Source: Visitation to Heaven : The Lamb’s Book of Life – Belle Beurano



Received 1-18 through 1-20-18 by Jeff Byerly

The Lord spoke this to me through the Holy Spirit:

“The less a man thinks he knows for certain and the less he thinks he has figured out,  the more that I can reveal about to him about Myself and about things to come. It is of pride to think that you know it all, oh haughty man. I have made man a little lower than the angels until the time of the revealing of My children. No man will ever fully know My mind, you will eternally learn of Me and My ways. Those who think that they have arrived or have obtained great wisdom and knowledge, shall be shown just how little they actually do know. Men shall be humbled out of My mercy, though most will not understand that it is out of My great mercy. All men shall soon see that I AM who I say I AM. I AM the Lamb of God who takes any the sin of the world but I return as the Lion of the tribe of Judah who shall exact His fierce judgement and wrath upon the proud sinners, though it is My will that all men would be saved by My blood.

The truth is most men have never taken the time to ever seek me and know Me and they know not my ways at all.

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You do not need to forgive Me, for I have never sinned against you, says the LORD. I have only done you good all the days of your life.

Source: I AM Only GOOD to You! ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke ~ HKP

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Source: Get On Your Knees & Plead the Blood of My Son Yahushua Over Your Lives – Orianna Silver

I AM responding to your hunger and to the depth that you are hungry. I AM responding because I have heard you, for years, I have heard your cry for more of My glory and all that I AM.

Source: I AM Responding to Your Hunger ~ by Pastor Debra Lowe ~ HKP