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I sense tension in the spirit realm right now where movement, advancement and ground taking is happening for Gods people, but there is an aggravation from the enemy as he seeks to provoke the saints into fights and battles where they would settle for natural weapons. Don’t take the bait, you cannot win a war with mere carnal weapons. I see the enemy laying all sorts of different traps and snares to lure Gods people into a fight where they would be tempted to engage in retaliation by the arm of the flesh or flight by fear.

I feel the Lord is saying, “Hold your peace and pray for wisdom”!

Act according to what the word would say in these situations that have been stirred up by the enemy.

For the Lord wants you to know that : THIS IS THE ENEMY!!!

Stay calm, keep your cool, and don’t fear!

Many times we are a bit slow on the uptake and don’t even recognize the enemy’s fingerprint until we are fully engaged in a battle. Sometimes we think it’s us, sometimes we think it’s other people and sometimes we plain just blame it on the weather! But the Lord would have you know there is some demonic activity coming against the saints right now because there is territory that is being taken and kingdom advancement that is happening.

LIGHT is rising upon many in this season, and the enemy is seeking to hinder and oppose this rising. His efforts are in vain however, for who can stand against the plans of the Lord?


I see many are being set for promotion in this season, many are being positioned for promotion that has been long in the wings. The Joseph’s who have thought to be forgotten, the Lord is causing His Light to rise upon them and bring them into promotion. Destiny promotions like that of Joseph are taking place in this season as the Light of the Glory of the Lord causes Kings to come to this light.

I see though, that the enemy would seek to stir up trouble. I see jealousy, accusations, undermining sly betrayals, thoughts of discouragement, fear and infirmity being sent against these ones who are moving into new governmental positions. But the Lord would say that the momentum that has been set in motion by His Spirit will be too great for any effect of the enemy.

The Lord is saying,

“Don’t be discouraged by these attacks but know it’s only the battle before the promotion and your position in the battle is simply thanksgiving and trust. Bless those who curse you and pray for those who despite fully use you. A soft answer turns away wrath. Overcome evil with good and know that God is for you and if God is for you, who can be against you!

Don’t yield to the temptations of the carnal nature and respond in natural reasoning or carnal impulses. Don’t engage in this battle. Don’t fight back with the arm of the flesh. Take hold of the word of God, submit to that truth, resist the devil and He must flee!”



“My Glory is flooding your atmosphere, Beloved. Wave upon wave of Glory is being poured out.”

Source: I Saw Hands Releasing Glory Out Upon the Earth! ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry

You are that temple beloveds. You are the temple of the Holy Spirit and you will radiate My light and My love and power to the world!

Source: I Will Manifest My Glory and Sanctify My Temple ~ by Priscilla Van Sutphin

The Spirit of God says, “Watch! For the Wild Ones will arise and advance over the land of Wales!”

A few days ago by the leading of the Holy Spirit I was praying for the land of Wales, when a powerful vision opened up to me where I saw a vast army marching across the land of Wales.

I saw the worshipers marching first, followed by the intercessors, then the light bearers, and then the deliverers.

Now in the vision as I looked at the vast army, it was quickened to me the army of Jehoshaphat and the great victory God gave to His People.

While in the vision, I heard these words for the land of Wales, “Watch!  For the Wild Ones will arise and advance over the land of Wales.

Watch!  For even now I AM raising up and releasing those who will be known as the Wild Ones over the land of Wales.

Listen!  For the worshipers of Spirit and Truth will arise over Wales, who will release a new sound and a new song into and over the land, that will unlock and uncap the ancient wells.

Watch!  For My Faithful Intercessors will be the watchers over the harvest and they will carry and call forth My Word that will awaken the hearts of those who have grown lukewarm and cold.

Watch!  For My Light Bearers will carry the fires of revival that will bring forth supernatural revelation, illumination, and divine ignition.

Even now, My Light Bearers will begin to arise and shine, for My Glory has risen upon the land of Wales.

No longer will the powers of darkness and deception shroud and cover the eyes and the ears of the people.

Watch!  For now the mighty deliverers will now begin to emerge over the land of Wales, for a sudden shaking and divine shifting is taking place in the realms of the spirit over Wales.

For I have decreed and declared restoration, restitution and release from the bondage of witchcraft and wickedness that has held captive the hearts of the people of Wales,”  says God.

“Beloved watch and listen!  For behold angels of the harvest are descending upon the land of Wales.

For a great awakening draws near.  Now is time for the Wild Ones to arise and advance over the land of Wales,” says the Spirit of God.

After seeing this incredible vision, I remained praying and crying out for the land of Wales and again I heard the Spirit speak.

But this time I heard His Voice go forth across the land saying, “My beloved rising remnant, I speak to you this day and I say, you will not have to fight this battle.

Take up your positions, stand firm and you will see my hand of mighty deliverance and revival come upon the land.

My beloved rising remnant, do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.

Go out and face the enemy that threatens to overwhelm and defeat you.

For I the LORD will be with you, I say go, its time to pursue, overtake and recover all,” says the Spirit of God.

From Source: An Urgent Word for the Land of Wales! ~ by Veronika West


1 Thessalonians 5:16-22
16 Rejoice evermore.
17 Pray without ceasing.
18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
19 Quench not the Spirit.
20 Despise not prophesyings.
21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

My son, I have given you Seven Steps to feed My people. These seven steps are the key to being able to withstand all that will come against you. My Remnant, you are in for the battle of your life, and without learning to follow these steps could cause you to not walk in great faith.

As the days ahead grow darker, the attacks upon My Remnant will grow more intense. Satan hates My Remnant, for he knows the power they wield in My Name, Jesus. The devils and demons shake and tremble at My Name. Learn My Word, for that is the weapon of choice to lay all the enemies out.

My Remnant, so many things will be happening all at once. Some have said one judgment at a time, but I tell you multiple judgments will rage at once. It will seem when they start, they will never end. These seven steps will need to be woven into your spirit.

My son, as the clock nears midnight, stay vigilant and awake, for soon I will come and gather My Remnant to Me. I have set My Mark upon the foreheads of those who are Mine. My Holy Ones have been assigned to assist My Remnant in the coming days. It is imperative, My Remnant, to stay focused in prayer. Pray for the lost, pray for the blind, pray for the deaf and dumb. Many of these people will wake up, but many will not.

Seven Steps – seems simple, but all Heaven quakes when one person grasps these and follows the steps. Heaven is waiting, My Remnant, to follow your orders. Multitudes of angelic hosts await your commands. Time to rise and shine, My Remnant, and walk in the authority I have given you! All the world will know you are Mine because you will shine! I love you so much, My Remnant! The time is now! The time is now!
Messiah Jesus

From Source: SEVEN STEPS – Byron Searle


Psalm 97:3
A fire goeth before him, and burneth up his enemies round about.

Genesis 19:24
Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven;

Luke 12:49
I am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled?

My son, today marks the beginning of the SEASON OF FIRE. Mountains and valleys will burn with fire. People will say this is the hottest it has ever been, but I say it will get hotter. Men’s hearts will melt with heat from the fire. Green grass and trees will die from the heat and fire. Wildfires will be the worst ever, and many will lose everything, yet still no repentance.

My son, men burn with pride and arrogance and refuse to hear My warnings. I AM THE FIRE, and I will burn men’s hearts to drive sin out. I AM A CONSUMING FIRE, and I will come to this land and drive men to their knees. MY SPIRIT IS FIRE, and He will give power to My Remnant.

The SEASON OF FIRE is upon you. Do you feel the heat in your body? When you pray, do you feel the fire down deep? I am anointing My Remnant with Fire and Power to be able to walk and do as I lead you. This Season of Fire will be both physical and spiritual. Those who diligently seek Me will be set on fire and will burn brighter than the sun. Those who do not seek Me will be burned in fire for eternity.

I created fire, I love fire, for it has so many uses. It provides light; I am the light of the world. It provides heat; I am a consuming fire. It destroys, for My anger is a fire kindled. People will cry out, ” Oh God, please turn down the heat!” but I will stoke it seven times hotter. Those in Me will walk out of the furnace unharmed and not smelling of burnt flesh. I will turn up the heat to drive men to repentance. Some will repent; most will not.

This nation will see fire of both kinds. Pray for the Fire of the Holy Spirit to fill men’s hearts. I am coming soon – I AM THE FIRE! Be ready to burn, My Remnant! Repent, My church! Repent! Come out from among the world! I love you all My children, but FIRE IS COMING!
The Father

Source: SEASON OF FIRE – Byron Searle

Beloved. Deep is calling unto deep. You are in the midst of a beautiful blue ocean.

Source: Deep is Calling Unto Deep