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“Even when you do not know it or sense it, I have you surrounded. I have positioned Mighty Angels all around you and your house and those of your loved ones,” says The LORD.

Source: God Has Got You Covered ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

Waking up today, I heard, “Deciphering the Code of Heaven — suddenly — it shall become clear!”

Source: Deciphering the Code of Heaven ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

Dream 700

Dream 699

Dream 696

“My Glory is on the rise, and as it rises stay in the flow. Do not try to control or disrupt My course,” says The LORD.

Source: Stay in The Flow! ~by Pastor Debra Lowe

Dream 683

Dream 682

“Watch Norway, watch all of Scandinavia too! There is coming a new wave of Awakening and Revival throughout the land, and many shall be saved!”says The LORD!

Source: The Sword of The LORD on Norway ~by Chris G. Bennett

Source: THE WOUNDED LION – Daniel Masika