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As I walked to the kitchen in my spirit I began to hear the word fire.

I thought oh, I know Lord soon the world will be burning from your judgements, or do you mean people are going to be going through the fires in tribulation?

Then the the Lord said to me “No, soon they will all be as fire, my few I have stripped of their lives, their lives are now only of me. These are MY weapons of my destruction, destruction against the enemies of their souls.

These shall burn as living witnesses of me and all that I AM. Power and might, strength and honor are hers for she is my bride, my one unto whom much shall be given, an unlimited portion of all that I AM. Fierce and mighty are these for I AM their backbone.

Are these not one with me, united as one, a bride who has been consumed by her bridegroom?

Wait, I hear the enemy whispering in the night. Wait, are there really any righteous ones in the land who tell of God’s strength and his might?

I tell you, at an hour that man thinketh not , I shall come forth as my bride has been waiting and has kept oil in her lamp, and has been faithful unto me.

The enemy says there is a storm coming, but I tell you my fire, my might, my spirit, and my strength is coming, of which no man shall be able to come against or stand or endure, for great in me is my army that I have prepared.”

Then the Lord showed me a vision. I saw a group gathered together all white, and they were surrounded by God’s glory and his power. Its hard to even put into words, but it is God in and surrounding a group of people, all inside of him, his glory. I kept seeing a group of people and they had fire on their arms and on their hands and their mouths and their feet.

They looked like they were on fire, but they were all standing inside of God. These are who Satan greatly fears. God himself is going to come down onto the earth. I thought of Moses, every time the presence of God was on the Mount Sinai it had fire and smoke and it shook.

Source: FIRE – Patti Young

October 7,2021 1:00PM

My daughter write My words,

(omitted from here, a personal word at the start of the message for the Bride)

Daughter, events are about to proceed forth. Tell My Bride I AM coming soon. Don’t ever get tired of hearing those words My Bride, for they are where your hope lies. Things are about to get tough and you will all need to be reminded of those words so that you can and will hold on tight and not let go of the hope that I AM coming. My timing is perfect and soon you will have full understanding of why I have waited and why you will experience some things many, actually most, thought they would avoid. I have always carried My people through trials. I have always blessed My people with strength and endurance as well My word reminds you to run the race set before you. You will rejoice and will be relieved when you know all you will come to know. You will be grateful for My ways.

My Bride, be steadfast. Do not fear anything you see or hear in this world for I have each of those who I created, yes all, even those who are yet to know Me, for they are the ones you will harvest. All is in My control and you have nothing to fear from men. Lean into Me. Lean on Me. Press in and hold on. Here we go. I love you My Bride, My Remnant, My Warriors, My Watchmen. Sound the alarm!! It commences now.

ABBA Father

Source: It Commences Now – Teri Hennessey

Dream 523


Ensure that you have a relationship with ME and come directly to ME for counsel on all decisions that need to be madeFor those who live in California, I AM requests that you come directly to ME for specific guidance. Do this now so you can be prepared ahead of time.

Source: Be in Daily Prayer to ME – Lynne Johnson

I heard, “The Fire of God is revealing the sons and daughters, the Burning Ones! The New Breed of Warriors fueled by Love.”

Source: The New Breed of Warriors — Fueled by Love by Deborah Waldron Fry

Source: Noah Moment – Amanda White

Beloved, this is definitely the time to begin to Arise and Shine and allow The Glory of The LORD to be risen upon us.

Source: The Cream of the Crop Is Rising to the Top! by Sandi Holman

In the midst of the chaos of this world, you are not forgotten. God knows your name, where you are and what you are dealing with.

Source: A Warrior on The Battlefield by Deborah Waldron Fry

Source: Tribulation is coming to wake up those who are asleep – Teri Henessey