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I hear The Spirit say, ”Call My People to The Altar in Repentance! Call them to the place of Fire and Power, for this is a critical and strategic hour.”

Source: Arise Warriors and Reign! ~by Veronika West

Source: You are in the tribulation – Roxanne

The LORD says, “Depend on our Connection! The two have become One. Let us pull together, My Bride, we are yoked together forever.”

Source: Depend on Our Connection With The LORD! ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

At end of May, I received two Dreams. Then two days later, while praying I received a message that also reinforced the warning to The Bride of Christ.

Source: Prophetic Warning to The Bride of Christ — The Door Will Shut Soon! ~by Elizabeth Marie

This word was given at 12:14am on June 6, 2022.

“My dearest daughter, write for Me. Write for your Beloved:

“It is time now; time has come quickly. I know you feel it. I have created signs to be showcased all around you. You cannot look without seeing a sign. The sign of My return, the Great and Marvelous Sign, is imminent. It will be here soon, on full display, for the whole world to see. Make sure you’re watching. My Bride, My tender one, My beloved one— she is watching. She is watching and waiting, waiting for her Beloved KING. Time has run out. Time has stilled. Do you feel the stillness and the anticipation in the air? It is the stillness and the anticipation the congregation of people experience as they await the appearance of a bride in your earthly weddings. Note the stillness, the waiting, the anticipation. The people are almost restless. When will she appear? And then, all at once, she finally appears and the music plays. I will cause My music to play, the music of the stars, and all will rise when they see My display of GLORY in My Bride. She once was hidden, but hidden no more she will shine My light and My countenance will glow through her for all the world to see. THIS is MY GLORY ON DISPLAY. This is My hour of revealing! Revealing of My great glory and power to all the world. This final hour is My hour and I AM LORD of all the world. This entire Earth is My harvest field and I AM come for Harvest!”

Source: The Sign of My Return – Whitney Eslick Manuel

This was the second word from the LORD on June 3, 2022. This word finished at 11:37 PM.

“Perfect Bride, her who is perfected by My own righteousness, by My own washing of her with My Word of Truth, it is to you alone, that I speak. My darling one, Our time has arrived. Fear not, it is over. The wait is over. Your Bridegroom has come for you! I AM here! Just breathe, and when you exhale I AM beside you. My chosen vessels, all is in readiness. The time of all times, the highlight of time, has come- IS come. Now and forever, I will showcase you, My perfected Bride, My glorious Bride, in the sight of all the world. Heaven and earth will witness this day the culmination of the ages and the culmination of the mystery of My sacrifice, My work on the Cross to take back a people to be My very own special treasure- MY Bride, the Wife of the LAMB. Your new name is My Own~”

Source: Word for MY Bride – Whitney Eslick Manuel

I received this word on May 23, 2022.

“Believers!!! LISTEN!!!”
“Child of GOD, LISTEN!!!”
“You will see much more than you thought before your ultimate deliverance. DO NOT FEAR! You must trust ME in these things. I know the grace I work through strong judgments. I know the eternal blessings for you and those you love, those you have long prayed for. Have you not asked ME for their souls? Have you not cried and prayed for many years, asking ME to work salvation, so that they are saved eternally and come into MY Household forever? Have you not asked? THIS IS MY answer.

When the soil is dry and hard and full of rocks, what must be done to make it fertile again? Must it not be plowed up, broken up, and dug deeply into to work the work of a Master Farmer? Does not he know the treatment that will be the only cure? So also, MY people, MY beloved children, so also must I use extreme measures to plow up the hardened hearts of your loved ones. I must break up their love affair with the trusted comforts of this world to get past their stubborn and rebellious attitudes that keep them from bending the knee and finally surrendering their all to MY ways and MY plans. The salvation of the stubborn and hardened heart is not a pretty process, but oh what a BEAUTIFUL and GLORIOUS end!

Will you trust ME in the process?
Do you trust ME in the process?

You will see mighty strong judgments that you did not expect before I come to rescue MY Bride. But you do not fear any of these things. MY chosen ones will REJOICE in these judgments because she knows MY heart. She trusts her LORD at ALL TIMES. She is not swayed by storm or devastation. MY Beloved trusts MY process; she believes in MY righteousness judgments to bring forth LIFE where there was DEATH. Now is the Season of Trust. Let ME be pleased in your faith and trust. TRUST.”

*This word was given along with Psalm 61

Source: DO NOT FEAR! – Whitney Eslick Manuel

Source: the New World Order – BRIDEOFYESHUA-RS

Source: The shaking comes quickly now – Roxanne

Source: HOLD ON! The Magnetism of the World – Victoria Ann