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“The time has come for a correction to be made to the human heart. There is an adjustment coming that will produce My desired effect! The mountains will move and the nations will tremble at the sound of My voice.


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In the early morning hours of Wednesday June 26th 2013, I was given a vision I believe was from God. The following is the exact transcript of the vision and I have done all I can to write down every detail exactly as I saw it.  Thus begins my journey…

I found myself in a green field with four others around me. There was a clearing in the field and the trees were all around off in the distance. As we circled around, the ground opened up in front of us in a black circle. I could not see the bottom of the hole and was frightened by this. I recognized one of the four people as Jesus, but I could not make out any of the other faces. Jesus said, “I am going to send you into the hole”, and I pleaded “Oh, no Lord I don’t want to go down there”. Before I could say anything more I was descending into the hole and was moving very quickly. When I landed, I was shocked that my legs had held up to the fall and by all accounts I was fine with no broken bones. I quickly realized I had fallen into Hell. I landed in a pit that was about 30 feet down. The walls were black and there was a fiery liquid pool about the size of a backyard swimming pool.  Around the pool was about five feet or so of more black ground. I call it ground as it was not dirt but was squishy and seemed to be filled with bugs, beetles, and such. There is no light in Hell. There was only the light from the fire and the reflections of the fire in the smoke. I looked around and saw the bodies of humans lying on the ground. All of them were at various states of decomposition, none were moving, none were speaking, and none appeared to be breathing.

As I looked around at these bodies, a creature from the other side of the pool saw me up and moving around and very quickly ran towards me around the pool. I could at first only see the outline in the darkness, but when he got to me I could clearly see his skin was red and he had enormous muscles.  His jaw was large and full of sharp teeth. He carried a glowing red pitchfork which was about 9 feet tall, and he himself was about 10-12 feet tall. As he approached I froze. I could not run or move in time, and he speared me right in the chest below my ribs with the pitchfork. The pitchfork was still hot from the last soul he drowned. I felt the intense heat from the middle spike of the fork pierce my heart and the outer two spikes felt like they burst my lungs and I could not breathe. I must not have weighed a thing to him as he lifted me high into the air easily and slammed me face up into the fire pool so my back hit first. He pushed me all the way under and I was submerged about five feet or more down under the liquid and he held me there…and he held me there. I was very surprised that the liquid was so viscous. The consistency was like that of water but had the appearance of thick lava. It was extremely hot and I knew I was in big trouble now. Horrified, I watched as my arms flailed in front of me catching fire and there were reds, oranges and blues coming off my burning flesh. I saw my feet burn off and the muscles and tendons in my arms and legs were strung out and burning like spaghetti. I saw my lips float off in front of me and my ears and nose did the same. I was at a point where my eyes were going into blackness too, when I was flung out of the pool by the creature and tossed to the side where the other bodies were.

As I lay on the bank of the fire pool, I could hear the roaring laughter of the beasts and then I knew there were many of them, perhaps legions of them. There were no human voices at all; no one there speaks….ever. Even a grunt or groan is seen as a human comfort to the dark side in this putrid place. If such is heard, the creatures either pierce the lungs again with the pitchfork and move on, or go ahead and dunk you again. When I was there on the bank of the fire pool, I could feel the vile flesh eating beetles, snakes, scorpions, bugs, and any other creeping crawling thing found on earth feeding on my carcass. I looked down and could see a coral snake moving through my ribcage and to my forearm and another slithering between my bones. I looked at the persons next to me and their faces had been burned unrecognizable. Although they were in their body somewhere, they were gone and I could tell they had been here for a very long time. I looked deep into their soul’s eyes and was terrified at the look in them as it was hollow and expressed utter hopelessness, desolation, and abysmal abandonment from God. There really is no way to describe them other than picture the worst down and out living soul you can think of on earth, even the worst of the worst, the most drug addicted, homeless, destitute person’s eyes you can imagine and then multiply it by 100 and you may get close. There is no hope left once you are in Hell, ever. I also noticed that we were all not laying there decomposing, but rather we were regenerating as our bodies needed a little time to regenerate so the next time we would feel the same amount of pain or more. As I regenerated, I watched as the other humans who regenerated before me were picked up one by one by the creature with the pitchfork and were slammed into the pool. Each time someone is slammed into the pool the creatures laugh. They laugh harder every time someone is thrown in and they experience more pain. The better the job they do the louder they laugh. The creatures never get tired, they never take a break, they never sleep, they never eat, they just continue this routine forever to please their master Satan and hope their laughter will be heard by Satan and that it will please him. When they are finished with pushing the souls under, they pull them back out and lay them down on the ground. Then the limbs and heads fall off the soul’s body, and the fire water pours out of their throats and chest cavities where their hearts had been. The fire water spills out of the bodies all over the banks and sometimes pours down onto the other souls laying there regenerating.

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Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and the intents of the heart.
Luke 4:4 And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.
Revelation 22:1 And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.
Revelation 22:17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.
My son, as I have told you in past words, this nation is not ready for Me. I am coming soon as consuming fire, yet My people have no idea how soon. This nation of reprobates must be judged, for their sin is a foul stench in My nostrils. I rained down fire on Sodom to remove the stench, and I will rain down fire to remove the stench in this nation. These reprobate minds will never bow their knee to Me, so UNLESS I REMOVE THIS SIN from this nation, all will be forced to join the reprobates or die.
My son, the sexual perversion of this nation will grow worse as My hand is lifting from My church. As My judgments fall, so many will curse Me, and these are those who call themselves My people. You are now in the Season of Fire; more volcanoes will continue to erupt as hell is enlarging itself to receive all those who will perish. I am continuing to squeeze the Earth, and many earthquakes will occur in places where there have not been any. I will continue to bring about stronger storms, record rains and floods, larger hail, and fiercer winds. I am shaking everything that will shake to awaken My Bride from sleep.
My son, many of My Remnant are in very strong battles as satan is seeking to devour them, but I am with you – fear not. As I have said before, I have satan on a short leash; he can do nothing unless I allow him to. So, My Remnant, have no fear to what the enemy is bringing about in your life. I have allowed this to build your faith and strengthen your spirit. My people, stay in My Word! Read it, eat it daily, for it is the Bread of Life. Put My Word in your heart, for it is a weapon that is sharper than any two-edged sword. My Word is Life; it is the Living Water and will sustain you in all conflicts. My Word is Love, and this will save the world. Keep president Trump and his family in prayer, for he will come under attack. My son, June has been a very bloody month; more innocent ones have been sacrificed to Molech than any other month. Judgment is set, this will end now. Pray for repentance, pray for mercy, for I am here, and I bring My fire. I love you, My Remnant.
Get ready!
Messiah Jesus

From Source: MY WORD – Byron Searle


As I was lying in bed this morning I heard Him say signs and times and unbelievable so I rose up and this Word then flowed from Yahushua:

Unbelievable and you children pride yourselves on being skilled in My Word yet you pass everything off as being “natural occurrences”; just as in Noah’s Day, they too knew nothing and refused to believe, refused to acknowledge My warnings, refused to see their own filth when it was right before their eyes. They all perished as they scrambled to get into the Ark. That door was shut as will this one so very soon. You too will scream “let me in” and it will be too late. Children, if you are insistent on refusing to change your ways, remove sin, lay it down before Me you also shall perish. Death will call your name and everlasting life you will NOT attain.

I have beckoned, I have sounded the Clarion call, I have pleaded, shown you favor to woo you back to Me. What did you do? You turn My favor as a justification that I am pleased how you live. I AM was wooing you to turn away from your sins; the favor was to win your heart back to Me so I sent My love. My love was not sent that I condone your adultery, your false gospel services you attend; just like you dismiss the signs and times you live in as hogwash, you made My favor into something of your own imagination.

Do you not understand that your pride and your stubbornness will cost you your salvation? Am I to allow all disobedient children into My Kingdom swimming in sin? NO, NO, NO I SAY!!! My Hand will NOT spare any who reject, deny, refuse to repent!

My righteous indignation has risen to the point where I see now the first round of judgments are being dismissed that they are not of Me. Now, I will pour out more. I have said all these will increase in severity if you stiff-necked children refuse to look up to Me. The frequency and intensity will now start to increase to pull you back to Me. The “wooing of favor” did not do it so now My redemptive judgments shall fall harder. Expect more earthquakes, cyclones, tornadoes, floods, volcanic eruptions! Expect more attacks on the streets; more chaos to ensue.

Children, you are too busy with your heads stuck on your games, apps, social media sites to notice anything but soon it will come to your city, to your small town, to your home in some instances. Violence is rising or do you not notice even this—random attacks as evil in men’s hearts I am exposing.

You won’t survive without your cellphones, your alcohol, your cigarettes, your Big Pharma drug of choice, your legalized marijuana, your other street drugs. OH, how you will curse Me then and cry “How dare you?” I AM must strip it all from you in order to get your attention. There is coming a day in the not so far off future that you will not be able to acquire these things. You have spent your mammon on all the fruitless things, harming your bodies along the way. What will you do when mammon goes? Who will you kill for your next fix?

I have said you children put yourselves in hell. IT IS NOT I. I came to save you, to spare you from eternal fire but you do not take My sacrifice seriously. I see the way you live, fornicating and then showing up in the House of God, bringing your adulterous other with you into the House of God, then some standing outside spewing gossip or vulgarity after you sang a Halleluyah! I SEE ALL YOUR HYPOCRISY!!! I see how your hearts are nowhere near Me; desiring holiness never enters your minds. Children, those of you who refuse to come out of the Church of Laodicea I will spew out of My mouth like vomit; your poor excuses will be of no avail.

You weary Me! You grieve My Heart! You quench My Spirit! To you, holiness and righteous living mean nothing. New Age way of thinking; I am filthy, I am engrossed in sin yet my God loves Me just the way I am, there is no need to repent. I was dipped in water, I repented once years and years ago—no worries—I am “in”—the Kingdom Of God awaits my arrival. Why repent daily you say—that is legalism? YOU ARE FOOLS I SAY!!!

Did I not pray to the Father daily? Did I not lay it all down at His feet? Did I not resist temptation? Did I stay engrossed in any sin? Did I die for you in vain? You made a joke out of Me, out of My sacrifice. I gave to you what no other man would do for you. My Father gave Me, His Only Begotten Son to you. I gave you My life, the greatest love of all time. I see now how so very few care about Me, about what I did. I see how so very few truly love Me. You should be ashamed of yourselves and stay out of My House in your disgusting filth if you desire not to change, to repent or to return to Me.

This mockery of My sacrifice only heaps more coals upon your own heads. You say you want Me to prosper you, bless you as if you deserve this? Is that the deal foolish ones? I do everything for you—you do nothing for Me? You say you believe? How? If you truly believed My Word, you’d turn from your wicked ways, you’d desire holiness, to live righteously. You say “all I need is faith” yet you never read the next line. What good is faith when mixed with your “unbelief”? My Word specifically says “faith without works is dead faith”.

Did My Apostles only have faith without works or did they serve Me until their dying day? Did they fight their flesh or live in their flesh? Works is not the works of man—doing your little fundraisers pleasing your Pastor and your church friends. Do not My prophets and watchmen work serving Me sending out warning after warning? Do not My faithful Pastors and Preachers work preparing the House of God to be a sanctuary in the dark days ahead? To whom much is given, much is required. These faithful servants do not sit around saying all I need is faith twisting My Word to suit themselves, to justify remaining in sin.

Do you shower daily? Why? Is it because you desire to be clean? Well, I desire you to be cleansed daily; the spiritual cleansing when one repents daily. I require obedience. I desire intimacy. I desire praise and worship daily. I am jealous over you yet you want none of it or very little. Fasting cleanses you, repenting cleanses you, praise and worship brings you closer to Me. The closer you come to Me, the closer I will be to you. I will never force Myself on anyone.

Do you really love Me—then why do you continue to disobey Me? Your definition of loving Me is not My definition of love. It is in My Word. Read it; it states over and over again—Obedience is better than sacrifice. If you love Me, Obey My commands. How much clearer can it be?

Most of you are still lost and not saved. You only think you are saved because that lying wolf told you so. He too is not saved if he does not repent. Oh how you test Me, try Me, push Me!!! I am the King of Kings—DO NOT TEST ME, TRY ME, PUSH ME!!!

My love is great but My wrath shall also be great on the disobedient children, on the mockers, scoffers and the wicked. Children, you will not win or have the victory if you will not turn from sin and wickedness. You forget I am your Judge and you will not be able to “bribe any jurors” to sway your case before Me to your favor.

STOP YOUR FOOLISHNESS!!! Did you create Me or did I create you? The universe DID NOT create you. I, the King over all of heaven and earth, created all things. It is All Mine.

Revelation is unfolding before your eyes, prophecies are in motion yet you do not know the signs and times you are in. Your blinders are on because you live in “religion”—religious institutions rather than having a one on one relationship with Me. You say you have to fellowship in a building made by man. You can fellowship anywhere, not just in a building. Do you not know to fellowship with Me is the time you spend alone with Me, pressing in for more intimacy? This is the fellowship I desire. I want a heart to heart, one on one relationship. It is simple but you complicate things. How much time do you spend alone with Me? You will spend hours running to your church but is that spending alone time with Me? Think on these things. Ponder these things.

You want Me to bless you—then become intimate with Me. Surrender it all, then I can bless you. My blessings are not in buying you a mansion, boats, cars, planes. My blessings come and yes I take care of you but to be blessed you must store up your treasures in heaven.

This earth is soon to be gone. I, the Maker of all things, am the ONLY way to the Father. I am the way, the truth and the life and it is the Only way one will ever enter in (John 14:6). It must be through Me; there are NO other paths. A contrite heart I won’t turn away; a lying one I will.

You must live according to My Ways, not your ways. I end with this—DO NOT THINK you are pulling the wool over your Master’s eyes. I see right through you. I know the intent, motivation of every heart. Turn back from your sin, your wicked thoughts, or perish.

Life or death—you choose! Run from the daddy of lies, satan. Run back into My arms. Make Me your First Love and I will make you Mine.

Yahushua HaMasiach

(Given to Ms. Sophie on 6/19/2018)

Job 11:13-15 (CEV) Surrender your heart to God,
turn to him in prayer,
14 and give up your sins—
even those you do in secret.
15 Then you won’t be ashamed;
you will be confident
and fearless.

Romans 12:1 Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.

Isaiah 58:6 KJV-Is not this the fast that I have chosen? To loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke?

Revelation 1:18 KJV 18 I am He that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive forevermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.

Continue Biblical Verses @ Source: SIGNS AND TIMES – MsSophie


My daughter, write these words down.

Tensions are rising! Tempers are flaring! Do you sense the change in the atmosphere as evil rises? You children have no idea what they have planned for your demise. They can barely contain their excitement believing they will kill or enslave every last one of you. Asatan has done a masterful work in these people. They truly believe they will control the world. They forgot one most important factor and it is that, I, the Greatest of the Great & Strongest of the Strong, the Great I AM will finish them off and they will burn in the deepest parts of hell. I speak of the unredeemable ones!

Much is taking place now in Israel. This is your marker as I have stated before. War is heating up and I AM is a Mighty Warrior and I will aid My chosen but Israel will suffer a severe and major blow regardless for all their disobedience, idolatry and abominations. Many will die but they will overcome the enemy forces and My mighty angels will be victorious in this battle.

You are on the throngs of good vs. evil in these end times but mind you, asatan has his time and evil will appear to be winning on all fronts but in the end the victory is Mine. The victory will also be yours if you prevail to the end.

Are you seeing the escalation of random acts of violence, civil unrest, anti-semitism rising, hatred between Christian brothers and sisters increasing, persecution coming and fear gripping people? With this will come weather catastrophes causing food shortages and many things once available you will soon no longer have. A major event will trigger an economic crash followed by a total collapse.

Do you see how America is falling quickly? Do you see how fast other nations are experiencing major downturns, upheavals, riots, flooding, burning?

So tell Me children, how great does everything look to you now? There will be much sorrow and the laughter silenced. Mockers and scoffers voices silenced as they wail and mourn. God is NOT mocked. When I said judgment is coming, I meant judgment is coming! Cushy lifestyles ending soon, people running for their lives, houses raided for food, round ups, FEMA camps filling up.

Had you listened, NOT mocked Me, NOT tested Me, prayed, repented as a nation I would have protected you even though you are a wicked generation. I no longer protect you America. You are too weak to overcome the invasions. I was the strength of your military; the One that gave you that power! Do you see how many mishaps happen with your armed vehicles, ships, helicopters, planes? You are weak and you will NOT OVERCOME any nation that comes against you. I have made you powerless. A cursed nation will not stand, cannot win, will not prevail over opposing forces. A cursed nation always goes to its destruction. Your beauty is fading soon to be seen no longer.

Tell Me children, what will you do—laugh, mock, scoff, deny truth, keep playing with your sins thinking all is well? America is NOT well; a spiritual sickness that is terminal. Sins this deep cannot be healed but must be removed by purging and a total cleansing by My Hand. I will cleanse by destroying what once was a blessing to all other nations.

My Warning is this: YOU HAVE VERY LITTLE TIME LEFT. You will not recognize America. Soon you will look like every other war torn, ravished and plundered nation before you.

My warnings went unnoticed, I AM is forgotten and old news by most; out with the old, in with the “new”. Your “new” King drools over how easy it will be to finish you off. You loved him then and you will love him now, while he spoon feeds you lies and deceives you. He mocks you now behind closed doors. He is soon to arise to power and take his place.

Even though you have tossed Me to the wind, thrown Me aside, I will have My last great harvest of souls for many will repent and lament in the darkest day of their lives. It is My Mercy and My love for man that I desire to save and none to perish. Many shall perish along with their pride and for their disobedience.

Those who are truly Mine; Rejoice, Arise for your light is about to shine for all to see as you bring them to Me. Light shines brightest always during the darkest days. I AM is calling all My children whom I have chosen to go forth even now reaching out to the forgotten, forlorn, the stranger. Show My love but keep yourself clean. Speak My truth now to any and all who will listen. My remnant, you will do great exploits in My Name. You know who you are. Are you ready to carry out your assignments? You will do My will. I AM is in front of you and behind you at all times. Fear has no place in you. I am with you. It will be My power that will carry you through.


(Recieved 4-8 and 4-9-18 by Jeff Byerly)

There is not much more that I can reveal to you, My children, about the time that you are in but the fiery, false-flag, kick-off event is sooner than ever now. Do not be deceived! The events on your earth that are on My clock have increased in frequency. Remember My time is not your time. Everything that I have told you in the past will happen and all scriptures will be fulfilled very shortly.

I want you to look to the events that are happening right before your eyes. The lies of Babylon have been exposed to the entire world, yet she tries to hide under a veil full of gaping holes. Your control of wealth has come to an end, your money is becoming worthless because no nation wants your debt. You have and will again orchestrate massive destruction on your own land because you worship My enemy. Ten times greater will be the destruction you cause and so shall be the judgments that I send upon you, O lovers of darkness. Now you fight proxy wars but soon those wars will come back upon you. All of the chaos, death and destruction that you have exported will come back to you for it is My law. You foolishly call it karma but it is My law of reaping and sowing! I know your wicked plans! There will be no phoenix rising out of the ashes! When My wrath is poured out upon you, none shall escape! No mercy shall be shown to those who have not shown mercy. The only ones who will escape are My chosen ones, for I have a work for them to do.

My people, I want you to discern the lies that the evil one speaks through his yielded vessels. The whole world around you is under the power of the devil but I have overcome this world and by the power of My blood, My people shall overcome as they speak My truth and hate the things this world has to offer. No man can serve Me and this world, for he will love one and hate the other. My people, seek the truth and it will set you free and break down the strongholds of the enemy.

I have been repeating My warnings over and over to My true prophets and watchmen and they have been faithful to get My messages out but they are not reaching very many outside of the camp of My remnant and this saddens Me. Those that are in and of the world have almost been completely shut off from My warnings. This is the deceptive plan of the enemy. Even though war, chaos, destruction, famine and disease are about to spread across this earth like wildfire, almost none take it to heart. Very few are crying out to Me for mercy and protection because they have been tricked into thinking it will all get better and go away. It will not get better and it won’t go away until I am sitting on My throne in Jerusalem! Everything in this world shall be shaken but The Rock shall not be!

The alluring tune played by “The Pied Piper” has succeeded in leading most to the brink of their destruction, they have been seduced and led astray. They are totally intoxicated by Satan’s symphony of destruction. It makes Me weep that they love the silver tongued lies of their captor so. They do not even realize that they are slaves to him by their own fleshly lusts and desires. They live only for their dying flesh and take no thought for their eternal spirit. I have no choice but to allow for the destruction of their flesh so that a few will repent and cry out to Me.

My beloved, even those who have known Me, your brothers and sisters, are turning away from Me in very high numbers. I speak of those who were ready but have looked back as Lot’s wife did. All those who cannot stop longing for the things of their former world will be left behind. They will be tried by intense persecution and tribulation like NEVER seen before. Some will be consumed by the fire but others shall be purified by it. No one can imagine all that is coming upon this earth and it truly grieves My heart that they didn’t listen to Me. But I would rather that the backslidden suffer for a little while on the earth where there is still a chance to repent instead of in the lake of fire where there is no escape.

Awaken O Sleepers! Look and see that the enemy’s plan is going forth just as I have said in My scriptures and through My true prophets and watchmen. Hear the word of the Lord this day! I will heal you of your blindness and deafness and give you a heart of flesh for you heart of stone. Repent! Come and follow Me on the narrow path to life and forsake the broad, easy road that leads to death and destruction. The destruction you must see now will have an end but I am your hope and I am your way out, if you entrust all to Me and let Me guide you by My Spirit that I give to ALL who know Me.

My merciful warnings are just about over for I will not tarry any longer if none repent before Me. The time is now loved ones! You must not wait any longer! The season has come and the day draws ever nearer. Draw close to Me now for protection, instruction, provision and My power shall be upon you and within you. Pray without ceasing for strength and for the lost. Rejoice in Me always and give thanks in all circumstances. Above all ask Me to fill your heart with My love for Me and your fellow man.

Be Not Afraid For I AM With You ALWAYS and the End of the Age is Now!

Jesus Christ

Yahushua Hamashiach

Source: Be Not Afraid For I AM With You ALWAYS and the End of the Age is Now! – Holy Spirit Wind