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9-1-15 Intercede for those that think that they are My bride. Many, many, many think that they are My children but they have never truly given their heart to Me and they do not know Me. They try to…

Source: The Supernatural will Become Normal


Source: Forsake your Religion and seek Me while I may be Found! – Cheryl Adama

January 25, 2019

To all those who love me, I know you are weary. I know that your trials are numerous and your afflictions are great. Know that I AM faithful. I AM true. I AM with you always. Never will I leave or forsake you. I give beauty for ashes. The oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. In the twinkling of an eye everything changes. Believe and you shall see my glory. I have increased the darkness as judgment upon a most wicked, rebellious nation whom has rejected me. Fear not my faithful longing doves for surely I come quickly. I know many of you have become weary with the repetition and the wait for you is most agonizing. The final stage of delivery has come. Like a woman in travail pained to be delivered I AM. I will recompense America in full for her rejection of me. Many do not realize how late the hour truly is. Lead astray by the guile of man, captivated by mammon, caught up and Tangled in the world wide web spun by the enemy. I grieve America. You have rejected me on your soil. My heart is pierced. My tears flow down. The blood of my children cry out with mine. Vengeance is mine. I will repay. America will burn. I have spoken. I have warned. I will not spare America. Nor will I relent in the destruction. The destruction is an act of my judgment and mercy, the fire shall refine many. I AM grieved to my core at the sorrow I have received on American soil. My pleas for repentance and mercy have been met largely with defiance. I AM not mocked. America has rejected me. For that alone, I will destroy the nation. It is finished. One can not fathom my sorrow and anger. I AM sorrowful from the rejection I have received on American soil. My anger is birthed from my sorrow. Indignation. America shall come face to face and behold the revelation, the devastation she has wrought. I shall reveal my face and all shall behold me as I truly AM. Many, many will be pierced when they see the face of the one whom they so adamantly despised and hungered to expel from among them. I have loved thee with an ever lasting love, Yea with loving kindness have I drawn thee. The hatred and rejection in which America has shown me is harrowing. My cries which once echoed a nation who despises me are replaced with cries of a gravely afflicted people. The flaming sword is hurled by my hand. Reap what you have sown America. Reap the whirlwind of my wrath.

There is so much ye do not yet know. How few are they who delve deeper, who hunger and thirst for truth. Destruction comes, lo is here. In the destruction, I shall be glorified. Many shall I save. My blood was not shed in vain. I have not suffered in vain. My life was not poured out in vain. Your tears have I collected in my bottle with my own. Rejoice my loves for I know the thoughts I think towards you. Thoughts of peace and not of evil. To give you an expected end. I have heard. I have listened. I have answered your prayers. To all who suffer for my namesake, who have denied themselves, picked up their cross and are following me, great is your reward I say. Great. Arise, shine for my glory had risen upon thee. My spirit dwells in you. My blood covers you. My love lifts you. I desire you. You shall eat and be satisfied. I AM able. I have. I will. I did. It is finished.
Jesus Christ

Revelation 19:9-11 King James Version (KJV)
9 And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God.

10 And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

11 And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.

From Source: The blood of my children cry out – Krystal Beall

Come out, today, come out of her My people! Repent, throw away your idols, place yourself on the altar as a living sacrifice! Your absolute & total surrender is the only key to victory in this war you were born into, the time of testing is reached its end!

Fall to your knees, cry out to Me, humble your heart, and I will pour out My perfect love upon you, as I carry you through the midst of tribulation! A white robe, tried by fire is set aside for you at the gates of heaven, but you must come to Me now My child, do NOT delay!

I will take the heavy burden from you, My Son’s sacrifice has made the way; step out in boldness, give Me all of your pain, and behold, all things will be made new!

This life, this test is a vapor! Eternity in heaven, or hell, awaits each soul…Choose this day child, cry out to Me and I will love you and lead you!

Deny Me, deny My son Yeshua (Jesus), and hell awaits…

Excerpt from Source: Word from the Lord: “the time of testing is reached its end!” – T. Andrew Farley

“I AM about to turn over some tables! I AM going to shake up some things up! I AM about to blow your mind with changes that are coming.”

Source: Change IS Coming and You May Not Like It!

I felt an urgency from the Lord to write early this morning (1-21-19).  This is what He had to say:

Abba:  “Hello My son, this is Jehovah Elohim speaking with you this day.  Warning, My children, for the evil one is on the prowl.  I use him as My recompense on the evil ones on the earth.  You have read in My Word that you reap what you sow – now the recompense of the wicked comes.  I will give to each what is due, whether good or bad.  The earth is swaying under the weight of sin and apostasy; I now pour out My wrath on those who are far from Me – who persecute My children and who do wickedly in the darkness.  The time of My warnings have come to a close and now I MUST do as My holy character demands – recompense!  Woe to the wicked who does wickedness, especially upon My children.  Though they will not understand at first, soon they will fully understand it is from the God they have neglected, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; the Lord God of all, and Savior of the world, Yeshua Ha Mashiach, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The earth has just witnessed the “super blood wolf moon” and this marks the beginning of a new era – the era of My recompense upon all the inhabitants of the earth.  Whatever you have sown you will now reap.  If you have sown discord, discord you will reap, but in much greater ferocity.  If hatred you have sown, then you will receive hatred a hundredfold.  If love you have sown, love you will be shown, and love abundantly!

My children, be not surprised at what you receive, for in your heart you know where you have strayed from My perfect plan for you, and where you have been obedient to My leading.  I bring perfect recompense to you now, whether good or bad.  I AM giving this word to many of My children, even now, and this word must be given out, for when My recompense is being given out, many will be crushed under the weight and will cry out to Me.  This is when I send My children to them to witness to them My ways, My truth and My love.  In this manner, many will be saved, but this is just the beginning.

When the fiery kickoff event begins, I will already have the attention of many because of My recompense upon the wicked.  The righteous will shine and I will do mighty exploits through them.  My children, do not think it odd when you see all of these things come to pass in your lives and the lives of your loved ones, for this must happen first.  This must happen so that My children are ready, built up in My Spirit and have been given their “marching orders”, that they may step into their destinies.  My recompense now comes, My children.  Your loving Father, Jehovah Elohim.”


Scripture references @ Source: Recompense – Alan Carrico

My daughter, write these prophetic words of Mine down for the people (on 1/10/19):

My children, you have forgotten your beginnings. You have been taken over by the imaginations of your own minds. You worship things and people that will add no value as to your salvation; animals, spouses, children, movie stars, sports figures and even rocks, trees, water, mammals and whatever else you can conjure up. You worship mere mortals who can do nothing to save you in the end.

Many of you worship the ground your spouse walks on along with your children. I am a jealous God—you are called to worship ONLY ME! You worship inanimate objects that can neither walk, speak, hear and they will NOT save you. The One who can save you you have rejected—I AM the cornerstone. I was the rock on which you were to stand on. I AM IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SAVE YOU! When you end up down below will you take your idols of worship with you? Idolatry I hate; it is an abomination to Me.

When I first made each one of you in My image I saw how beautiful you were. I carried you. I have loved you from even before the time you were sent into your mother’s womb. You were created for My pleasure but many of you have turned aside, following strange gods, mere mortals and stupidity. You are like hamsters on a wheel spinning round and round going nowhere. You have lost your way and instead of wanting to be found you run even further away from Me yet it is I that has always loved you!

You believe love of mortals will satisfy but you are gravely mistaken. They can never provide the kind of love only I can give! I am AGAPE LOVE—a love that surpasses everything this world can offer you. Had you turned back to your First Love your lives would not have turned out the way they have; you would have had My shoulder to lean on and had Me wipe your tears away. Only I can give you the peace your heart needs and desires. NO other can take My place! NONE compares to Me! NO ONE knows you better than I.

I am your Father and a good Father loves all His children but also will correct/chasten His children for disobedience. This is how you will finally realize who I truly am. Who else would hang on a tree for you and take your sin and shame upon His shoulders? Who else would go through unspeakable torture on your behalf? My Son took the stripes so that you could be healed. It is why repentance is a MUST.

You say you cannot stop sinning, then you believe in a lie. You have NO Faith, NO belief that I AM the God that healeth thee. When My Spirit abides in you after you are grafted back into the vine there are changes that occur in your life. There is CONVICTION. There is a WILLINGNESS to turn from sin. There is MY SPIRIT that works in you HELPING you to stop sinning. If you had taken the time to know Me and spend time with Me you would have grown to that place where you would HATE SIN as much as I do. You would see with open eyes how one sin leads to another and then to another. You would have seen how your sins destroy your lives and destroy lives around you but you would rather remain in bondage to sin which only brings you to hell—the broad road looks so beautiful until you get to the finish line; to the end of your life. By then it is too late for when you die and remain unrepentant; there is NO saving grace allotted to you any longer. The path you decide to walk on now determines whether you go to hell or come into My Kingdom and into My Everlasting Arms.

You see children, the grass will NOT be greener on the other side for you for you choose darkness over the light. Without light, nothing grows, all is dead—desolate. Darkness tries to hide My light and it does until one repents, then the light returns, your eyes are unveiled and your lives are never the same again. One must be “born again” or they will NEVER inherit the Kingdom of God. They will NEVER be co-heirs nor receive their inheritance. You are willing to throw your inheritance away for a passing fancy? Why? Do you not know one reaps what they have sown? Life is a TESTING GROUND and you were to rise above but so many are choosing to go below.

I tell you these things to show you how contending with the Almighty is futile. You can’t win without Me. Only through repentance is one forgiven. So does this mean I said “now go sin less?” or did I say “sin no more?” It is My Spirit that daily cleanses, refreshes and renews; believe it or not but each day you sin but I gladly wash it away. Your thoughts and your tongue do much damage—how you speak to others; what your hidden thoughts are. I see it all. Yes, it was finished at the cross but this does not give you free license to sin. Past sins forgiven; this OSAS (Once Saved Always Saved) doctrine will take countless children to hell for they loved not the truth.

What if I shut the door tomorrow? How many of you believe you would enter in? Your procrastination to come before Me with a contrite heart will cost you dearly—your eternity depends on your decision. Remember this—in one minute you can be gone!! So do not put off coming to Me until tomorrow for many will NO longer have tomorrow.

Death and devastation is coming to America. Everything will start coming now at a faster pace as this nation unravels into complete chaos. Weeping and sorrows will fill your hearts. Shortly, laughter will be unheard of!


This message is a call for all the unbelievers, the unrepentant, the lukewarm, the backslidden to stop playing games with your Father. STOP convincing yourselves you have much time. You DO NOT have much time.


My arms are wide open—who desires to drink from the fountains of living water? Come to Me NOW and I will give you drink.

To My Bride—Keep your garments clean daily. Continue on the narrow path. You are about to be used mightily in these last days.

To All—I love you and have always loved you with an unfailing love. Walk in love with one another—bickering solves nothing! My love remains after all is said and done. Heaven and earth will pass away but Only I remain!!!


Your Father – Yahuah