing with the glory of God and filled with resurrection power, the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead.

These regiments arose in the midst of the people of their regions and were seen as mighty men of valor, like Gideon. Their light was shining into every corner of the darkness of the area to which they were assigned. Everything that was hidden was revealed as the light in them swallowed up the darkness of their regions and set God’s people free.

When the members of these regiments opened their mouths, the roar of Jesus that filled them was released through them and they began to roar as He did. Their voice echoed the same roar of Jesus, releasing waves of His glory in the areas they were sent.

The roar that came forth from the regiment’s mouth brought healing and freedom to those who heard it, but those who rejected the roar received the judgments written in Psalm 149. These regiment trench warriors came forth with the two-edged sword in their hands to subdue the nations.

6 Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand
7 to execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishments upon the people;
8 to bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron;
9 to execute upon them the judgment written: this honor have all His saints. Praise ye the Lord! (Psalm 149:6-9)

I saw these regiment trench warriors being one with the Lord, so His roaring voice was theirs as well. As He roared, they also roared. The roar was not filled with the wisdom of men, but with the wisdom of God. Their roar was will filled with sounds from heaven and not spoken words. As each sound was released from the regiment warriors, their voices released waves of glory, which were sent to transform everything to which they were sent.

As I heard the sound and saw the waves of glory coming from these regiment warriors, I saw a scripture was written on each wave that said,

For this purpose was the son of God made manifest, to destroy the works of the devil. (1 John 3:8)

This was the authority these trench warriors were given, a new dimension of dunamus power of the glory of the Lord. Dressed in their new battle gear, they were enabled to go into the trenches and fight with ease and set the captives free. With the roar of the Lord in their mouths and a two-edged sword in their hands, they were able to disarm the powers of darkness in these regions. The kingdom authority they were given destroyed the works of the devil.

The ruling powers over those areas were handcuffed and chained and taken prisoner by the Lord himself. The Lord who led His regiment warriors into battle ended the demonic influence over the atmosphere in these assigned areas, which allowed the people to receive the full power of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

The Second Prophetic Meaning of the Roar:
There was another side of this roaring sound I heard and it is found in the definition of the word “sound,” which means “to sing or shout with full force.”

As I looked again at the army of the Lord, I saw a portion of this army received from His roar the “new song of deliverance of the Lion, in full force!” These songs were not songs of praise or worship as we have known in the past, but were called the “songs of deliverance of the Lion of Judah!”

This other portion of the Lord’s army became highlighted to me, and they too were given new battle gear. Like the others, their battle gear contained new uniforms, armor, weapons, and equipment, but the striking feature of this portion of the army was that each one was given a shofar in their mouths. As I continued to gaze on this part of the army, I saw the Lord had a name for them, “The horn of the Lord,” or the singing soldiers of the Lord!

Arising Horn of the Lord
What was God showing me? I went to my Bible dictionary to look up the term. Here is what the Lord led me to: “Animal horns were also used as receptacles for oil (1 Samuel 16:1) or as a shofar trumpet (Joshua 6:5). The prayer in Psalm 92:10 contains both a reference to oil and a figurative use of horn: “You have exalted my horn like that of a wild ox; fine oils have been poured on me.”

In 1 Samuel 2:1, Hannah prayed, “In the Lord, my horn is lifted high,” indicating the strength that came from her having a child.

In Luke 1:69, Zechariah praised God that “He has raised up a horn of salvation for us in the house of his servant David.” In this case, the “horn of salvation” referred to Jesus Christ, the powerful deliverer and king who was soon to be born.

These singing soldiers were being readied to be formed into a great horn or shofar that was going to release God’s glory in a new dimension. These singing soldiers became so one with the Lord that in the new songs of deliverance they sang over the people, only the Lord’s voice was heard.

Their assignments were to roar (to sing) on earth exactly as the Lord was singing in heaven. The high praises of God was in their mouth and a two-edged sword in their hands as He was singing through them. As they sang these deliverance songs of the Lion, their mouths became the “HORN OF THE LORD” that was heard throughout the land.

Inside their horns (their mouths) came the sound of the Lion’s roar. These singing warriors were sent out to carry that roar wherever God sent them. The roar of the Lord in their horns also had a written word of God on it, which said, “Now the Lord is that Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” (2 Corinthians: 3:17).

These singing soldiers were full grown sons and daughters coming forth in this first moments of time in the Kingdom age. They were the remnant army that remained faithful in the church of Philadelphia of Revelation chapter 3:7. Now they had an open door of the Lord before them and were given permission to sing the “new deliverance songs of the Lion” wherever He sent them on the earth.

These singing soldiers were given “dunamos” power and glory to sing the new songs of deliverance upon the Earth.

You are my hiding place; You, Lord, protect me from trouble; You surround me with songs of deliverance. Selah. (Psalm 32:7)

These singing warriors announced and sung new songs of deliverance by the power of Spirit of Prophesy in them, which is the testimony of Jesus. Miracles, healings and great deliverance came by the singing of these new songs.

New Songs of Deliverance:
Beloved, these songs from the roar of God we have never heard before. These are not worship or praise songs as we presently know and sing. They are different in power and in authority because they can only be sung with Jesus from the seated place in heaven that He has prepared for us.

Most of us have sung warfare songs, high praise songs, and worship songs as weapons of war in the past church age, but THESE NEW SONGS OF DELIVERANCE ARE NOTHING LIKE THEM! Please don’t assume we have done this before because what I saw and heard was BRAND NEW!

These songs had very specific purposes in the Lord and in function. They were specific songs that may only be sung one time, one day, and never sung again. THEY ARE NOT FOR RECORDING OR MAKING CD’S. These songs are for the right moment in time to be sung at the right place on the right day, perfectly in the timing of the Lord TO SET GOD’S PEOPLE FREE. They were given to be sung for particular nations, regions, states, cities, neighborhoods, families and individuals. Only the Lord knows and understands their true need.

These songs will be sung by the new arising apostolic, prophetic, musical army of missionaries called singing warriors. They will be sent by God to bring the Spirit of the Lord’s liberty and freedom to the captives as He desires.

Songs to Change the Spiritual Atmosphere:
These singing warriors had a divine purpose to transform the atmosphere and land that the god of this world has used to keep God’s people in bondage. They transformed the atmosphere and land they were sent to by singing the “roar of the Lord of heaven” on planet Earth with songs of deliverance, bringing freedom to the captives and liberty to those who were bruised.

These new songs of deliverance will be the purest, most powerful, love filled words and melodies sung in the power of God like we have never seen or heard on this earth. They will proclaim liberty throughout the lands, wherever these singing warriors are sent.

These singing warriors had dominion authority from God to bring freedom! “It is for freedom Christ has set us free.” They shouted and sang their delivering songs from their shofars and with loud noise as the Lord roared through them. They proclaimed liberty throughout the land, saying, “This is the acceptable year of God’s favor.”

“And you shall hallow the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout all the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you; and each of you shall return to his ancestral possession [which through poverty he was compelled to sell], and each of you shall return to his family [from whom he was separated in bond service]. (Leviticus 25:10)

This part of the Lord’s army as His Horn, His singing warriors, came together spontaneously by divine intervention of the Lord. They were the spiritual “minute men” of the House of God. Hearing the spontaneous roar of the Lord, they dropped everything they were doing, picked up their shofars and ran to unite with those that God chose for them to work with. As they reached their designated assignment areas, they came together and joined with the heavenly choir in heaven. Together they sang the song of deliverance to let God’s will be done on earth as it is heaven, which caused the heavens and earth to shake and bring forth the release of the captives of Zion and great joy was heard in the land once again.

When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream. Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The Lord hath done great things for them. (Psalm 126:1-2)

Strategic Release:
This “horn of the Lord” company was released strategically and at a moment’s notice. As I heard the next roar in Zion released, I saw this horn company of singing warriors was not sent out as a unit to fit together as one company of believers like the others were, but they were actually sent to labor with others who were not released to go with their assigned groups. Out of every battalion, regiment and company, there were individuals who could not go with the others of their regiment because they had a different mission, a different assignment to continually work with different people spontaneously. They were set apart to gather with the other parts of the singing warriors company to sing the new song of the deliverance of the Lord where God sent them.

This brought great panic to the enemy because he was never be able to know in advance where this group would come from or where they would go next.

Another Weapon Given:
As I pondered what I was seeing, I saw the Lord give out another weapon, a rifle type of weapon called, “Confusion to the enemy.” As this company came and connected with people from different parts of the body, their rifles became activated and ready to be used on a moment’s notice.

They didn’t have to pick the rifles up to use them. As they sang the song of deliverance, these guns became part of their being and were released to shoot against the enemy.

When the bullets of these spiritual guns were released, the enemy was thrown into great confusion and began killing themselves and were defeated as Deuteronomy 28:7 says, “The LORD will grant that the enemies who rise up against you will be defeated before your face. They will come at you from one direction but flee from you in seven.”

A Legion of Angels Released:
The other thing I noticed about this singing warrior company was they were given a protective army of angels to go with them on their assignments. Each of the singing warriors that God released into maturity went forth to sing the new songs of deliverance that brought freedom to the captives. Every singing warrior received one thousand angels to help and protect them on their mission.

Sent to Find the Lost Sheep:
In this roar of the Lord season, God is looking for the one lost sheep that desires the reality of the Kingdom of God. I saw the Lord send out many individual singer warriors at times to fulfill His desires. These individual singer warriors were sent to the cracks into which many individual people had fallen. He was sending out one singer warrior to find one lost sheep!

As I conclude this post, I sensed such an overwhelming love and joy of the Lord as He readied His people to be released for their Kingdom age purposes. In this vision and word that the Lord roared out of Zion, I began to see His army being brought to attention and set to be released fully on the earth. I pray that we are part of that roaring lion of Judah Company. I pray we will be willing and obedient so we can eat the good of the land.

His intention now is to form us into a Kingdom of Kings and Priests to our God. I believe the two different works I saw in this army speaks of the forming of the King part of the army and the Priest part, but functioning as one army on the earth.

I submit this to you all in the love of the Lord for your discernment. May our Lord draw us each closer and closer to his heart.

(All scripture notations are from the Amplified Bible unless noted otherwise)

Pastor Henry Falcone

Author: Pastor Henry Falcone

Pastor Henry and Donna Falcone are overseers of Flame of Fire Ministries, which operates several Bible and discipleship training schools and conducts local church conferences designed to help churches grow in the love of the Lord, power evangelism, worship ministry, and intercessory prayer.

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My Clock (Israel) is Ticking Ever Faster Now, so Watch Her and Pray

Recieved 12-10 and 12-11-17

My beloved, I tell you now that you are ever closer to the time of tremendous sorrow, horrendous destruction, and satanic chaos in your world. You need to be prepared for what comes by being under the shadow of the Almighty, where the enemy fears to tread and where My protection is all around you. So many of My children have again allowed themselves to be deceived by the masquerade of the enemy. This is not at all good, for your world is beginning to change at lightning speed and it will even become quicker as war engulfs the entire sphere of the earth.

Nearly every piece to the puzzle is now in place. Notice what has transpired in My land, Israel, and My city, Jerusalem, as of late; it is not to be taken lightly. The recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is truth. It is what has been intended by Me for thousands of years and it is where I shall rule and reign on My throne, and then there will be peace in Jerusalem. The plan of the enemy right now is to take a good thing like this and turn it around and make it evil. This is what the enemy has done since his fall, and his deception is far greater than ever before. You already see that violence and protest against this has escalated greatly since the announcement, and it will escalate further and there will be no peace. This is the plan of the enemy to cause My land, Israel, and the apple of My eye, Jerusalem, to be divided in the name of peace. You will see this done soon and then I will do some dividing of My own! Not only will I separate the holy from the profane, the clean from the unclean, the wheat from the tares, the sheep from the goats, the wise from the foolish, and the multitudes from the faithful few; I will divide the lands of those who dare to defy Me and do that which I have forbidden. It is written and it shall come to pass, for I cannot lie. Those in America, do not believe the lie that all is well and that you will be blessed by the actions of your current leader. The announcement is part of the enemy’s plan for world war and the death of billions of souls. Evil men behind the scenes have been setting up this very scenario for well over 100 years. Their plan shall become a trap for themselves, for even though they may try, they cannot help but do what is written, but they do it of their own accord because they are of their father, the Devil. America, you are Babylon, and you will be the one most responsible for the division of My land and city when your beloved king (Hint: It’s not Jesus) returns. Mark My words, they will come true. My clock (Israel) is ticking ever faster now, so watch her and pray.

My children, I need to be first in your lives. This is especially true now because the fiery event I have told you about is so very close now. You need to put Me before everything else. Many plots, plans, and schemes have been sent from the enemy against My people to keep them from spending intimate time with Me. Even ministries that I have given you cannot come before your intimate time with Me. This is part of the spiritual war that is being waged, because it is during this time that I speak to you. It is during your intimate time with Me that your armor is put on and strengthened. It is an armor of light, though it has different parts as Paul has said. The enemy can attack you without your armor on, and without protection from Me, he can take you out and lead you into destruction. If this happens, you will not be helping Me in the final harvest and you will not reap the great rewards that I have purposed for you to receive. You see, is not about just surviving what is coming so that you can boast that you survived, it is to do My Kingdom work, reaping the great harvest. You need to be full and overflowing with My Holy Spirit oil in order to complete this work. You need to be filled continuously, each and every day; that is My will for you. I know the plans that I have for you, plans of good and not for evil, not for harm. My plans are perfect. My plans have the best outcome for you. To be full and overflowing with My Holy Spirit oil is the best thing that can happen to you on this Earth. So this is what you must seek! When you seek Me, you must humble yourself and seek Me with all of your heart and an increased measure of My Holy Spirit is what I give you. Soon, I will increase your capacity to hold more of My Spirit. No man or woman will continue following Me during the calamity and destruction that is coming without being full of My Spirit. When you are full of My Spirit, you will be holy as I am Holy, and you will complete the works that I have ordained for you to do since before there was time.

I bid you now to Come Away With Me, My Love! Spend time with just Me, no one else and nothing else. Talk to Me, pray to Me, worship Me, and the true desires of your heart will be yours. I do not speak of things in this physical realm, I am speaking about the spiritual realm. For this Earth will soon pass away, but the treasures that you have stored up in Heaven will last for eternity. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Come into My presence often and let Me fill you and overwhelm you, My remnant/bride! Cherish these last remaining moments of peace.

Jesus Christ

Yahusha Hamashiach


I was invited this past Saturday night to hear Dr. Michael Evans of the Jerusalem Prayer Team speak in Sacramento. He is responsible for the Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem which tells of true Christians’ love for Israel. New IDF soldiers tour there as part of their training. At 56, I was one of the youngest people in a packed many elderly people. I was saddened, but not surprised by the lack of younger people on fire for the nation of Israel. There is a current lack of the realization that Israel is God’s timepiece since prophecy is not highlighted at many churches the young attend. I also have believed since the Jewish New Year 2015 that we are farther into the great deception than many believe. Dr. Evans was then going to Washington, D.C. to speak with President Trump regarding the declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital 11/6/17. I pray that righteous decisions will be made by those in leadership of the U.S. government keeping in mind the Bible’s promise to bless and curse — depending on how one treat’s God’s Promised Land — Israel. (Dr. Evans also was led of God to prophecy to a young 28-year-old Israeli decades ago that he would become Prime Minister of Israel. We know that inexperienced non-politician as Benjamin Netanyahu today.)