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Source: WARNING: 3 Judgments coming // Foreign Army – Elizabeth Marie

Source: Coming Days of Judgement – Pamela G

Source: Warn the lovers of this world! Return Unto Me, saith the Lord of hosts! – Justin Adkinson

The Holy Spirit has reminded me to get this out. I don’t believe this darkness is anything like we have ever experienced upon this Earth. Almost like it is alive.

The darkness that will prevail is unlike any darkness that has been felt on this Earth. It is alive, awake, deep, dark, lonely and is an entity on its own. Candles will not hold a candle to this darkness. When the light has left, all will know they are no longer in Kansas. Focus on me, focus on my word, my love, my presents which cuts thru the darkness.
Those who need the darkness will experience it, so they can truly know what the Abyss is like. They have not taken warnings seriously of what my prophets, visionists and dreamers have warned about. It is important that those who have not heeded these warning, see what a future in darkness is truly about. Their jokes of “Hell” will no longer be so funny. I give this experience for those who have not followed my rules. Those who think they are good enough. Those who think they are headed to Heaven but are sorely wrong.
Use this darkness as a learning tool to make it into my Kingdom. There is much you do not know about but need to be taught. Pay attention to these lessons, because I love you too much to lose you.

Source: Candlelight – LynL

Dream 685

Hello brethren,

After an obviously too short a time of praying, worship, and reading the word, I picked up the TV remote and was about to turn on the TV to likely watch the only good thing on TV these days, the Series “The Chosen.” I very clearly heard the Lord say, “Press in”. I put down the remote, covered my head and body with a blanket so to be in the dark and just sat quietly before the Lord, worshipping quietly. I heard “Be still and know I AM God!” I then heard “Daughter, I have something to say…at that point I got up and got my pen and book and wrote what I heard The Lord speak…

March 15/23 approx 9pm

Write My words,
Precious children of the Lords great and terrible army, My Remnant soldiers. The battle is about to begin. Gird up your loins. Be steadfast in the face of the coming adversity, for this is the testing of all tests. The fire of all fires of affliction. Who will be standing at the end of this battle? My soldiers, who have learned the purpose of endurance of hardship. Perseverance, when all around them was falling. These who held on even to the hem of My robe with the tips of their fingernails because they had no more strength even to grasp with a fisted hand. My warriors, battle ready. ‘Battle weary’ is yesterday’s news. Ready yourselves. Ready yourselves by sitting at My feet. It is here that I train you, that I strengthen what remains to be strengthened. It is in this place that I place My commands in your heart and give you what you will need to carry them out. I AM your Commander. You are My Seals. Deadly. Face like flint. You won’t miss a beat. Oh you will be a force of reckoning to the nations who withstand Me. They will fall like a dead tree in the forest, breaking apart at every weak point. For they have no strength but a deception built from lies by our enemy. He is their enemy too and woe to those who have to discover this brutal truth as they descend into the domain of death, fire and brimstone. My anger is kindled once more. My unrighteous seed in this earth have indeed provoked Me to wrath and indignation, and I look ahead at the days when My mighty warriors will tear them down to the ground, cutting down all who exalt themselves above Me. They are fools being led by fools. All blind and all fall into the ditch. The enemy laughs at those he uses. What foolish men you are! You are brutes and bullies. Your days of reckoning are here. Woe to you. Woe to you foolish ones. Repent! Repent now I say! You are warned and warned and warned again. Dare you to push Me to the indignation that awaits you oh foolish Babylon. Your enemy awaits the very soul within you to taunt and torment you for all eternity if you do not choose the path I AM offering. Woe to you. Foolish pride that blinds your destination. Where you are going is hot, but I assure you there is no sun. No Son! No Son! Oh wicked foolish adulterers. Get down from your pillars and high places. Humble yourselves and I will have mercy. But you would not allow Me to gather you. My wrath pours out. My wrath you shall not be able to endure. Repent! I shout repent! Daughter, this is all. My wrath is ready. My judgement Swift.

But My own, need only rest in Me and watch the glory and power of the One they honour as King and Lord of all. Yahushua
King of kings
Lord of lords
your Saviour: To all who come with a humble and contrite heart will be saved

Source: My wrath is ready. My judgement Swift. – Terri Hennessey

2-23-23 5:17am

The convergence of All things is happening. Evil tears apart this country. The terrorists from within your own government do not hold back as destruction is not complete.

Their orders to tear apart the great Satan, America, has begun in full force.

This will not stop. America’s destruction is pivotal to world domination. All the players are in place. Instructions have been given. Some have been fulfilled.

Cripple the food supply, destroy trade and take down a nation.

The sick cannot fight. This war began long ago. The biggest accomplishment so far is the infiltration of all government offices. This leaves the people vulnerable to the heavy-handed laws, mandates and extremes to take place.

Bioweapons that scare and destroy people into being compliant in their own death. The enemy has not killed enough people although daily more fall victim. Their use of injections has not destroyed enough so more are coming.

The war within America is ongoing. The evil never rests. If the evil one cannot destroy through injectable poisons he will contaminate through spills, accidents that are designed to take out many more lives.

As the enemy fights to gain ground and destroy. I have come to give you life, hope and a future.

I Am showing Myself real around the world. Drawing All men to Me.

I Am the light in a dark place, hear Me now.

The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy. I come to give you life more abundantly.

My presence is with you. I will never leave you nor will I forsake you.

Hear Me now, to those who labor and are heavy burdened, I will give you rest.

Continue your work for Me just a little while longer. Hold onto My promises. It is not by chance at this time of great tragedy My spirit is infiltrating your world and I Am making My presence known.

The youth have been starved spiritually. Few, very few know Me. I have come to bring hope to the fatherless and light to the darkness. Not one of My little ones shall perish without knowing My glory.

The evil one has worked against My youth so long through drugs, sex and music, teaching corruption of the soul. Now corruption of the flesh, to change physical attributes given by God.

All things are converging to destroy man. I send the comforter.

My word tells of this time. In this time, you will do greater works. I Am showing Myself real across this world. The average man will pray for healing. It will be done.

Do Not doubt this. It is written. It shall be done.

Armor Up! Know your enemy. Know your God.

Follow Jesus, I Am the truth, the righteousness, the Holy One of Israel.

I died that you might live.

Many have gone out claiming to know Me. Who do they serve? The Holy One of Israel or mammon?

Discern the truth of ALL things. Do not be deceived. I Am coming soon for a bride without spot or wrinkle.


Source: The Convergence Of All Things – Cherrie Archer

Source: RETURN TO ME – Heaven’s Shofar