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As I began to pray, The Spirit of Revelation spoke these Words to me, ”Daughter, look — for a portal is now opening!”

Source: America: A Portal is Now Opening ~by Veronika West

Source: WAKE UP, Children of the King! – Elizabeth Marie

Morning Prayers, Evening Prayers and Prayers to Overcome Satanic and Demonic Conspiracies and Confederacies.

Source: Morning & Evening Prayers ~by Priscilla Van Sutphin

“There will be a new and powerful Sound released in the earth,” says The LORD. “It is the sound of My Spirit moving through My People.”

Source: The Sound of The LORD’s Spirit ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

There is a prevailing demonic principality over our nation that must be dealt with if we are to experience breakthrough and revival.

Source: Declaring Defeat Over the Spirit of Pythos ~by Laura Gagnon

Source: PROPHETIC WARNING: Have you been deceived? – Elizabeth Marie

The LORD says, “I say, Watch, for that which has long been buried and hidden out of sight, shall suddenly be unearthed and recovered!”

Source: ⭐️ Endurance ⭐️ ~by Veronika West

Today I declare that the enemy is defeated where I am concerned. You are my Master, my Lord and my Savior.

Source: A Breakthrough Prayer ~by Laura Gagnon

There are moments in time when seasons of trial are determined upon individuals, nations and even the whole world.

Source: Russia, Ukraine and The Captain of The Host of The LORD ~by Abel Praise