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“Remarkable change is on the way beloveds of Mine. Rougher times for many, but glorious times for those who love Me,” says The LORD!

Source: The Great Turning ~by Priscilla Van Sutphin


Source: The Great Harvest Is Upon You – Victoria Ang

Trying to Make Sense of it All –01/20/23

All are here trying to make sense of what is currently happening upon this planet. Most of it, from day to day, makes little sense. We wonder who controls the narrative and why are they in charge.

Everything will flip on a dime, now. What was, will not be. What you thought was headed in one direction will take a diametrically opposite position. Many will start to praise me and worship me. Song, dance and laughter will permeate the lands. Wrongs will be righted, and hate will become love. For those who see the Kingdom of God, will become, that Kingdom.

Each will still have their own free will, but many will know the right way from the wrong way.
I will give everyone an incredible chance to find their way to me. As this happens, the enemy will get extremely frustrated and make even more mistakes. I will be here to guide you into my Kingdom, if that is your wish. Watch as the tides start to turn into the right path. Watch as this world changes now!

Glory of God –01/20/23

My wishes are that all people will see the glory of God. That they will make me first in all things they do. When they wake up, when they are driving, when they are doing the dishes and before they sleep, make me their priority. I am waiting for the masses to change and know I Am God.
Soon the whole atmosphere will change. All will know who I Am. I will not be a myth, an afterthought but will be exalted and be known by all, as the creator. I am ready for change, just like you, too much time has gone into warnings which most have not heeded. We are at a precipice of now and future, merging. We are ready for change. Most will find my kingdom very refreshing. The last few years on Earth have been difficult. But now is the time to separate the harvest into bundles. The time to get to this point has been long and exhaustive. Things will now continue forward.

Be The Light in This Darkened World –01/21/23

My light shines within those who follow me and my brightness. I Am is the truth, the way, and the life. I Am there to lead the way and show you the correct path, the less used way (road).

Be the light in this darkened world. Show who I am thru you. Be there to help others when no one else will. Your light lights up the path for others. Without you leading the way, the path can’t (may not) be seen. Illumination is needed for many to find their path and their direction in life.

A New Home in Heaven Awaits Them –01/26/23

I love the humanity I created. I long for them to make it into heaven. I wait for them ALL to wake-up. I know they are almost ready to make that leap from the fence into my eternity. I smile as I see them lined up all moving to my side (of the fence). Joy abounds and the angels sing. My harvest is soon forthcoming. I wait patiently as I see them coming my way. Love abounds for all of them. Their new home in heaven awaits them. Glory, faith, love, beauty and peace is here waiting to fill their souls.

It’s time to start the Harvest. My chosen, yet few, are ready to take their places. They have been trained and outfitted with armor and ready to go to work. We will prevail in this battle for souls. We ARE the victors!

All Together in Unison – 03/14/23

There is a handful of people who are in unison with their creator. They know that I Am is with them, at all times, and lives within them. They are thankful for the time that is spent in prayer, reading my Holy word, talks we have together and doing works (yes, I said works), for the Kingdom. Each of them knows I belong in their lives and count on me daily.
Now is the time for you to shine. Now is the time for people to be drawn to me thru you. You are the conduit that will connect the lost to the living. You are their lifeline and rescue.

Each will have assignments. There will be no confusion or misunderstandings. All will work in unison with me. You will be kept busy with extremely rewarding works.

I love you all and appreciate the dedication you have shown for my Kingdom.
The curtain is starting to open. Be ready.

Things are About to Start –03/14/23

Many have been waiting for a long time for the show to begin. Some of my chosen have been waiting 20 years, some 10, some 5 and some more and some less. They have waited patiently and have wondered when things would commence.
It is time now, to get ready for what is to happen upon the Earth. My chosen will be given much honor thru my continence (light-Psalm 4:6). They will represent me to the fullest and show my love for all thru their actions.

I want all who participate in the Harvest to be ready for the most fulfilling work of their life. They will have glorified bodies to do their work unhampered. Each will do amazing feats that can only be classified as special effects (as in the movies). Be ready for a ride of a lifetime.

PDF available @ Source: Messages for This Time – LynL

I saw The Lion of Judah moving with great determination across the earth and heard the voices of heaven speaking these words, “He is SERIOUS! Holy, Holy, Holy is The LORD God Almighty!”

No games played by the Mighty Lion of Judah! He is not a tame Lion but the Lion who SAVES and RESCUES and DELIVERS. Hear Him roar on your behalf, “Game over!”

“Beloved. Weep not. The Great King, The Lion of Judah has prevailed. I AM moving with great determination on your behalf. It is the time of great darkness upon the earth. But I have your back, My Child.

Wait under My Shadow and know that all things are working for your good. It is not a time to fear but a time to go forth in great boldness. For I have equipped you for such a time as this. I make you as BOLD as a Lion.

No longer shall the enemy make you cower in fear, but you shall come forth in the Power of My Might.

The demons shall tremble in fear at the sight of you. The Lion of the tribe of Judah has prevailed, Beloved. The King of Glory has come in.

There is no contest between dark and Light, between good and evil, between your God and the enemy.

I destroyed the works of the devil at the Cross. When the Light shines, the darkness disappears.

There is no contest, My Child. I have declared that you are the Victor in Christ Jesus! Yes! The enemy’s captives shall be returned and the prey taken back from the “mighty”; they shall be delivered all who suffer at his hands.

For I will contend with him who contends with you, and I will save your children.

As I have planned, so will it be; as I have purposed, so will it stand. The Lion has roared and it is finished. Tell the enemy, “Game over!”

For surely The LORD GOD will do nothing, but He reveals His Secrets unto His servants the prophets.

The Lion has roared, who will not fear? The LORD GOD hath spoken, who can but prophesy!”

LION by Elevation Worship:

SERIOUS : Deeply interested or involved: Acting or speaking sincerely and in earnest, intensity of purpose: wholehearted, genuine, meaning what one says, committed, firm, resolute, resolved: Determined, solemn, staid, sober; Not light or frivolous; a concern for what really matters, Not joking or trifling.

“How awesome is The LORD the Most High, the great King over all the earth!” Psalm 47:2

“The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” Psalm 27:1

“But thus says The LORD: “Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, And the prey of the terrible be delivered; For I will contend with him who contends with you, And I will save your children.” Isaiah 49:25

“The LORD of Hosts has sworn: “As I have planned, so will it be; as I have purposed, so will it stand.” Isaiah 14:24

“Who has performed this and carried it out, calling forth the generations from the beginning? I, The LORD–the first and the last–I am He.” Isaiah 41:4

“I foretold the former things long ago; they came out of My mouth; I proclaimed them. Suddenly I acted, and they came to pass.” Isaiah 48:3

“But one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep. Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has prevailed to open the scroll and to loose its seven seals.” Revelation 5:5

“Surely The LORD GOD will do nothing, but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets. The Lion hath roared, who will not fear? The LORD GOD hath spoken, who can but prophesy?” Amos 3:7-8

Source: Game Over! Game Over! ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

“Pray over your children and grandchildren. Do not assume anything in this hour.

There are parents who are having their children removed from homes in the world, due to unjust practices and laws of the wicked.

The enemy is working hard to destroy the family units, and to cause pain and suffering and death.

As I pour out My Spirit on all flesh, I want you to not be afraid as I take over the lives of your children and grandchildren by the power of My Holy Spirit, will I use them in mighty ways to speak forth My Words.

You know about this happening in other times, some of you, but many don’t know, and will be shocked by what I do. You need to assure parents of My intervention being in MY PLAN, so they don’t attribute it to the enemy.

I don’t want parents to add to the suffering of their own children by attributing it to enemy forces. But it will be shocking especially to those who are back-slidden, and unbelieving.

Children will talk about me and pray for one another in the schools, and some school administrators will caution parents to shut up their children from talking about Jesus.

You will need to STAND against their control because it is not against the constitution in this nation.

Churches also need to stop just entertaining children and youth. They need to teach them spiritual warfare if they haven’t already. They soon will not need to because I WILL take over.

But they need to instruct them in all the ways of The Holy Spirit. I AM coming on the wings of the wind to mete out My justice on those wicked who restrain and confine, and persecute My people.

I will do this all over the world! You will hear stories from other nations about children and youth involved in spiritual warfare, and prophetic evangelism, doing miracles and healings and even raising the dead!

So this roller coaster ride will begin now all over the world.

Stop treating children as if they are too young to understand. As I WILL empower them, and they WILL do My will, and I will help them to understand many things some parents have no knowledge of.

Include them in your family prayers always. Listen to what I tell or show them in their dreams. Some times you will not be able to share it, so ask before you share anything publicly, or in The Church.

This “TAKEOVER” is not just for the children. I AM coming to restore and MAGNIFY My name in all the earth.

You will be talking to someone, and suddenly I will take over the conversation, to challenge them and heal their hearts and souls!!

LISTEN beloveds for the sound of My Voice. Don’t be in too much of a rush, that you miss the opportunity.

I will quicken your spirit that you know I have something to say. Great and MIGHTY things I will do in you and through you.

Hold on to ME with all of your heart, mind, and spirit. Great and marvelous things are ahead, in the midst of great darkness in the earth.

I’ll be training your senses in many ways that you do My Will.”


Source: “Forbid Them NOT to Come to Me!” ~by Priscilla Van Sutphin

The Cock crowed three times for Peter. I just heard it crow three times for us too. Have I repented? Have you repented? Have we been to the Mercy Seat of Christ?

Source: The Cock Crowed ~by Chris G. Bennett

Hello brethren,

After an obviously too short a time of praying, worship, and reading the word, I picked up the TV remote and was about to turn on the TV to likely watch the only good thing on TV these days, the Series “The Chosen.” I very clearly heard the Lord say, “Press in”. I put down the remote, covered my head and body with a blanket so to be in the dark and just sat quietly before the Lord, worshipping quietly. I heard “Be still and know I AM God!” I then heard “Daughter, I have something to say…at that point I got up and got my pen and book and wrote what I heard The Lord speak…

March 15/23 approx 9pm

Write My words,
Precious children of the Lords great and terrible army, My Remnant soldiers. The battle is about to begin. Gird up your loins. Be steadfast in the face of the coming adversity, for this is the testing of all tests. The fire of all fires of affliction. Who will be standing at the end of this battle? My soldiers, who have learned the purpose of endurance of hardship. Perseverance, when all around them was falling. These who held on even to the hem of My robe with the tips of their fingernails because they had no more strength even to grasp with a fisted hand. My warriors, battle ready. ‘Battle weary’ is yesterday’s news. Ready yourselves. Ready yourselves by sitting at My feet. It is here that I train you, that I strengthen what remains to be strengthened. It is in this place that I place My commands in your heart and give you what you will need to carry them out. I AM your Commander. You are My Seals. Deadly. Face like flint. You won’t miss a beat. Oh you will be a force of reckoning to the nations who withstand Me. They will fall like a dead tree in the forest, breaking apart at every weak point. For they have no strength but a deception built from lies by our enemy. He is their enemy too and woe to those who have to discover this brutal truth as they descend into the domain of death, fire and brimstone. My anger is kindled once more. My unrighteous seed in this earth have indeed provoked Me to wrath and indignation, and I look ahead at the days when My mighty warriors will tear them down to the ground, cutting down all who exalt themselves above Me. They are fools being led by fools. All blind and all fall into the ditch. The enemy laughs at those he uses. What foolish men you are! You are brutes and bullies. Your days of reckoning are here. Woe to you. Woe to you foolish ones. Repent! Repent now I say! You are warned and warned and warned again. Dare you to push Me to the indignation that awaits you oh foolish Babylon. Your enemy awaits the very soul within you to taunt and torment you for all eternity if you do not choose the path I AM offering. Woe to you. Foolish pride that blinds your destination. Where you are going is hot, but I assure you there is no sun. No Son! No Son! Oh wicked foolish adulterers. Get down from your pillars and high places. Humble yourselves and I will have mercy. But you would not allow Me to gather you. My wrath pours out. My wrath you shall not be able to endure. Repent! I shout repent! Daughter, this is all. My wrath is ready. My judgement Swift.

But My own, need only rest in Me and watch the glory and power of the One they honour as King and Lord of all. Yahushua
King of kings
Lord of lords
your Saviour: To all who come with a humble and contrite heart will be saved

Source: My wrath is ready. My judgement Swift. – Terri Hennessey

“Get ready for the transition in your life,” says The LORD, “for I AM shifting you and bringing you into the new. New is new!

“I will cause you to embrace what you have never contemplated before, what you have never seen before, what you have never done before, and I AM placing you where you have never been before in Me.

“It is in My Presence that I will cause you to soar above the storms of life, above the threatening, black clouds, and into the peace and tranquility that is untouched by the winds of adversity,” says The LORD.

“Your faith in Me will cause you to ascend higher and higher,” says The LORD.

“I will carry you on eagle’s wings to new levels in Me as you focus your attention upon Me. Do not look at the difficulties around, and do not pay attention to the negative, defeatist voices vying for your attention.

“You will go in the direction that your attention takes you. Just as Peter of old walked on the water as long as he kept his eyes on Me, you will also be on top of things that would like to take you down as you ignore the storms of life and focus your full attention upon Me.

“You will only be above and not sink into the situations that would bring you down and under as you refuse to be trapped into the mentality of the impossible, and do all things through Me as I strengthen you, and equip you, and bring you into the realm of the supernatural where there are no limitations,” says The LORD.

Source: The Transition ~by June Sheltrown Reinke