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I used to be frightened about The End Times. I have learned to encourage myself in The Lord. We are called to be overcomers! Now, I pray Ps 91 and I’m betrothed to Yeshua with a diamond engagement ring on my right hand. (Israeli style) My heart is only for Him. If I die, I hope to die without torture. If I live, I want to present love, joy, and peace in a world of planned chaos and fear. Demons feed on that, but I don’t. I have prepared my heart since May 2015, when The Lord “woke” me up. I know too much of Satan’s hidden plans, which most Christians shirk from or mock. I don’t care. I know scripture and our future from God’s point of view, and of Satan’s wicked plan’s. God wins.

And if I happen to live long enough, I will have food, Bibles, and love to share during scarcity. Believe, and don’t doubt, that God takes care of His children, whether we are in prison, deported to Russia/China, in FEMA camps, or killed. We will see Him face to face much sooner than dying of old age. That is a good thought for me!

We are Esther’s, born for such a time as this, living in the end of days. Wow! It’s exciting and dreadful. The great AND terrible Day of the Lord. I depend on Him to save me however and whenever He does. My sin and rebellion of my past has taught me something precious. I can’t rely on myself—- I rely on the Lord. Thank God for pain, suffering, heartache, and rebellious living, in order that I saw myself as I really was. A religious Christian living on my own strength in need of a kick in the butt. I got laid low, several times. I’ll never go back to what I was and my resolve is strong.

I am a Warrior Bride waiting for my King Jesus. (Ps 45.) Praying for the lost and rebellious, the lukewarm, praying God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven, for me to have faith and courage in these Days, for the wicked plans to be canceled and thwarted, for the Bride to rise up, transformed and shining to help Messiah bring in the greatest harvest the world had ever seen, us doing the works that Jesus did on the earth. Raising the dead, healing the sick, casting out demons, preaching the gospel to the ends of the earth. This is what I’m waiting for eagerly. The Transformation! Oh God, that will be a Great Day!

Well, that just poured out like crazy. Hmmm. I didn’t plan to write that. But it is my testimony of the last 20 years. Father got my attention and The Holy Spirit grew me up. For that I am grateful.

Take care, Sons and Daughters of The Father. God is hemming you in on all sides. You are His little chicks under His wing. Be encouraged!

Source: Be Encouraged! – Karri Bailey

In the first week of July, I had a dream in which I was invited to a friend’s house for dinner. Their house was situated on top of a mountain and had many full-length windows. It was night time and they were expecting more guests. My friend was distressed because large cracks kept appearing in the ground of the front garden. She kept going outside and raking over the crevices, so that it wouldn’t distress the guests when they arrived. There seemed to be some sort of shaking going on. I suggested to her to just leave it until the morning, because it was going to keep happening all night and her raking wasn’t achieving anything. Then we were told that she and her husband had paid for us to go to Switzerland with them. There would be an evening meal beforehand. Going into the kitchen, I saw a large glass bowl with salad in it. I began to scoop up grated onion from the chopping board and put it into my handbag, as I knew there would be a need for food along the journey. Then I realized that it would be better to put the onion in a Ziploc bag to preserve it until later.

Just then, a large plane landed on the lawn. I had been allocated a single seat on my own, away from my husband’s seat because we were last minute bookings. My seat was by itself and facing so I could see out of the right hand windows of the plane, at right angles to all the other rows of seats. I could see another plane flying way back almost out of sight, like it was waiting for this one to take off. There was also a concert pianist on board and she was seated at a shiny black concert piano in the center of the plane. I was told that my piano was the old one just behind hers, situated at a lower level. As I went to look at it, she peered arrogantly at it and made a remark indicating it was clearly inferior. It was an upright ancient piano with very worn ivories and a peeling facade.

Understanding given of this portion of the dream: The house situated on top of a mountain with large windows indicates a watchman position and the darkness had already fallen by the time we arrived for the evening meal. Cracks appearing in the ground indicate continual seismic activity and an impending large earthquake. This may be an indication of the timing of this dream unfolding, during constant seismic activity, or it could indicate a shaking in the spiritual realm. In real life, this couple has actually just completed and moved to their own end-time refuge in a mountainous region of South Africa. The fact that they had paid for our tickets indicates that there are a company of forerunners who have paid the price and done the necessary spiritual preparation for others to be equipped and carried to a place of safety without cost to themselves. Switzerland represents a place of immunity and safety. This nation did not take sides during the world wars and is known to be a place of financial and physical security during a time of war.

Regarding the onions, what stood out for me is they were already prepared and whoever had done so would have done quite a bit of weeping. Onions are full of vitamin C – or vitamin SEE. They represent the revelation light imparted during a season of weeping, which was both preserved and carried onto the plane for the next leg of the journey, in order to bring nourishment to the passengers.

I was given the understanding that the two pianos represented the prophetic realm in the midst of this body of passengers. One was considered professional, well-known, skilled and there to entertain the passengers. I, on the other hand, represent the unknown prophets, those without large recognized ministries, who in the eyes of the professional circuit are relegated to an inferior position, as their sound is unknown and couldn’t possibly be as good as the professional ones – it was definitely on a ‘lower level’ in the hierarchy that existed among this company of people. (What came to mind is the recent warning videos of Pastor Dana Coverstone, which have been vilified by the so-called professional company of prophets presently parading on the ministry stage). It also seemed this woman pianist in her sparkling black evening dress was the organized entertainment; providing the official music and playlist for the flight.

I asked the lord what the plane represented and He said, “This is the two wings of a great eagle provided to take my Bride to her appointed place of safety”.

And I asked, “Why is my seat at right angles to the rest of the seats?”

“Because I am giving you a view that the others don’t have; the flank view. You can see what is in their blind spots. You can see the enemy sneaking up on the flank to take them out.

Wikipedia: ‘Flanking is useful because a force’s offensive power is concentrated in its front; a flanking maneuver uses the troop’s forward movement to create an attackable flank, A psychological advantage may also be present. The confusion and threat from multiple directions can often cause shock and panic. This may cause soldiers to run from the battle. A larger-scaled tactical flanking is called a strategic flanking. The Flank attack is the marketing strategy adopted by the challenger firm and is intended to attack on the weak points or blind spots of the competitor.’

He continued, “There are some who consider themselves trained professionals in the spirit. They considered their skill at releasing sound far superior to others. But I use the weak and the lowly things, the despised things to confound the wise. I will give you a word to release on the sin of pride among my Bride and it will put things in a spin and some will be flung out of their chosen seats in the center of what I am doing.”

Thank you Lord, but how will they be removed? You can’t get out of a plane when it is in the air.”

“This plane has not taken off yet, daughter. I have given you foresight to see the plan of the enemy once this plane has ascended and is moving in heavenly realms. This is my last check before takeoff.” And I understood that part of this planned attack included installing the professional pianist on the plane, in order to subject her captive audience to sound other than that which Heaven desired.

I saw the plane start to spin round and round from the central point where the two pianos were situated. It became a centrifuge, spinning very fast. This motion was causing a separation between particles of different weights; with the smallest ones remaining near the centre point. The largest, heaviest ones moved towards the outside perimeter. Then I was shown a white strip with holes of different sizes cut into its length. And a hand was taking each separated particle and sizing it by trying to put it through the smallest hole first. I heard, “Too big. Too big… Too big… Just right,” as the right size to pass the particle through was found. Each particle was matched to its portal.

Then the Lord said, “Some are too big in their own eyes. They magnify their importance in My whole plan. By doing this, they minimize the greatness of My grace in using them. And they look down on other men and women in My Body. Nebuchadnezzar suffered from this sin of pride, and as a result, he was appointed 7 years of humbling. I have no use for such as these in this season.”

Then a giant pair of scissors appeared and cut off the biggest hole on the white sizing strip. As this happened, I saw the interior of the plane again. Stewards and stewardesses were going to certain seats in the plane and telling the people they were sitting in the wrong seat. The people protested and held out the boarding passes and I could see ‘AAA” and the row number was on every person’s boarding pass who was being asked to move. I knew these were the seats that they had chosen and booked for themselves when they checked in online for this flight. They considered themselves worthy of triple A seats.

In some cases, there was yelling and fighting about being moved and security officers appeared out of nowhere and removed them forcefully from their seats. I saw them marched right to the back of the plane by the toilets. Then I could see new people were being brought on to the plane and placed in the vacated seats. All their boarding passes said ‘ZZZ’. And I heard, “Did I not say the first shall be last and then last shall be first?”

I looked at the people who had been moved to the back. They were sitting jam-packed in very narrow seats, about six in a row. And some begin to peck each other like crows to get more space to move. Others just sat with their heads hanging down, looking sheepish, like they knew that this was really where they belonged. The stewards just watched their behavior for a while. Then suddenly, they stepped forward and grabbed the ones arguing and demanding better seats by their collars. They open the exit door and tossed them onto the tarmac. And the door closed with a bang. Then I heard the scripture about the angels separating the tares into bundles and tossing them into the fire. And I was given understanding that this whole scene of moving and demotion had been in order to reveal the true hearts of these people. Before, they had been quietly sitting in their seats, waiting for takeoff. Everyone looked exactly the same, very well-behaved and friendly.

The whole scenario was a bit shocking to watch and the whole process didn’t take long. I looked out of the window of the plane after the squabbling, displeased ones were removed from the plane. And there I saw the woman pianist; she was in disarray on the tarmac with her stiletto heels in the air. She sat up and glared at the plane. and its passengers. And I was given a close up of her eyes. They were vicious, with slit pupils – like a cat or snake. And I could see deep darkness, rage and hatred at being removed from her position in the midst of the Bridal company. She shook her fist in the plane and then got up and stalked off to another plane hiding in the shadows and climbed into the pilot seat. This plane was a sleek, black fighter jet and in the hold of the plane, I saw many demons. And I knew this was the plane I had been shown while sitting in the flank position seat. It was coming to launch an attack on the Bridal company, as soon as it took off to the appointed place of safety.

And the Lord said, “Thus will I sift, expose and remove Jezebel from the midst of My Bridal Company”. And I was reminded of the Elijah in his confrontation with the prophets of Baal. After the difference between the true prophet and the false had been openly displayed before the people, and the prophets of Baal removed from the landscape, Jezebel had threatened to kill Elijah.

Separating Garment from Garment

Then I was shown a different scene. I saw a simple experiment which I had done in science class at school. A piece of filter paper was laid on the table. And a large purple dot was drawn right in the center with a felt tip marker. A big drop of water was placed by an eye dropper on the purple dot. Slowly, the water moved towards the edges of the filter paper, carrying with it particles of different colors. It was revealing the true color content which had been concealed inside the purple color dot. In the end, there were concentric rings of different colors and right at the outer edges was a ring of gray concentrating into black. This was at the same position as the largest, heaviest particles in the spinning centrifuge part of the vision.

Then the Lord spoke again, ” This is the company of those who are presently robed in purple garments and carry spiritual authority and kingship in the Body. Some are anointed and appointed by Heaven. And others, like Athalia, have taken the throne and the royal garments by murderous intrigue. I will sift and expose their hearts and separate between sheep and sheep. I will expose their true Colors. I will remove those who seek rule and elevation and stations of power and adulation. And I will introduce My Joash company, the hidden ones kept for such a time as this. I will remove kings and set up kings. I will remove seasoned ones who say, ‘My experience counts. I have a pedigree for power’. I will replace them with my righteous remnant, who has survived their murderous schemes, by hiding. Then I was given understanding that the ‘ZZZ’ on the boarding passes of those newly introduced to the plane, represented ‘tzaddi, tzaddi, tzaddi’ (Righteous, righteous, righteous) and that these ones signified a Melchizedek priesthood of righteous kings being unveiled in the midst of the Bridal company after the sifting.

Pt 2 to follow


via Pre-Flight Checks and Balances

Upon waking up, I heard, ‘Cassia’.

It is one of the principal spices of the Holy Anointing Oil.  It is used to scent garments in the Bible and it is mentioned in Psalm 45 as one of the ingredients of the Oil of Gladness on the Robes of Messiah Jesus.

And I saw this Holy Oil dripping upon The Bride of Christ, a never ending supply from the Robes of Jesus, our Bridegroom, sitting upon the Throne of Grace.

The Bride has been with the Bridegroom and they are One in the Spirit.  His Sweet Fragrance, the Holy Oil of the Spirit lingers upon her and it is mixed with her prayers and is creating a Footprint of Fragrance and Fire every where she steps!

People will be healed, saved and delivered through His Fire and Fragrance upon you! How He loves us so! How marvelous that He has anointed us with His Fragrance!

“Beloved.  I have anointed you with My Fragrance.  Be with Me, My Bride.  In Me, you live and move and have your being.

Come away from the foulness of this present world and BREATHE IN My Fragrance.  It is the Sweet Fragrance of Christ. 

For My Fragrance is captivating and miraculous, able to carry you away from the present darkness and into My marvelous Light.  Let the Spirit carry you into My Presence.

We are made One in the Spirit, Beloved.  I have raised you up and seated you with Me in Christ Jesus.

My Robes are dripping with Fragrance, with the Gladness of the Spirit, with the Holy Oil from on High.

It is in this intimacy that you look like Me, smell like Me, walk like Me and think like Me.  It is a Holy Fountain of Light and Life!  As the Son is anointed, so I anoint you, My Bride.

As My garments are scented, so the Fragrance of Christ infuses your Robe of Righteousness and Garment of Salvation. 

As you bow down, the Oil of Gladness is pouring out upon you from the top of your head to the souls of your feet!

And your prayers shall mix with this Holy Incense and a FIRE shall come forth, and you shall leave My Footprint every where you place your foot!

Through you, the Fragrance of My Knowledge shall be diffused in every place.  The Sweet Fragrance of Christ upon you shall never fade away, Beloved, but shall keep burning with the Fire of your God!

Miracles shall follow you and all the world shall know that you have been with the King!”

CASSIA : Hebrew kiddah: One of the principal spices of the holy anointing oil (Exodus 30:24).

In Psalm 45:8 it is mentioned in connection with myrrh and aloes as being used to scent garments.  A kind of Cinnamon.  The leaves of several species furnish the senna used in medicine.  Root word 6915 kadad : To contract or bend the body or neck in deference: bow (down) (the) head, stoop

“Psalm 45 is a prophecy of Messiah the Prince, Jesus is the bridegroom.  This Psalm describes how Jesus is dressed in garments that have the fragrance of myrrh, aloes and cassia.

Cassia is noted here as one of the fragrances of a deep love between Israel and Him.  It is the kind of love that is sweet scent of His anointing of intimacy with the Bridegroom where He reveals more and more of Himself as He is pursued with great hunger.

In Psalm 45:8 we are made aware of the fragrance of Christ by the scent of cassia that He carries in His garments as an anointing.  This anointing of myrrh and cassia along with aloes was not to be used for common use.

Myrrh and cassia were typically used in the holy anointing oil signifying also the priesthood of Christ. These fragrances also were a reminder that the fragrance of Christ was a beckoning of a greater love relationship and it symbolized the love relationship between a husband and wife.

It is a private intimacy where the two became one through the order of priesthood and the anointing that came with it.  Cassia in the Hebrew means to bow down the head.

The Hebrew language unfolds a picture of surrender and prayer.  Cassia being a fragrance in the holy anointing oil and our prayers in the Word are described as an incense. (never ending love)

Cassia – Dedication & Devotion
Cassia was one of the principal spices of the Holy Anointing oil used to anoint priests, kings and their garments.  Likewise, the coming King Messiah’s robes will smell of cassia.  Cassia is not frequently used today but was apparently a highly valued commodity in biblical times.

The root word, kiddah, in both Hebrew and Arabic, signifies a strip and refers to the strips of bark from which the spice is made.  In the spiritual sense, cassia speaks of devotion (being stripped of pride) and consecration (set apart) with a servant’s heart.

King’s Garments – Glory of the King
In Psalm 45:8 the Bible portrays a king whose garments are so thoroughly scented with costly perfumes that they seem to be altogether woven out of them.  Two of the three scents mentioned, Myrrh and Cassia, were ingredients in the holy anointing oil used to anoint priests and kings.

The remaining fragrance, Aloes, is listed among the “chief species” in the garden of the beloved in Song of Solomon 4:13-14.  King’s Garments is a special aromatic blending of the three biblical scents consisting of: Myrrh: Aloes: Cassia:

Cinnamon – Passion & Courage
Sweet Cinnamon is one of the four aromatic ingredients of the Holy Anointing Oil described in Exodus 30:23.

The fragrance of cinnamon has a rich full bodied aromatic energy about it once it permeates the atmosphere.  Cinnamon added to the holy anointing oil is the seasoning that brings passion and stirs up fire to continue on no matter what the pressure.  It represents Holy Boldness, Courage and Passion in the believer.”   ©Love Unlimited Ministries.

“Your throne, O God, is forever and ever; a scepter of righteousness is the scepter of Your kingdom.  You love righteousness and hate wickedness; therefore God, Your God, has anointed You with the oil of gladness more than Your companions.  All Your garments are scented myrrh and aloes and cassia….”   Psalm 45:6-8.

“Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.  For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing,”   2 Corinthians 2:14-15.

“But to the Son He says: Your throne, O God, is forever and ever; a scepter of righteousness is the scepter of Your kingdom.  You have loved righteousness and hated lawlessness:  Therefore God, Your God has anointed You with the oil of gladness more than Your companions,”   Hebrews 1:8-9.

“While the King was at his table, my perfume spread its fragrance,”   Song of Solomon 1:12.

“Because of the fragrance of your good ointments, Your name is ointment poured forth; Therefore the maidens love you,”   Song of Solomon 1:3.

“And the smoke of the incense, together with the prayers of the saints, rose up before God from the hand of the angel.  Then the angel took the censer, filled it with fire from the altar, and hurled it to the earth; and there were peals of thunder, and rumblings, and flashes of lightning, and an earthquake.…”   Revelation 8: 4-5.


Source: Cassia, The Oil of Gladness and the Fire and the Fragrance ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry


In this time of pandemic and social unrest the Lord Jesus is manifesting Himself to His remnant people who have eyes to see and hears to here.

We are it the time of Jesus 3rd day miracle of Cana to be completed in God’s full grown sons and daughters on the earth. The day of God’s finishing fire of His pure holy love is here to complete us!

The time is here! Are you in it?

Beloved, God’s remnant full grown sons and daughters are in the deepest visitation of the Lord in the power of the Holy Spirit that has ever been on the face of the earth.

The final push of travail of all creation is birthing the full company of full grown sons and daughters to manifest on the earth. The Lord’s end time people are being finished and prepared for the Day of the Lord that is here.

God is bringing forth his “fire bringer” generation of end time warriors. God is bringing forth “his burning ones” who are living behind the veil before His throne.

They are experiencing the glory realm life of the Kingdom of God on earth as is it is in heaven. He is completing them in full maturity to form as a Royal Priesthood, A Holy Nation, A Man-child, Over-comers and his Bride.

They will now manifest the face of a man as having a pure relationship with God. They will have a face of an ox on their left representing their pure servants heart to God and to men.

They will have the face of a lion on the right side representing the full kingdom power and authority in them. They will have the face of an eagle behind them representing their ability to be “spiritual” and be seated with Him on his throne seated in heavenly place.

This is the “brand” plucked out of the fire. These are the people who have the spirit of burning and spirit of judgment burning in them to refine them like pure gold and silver “battle ready” for the Lord.

While so many are still trying to live the “church life” these saints have a end time work, visitation of the Lord, being done in them in secret where no one but them and the Lord notices.

They are going to come forth on this earth like a Bride leaning completely dependent upon her beloved ready to cooperate fully as one with the Lord upon the earth.

As full grown sons, they will manifest the character and nature of Jesus full obedience to the Father in them.

As an overcomer they will be given kingdom power and dominion to tread upon the serpents and the scorpions and over all the power of the enemy.

As a man child they rule and reign with Him on the earth to subdue and transform the kingdoms of this world into the Kingdom of God in Christ.

They rule the nations with Jesus with a rod of iron. They will execute the judgments written. They will eat from the tree of life in the midst of the Garden. They will not be hurt by the second death.

They eat the hidden manna, they will have a white stone with a new name written on it that no one knows but them.

They have power over the nations, and rule them with an iron rod, as earthen pots are broken in pieces. they will receive authority and power to rule them from the Father. They have the morning star.

They are dressed with white clothes. Their name will never be blotted out of God’s book of life. The Lord will confess them openly to the Father and before the angels.

No one will take their victors crown from them. They will be kept safe in the hour that is coming upon the earth in Psalm 91 protection.

They are pillars in the temple of my God and never be put out of it. They have a new name, the name of my god, the name of the city of my God, the New Jerusalem which descends out of heaven. They have a new name.

They will sit beside Me on my throne, as I overcame and sat down on My Father’s throne.






( )

I hear the Father saying:

“Be not weary My Child and know that I AM with you, directing you in My Path, to know life eternal, as you pass through this life like a momentary fragment, a flower, showing the beauty of My Heart to those whom I send you, as The Light of My Presence shines upon you.

You will know My Glory, you will know My Power, You will know My Presence, as I have planted you as a tree of splendor to bear My Name, showing the glory of My Promise to those far and wide, where I will exalt My Son’s Name in and upon you, as you become a fortified city on a hill, an iron pillar steadfast, and a bronze wall, immovable.

I will strengthen you all the more in the days ahead as you have need of Me, and I will not leave you nor forsake you.

I AM with you My Child to bring you into the place of safety, an Ark of Protection, where you will be hidden in My Son, knowing the God Who Hides His people under His pavilion in the time of the scorching trial, a God Who keeps His people in the abundance of His Light as in Goshen, and a God Who never fails to provide for His own.

I AM the Father of Lights, and I AM making you the brightest of lights in the earth in the darkest of times, as I bring a revival of the ancient of days to My People, where they will be visited in power, and provide them with the Fruit of My Kingdom.

My People will bear abundant fruit, and be trees of splendor planted for My Glory, displaying the beauty of My Name and My Power, to set the captive free, driving out demons, healing the sick, and raising the dead.

This is the Day of My Power, the Day of My Visitation, and I AM preparing you for the separation that is taking place, as I bring you into the place of safety, My Ark, giving you a Holy Name, a white stone, where you will be brought into My strength, being supplied with grace upon grace and favor upon favor.

You will not know the pain that others will know, because I declared unto you through My Son, I would keep you from the hour of trying and testing that is to come upon the whole world.  I will hide you in the cleft of the Rock.

Walk in My Peace, My Child.  Be hidden in Christ.  When you master your emotions, you are kept in My Peace, and provided a Higher Way, a Holy Way, where no unclean thing shall pass, no beast nor anything ravenous.

Do not give into that which you see, but practice consecrating your body, overcoming fear and rejection, anger and bitterness, anxiety and pain.

Overcome My Child, for I have already provided you the strength that you need, to rival the most evil of enemies.  Christ in you the hope of glory is greater than he that is in this world.

Be hopeful My child and expectant in the days ahead, for I AM moving My people into position, My end days Watchmen, who will be ready for My Son’s return.

I will provide storehouses of provision for this hour, putting the loyal, faithful Watchmen in charge, to give out for that which is needed.

Be at peace and know I AM with you.”

Glory to God!

Amen and Amen!

Source: Prepare for The Separation ~ by Robin Kirby Gatto

I asked The LORD about our destiny as a nation, the condition we are in, and whether our next president will make a difference for the better.

Source: Not of This Kingdom ~ by Yolanda Ballard

I heard, “I AM the 4th Man in the fire.  Watch for My ‘Fireworks’ in the midst of the fire!”

And I saw a Warrior of God in the middle of extreme fires.  They were the fires of adversity set by the enemy in these last days.  Fires to deter and stop the Body of Christ.  Fires to frighten you and intimidate you and cause you to lose faith.

But Jesus who is the Son of God is standing right beside you! He who is Fire Himself!  The One with Eyes of Blazing Fire is standing with you and protecting you, Child of God! Our God is a consuming Fire!

And as I looked, I saw Fireworks in the midst of these fires!  It was the consuming Fire of God, doing WONDERS in the middle of it all!

The Fireworks are MIRACLES performed even in the presence of your enemies!  And I heard, “There shall be celebration in the Tents of the Righteous tonight!  You shall not die but LIVE and declare the works of The LORD!”

“Beloved.  Though you are cast into the midst of the fires of adversity, fear not.  I AM the 4th Man in the fire.  Where you go, I go, My Child.  I AM Abba Father, the Miracle Worker, the Way Maker and the Promise Keeper.

I AM the same yesterday, today and forever.  I AM with you always.  The enemy has turned up the heat, but have no fear.  I AM your Fierce Protector.  The Fire of your God, the Holy Spirit, is the power by which you overcome. 

Even in the midst of the fires of adversity, I bless you and keep you.  He who has Eyes of Blazing Fire smiles upon you always.  In the midst of the fiery storm, I AM your Peace.

I will not only walk you out of the fire, but We shall do wonders on the way out!  YES, My Child.  I AM STILL the God of Wonders.  Keep speaking, keep praying, keep believing and trusting.

There shall be Fire Works in the midst of these fires of adversity.  I know it is hard to rejoice in the midst of hard times, but you are MORE than a conqueror through Him who loves you.

I will not let you fall, Dear One.  I will not let the fire consume you or the flames kindle upon you!  We will come out of this and you will not even small like smoke.  I AM your Strength and Song, and your Salvation.

The Voice of rejoicing shall be in your dwelling places tonight, Beloved, for My Right Hand does valiantly.

The world shall be astounded at the God who is with His People.  Arise and shine, Beloved.  We are walking out of this fire together. 

Lean upon Me and watch the wonders I AM about to perform.  This world has not seen such wonders!  Even the scoffers shall be amazed. 

Fire Works for all to see and know that I AM GOD and there is no other.  They shall be almost too wonderful for words!

Fear not, My Warrior, you shall not die, BUT LIVE and declare the MIGHTY WORKS of your God!”

“Then Nebuchadnezzar the king was astounded and stood up in haste; he said to his high officials, “Was it not three men we cast bound into the midst of the fire?”  They replied to the king, “Certainly, O king.”  He said, “Look!  I see four men loosed and walking about in the midst of the fire without harm, and the appearance of the fourth is like a son of God!”   Daniel 3:24-25.

“Fire goes before Him and consumes His foes on every side,”   Psalm 97:3.

“Who is this coming up from the wilderness, leaning on her beloved?”   Song of Solomon 8:5.

“Therefore, since we are receiving an unshakable kingdom, let us be filled with gratitude, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe.  For our God is a consuming fire,”   Hebrews 12:28-29.

“The LORD is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation.  The voice of rejoicing and salvation is in the tents of the righteous; The right hand of The LORD does valiantly.  The right hand of The LORD is exalted; The right hand of The LORD does valiantly.  I shall not die, but live, And declare the works of The LORD,”   Psalm 118:14-17.

“You are the God who does wonders; you have declared Your strength among the peoples,”   Psalm 77:14.

“Everyone listened quietly as Barnabas and Paul told about the miraculous signs and wonders God had done through them among the Gentiles,”   Acts 15:12.

“Look, you scoffers, wonder and perish; for I am doing a work in your days that you would never believe, even if someone told you,”   Acts 13:41.

Source: Another in the Fire ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry

The “Doldrums” is an area of the ocean where sailors had to endure and languish in an extended “windless condition” where they were basically stuck until they either moved past the dead zone, or the wind picked back up again; but the doldrums can also be considered being in an ongoing state of listlessness, despondency, or inactivity.

We as the remnant sons of God have all been in a strange kind of waiting mode for quite some time now as we have been going through not only a physical, but also a spiritual lockdown as we transition from the Wilderness to Harvest. Many of us have been in spiritual lockdown for decades now as we have been being carefully prepared by God to be part of this last day’s revival; and although we are more than eager to finally break out of it, God is determined to make sure that we are truly ready to move forward before He releases us and allows us to progress. Below are just a few of the reasons why God has been keeping us in this continued state of waiting and self examination, and what is needed to finally advance on.

1. Testing– Just like in college where people take their final exams we are in a time of testing to show us where we are really at, or not at right now. This is meant to reveal the progress we have either made, or still need to make in order to go forward. A true test uncovers what is really there!

2. Rest– God wants us all to rest and wait before Him rather than being overly busy and ignoring Him. Many of us have been going non-stop with activity for literally years now and we can barely even squeeze in two minutes of prayer time. God wants to talk with us as He talked with Moses.

3. Refinement– There are many areas that the Holy Spirit has helped us to overcome in but there are still subtle remnants of selfishness and disobedience in how we treat people that need to be mastered. These are things we know about, but just need to be tweaked a bit until we get it right.

4.Endurance – You may have noticed that some of the trials and tormentors have not gone away and that is because God is developing patient endurance in us. This can seem maddening but in the end there will be no buttons for the devil to push once the greater harvest persecution comes.

5. Repentance– There have been longstanding hidden sin-habits that need to be pulled out by the roots this time, and that takes our full attention and cooperation with God as He gives us the truth and grace we need to finally let go of these things for good. It’s your time now to live free indeed!

6. Prayer– The Holy Spirit has been leading us in our homes to come together and seek Him on a daily or even a continuous manner. We have all entered the last days corporate Upper Room and the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit is about to hit, so prayer and waiting on God are a must!

7. Oneness- God does not just plan on visiting us; He plans to become fully and permanently one with us! And as spiritual maturity becomes complete and you have fully died to self all Heaven is notified that you are ready to be trusted and flowed through because Jesus can live through you!

So if you are in your final exams mode right now try not to despair or get exasperated even if your growing pains seem extreme and unbearable and it seems like things are taking forever, because you are receiving God’s accelerated sanctification right now where you are becoming the Bride of Jesus without spot of wrinkle! You have been handpicked by God for this special time and many saints throughout history have longed to be part of what you are part of right now! Plus, as God goes through your soul and He carefully weeds out anything that is unacceptable for your eternal future, you will be able to face Jesus during your judgment when He comes soon without anything to be ashamed of. This time of final testing and seemingly endless waiting will end abruptly quite soon, and when it does you will emerge from it holy, happy, healthy, and fully equipped to handle anything that comes your way! So hang in there dear one, because you are about to receive the greatest infilling and outpouring of the Holy Spirit in history, and you’re passing your final exams!

JAS 1:12 Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.

There is such a unity coming for The Body of Christ as we surrender to The Father and The Holy Spirit.

Source: One with The Miracle Worker! ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry