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(Recieved 4-8 and 4-9-18 by Jeff Byerly)

There is not much more that I can reveal to you, My children, about the time that you are in but the fiery, false-flag, kick-off event is sooner than ever now. Do not be deceived! The events on your earth that are on My clock have increased in frequency. Remember My time is not your time. Everything that I have told you in the past will happen and all scriptures will be fulfilled very shortly.

I want you to look to the events that are happening right before your eyes. The lies of Babylon have been exposed to the entire world, yet she tries to hide under a veil full of gaping holes. Your control of wealth has come to an end, your money is becoming worthless because no nation wants your debt. You have and will again orchestrate massive destruction on your own land because you worship My enemy. Ten times greater will be the destruction you cause and so shall be the judgments that I send upon you, O lovers of darkness. Now you fight proxy wars but soon those wars will come back upon you. All of the chaos, death and destruction that you have exported will come back to you for it is My law. You foolishly call it karma but it is My law of reaping and sowing! I know your wicked plans! There will be no phoenix rising out of the ashes! When My wrath is poured out upon you, none shall escape! No mercy shall be shown to those who have not shown mercy. The only ones who will escape are My chosen ones, for I have a work for them to do.

My people, I want you to discern the lies that the evil one speaks through his yielded vessels. The whole world around you is under the power of the devil but I have overcome this world and by the power of My blood, My people shall overcome as they speak My truth and hate the things this world has to offer. No man can serve Me and this world, for he will love one and hate the other. My people, seek the truth and it will set you free and break down the strongholds of the enemy.

I have been repeating My warnings over and over to My true prophets and watchmen and they have been faithful to get My messages out but they are not reaching very many outside of the camp of My remnant and this saddens Me. Those that are in and of the world have almost been completely shut off from My warnings. This is the deceptive plan of the enemy. Even though war, chaos, destruction, famine and disease are about to spread across this earth like wildfire, almost none take it to heart. Very few are crying out to Me for mercy and protection because they have been tricked into thinking it will all get better and go away. It will not get better and it won’t go away until I am sitting on My throne in Jerusalem! Everything in this world shall be shaken but The Rock shall not be!

The alluring tune played by “The Pied Piper” has succeeded in leading most to the brink of their destruction, they have been seduced and led astray. They are totally intoxicated by Satan’s symphony of destruction. It makes Me weep that they love the silver tongued lies of their captor so. They do not even realize that they are slaves to him by their own fleshly lusts and desires. They live only for their dying flesh and take no thought for their eternal spirit. I have no choice but to allow for the destruction of their flesh so that a few will repent and cry out to Me.

My beloved, even those who have known Me, your brothers and sisters, are turning away from Me in very high numbers. I speak of those who were ready but have looked back as Lot’s wife did. All those who cannot stop longing for the things of their former world will be left behind. They will be tried by intense persecution and tribulation like NEVER seen before. Some will be consumed by the fire but others shall be purified by it. No one can imagine all that is coming upon this earth and it truly grieves My heart that they didn’t listen to Me. But I would rather that the backslidden suffer for a little while on the earth where there is still a chance to repent instead of in the lake of fire where there is no escape.

Awaken O Sleepers! Look and see that the enemy’s plan is going forth just as I have said in My scriptures and through My true prophets and watchmen. Hear the word of the Lord this day! I will heal you of your blindness and deafness and give you a heart of flesh for you heart of stone. Repent! Come and follow Me on the narrow path to life and forsake the broad, easy road that leads to death and destruction. The destruction you must see now will have an end but I am your hope and I am your way out, if you entrust all to Me and let Me guide you by My Spirit that I give to ALL who know Me.

My merciful warnings are just about over for I will not tarry any longer if none repent before Me. The time is now loved ones! You must not wait any longer! The season has come and the day draws ever nearer. Draw close to Me now for protection, instruction, provision and My power shall be upon you and within you. Pray without ceasing for strength and for the lost. Rejoice in Me always and give thanks in all circumstances. Above all ask Me to fill your heart with My love for Me and your fellow man.

Be Not Afraid For I AM With You ALWAYS and the End of the Age is Now!

Jesus Christ

Yahushua Hamashiach

Source: Be Not Afraid For I AM With You ALWAYS and the End of the Age is Now! – Holy Spirit Wind


My note: I would suggest printing out a “hard copy” of this truth to help explain the chaos to those around you and help as an evangelism message to repent now…turn to the one true Lord, I AM, before your life ends.


Daughter, I want you to write these words down.

This relative quietness of living life as you normally do is about to come to an abrupt end. The storms are brewing, the plans are set, and lives will be taken at the hands of all those who follow asatan. He is their master, they bow to his will. Everything is coming to a head; the culmination of events will happen simultaneously. As one event happens destroying lives, another will happen elsewhere. There will be a succession. Soon, no one will be able to keep their head above water if they are not firmly grounded in Me. It will become too much to bear, fear will set in, and the cries will be heard throughout the land.

My children, your science fiction movies are nothing compared to what you will see on this earth. You will see demons, cyborgs, Nephilim giants, chimeras, demonically possessed AI robots, hybrids, chipped humans that have had their DNA altered and so much more. These are all of the evil one, asatan and will be out to kill. They have no soul children and My Spirit is not in them. Most of you children believe this is all false and just a fairy tale. Where do you think man got the ideas from for their science fiction movies? Why has man been searching, exploring and going on expeditions trying to find the remains of the Nephilims? Giants existed in Noah’s Day. What was shown to Enoch is true.

Asatan doesn’t care how he kills; his goal is to instill such fear in man that they will submit to him and bow to him. He has been preparing for his “grand entrance as King” for many, many years using his foolish mortals to implement his plans.

Not only will those on earth see the creatures and such but terrorism will rise to unprecedented levels, weather catastrophes will increase, shakings everywhere, earthquakes, volcanoes, violence in civil unrest, cannibalism, murders, murder-suicides & economy will crash. What do you think your life will be like as all this increases at an alarming rate? War is imminent also. How will you get through this without Me?

I have called and called and called but so many have not answered. I AM is the ONLY One that has the power to protect you, hide you from the enemy and take you to places of refuge. Those in Noah’s time refused to listen also and what happened to them? They all perished. You see children what is coming is much worse than even in Noah’s day. The horrors, the brutality of the evil beings are beyond anything that will ever be seen in the history of mankind.

The fallen ones gave man advanced technology so that they could create more artificial soulless beings and creatures, manipulating DNA, cloning and more. There are black eyed children; lab babies being raised. Where have all the DNA samples gone to? There is so much you don’t know children. Why such a fascination with Antarctica? Children, this is asatan’s special place. His creatures; fallen operate, create, scheme, devise and plan there. The Luciferians travel there and are in awe of their master’s creations.

I have warned over and over about these things. He is an imposter. Only I can put a soul in man. Soulless beings can walk, talk and act like a mortal but they are so evil for there is no conscience in them. I, The Creator of all things, put a conscience in man, to discern between good and evil. Without My Spirit abiding in man, you have nothing but copies of whom asatan is. He is neither male nor female, effeminate, his stench is deplorable, his mind void of anything good. EVIL IS EVIL children. Those who have taken his mark are just like him. They will have NO mercy on anyone. They look forward to torturing you and then exterminating you. In secret, they plot your demise.

It is why it is so imperative to now come to Me before it is too late. When one repents and returns to me, I then “open your eyes” and awaken you to all truth. You can then see the world through My eyes. When one is in spiritual darkness because they refuse to repent, they cannot see, can easily be taken in, will readily accept the chip, will fall for asatan and his false words of peace. The key is Me child! I hold the keys to death and hell and I also hold the key to your heart if you let Me in. I AM is more than happy and willing to show you. I offer you everlasting life. If you choose to refuse and reject Me, you will be with all these soulless beings in hell for all eternity. Is this what you want—to be tormented, tortured, ridiculed, burned, beaten? You must understand—in hell it never ends; the pain so intense, the screams, the cries of regret. As you stand before Me, remember it was you, not I, that chose hell to be your final destination. I had much better plans for you; joy, laughter, light, happiness, food, water, and the indescribable love that no man on earth could ever give.

I am your Father and you have broken My heart. My Son intercedes continually so that one more soul will come into the kingdom. My saints, you are to pray continually for the lost to be found and also for the souls that will be forever lost and bound to hell. Pray for My Hand of Mercy during judgment. Stop praying for a new home, a car, money. These are all going away. Pray that you be counted worthy to escape what is coming. Pray with fear and trembling that you enter My Kingdom for many of you are very far from entering because you believe false doctrine and refuse to come out of your lukewarm state. So many before you thought as many of you do now and they are in the torment of hell. They chose to walk against My commands, believed sin enters in, repented once and then lived their lives defiling themselves, believed everyone goes to heaven, believed there is a God but asatan does not really exist, believed hell is only for asatan and the fallen angels. They were wrong!!!!

My daughter, My Faithful Servant asked me years ago what the number one reason was why most do not make it and My reply was one Word- UNBELIEF. One must believe My Word from the first page to the last. I am the Living Word. I am Elohim. I am the First and the Last. I am everywhere.

I seek the hearts of man. Everything you do has been documented. Each of My children has a Book of Life. Are you written in the Book of Life or have you been blotted out of your Book of Life? You will be judged by your words, your deeds, how you lived your lives. Faith alone means nothing if there is nothing behind it. It is written: “faith without works is dead faith”. Living as you please is living as asatan. You are not your own god nor will you ever be a “little god”.

There is One God, it is I AM, it is I alone! You were born to live in harmony with Me but you live in rebellion. Sin is rebellion—you refuse to change, to submit your will to Mine. Had you done so, your lives would have been so much better. You have settled for less than what you could have been.

You have made mammon your god, you idolize man over Me. You sold out!!! This has grieved Me because My plans were so much better but you love your broad road. You have chosen unwisely if you continue on this path and reject My offer of salvation but ultimately, it is your decision.

To My messengers, watchmen, prophets, handmaidens, continue to warn even when they no longer listen. In this way, none will be able to say “I never got any warning”.

In these final days, I will send those I have handpicked to go to the most remote areas where they have never heard of Me. I will give each and every child on earth the chance to hear of Me and repent to Me. Those in remote areas have heard the name of God from asatan but they do not worship or know Me, the true living God. Some of you will be transported to areas unknown to preach the Good News-the great commission. Some of you will stay put where I placed you. Some of you will only go to places in your own nation. Each one I have an assignment for and they will accomplish it for My power is what will bring them through. You could never do My Will in this capacity on your own strength. I am in the midst of you, will be with each of you and together, the final harvest will come in. Do not doubt this! A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. (James 1:8)

Enjoy your last days of “relative quietness” for it is all about to change in the blink of an eye. There is work to be done saints. Do not be in such a rush to get your wings. Christians, stop believing you are all “flying out of here” and that you are not going to have to endure ‘til the end. Asatan has to have his time. You are not under My wrath but are subject to his wrath. Many died before you in martyrdom and many more will in this nation also.

Americans, you are very arrogant to think that you will be spared when I am not a respector of persons. Get your hearts ready for what is coming and stand strong ‘til the end and receive your crown at the Wedding Feast.

I love you all! Do not fear death! So, will you finally return to Me? My Return is soon but you must study children. If you know My Word, you will know about the different harvest seasons. Will I come soon to gather all? Yes, but not until the rest of the martyrs come in; those that will be slain for the Word of Elohim.

Your Father

Scripture references also @ Source: “My children, your science fiction movies are nothing compared to what you will see on this earth.” – Ms. Sophie

Jeremiah 23:1-8

“My son, I have spoken about the reprobate men who stand behind pulpits made of beautiful wood and glass who have taken My name in vain and led millions of people to hell with words of poetic beauty.

Woe to the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture. For I have weighed you in the balances and have pronounced judgment on you. Your titles will be removed. No longer will you be called Apostle, but you will be called Ichabod. No longer will you be called Prophet, but you will be called liar. No longer will you be called Pastor, but you will be called swine, for the filth you say will become the mire you wallow in. You pastors that have driven away my true flock just so you can speak lies will be brought before the Most High God to account for every word uttered using My name.

My son, I am gathering My remnant together and filling them with wisdom and knowledge to prepare for the coming days. My son, as I tell you what is coming, warn My body. They are asleep, but must be warned. For evil men have devised plans to divide My land and My city. When this is signed, and it will be signed, I will divide your land. As waves ripple out from a stone being thrown into water, I will send waves of great earthquakes. I will split this nation in three parts. The west coast will be split, the middle will be split, and the east coast will be split. My judgement is final and will begin very, very soon.

Verily, verily, I say unto you, I will not hear your prayers for you have not heeded the warning. After the earth splits, there will be a short period of gathering in souls; however, man will say it is climate change, and My people will go back to sleep, still listening to the false prophets. My son, warn My remnant to be strong and not waiver.

Messiah Jesus

Source: “Woe to the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture” – Byron Searle

My note: Ichabod translates to “God’s glory has departed.” What fearsome words these are! Jesus has spoken many words of warning regarding government’s and so-called “peace-makers” plans to divide Jerusalem, His city, in Israel. The Bible also has many plain warnings throughout that this is His chosen city and to leave it alone, which is why evil men want it so badly for themselves and don’t fight over beautiful tropical paradises as one might suppose. This is part of the Biblical concept of sowing and reaping. If the USA participates in any kind of a dividing plan for Jerusalem, God will then divide our land physically. Man is arrogant and believes they know better than God, but our divine savior will not be mocked.

Source: Object that is Falling Even Now will Cause Great Destruction to American Coastine – Sr. Laura., L.B. Ancient Paths and a video with a prophecy by Ephrain Rodriguez

Source: Stand in the Gap that I May Show Mercy in The Judgment of the Event

2-2 and 2-3-18

“America the stage is set!  Nothing else has to happen, except that I allow the fiery, false flag, kick off event to happen.  You have not repented.  It can happen at any day,  hour,  minute or second. My remnant be ready!  Rid yourselves of all filthiness of the flesh and spirit and come into the secret place where you will be filled with more of My Spirit, the oil of gladness shall anoint your head and you shall be My bearers of the Good News of the Gospel during the chaos and destruction and reap My harvest, for you shall know My peace.

My remnant, I ask you to stand in the gap for those that would be lost in the coming event.  I can have mercy on whom I will, for I desire to show mercy even in judgment.  If My remnant asks Me, I can spare many but I won’t take the event away. This I will not relent on, it must take place to awaken millions to the time that you are in. There are so many asleep right now and  this is the only way to awaken them. I have given my prophets and watchmen many messages telling America and the world to repent and turn back to Me but most of these messages are going unheard and unacted upon.  I ask you now to lift up those, to Me in intercession, that will be taken from the earth by this event.  Pray for them to be spared and to have one more chance to get to know Me.

My people, I want you to understand something, I have given you all power and all authority on the Earth in My name because of the victory I won over death, hell and sin by resurrecting from the grave. This does not mean it is automatic, it must be enforced by my people. The enemy comes not but to kill to steal and to destroy but you who have my authority can stop him. You are my “policemen” on the Earth.  Dominion over the Earth was taken back from Satan through my resurrection but it must be enforced . There are very few that believe this, even in my remnant. That is why very few walk in the power of my spirit. The deception by the enemy in this area is very great. Satan will always try to make himself look as though he is undefeatable but he must obey what My people command in My name by My power and authority.

There are many people are asking Me right now about the Super Bowl. They ask Me will this be the day of the event?  My answer to that question is, it could be. If My remnant fails to stand in the gap, I will allow the enemy’s plans to go forth unhindered. The window for the event to take place has been open for some time now and as of yet I have not allowed it but I could have already let it happen. It is by My mercy that it has not happened. The window that the event must take place does not close on February 4th 2018, it does not have to occur on that day. I do not follow linear time as you do, I am above it. You do not understand this because your realm is bound by time but once you enter My eternal Realm you will understand. There are events that must happen, such as those written in the scriptures but there are no time limits on them. My thoughts are higher than your thoughts and my ways are higher than your ways. Do not be foolish and think you know better than I.  Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.

Once the event does happen everything in the entire world as you know it will change.  All of the wicked plans of the enemy will be allowed to go forth. All arguments about pre-wrath, pre-tribultion, mid-tribulation and post-tribulation rapture will cease. All arguments about flat Earth and spherical Earth will end.  All arguments about who is the Antichrist will be no more.  All petty doctrinal arguments will stop, as with everything else that is not necessary for salvation.  Arguments between those in My remnant will all pass away and My people shall become one. These disputes are caused by the enemy to bring division to My true remnant. This happens when my people are not filled with My Holy Spirit but I will increase the measure of My Holy Spirit when I bring the former and the latter rain in one month.

After the event, a door will be open that no man can shut and the door will be shut that no man can open. Nothing will ever go back to the way it was. Everything will come to pass until all scripture is fulfilled, the fullness of the gentiles will be brought in and the great harvest is reaped. The dead in Christ shall rise first and then those that remain on the Earth. They both shall put on immortality and be transformed into beings of light. They are the manifest sons of God and they are My remnant, My bride. Then I shall take them to be with Me forever as My wrath is being poured out upon the Earth. They shall rule and reign with Me in My kingdom that has no end.

I ask of you this day, to stand in the gap for the lost who would be thrown into an eternity of intense suffering without Me! Pray for Me to be revealed to them and pray that they would accept as their Lord and Savior.”

Jesus Christ

Yahushua Hamashiach

The LORD says: “Behold, for the Spirit of Elijah is now moving mightily upon the earth to STIR UP AND TO SHAKE UP.”

Source: Watch!  For a Fresh Fire Will Fall Upon God’s Stirrers and Shakers in This Season! ~ by Veronika West ~ HKP

Source: THIS IS WHAT THE SOVEREIGN LORD SAYS: “The Harvest Fields are Blighted . . .” – Linda Hasche