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The Day of Atonement this year is from the evening of Tuesday 4 October, to the evening of Wednesday 5 October 2022.

Source: The Day of Atonement: Indispensable Fasting For Every Child of GOD ~by Jacob Awagah

“Nations Are Now in the Ninth Hour — Fear Not! — I Will Put You in the Cleft of the Rock, for Now My Glory is Passing By!”

Source: The Nations Are Now in the Ninth Hour ~by Veronika West

Source: Pray for Fullerton, California – Anno.Domini.144K

“And My Elizabeth shall appoint My Elizabeth! And this shall be a Prophetic Sign, both to this reigning monarch and to this Lion Nation, that I AM a Covenant-keeping God!”

Source: Elizabeth Shall Appoint Elizabeth: A Prophetic Sign for The UK! ~by Veronika West

“During the darkness, it will be the time that I will talk to the souls of men. They will be given the chance to come to Me on bended knee,” says The LORD.

Source: Prophetic Warning: 3 Days of Darkness ~by Elizabeth Marie

“Awake! Awake oh sleeper, the days ahead will be challenging to say the least, but you My Children, are strong and courageous, fierce in battle!” says The LORD.

Source: The Days Ahead Will Be Challenging ~by Gail Manizak

Contrition and repentance are Sacrifices that delight GOD exceedingly, and attract Him to be by you and to deliver you.

Source: Repentance & Restoration Prayer ~by Jacob Awagah

Source: Did I not say this in my word? – Roxanne

Source: REMNANT: Armor Up, Take the High Ground, Stand Firm & PRAY! – Averine Pennington