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This is not a prophecy as such, but a readily received insight concerning Her Majesty Elizabeth and our Lord and Master in heaven.

Source: Long Live the Queen, Long Live the King ~by David Hood

The truth and reality of how God, and why God uses Dreams and Visions, Words of Knowledge, Words of Wisdom and Prophetic Words

Source: Visions and Prophecy — “Oh Canada!” ~by Mary Lindow

Dream 524

Source: Powerful Sand Storm To Hit Middle East – Sharlene Reimer

I heard in the the Spirit the sound of something striking the earth, and I saw Angels with mattahs or rods in their hands.

Source: The Striking of the Earth ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry

Dream 485 – SparrowCloud9

The Rainbow Stairway of Living Stones — The T•R•U•M•P Tree — The Seven Spirit Whirlwind and a New Kingdom Reformation Movement.

Source: The T•R•U•M•P Tree and The Seven Spirit Whirlwind ~ by Veronika West

Dream 478 – SparrowCloud9

Dream 477 – SparrowCloud9