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The LORD says, “I’ve had a plan since the beginning. My plan is going as expected. I’m not surprised by what the enemy has done.”

Source: The Arising of His Glory ~ by Priscilla Van Sutphin

I hear The Spirit say, “Beloved, why do you fear and fret about the future? Why is your heart so heavy?”

Source: It’s Time… Destiny’s Clock is Ticking! ~ by Veronika West

The LORD woke me up this morning around 3:00 a.m. declaring, “I AM blocking out time!”

Source: The LORD is Blocking Time — Allowing His Glory to Come ~ by Mary Adger

The LORD says, “You are Mine. Look to Me and be transformed by My Holy Fire. Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.”

Source: The Fires of Fear and the Greater Fire Within You ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry

“My Warrior, do not be afraid and do not even CONSIDER evil. The GREATER ONE dwells in you and you hold the KEYS of LIGHT to set the captives free.”

Source: The Greater One and The Keys of Light ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry

Says The LORD,

“I AM Releasing My Burning Ones!”

In the last few days during special moments with The LORD, He began to touch my heart with the weariness so many are feeling as we move into Independence Day.

He is prompting me to say, “As you lean into Me, it shall be a time of reinforcing your most holy faith in tomorrow and total dependence on Me Alone.

You have been contending with daily challenges that have only seemed overwhelming.  Your walk has not been easy in this past season, but you are being catapulted into a new level of trust and true realization that all of Heaven is cheering for you.

Take no thought for tomorrow for tomorrow will be the continuance of fullness of purpose.  Learning to lean into Me precedes learning to lean on Me.

You need both in order to lean not to your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Me as I direct your path,” says The LORD.

Fullness of time indicates full bloom.  They are the same in that when the fullness of time is here, that which has been planted, watered and nurtured will come into full bloom.

Many seeds are beginning to accelerate and come into full bloom and bear much fruit in this season and that fruit will remain.

The LORD has been showing me that many who will read this have been a forerunners for decades.  He is sending a message that they need during this time when they are feeling totally stagnant.

He has many new connects planted for you that will be coming alongside of you and it will seem like the rescue team has arrived to resuscitate you.

The LORD is saying, “Relax, take a deep breath and know that you are being reinforced and strengthened as you rest in Me.

Reach out now and take My Hand for you are at a point of new spiritual discovery of things in My Word that you have yet to see but have only dreamed of. 

I say they shall spring forth suddenly as you yield to the moving of My Spirit and forget all the traditions of the past.  Nothing shall stop the bursting forth of the Joy that awaits you in the months ahead,” says The LORD.

Remember, God won’t use what you lost last season in this season, He wants to use what you have left.  So enter in to this new day with full expectancy and don’t keep telling Him what you don’t have.

LACK has no place in you.  The LORD is your Shepherd.  So know that it is time to clear the air of all pollution and take a deep breath of the very Life of God that will sustain you as you climb to greater heights with Him.

As you rise up above the negative clamor of the world, the peace that passes all understanding will take over your mind and emotions and you will speak with The LORD — spirit to spirit.

NOW IS THE HOUR when we are set apart with a new direction.  He is lifting us up higher to see from HIS vantage point and have the advantage.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but MIGHTY to the pulling down of strongholds.  He would have us get HIS perspective, then we can clearly see the objectives.

Without HIS perspective, we are just beating the air, going nowhere.  He will point out the obstacles that need to come down so that PURPOSE will become crystal clear, PROGRESS will spring forth quickly and clarity of vision will be written upon our hearts.

“I made you in My Image, and I hid Heaven in your hearts.  Indeed I have My Hand prints upon you.  You are marked by Me as My Representative.  You are an Ambassador of Hope,” says the Father.

“Even as darkness continues, the brightness of My Light will dispel the darkness for all who Arise and move forward onto the Path of Life.

The Flame of My Love has sustained all who have foregone fiery trials and it shall ignite afresh the burned out ones.

As you are ignited, you will be united with others who will go forth and light their world.  Each ignited one will carry the glow of My Presence into the dark places.

My fresh Fire shall begin to spread like wildfire to those in My Kingdom.

I AM releasing My Burning Ones.  They are carrying My Heart and the light of My Glory.

I AM taking you beyond the mundane into the ordained.  This very hour of deception shall become your hour of deep perception.  Indeed, My Mighty Warrior Bride shall walk with heads held high and display My Power in this hour.”

Source: He is Releasing His Burning Ones ~ by Sandi Holman

The presence of the Lord filled my room tonight and he spoke these words to me:

“The sick, the well, the blind, the infirm, the old, the young, the rich, the poor, all of these I will lead, in the final exodus of mankind. I will come and visit my people. These will walk in me, I will be their strength, their sight, their health, their youth, their sustenance to carry them. In the darkest of days known to man, these shall come forth as my shining lights unto the world. The works that I do these shall also do, for it is I that work through them. I AM their beginning, and I shall be their end. Come forth oh Jacob, who can stop the Army of God, who can stop my coming and appearing unto all the earth and the nations? It is I oh Israel, I come as the deliverer for my people.

Tho darkness shall now rise up in the kingdoms of man, my word shall now come forth as it has been written.There shall no longer be hunger for bread and for water in the dry barren land, for I AM the Bread of Life and I AM the Living water. Freely I give the gift of Life. Your money your gold, your idols of wood and stone, these I shall slaughter and tear down before me, for is it not written thou shall have no other Gods before me?

You harlot oh Jezebel did you not see that your final day would come? Did you not see that I who have eyes to see all that is hidden would search and find all of your sins before me? Your hour has come, a nation that will no longer be known as you were known, and those who have eyes to see you will look and say, surely the time has come that this nation has been judged by a God that is no longer covering her because of her abominations.

What is an abomination to God

It describes anything that God finds
detestable, especially idolatry
(worshiping false gods). It is
translated from a number of
Hebrew and Greek words, several of
which mean "to stink" (e.g., Exodus
7:18). An abomination is something
that God detests and finds rotten
and vile.


Source: In the darkest of days known to man, these shall come forth as my shining lights unto the world – Patti Young

Received 6-23-20

My son write to My children.

My children, I love you all with an everlasting love and I long for you all to be with Me here in My Father’s house. It is a house unlike any that you have ever seen. It is greater than you could even ask for, think of or imagine in your wildest dreams. Even those that I have taken to heaven and shown glimpses to do not know everything that I have in store for My holy, chosen children, who love Me more than life itself. I AM the giver of life and I give to all who seek Me with their whole heart, mind soul and strength. There is more life than you ever knew possible. Those who have My Spirit, the Spirit that raised Me from the dead, will continue to walk in My ways and will know the truth that sets them free from the bondage of this world. My children you are called to overcome this world even in these dark days that you are in now. I have made the way for you and shown you My path of righteousness, walk in it by My Spirit that lives inside you.

My children, be strong and courageous and be encouraged, put on the oil of joy instead of mourning, put on the garment of praise instead of the heavy burden of the world. My yoke is easy and my burden is light if you worship Me in Spirit and in truth. Put off your false religious acts that man has had you bound in and enjoy the freedom and liberty of My Spirit. I have indeed set you free from the bondages of the flesh, of sin and of death to live by the Spirit that lives within all of My children. Choose My life by the Spirit and die daily to your fleshly old Man. The fire of My Spirit burns any flesh of the old man that is left alive in you and it is painful but it is necessary. Be filled continuously by spending time with Me and desiring Me above all else. Those who do as I have commanded, I will baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire.

My children, the time of the increased anointing is at hand and the enemy knows it, this is why he is making his final moves quickly across the whole earth. His wicked plans are being allowed to go forward to test all who live upon the earth, even My children are being tested. Those who have guarded and kept My word of patient endurance I will protect through these trials. The enemy will will not stop the move of My Spirit, in My children who are led By My Spirit, no matter what he brings against them. Has it not been written that the very gates of hell will not prevail over My church? That is what is coming before My wrath is poured out. Do Not Be Afraid! The enemy has never overpowered My true church though his followers think he has. Those who are in the flesh cannot understand the things of the Spirit because they are of a different spirit, the spirit of antichrist that rules over the children of disobedience even now. As My Spirit increases in My children, so does this spirit of lawlessness that you see is very evident upon the earth now. My group of holy, chosen children, will remain hidden for just a little while longer. The Antichrist and his minions hide in the darkness though I have revealed them to many with eyes to see and ears to hear. His army of mighty ones are no match for My mighty ones, for I already have won the victory for them, they only have to walk in it.

My children, this battle is already raging in the spiritual realm but it is spilling over to your physical realm even now. His army will steal, kill, destroy and wreck havoc, chaos and fear in judgment and wrath across the land like never before. In contrast My army will bring the hope of My salvation to millions through many signs and wonders, miracles of all kinds, healing all manner of sicknesses and diseases instantly, resurrections of the dead will be common, food will appear as they give thanks, they will provide safe shelter and protection for millions from the attacks of the enemy. I will direct My children by the voice of My Holy Spirit when to move out into the harvest fields, it is not by the plan of any man. The best made plans of man will come to naught but My plans will not fail. The harvest is very plentiful and the workers are very few and they will be completely obedient to My will in every way.

All who have My spirit are My children; Sons and Daughters of the Father, My brothers and sisters and joint heirs with Me. There are many different types and shadows of My harvesters from the days of old. Some are as Elijah, some Abraham, some Moses, some David, some Noah, some Enoch, some Joseph, some Joshua, some Caleb, some Sampson, some Mary Magdalene, some Martha, some Deborah, some Ruth, some Esther, some Sara, some Anna, some Lydia, some Priscilla, some Rahab and there will also be others. Do not put limits on how many and what manner of groups there are for I have no limits. Man has limits but I will widen these limits to a level never before seen.

My children, I warn you do not argue about these groups among yourselves, that is what the enemy wants you to do. Do not divide yourselves over things that you do not fully know yet. It makes no difference if you call yourself by this one or that, it is what I have purposed you to be that matters and that you do My will. What difference does it make if you call your group the bride, the remnant, the remnant-bride, the chosen, the church, the 144000 or any other names that you may come up with? Is a title that important to you that you would cause quarreling, division and strife among your brothers and sisters? Are you not all the children of the Most High God? Is this not the same type of debate that the sons of Zebedee had? Is it not from pride that these contentions and debates arise? Pride goes before destruction and arrogance goes before a fall. I will humble the proud but I will exalt the humble, this is the way of My Spirit. For now you look into the glass dimly but soon you will see Me face to face. You will know even as you are known by Me with certainty things that are to come for I will reveal them by My Spirit. There are many different jobs that I will have My children doing during this time of the end. My plan is more intricate and detailed than My children know because I do not want it revealed to My enemy. Do not let the enemy cause you to squander your inheritance and do not think that this could not happen because it can. Some will be saved through the fire and though all their rewards will be burned up they will be saved but it will be painful. I tell you this to save you pain.

My children, everything I am telling you has been revealed in the scriptures but it has been hidden until this time. Be as the Bereans and search them to see if they are so and let My Spirit guide your understanding. I am revealing these things to My children now little by little but soon the veil will be completely removed. It was rent from top to bottom so that you could come in but soon the fire of My glory will be completely revealed in you. It will consume all flesh but to you who are of My Spirit, you will arise and shine and My glory will rise upon you for all to see and even the Kings shall be drawn to the brightness of your rising. Oh, what a glorious day that will be! Creation itself has been groaning for that day! The manifestation of My revealed sons and daughters! Just as Adam and Eve walked with Me in the garden so shall I walk with My children again. All things will be restored, even your bright nature.

This will be My New Normal.

This was the original plan from the beginning.

He who does My will is in alignment with My plan.

I AM the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end.

Yahshua Ha Mashiach

Jesus The Christ

Source: MY NEW NORMAL – Holy Spirit Wind

The LORD says, “Beloved. Don’t wonder why you are different, My Child. You are My Night Hawks.”

Source: You are His Night Hawks ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry