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“You are being outfitted in this New Armor to fight New Battles, and you are going to walk as Overcomers through each battle that you face,” says The LORD.

Source: A New Suit of Armor! ~by Patricia Hamel

“As you seek My Kingdom and My Righteousness first in your life, then you will always have everything that you need,” says The LORD.

“Seek Me fully with your whole heart. Press into My presence. Do not visit Me! Live in My presence. Do not just seek My Kingdom, for I have called you to come into your Kingdom Purpose in Me.

“Seek Me, and you will find Me, and have My Kingdom! Seek Me, and you will have My Righteousness!

“You will have My Will done in you as it is in heaven, and it will be right for you. The pieces of your life will come together in Me as I lead you into the fullness of My Blessing and Purposes!

“You will not lack any good thing, and I will order every step that you take. Simply trust Me and take those steps that I will order and enlighten for you, as you follow Me,” says The LORD.

“Stop lamenting over the things that you do not have, for if they were right for you for this time, I would give them,” says The LORD.

“Those things that you are waiting for are within your reach as you take My Hand! I will release them to you at the right time, for I hold every good and perfect gift in My extended hand toward you! I will not deny you any good thing.

“I AM your source. Wait on Me! Trust in Me! Believe that My times are right and perfect for you! Believe that My Will for your life is only good!

“My Goodness and Mercy are unimpeachable! My blessings for you will not cause you sorrow and pain. They will align with your kingdom purpose in Me.

“Trust that My higher ways and thoughts are attainable for you in your life, as you lose your life, lose your opinions, lose your agenda, lose your own vision, and abandon yourself to Me, and align yourself with the destiny that I have for you!

“Let Me lead and guide you! Let Me become your total pursuit and trust. I will not disappoint you. I will fulfill you.

“I will make you whole and complete in Me, and you will be fully equipped and prepared for not only what I have for you, but your full Kingdom Purpose,” says The LORD.

Source: Seek The LORD Fully ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

1 Corinthians 2:9 KJV
But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

I began to hear the words of the Lord as he began to speak into my spirit, and I began to weep.

“You are a stranger in a foreign land, this land is not your home but only a place of service unto me for my will and my purpose.

The time to pass through goes quickly. At the end of your life, I will ask what have you done for me and my kingdom?

Was your time well spent in serving others and me or was your time spent serving yourself, and the desires of your own heart and flesh?

Oh what a price, a huge ransom I gave for your salvation, for your eternity to be spent with me, for am I not the one who loves you endlessly without any beginning and without any end?

I go to prepare a place for you having endless joy forevermore. Words cannot begin to speak of the glory in my heavenly realm, the place I have prepared for you, for those that are mine, that I know and have called them by their name.

Such freedom awaits you in my eternal presence.

Can you not look around and see the times they have changed?
It is the ending of a season, of an age, and my kingdom comes.

Prepare your hearts for my coming is near.

Do not lose your eternity with me for the things of this world, for all those things shall soon pass away.

Call out to me; I am ever so near.

Call out my name, for it is the only name under heaven which man can be saved.

Cry out to me and I shall answer, I will redeem your life, dwell in you, be with you, walk with you, comfort you and above all love you with an everlasting love.

Eternity with me shall be your reward.

Come unto me, and as your Father, I will receive you unto myself.

Source: What Have You Done For Me and My Kingdom? – Patti Young

I had a Dream, and in the dream I was in a Church setting, with everyone milling around like they were getting seated before the meeting.

In the Dream, suddenly a powerful wind began to kick up a great storm, we all ran to the windows and the storm was very great and seemed like a whirlwind was about to hit the Church.

People began to take cover, but they didn’t pray.

All at once I began to pray very loudly in The Spirit and others then joined in. It seemed then that we couldn’t get down low enough to stop the Church from being damaged, or the people inside from being hurt, but as soon as we began to pray in The Spirit, suddenly the storm blew over.

Next, I went outside where The LORD emphasized that I was now standing in the world — as in, not God’s People, but those who were in rebellion to The LORD — and the wind started again.

Someone said, “Now the second storm is coming!”

I remember feeling like, “What will they do when the storm comes, when they do not have Prayer?”

Then I heard this when I woke up:

“For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God — and if it first begins at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not The Gospel of God?” (1 Peter 4:17)

These storms will drive the Church to her knees once again!

Source: The Two Storms ~by Jo Ellen Stevens

The LORD spoke clearly to me, “Beloved, Today is the NOW time to say ‘it is finished’ to all the issues of yesterday.”

Source: Today Is My Moment (Updated) ~by Sandi Holman



Source: 2023 A NEW ERA, A NEW AGE: PART 2 – Abby K

Source: Have you prayed the price? – Roxanne

The LORD surprised me a couple of years ago, but He reminded me of this today — this time for 2023.

“Stand by for a short season of sudden surprises.  A few breath-taking moments when I move SUDDENLY!

Dramatic moments of encouragement when the world around you will stop, look, and say ‘WOW’!”

“So, in your prayers BE BOLD, ask for OUTRAGEOUS favour.” says The LORD.

“Command, declare and decree that which you’ve hardly dared dream about.  I AM The LORD, and I delight in answering those who are BOLD with their faith.

Stand by ready to receive EXACTLY what you ask for and nothing less.  BE PRECISE in your asking, and be prepared for your precise prayer to be answered PRECISELY!

I AM The LORD. Is anything too hard for Me?” says The LORD, “Is anything beyond My knowledge, beyond my capabilities?  You SHALL SPEAK and IT SHALL BE DONE for you.

This is not for you.  Rather, THIS IS FOR THE WORLD, that the world may see, that the world may believe, and that the world may TURN BACK TO ME!” says The LORD God Almighty.

I saw miracles happening that turned the attention of the world from the temporary to the eternal.

I saw disease defeated, I saw injuries repaired, I saw lost limbs replaced — all in a few moments while the world watched in stunned amazement.

I saw empty eye sockets filled with seeing eyes.  I saw children deformed at birth, reformed perfectly.

I saw silent worlds made noisy as ears are repaired.  All in the twinkling of an eye.  All suddenly and surprisingly at the Word of a believer.

It was like a re-enactment of when God spoke.  This time a believer spoke — and it was!

God is preparing to use YOU — EVEN YOU — to invoke and perform His surprising suddenlies!

Source: Suddenly Surprised ~by Chris G. Bennett