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Dream 611

As Pentecost draws nearer, I found this post by P.R. Barnes – 2009).

It’s a lovely testimony from my old mentor, sadly no longer with us. I believe this will be the expectation, if not the experience, of many this coming Pentecost! Food for prayer!

“And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting.” Acts 2:2.

I was speaking recently on the subject of the word: suddenly.

As I was speaking about The Upper Room, suddenly, The LORD took me into The Upper Room during the time that the disciples were waiting on the promise.

I could hear the conversations and see the faces of those there and this what The LORD showed me.

The disciples didn’t really know what to expect, and there was a discussion going on about what to expect.

Some were expecting Jesus to return. Some were expecting another person to come and lead them. In actual fact, nothing was settled in, because of the different expectations.

The LORD then showed me that with all the possible scenarios, there was a real problem.

Then on the day of Pentecost, there was an Agreement between all of them. They said, whatever God wants for us, we know it’s for our best, and they surrendered to that and were all in Agreement.

It was then that I heard the sound of the wind. It was like walking near an aeroplane, as it’s getting ready to fly away.

Then the Flames fell.

The flames were translucent, and they didn’t sit in their heads, but they covered all their heads and the upper shoulder — like from the chest upwards.

I just couldn’t understand how they were not being burnt.

There was such a mighty rush, that they couldn’t find words in their own language to speak, this is when God gave them tongues, to be able to express the unimaginable, as no human words could express what was happening to them.

I just want to say, this is what happened to me. I’m not asking you to accept what I’m saying, but in the meeting, as I was sharing the Vision, as it was being shown to me, there was a mighty move of God and I had never heard such praise from that Church until that day. (P.R. Barnes – 2009)

Source: Acts 2:2 Wind and Fire ~by Chris G. Bennett

“Deflated Encumbrances come, even as destruction comes on the wings of the winds.

Disturbances of many kinds are being devised to cause turbulence and chaos. Uncovering will bring much pain to the hearers who have been blinded and hoodwinked into deception.

Confusion reigns over the hearts of many, due to all the deception at the top of the rungs of power and politics.

People have lost all integrity in many circles. Lying is common and laughed at.

Confusion and heaviness have kept many passive, and the wanting to keep life as it has been lived, has caused some to compromise, or to pretend life is okay, when all around, are those affected drastically by the medical arm of the mafia’s tricks.

But because they’ve convinced people that any talk about the bio-weapons or the vacs is conspiracy and untrue, so many are deluded, to believe all the lies of the wicked.

I have a light I will shine on all this, that will outshine and overcome all the nonsense and darkness.

People will be startled into submission, because they will never have seen what their eyes will behold.

Behold, your LORD comes quickly on the wings of the winds. He is robed in Majesty and His Glory fills the earth.

Angels of Mercy and Truth bend their wings to the call of Adonai, so that The Gospel Truth is carried to all the ends of the earth.

Dreams and Visions fill the minds of the lost, who have never known the depths of His Love and Grace. Multitudes are in The Valley of Decision.

Punitive measures will be undertaken for the wicked who have purposed to murder those they see as “useless eaters”, or obstructive to their plans.

Whoever escapes these consequences, will be dealt with by My Own Hand. Treasures hidden in darkness will be released from their captivity. For many have been trapped in prison houses, and they will be released.

Appearances of Angels will be commonplace, not rare.

Many households will be saved, due to children seeing in The Spirit, these Angels and The LORD Himself.

The Fire of God will be seen upon you. Do you understand that? Because many of you have underestimated what I will do.

What’s happening now in some places, is only the beginning — a trickle of what I AM bringing.

So, fasten your seat-belts beloveds, for this will be a glorious unfolding as the song says! Just your presence will make people cough out demons.

You’ll be standing in line or sitting at a coffee shop, and people will be convicted like they were when Smith Wigglesworth was alive.

Just your shadow falling on some, will bring healing,

Sudden outpourings of Glory, that captures the hearts of those around you.

My suddenlies are soon upon you, so keep in communion with me, till I burst and explode upon the scene!

I AM bringing My Divine Justice and Retribution. My Kingdom is the one with no end. My Kingdom is the one that will be lifted up across the earth.

No one will be untouched in the coming glory days.

There will be no excuse for those who refuse My Love. So do not waver in your affections. This world is passing away — but My Truth will never die!”

Source: Direct Hit ~by Priscilla Van Sutphin

As I began to pray, The Spirit of Revelation spoke these Words to me, ”Daughter, look — for a portal is now opening!”

Source: America: A Portal is Now Opening ~by Veronika West

“You are the living example for the next generation, so there is no more time for self-indulgent as soldiers of The Cross,” says the Captain of The LORD of Hosts.

Source: Warriors That Stand at the Gates ~by Sandi Holman

Source: WASHED WHITE – Angela

Dream 594

Image by author

This morning I was given a picture of a Rubbish Bin.

Jesus’ Hand was taking the rubbish paper and turning each piece into a paper Plane.

I saw “Stealth” written on each Plane and I heard him say, “From Terrible Turbulence to Rapid Release!”

Beloved, you are that Stealth Plane, yet you are in a moment of turbulence, because you are climbing higher.

This feels like agony, yet remember that when in a plane there is trust in the pilot alone.

The enemy says, “you will die…” yet Jesus is saying, “Who is your pilot?”

This is a moment of divine lifting, a moment of Divine Shifting and it has been spoken by the prophets for a while so — are you buckled up?

Are you trusting The Word you are going to stealth momentum?

I saw the word ‘Rubbish’ on this bin. Many may feel rubbish right now, but do not listen to the lies. Do not go with feeling, go with The Word!

“but they who wait for The LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary;they shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31.

Satan’s plan right now is to shame yet, The LORD says, “I will take your shame and give you comfort. Do not be surprised what comes your way and rejoice, I say rejoice for I AM giving you a Crown of Beauty” (Isaiah 61).

The LORD is saying, “Rise Up! Rise Up! Rise Up!”

Source: From Terrible Turbulence to Rapid Release! ~by Yvonne Coombs

I see Doors, many, many Doors. All shapes and sizes, all colours and shades.

It’s like I’m walking down corridor after corridor, and all I see are Doors.

I open one — I see a peaceful coastal scene. Another reveals a Church bursting with people. Yet another shows me an airport, planes standing waiting for passengers. So it goes on and on.

What am I looking at LORD? Are these Doors for me or who are these Doors for, please?

“I AM opening Doors for all of My Children, even including you!” He replied with a smile.

“Doors of breakthrough. Doors of opportunity. Doors in answer to prayer, and doors in fulfillment of Prophecy!

I AM making a way in the wilderness!” says The LORD, “a way where many thought there is no way. A miraculous way for many, and the natural next step for others.

I AM the God of suddenlies; of surprises. Tell My People to expect surprise open doors. Tell them to expect sudden breakthroughs.

Tell them to be ready to grasp My God-given opportunities as some doors will only be open for a short while.

This is the season of breakthrough and I have anointed those to carry a breakthrough mandate and take it to the church and to My People!” declares The LORD.

“Be ready. Show willing, and I will answer with fire and power!”

Source: New Doors ~by Chris G. Bennett

On 21 March 2022 I had three incidents involving Doors that made me wonder.

Source: Opened Doors — Deliverance from Devastation ~by Yvonne Coombs