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“Walk in The Liberty that I have given you,” says The LORD. “Walk free! For you are not bound.”

Source: Walk in the Liberty That The LORD Has Given You ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

The Day of Atonement this year is from the evening of Tuesday 4 October, to the evening of Wednesday 5 October 2022.

Source: The Day of Atonement: Indispensable Fasting For Every Child of GOD ~by Jacob Awagah

Source: How can God allow such catastrophic events? – Roxanne

Source: I AM – Angela García

I heard this, “Touch the Hem of My Garment by faith! Reach out, Beloved! What do you have need of? All that the King has is yours!”

Source: Touch the Hem of His Garment, Beloved! ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

“In My house, there is coming a necessary change, for a while, there has been indifference towards My Word,” says The LORD.

Source: Coming Changes in The House of The LORD ~by Pastor Debra Lowe

The rain is starting. I AM closing the ark door; you have been called and warned. The time is here. Are you coming or will you be left behind? The land is quaking all over the earth signaling a great earthquake is ready to take place. As Noah prepared, he was laughed at and mocked. You too have suffered trying to speak the truth to deaf ears. Now comes the time of decision; where is your trust? Where is your faith? Do you love the world or its creator? Have you humbled yourself? Are you born again of Spirit? These are the days of Noah. Only a few have answered my call. A few righteous from the multitudes. Only a few. Are you one of them? Have you repented and turned from sin? The rain is starting. I AM closing the ark door. Are you coming or will you BE LEFT BEHIND?

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Source: The rain is starting. Are you coming or will you BE LEFT BEHIND? – Barbara Francis


“You are the living example for the next generation, so there is no more time for self-indulgent as soldiers of The Cross,” says the Captain of The LORD of Hosts.

Source: Warriors Who Stand at the Gates (Updated) ~by Sandi Holman