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”Watch and Pray. Pay close attention! “Free! Free! Everything is Free,” shall be heard on The Winds of Change!” warns The LORD.

Source: A Prophetic Warning for The United Kingdom and The Nations ~by Veronika West

Resurgence In Europe, as Prophetic Signs that Confirm The Word of The LORD abound the world news headlines!

Source: Europe: Prophetic Word Being Fulfilled ~by Veronika West

Source: Word for the Nations – BRIDEOFYESHUA-RS

The LORD says of Ireland, “Watch! For I AM striking a match in these days, for this Land shall become a Flame that shall once again ignite The Nations of the earth.”

Source: Ireland: The LORD Is Striking a Match! ~by Veronika West

“Nations Are Now in the Ninth Hour — Fear Not! — I Will Put You in the Cleft of the Rock, for Now My Glory is Passing By!”

Source: The Nations Are Now in the Ninth Hour ~by Veronika West

This is not a prophecy as such, but a readily received insight concerning Her Majesty Elizabeth and our Lord and Master in heaven.

Source: Long Live the Queen, Long Live the King ~by David Hood

“It’s only just The Beginnings of Sorrows for Nations who have remained stiff-necked and who have rebelled against My Word!” says The LORD with a warning for Rome, Italy.

Source: The Beginnings of Sorrows for Nations ~by Veronika West

Excerpt: The war I have warned you about is just before you. America will no longer be sheltered from battle. Your land will no longer be untouchable by your enemies – fore your leaders have let in your enemy and they are amongst you. They were hidden but they will come out of hiding to attack.

Watch Miami. Watch San Francisco. Watch Chicago. As I said to you years ago, all the planning and scheming has led to this.

Read at Source: Word of the Lord – Rachel Baxter

“Watch! As something very significant will take place over Russia and Ukraine that will suddenly shift the Nations of Europe!” says The LORD

Source: Warning — Nations Are Now in the Midst of Birthing ~by Veronika West

I awoke with such a presence of Glory but not certain why. Later I heard the body of the Queen leaves Buckingham Palace to rest at Westminster Hall at precisely 2:22.

Source: Restoring the Blueprint of The UK — 222 ~by Yvonne Coombs