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The vision opened with seeing the head of a great lion… The Lion of Judah He is coming, with a resounding roar! Do not fear the terror which comes by night. I will be with you; I will be your peace in …

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“Take heed what you hear! Pay attention to your walk and your souls, so nobody can take them!” We must be WISE because Satan is hard at work with fake doctrines and multiple sinful traps to catch good people by the ankle- snap!- just before the day of Christ’s coming. Then they will hear those dreadful words- You never loved me, depart from me, I don’t know you. Won’t that be terrible?

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This post aims to share more on what God means by prophecies such as Gathered To My Rest.” That wasn’t an easy word to bring, but remember God’s ways are not our ways. God doesn’t see things as we do; we cry over things that aren’t permanent to Him, like death and sickness and loss. Jesus is extremely loving, good and kind but He is not overly burdened by sentimentality like we are, not as far as I’ve seen anyway.

Once upon a time Jesus went to a house where a little girl had just died. Everybody was devastated but He looked at them and asked why they were crying (as if He didn’t know). They stopped their tears to say “She DIED!” but He said firmly, kindly… “No. She is only asleep.” Of course they laughed and called Him crazy…

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The LORD says,


“The signs of the time are upon you!  Everywhere you look, they are all pointing to the fulfillment of MY Scriptures.

Even the unbelievers and the unrepentant can see that we are living in the closing of the age.

The birth-pangs get closer and closer till they come non-stop… no relief.

(1 Thessalonians 5:3) They not only point to My soon return, but they come to bring in the last Great Harvest.

Many will turn to ME during these time.  Many will call out to ME and I will hear them! (Acts 2:21)

As they go through the fires of tribulation, they will finally turn back to their Creator, the one true GOD, Maker of Heaven of Earth, the GOD of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

For those who are already MY true, obedient ones, I tell you that you have nothing to fear.  Though your flesh might suffer, your spirit will soar and prosper.

I know which sheep are MINE ….  the ones that the FATHER has given ME, and I will be the Good Shepherd to them. (John 10:11-15 )

They will dwell in MY pasture of green, and sit along MY living waters of grace and truth.

They will marvel as they see MY plans unfold.  They will be given a NEW ANOINTING that is fresh and real.  They need only to submit, be obedient and walk in faith.

These are times like no other.  (Matthew 24:21)  The enemy truly comes now to kill, steal and destroy.  HE is a murderer, and so are his sons and daughters.  (John 8:44)

They have only evil and wickedness in their hearts.  Their hatred is great towards ME and MY people.  It is a putrid stench that fills the air where they trod. In contract, MY true ones bring the sweet aroma of MY truth.

As the days grow darker, MY Beloveds, shine your light brighter.  Do not set your light under a bushel or hide it away. (Matthew 5:14-16)

Shine it whenever and where-ever possible.  Tell others that I AM COMING, so they can prepare!

I AM come for a pure bride without stains or blemishes on their garments.  (Ephesians 5:27)


I then waited and heard this:

“The plagues have begun.

The earth will shake and all that is on the earth!

Repentance is necessary during these tumultuous times.

Seek ME!

Seek Repentance in your life.



“And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: and on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy: and I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke,”    Acts 2:17-19.


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Daughter prophesy to the nations. I have opened the eyes and ears of many. I place before you an open DOOR that no man can SHUT. I give you choice. Can you see the coming of the BEAST? His way is being prepared. Worldwide pestilence and death. Many will suffer at the hand of the Dragon. The time of the gentiles comes to an end. THIS IS AN APPOINTED TIME IN MY CALENDAR. Heed the warnings from my Messengers and Prophets. Stay strong my children. I AM BESIDE YOU.


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