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(This has become my online church as Pastor speaks truth we need to hear, with a Jeremiah mantle, from Holy Spirit faithfully delivered week in and week out. Join me if you wish to hear fresh revelation from relationship with God and not canned sermons from a lukewarm congregation’s leader.)

“America you are out of control! Lost and abandoned, you seek peace through power! Power that is unrestrained and unfiltered. You take no counsel (from Me), yet you pursue an agenda that is bathed in Babylonian practice. A cult of counsel, that comes from underneath and not from above! A wisdom that is sensual and not sound, rooted in faith. Your out of control, and no one rules you from outside your domain of pride! But I say unto you today, My Avengers will bring a day of reckoning, a time of justice, and all that I have declared to a wayward nation, will come to pass! Forsake not the gathering together My Saints, where there is safety in numbers, there is wisdom in sound counsel. Be not an island unto Self, but come unto to Me and I will provide shelter in the coming storms, and I will speak peace to your raging seas! Prepare for My visitation of judgment to your nation!”

Scripture reference for this message is (Jeremiah 10)

Source: Out of Control! – 3 10 19 – Benjamin Faircloth