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The Lord gave me this word this morning..

“Fierce and angry is their countenance, they look at the behemoth and laugh. For who can make war against these, MY ARMY. For I have forged a peculiar people who stand and bear my name. Their comliness has no appeal to this world. These are strong for in them I have placed my might, power, and my strength. Unknown, for what name shall they bear but mine? They come as I AM and will say The God of all Israel, the God of Jacob, the God I AM has sent me and he has sent me to destroy the works of your kingdom. Their numbers are few, but fire is as a seed I have implanted in their bones. There is no understanding of my ways or of my choosing, for I have searched far and wide to seek my brethren who would follow me and my ways . These are the ones in the wilderness, these are the ones who are crying out make way for our soon coming King. In my righteous judgment I shall enable my army , with a shout and a cry I shall bring these forth to declare all of my works throughout the land. To nations and kings and rulers and powers, behold I, the Lion of Judah. shall now come forth with my army of excellence and declare unto the world all that the Father has given unto me. I AM the beginning and so I shall be the end.

Source: MY ARMY – Patti Young

“Your dry and barren places are becoming dwelling places for Supernatural Breakthroughs and the release of new Life, Bounty and Beauty!”

Source: Your Desert Place Is Being Shaken by Veronika West

Are you facing a storm today ? Keep praying, Child of God. Jesus is still with you.

Source: Are You Facing a Storm Today? by Deborah Waldron Fry

02/18/16 – The Calamity has Come

All crowns will fall into the Dead Sea

The Lion will roar

And Judah will come into her own

Houses will fall

Towns will crumble

Mountains will be crushed and

The Seas will roar

Will you come to Me then?

Will you be My hope?

My children will go out into the storm

They will call in others like themselves

The 144,000 will rise

With the seal of God upon them

The wicked shall die

No hope for them

It is buried with their souls

Come to Me

This is the end!

You are marked with favor

Show yourselves!

Call to Me, My children!

Great are the days ahead

Full of sorrow and grief

The calamity has come!

The calamity has come!

Douse the wicked**

And find joy

I Am here!For the inhabitant of Maroth Becomes weak waiting for good, Because a calamity has come down from the LORD To the gate of Jerusalem. Micah 1:12

** I was immediately reminded of the scene in The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy dumped water on the wicked witch and she died.

02/21/16 – Gates of Glory

Equity players move across the board

Ready to roll the dice

Ready to make a score

All will fall down

All the King’s men

Ready or not, here they come

Are you ready for the Great Fall?

The house of cards will collapse

Ruin will reign this day

Great heaps of sorrow upon their heads

I will bring

   I will cause

The Fall begins!

My children, awake!

Look up to the skies!

This is your sign

I Am coming again

The clouds will see Me and part

As I wait for My children to come Home

They arrive on the shores of Heaven

Boats to pick them up

Boats to return them

All is over

   All is safe

Once they are through the Door

The doorway to Heaven is real

You are about to enter

The Gates of Glory

Think not that it is your time to die

No martyrs among My flock of 144,000

Only the gifted go in

The transformed

   The illumined

My people will shine

Arise and shine!

Here come the flock

The Glory begins!Lift up your heads, O gates, And be lifted up, O ancient doors, That the King of glory may come in! Psalm 24:7

“We will walk with God like Enoch did as we keep our eyes upon Jesus.”

Source: Walking as Enoch Walked — With God! by Deborah Waldron Fry

I saw the Bride as she began to wake, she yawns, she stretches this way and that way.

Stretching one arm and then the other and she now “RISES UP, ‘OUT’ OF HER SLEEP”.

She heard the sound of her Beloved calling, and the sound was “DEEP CALLING UNTO DEEP”. This is the hour and this is the day, that she could/would NO LONGER sleep.

As she heard the sound of the One calling her, to come out into the deep. She rose up, she stood to her feet, and at this point there was nothing that could hold her back from stepping forward as “DEEP CALLED UNTO DEEP”.

Sleep had tried, she was so weary and so tried, sickness and disease even the government tried to hold her down, she had become so weak, cold and indifferent and this is what made her sleep. Discouragement came, she had been “feeling NOT a thing,”ONLY DEFEAT.

But HER yearning, oh my gosh, daily she yearned for Him and only Him, for His tangible touch, and as she heard her ~~ Lover’s Voice, it OVERWHELMED her heart. NOT ONE THING COULD HOLD HER BACK.

As she “HEARD HIS VOICE”, Her heart beat so hard, there was absolutely NOTHING that could keep her down, she took no more time.

She was upon her feet, with “FIRE IN HER EYES, and ABSOLUTELY NO DEFEAT”.

There were voices everywhere, when awake and even in her sleep.

The voice of the stranger, echoing, fear, and defeat, death and discouragement it was everywhere.

She arose and threw off discouragement, sickness, weakness, death and defeat….. as it were a “FILTHY RAG” wrapped around her, and it fell to the ground at her feet.

She continued to listen to His voice. It sang over and over, within Her and through her like a sweet, sweet sound through a gentle breeze.

She heard Him say, “My Beloved Bride, “IT HAS BEEN COMPLETE”, now STAND TO YOUR FEET AND COME OUT INTO THE DEEP. NOW IS THE TIME, COME FORWARD WITH ME, I WILL LEAD YOU AND GUIDE YOU, where to go and what to do, where to be, but definitely, NO MORE RETREAT.

Do not despair, of the voices you hear they are not Mine, You know My voice, you hear voice, there is “not another that you would follow”.

Keep your ear and your gaze toward Me, ‘there IS NO TRUTH IN THE EARTH for you to hear, see or follow’.

Those who chose fear over faith, during this tumultuous time in the earth, what will they do, what will they do?

There is joy, grab hold of My joy, My joy it is your strength. Choose it, take it and My joy will be yours, ALL FEAR, it has to go.

For The LORD says, “I come quickly. And My Reward is with Me, to give every man according to his work, yes his work shall be.

I AM the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. Blessed are they that do his commandments that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gate into the city.

For without are dogs and sorcerers, and whore mongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth it and make it a lie.

I Jesus have sent Mine Angel to testify unto you these things ‘in the Churches’.

I AM the root and the offspring of David, and Bright and Morning Star. And The Spirit and The Bride say, “Come.” And let him who hears, say “Come.”

Let whosoever will come and drink of the water of life really.

He which testifies to these things says, “Surely I come quickly”.”

The Grace of our LORD Jesus Christ be with you all. (Revelation 22).

Source: The Voice in the Earth, Fear! by Gail Manizak

The LORD warns, saying “Even as I closed the door of Noah’s Ark, the Doors are slowly closing on Thee.”

Source: and… The Door Was Shut ~ by Gail Manizak

The LORD says, “My beloved, you have already been ransomed. You are no more slave to the curse of The Law that brings death.”

Source: Remember — You Have Already Been Ransomed! ~ by Syreeta Thomas