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Matthew 21:21-22 21 Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, […]

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Assignments are being given out to God’s doves — his chosen ones filled to overflowing with Holy Spirit.

Fresh Oil Releases

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Hi, Beloved remnant of the Lord. For many weeks, the Spirit has been bringing the following scripture to mind:

 Isa 60:8  Who are these that fly as a cloud, and as the doves to their windows?

So I have been digging into these words and the Hebrew words they come from, very much aware that Song of Songs refers to the Bride as the Bridegroom’s dove. I once heard the late Kelly Varner do a teaching on this, explaining that the dove is the only bird in which both eyes look in the same direction. Other birds can see independently out of each eye, speaking of the ability to have divided focus, whereas the dove has her eyes fixed on her Beloved – an undivided heart and gaze. The Holy Spirit descended like a dove on…

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Hello My son, this is Jehovah Elohim speaking with you this day. My precious children, I have a message for each of you. Look to the east for I AM is moving with great power and might. The time of the end has […]

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Hello My son, this is Jehovah Elohim speaking with you this day. My precious ones, I AM about to do something so amazing in your life that you wouldn’t believe even if you were told. My Spirit that indwells your hearts will cause you […]

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I often am awakened by sounds in The Spirit Realm and this last week I heard three sounds that I believe The LORD allowed me to hear.

Source: Three Sounds – Three Decrees for Pentecost and Beyond! ~ by Jo Ellen Stevens

Daughter I come soon. Darkness comes. The transformation of My Bride is almost complete. Soon the world will watch in awe and wonder as My bride is transformed in power and might. Mighty she will be as she […]

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