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The LORD said, “Beloved, you are on the verge of Increase and Expansion will soon be knocking at your door.”

Source: “I AM Your Assurance to Increase and Expand!” ~by Sandi Holman

“These days are a culmination of days of Joel, days of Ezekiel, days of Elijah, all rolled up into one, and even more, for these days are days like none other,” says The LORD.

Source: No God Like Jehovah! ~by Sandi Holman

“Where can the wicked hide? Will they run into their caves and hide as I’ve told you?” says The LORD!

Source: Antichrist Strategy ~by Priscilla Van Sutphin

“There is so much Disinformation that is on the airwaves and media of all kinds, that it’s so important for you to really know The Word,” says The LORD.

Source: The Disinformation Campaign ~by Priscilla Van Sutphin

I was resting quietly after a day of organizing and sorting and a day of heavy intercession for a friend in great need, when my spirit suddenly arose as The LORD said, “The greater the darkness, the greater the Glory, the greater the lie, the greater the Truth.

The days ahead are going to be glorious for My Chosen. You are living in a time when man’s disobedience and rebellion is on the rise and the foolish plans of man are in the headlines daily, but I say to you, My Word describes it as The Reign of The LORD’s Anointed, and it shall come to pass just as I have spoken,” says The LORD of Glory.

“My Word declares that discipline and prayer are necessary, and prayer is simply communicating with The LORD your God.

It is the way I have chosen to develop a relationship with My Family. I AM Love and Love is shown through relationship.

As our relationship grows, it develops a strong communication. I AM drawing My People into a more intimate relationship in these last days, to reveal the depth of My Love and open up the understanding of the depth of our covenant.

I so desire that My People secure their covenant blessings.”

“How dare the nations plan a rebellion. Their foolish plots are futile! Look at how the power brokers of the world rise up to hold their summit as the rulers scheme and confer together against Yahweh and His Anointed King, saying; Let’s come together and break away from the Creator. Once and for all let’s cast off these controlling chains of God and His Christ! God Enthroned merely laughs at them; the Sovereign One mocks their madness!” Psalm 2:1-4 TPT

“Expect the unexpected, as I guide your steps in the coming days and months,” says The LORD.

“I may expect instant obedience as I might be leading you in unexpected ways, and ask things of you that might startle you at first, but you must trust Me completely, as I would never lead you wrong.

Flexibility must be your mainstay, as I AM reaching out to those who might never darken the door of the organized Church, but they are crying out in need.

Just as Philip went to out of the way places, so shall I send the willing and obedient to those in great need.

So I say, pray and seek My Face, search My Heart, trust The Plan, and I will do the rest, for I AM sending My greatest Power to those who some say are outcasts.

The hour is late, and My Word shall go forth as the sounding of a trumpet with clarity and a new distinct sound.

I AM speaking to My Prophets a Word of urgency to communicate to those who have ears to hear.

There has never been a time more needful for the people to hear truth and transparency in order to be prepared for what is coming and to have their hearts delivered from fear.

The battle of the ages is on, and it is being fought out in the ‘soul’ of man. The weapons of your warfare are not carnal, but they are mighty.

It is no time to be led or yielded to emotions in fear and confusion but a time to take every thought captive, a time to fight the good fight of faith and be willing and obedient to hear The Voice of The Holy Spirit, as He leads the way of victory.

The enemy changes not! He comes to kill, steal and destroy, maim and stop the elect from their destiny!

I AM speaking to My Warriors! Whether you fight or not, is not your choice. War has been declared.

It is truly the time when the fields are white unto harvest, but also a time to recognize and envision the field that I AM calling you to, for your future inheritance.

Many prepared ones are being sent to new fields that the never expected, but it is a time to take your places,” says The Captain of The LORD of Hosts.

“It is a time like no other to see as I see and prepare hearts for the fullness of destiny and call.

I have taught you to know those who labor among you and be choose carefully with discernment who you trust. Set your boundaries and watch and pray without ceasing.

Greater revelation is unfolding and the ushering in of My Kingdom is at hand. My Kingdom shall come and my will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

As you expect revelation, it shall flow like a river. As the rivers of my cleaning waters flow within you, purity shall flow through your heart and out of your mouth with greater vision and understanding.

A prepared heart shall produce the spirit of holiness that will mark these times of revival and revelatory understanding.

For My Glory shall flow freely with the spirit of holiness and truly cover the land. So yield your hearts in great delight as you guard your hearts with diligence and great joy, for the opportunity to carry My Heart in a spirit of Holiness,” says The LORD.

Source: The Greater the Darkness, the Greater the Glory ~by Sandi Holman

Friends, while in Prayer early this morning, I heard these Words, ”I say these are The Days of Daniel. Look, for the writing is on the wall.”

Source: The Eyes of the World Will Behold The Fourth Man ~by Veronika West

Dream 683

“Beloved. All around the world are my quiet ones, positioned in the very places I have chosen; Positioned in places of great darkness,” says The LORD.

Source: The Code Talkers and the Double-Edged Sword ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

I hear the Spirit say, ”My Warrior Bride, lay hold of this Truth — your enemies are under your feet!”

Source: If Only You Knew! ~by Veronika West