“Devastation is coming on the backs of the wicked who have proclaimed I AM dead or non-existent, or apathetic to mankind’s needs,” says The LORD.

My Truth will prevail over the lies of the wicked!

My Glory comes, but you must be honest in your hearts in My Presence.

I told you to wash your feet daily, to walk in Truth. So prepare your hearts, and make sure they are repentant of anything that has troubled your walk with Me.

For I WILL break the power of the enemy off your life, if you will but humble yourself before Me.

Strategic Command Angels are at the ready to implement My invasion of this Nation, and to assist those who will carry out My Divine Rescue Plan.

Be alert to all around you. Do not Presume anything.

Be very dependent on My Most Holy Spirit! For the times they are a changing!”

Continue reading @ Source: Woke and Broke! ~by Priscilla Van Sutphin

I had a Vision in which huge majestic Eagles were flying over me. I had such a feeling of Joy knowing they were there! And then I heard, “Rescue Mission!”

Source: The Rescue Mission! ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

Source: THE GIFT OF PROPHECY – My Hiding Place

Source: Smoke and Ash: The Fires of Judgement Have Come! – Pamela

Source: I Dare You – Roxanne

Source: Time is running out – BRIDEOFYESHUA-RS


Dream 705

The Father speaks to some of His Prodigal sons and daughters, late is the hour: “He who sows to the flesh, shall reap destruction!” says The LORD!

Source: This is Your Time to Release and Return! ~by T. Andrew Farley