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“You are being outfitted in this New Armor to fight New Battles, and you are going to walk as Overcomers through each battle that you face,” says The LORD.

Source: A New Suit of Armor! ~by Patricia Hamel

Dream 664

“Do not despise the days of small things, for a seed is a small thing, and I have placed them in your hands,” says The LORD. “Though they appear to be dead and dry and hopeless, I will cause what you have planted to germinate and grow. I will water them by My Spirit and bring the increase. “Do not lament over what seems to be a failure to thrive, for I AM breathing life into you as well as the seeds you have planted. You will see a harvest of every good work. They will sprout. They will grow. They will mature and bear fruit! “I will also cause you to be fruitful and multiply your effectiveness, and expand you as well as your borders. As you have been faithful in the small things, I will entrust the to you the greater,” says The LORD. “I will multiply you and bless you on every side for all the trouble that you have endured on every side,” says The LORD. “It is not over for you, but just the beginning! I have called you to engage in the harvest fields, and the harvest is plenteous. “Your patience will be rewarded, and as you waited through a long season for the ripening of the harvest, you will not be disappointed. “I will cause your heart to sing along with the reapers, as you gather the wheat into the garners of My Kingdom and rejoice with My heavenly host of Angels that many have come into My Kingdom, because of your labor of Love, Obedience, and Faithfulness to Me,” says The LORD.

Source: Small Things ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

The LORD says, “You are the generation whom I have chosen to walk in My Authority, Power and Demonstration of My Kingdom on this earth.”

Source: Demonstrating His Power ~by Elaine Tavolacci


“I AM raining down My Spirit of joy for you,” says The LORD.

“I AM your unspeakable joy! Are you ready? Are you ready to forfeit the sorrow of your heart?

“Are you willing to relinquish the past disappointments and receive the new?

“Look! Let the blinders fall off your eyes so that you now have new peripheral vision. I AM taking you out of the hallway and opening wide My Door.

“Look at the Vastness! See beyond your narrow vision that has blinded you and kept you from what I see for you.

“I AM about to expand your borders and lengthen the horizon so that you cannot see boundaries, borders, and walls that are restrictive and limited.

“You will not be boxed in or hidden! Come out of the hallway. The door is open! Look! See! Begin to move in an unrestricted way,” says The LORD.

“This is not the end, but a new beginning in Me,” says The LORD.

“It is not over for you, but the past is finished. The pain is healed. I AM healing your broken heart and fractured life.

“Walk out of the things that have defined you in the past. Take a step beyond in Me. It is new, for I have made you new!

“You are not a do over or a make over, but a transformation in Me! Let your faith catapult you forward, for this is a time of acceleration and new vision for the purpose that I have for you in this new season.

“Get ready, for it is not going to be a roller coaster ride with ups and downs, twists and turns that are a scary thrill for a moment, but a new life of real vision.

“It is not a fantasy land, but a promised land of your possession as you step over onto new solid ground with unimpeachable blessings, and embrace the new that I have created for you, says The LORD.

Source: The LORD is Raining Down His Spirit! ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

In my sleep in the early morning hours this morning I saw this pair of shoes, looking exactly like this, as if I was looking straight down at them.

Brown, “wing tipped”, new leather shoes. Very unlike anything I would ever choose to wear!

The Spirit gave understanding as I viewed these shoes and the name Amber came to mind. Amber was beside me in the dream.


  • Shoes : New walk.
  • Brown : Compassion.
  • Wing tipped : To soar, minister with ease.
  • Leather : Strong, resilient.
  • New : Brand new way of walking.
  • Amber : Fire anointing.

The LORD is saying He is equipping me and others to walk in a new way this next season.

One of compassion and love for the unlovable, to minister out of The Fire of God, and it will be easy to do this. It is an assured walk, with confidence and strength.

The LORD will give us His Compassion for people, and we will be soaring with exhilaration and ease.

Get your new shoes on!

It’s time for a spring in your step, as you go out and Love the way Jesus loves!

Source: Walking Brown Shoes ~by Heidi Bryden

“The Winds of Change have brought you to a moment of truth and deeper understanding that yesterday is gone – but I have come to give you a Second Wind!”

Source: The Winds of Change in 2023 ~by Sandi Holman

“My People whose hearts are open ready and prepared, I come to you today, and in My Hand I hold a blessing so great that you are unable to contain it,” says The LORD.

Source: Eternal Destiny ~by Linda Patterson

“I AM activating you by My Spirit,” says The LORD. “For I AM not calling you to be passive in your faith, but passionate.”

Source: The LORD is Activating You! ~by June Sheltrown Reinke