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I have been given a vision of the End Times Army of the LORD more than ten years ago, with an interpretation for such a time as this:

Source: End Times Army of God: Rise To Glory! ~ by Julia A.



“God’s promise to Joseph purged his character until it was time for his dreams to come true,”    Psalms 105:19 (TPT).

I read this scripture and heard The LORD say… “Many of you are not the bad person that you think you are, but what is happening to you is that, you had a dream and began to speak it forth and those around you began to get jealous and to try and stop you from accomplishing your dream!

As you went through this trial, it has been working an even greater weight of glory in you, to bring you into the fullness of your destiny and calling.

I have been perfecting that which concerns you!  I have begun this good work in you and will perform it until the day when I will bring you to full potential!”

 “And Joseph dreamed a dream, and he told it to his brethren: and they hated him yet the more,”    Genesis 37:5.

I hear Him say,  “Press on My child, for I AM a Good Father that wants to see you succeed and who wants the dream that I placed in you to come to pass!

I have been bringing you through a season of purging as your dream tested you and tried you, for did I not say that, ‘I AM the one who prunes the branches who produces for greater service?’

This never was about whether or not you belonged to Me!  You are mine and I have loved you with an everlasting love, but it is about what I was preparing you for up ahead.

I have known all along that you would be in a place to save your brothers and sisters alive in the days ahead!

Now is the time for you to come up out of that prison that you have been in and be promoted, for I AM about to bring you to a new platform!

Shake the dust off from the hurt that you have endured.  Be healed in your heart from the bruises in your mind and heart, for I shall heal you of the betrayal!

Stand tall and be the kings and priests I have made you to be through the suffering you have been through and endured!

No, you didn’t do it all perfectly, but you stood!  I saw the tears, the years and the pain that you endured, but you kept going and now it is time to rule and reign in My Kingdom business, for you are the sons and daughters of the King!

I AM employing you today and commissioning you for greater service in the service of the Kingdom!  Yes, it is time to arise and shine!”

~ by Jo Ellen Stevens
Arise Shine!

From Source: The Dream That Brought the Test Is Now Bringing You to Triumph!

Source: Prepare for the ECONOMIC WOE! – Erik Espinoza

“You have wondered why I have hidden you away. Why no one knows your name; why you have been ignored and considered unimportant.”

Source: Standby to Launch: The Time of Triumph has Come!

Source: Robe Changer – Brad Medd

April 13, 2019

“My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My Holy Spirit is sinking deeper and deeper into the hearts of My own now. These are not processing things with their human reasoning, but processing by My Holy Spirit alone. These live in My peace. They walk in My wholeness, with complete understanding that all that is to come I will ordain. My own are selfless and realize that all I will do, going forward, is for the benefit of those who are lost and those who still reason in their flesh and not by My Spirit. There are many who will be surprised as to what I will allow to bring My own into understanding and to bring the lost to the point of receiving Me. These things will bring no fear to those that have been closely watching, for these have received wholly My comfort and protection, and they will not waiver. It is those that still remain in doubt and fear that unintentionally do the enemy’s bidding. They will not believe until these things lie before them. But, to these I say, open your hearts now to what is possible in My realm and begin to focus on that. Do not remain in your carnal thought patterns, nor should you encourage others to pursue these limits of human reasonings. Limiting My plan in your mind to the level of your basic human reasoning is quelling My Holy Spirit. I am not limited by human conception, and it will be much easier for you to grasp these things if your hearts and minds are open to them. You must check your pride at the door. Think of the fear of many if I did not warn prior to these events. My transformed ones will bring comfort to those that remain in question and to those who are engulfed in fear, for many of these events will be inconceivable and beyond shocking. Hearts will be softened and prepared to receive My truth. I do nothing without a purpose, and I allow nothing unless it serves My purpose.

If your heart is filled with fear, you must refocus, refocus onto Me. I promise, My children, open your hearts to My comfort, and you will surely receive it. Open your hearts to My peace, and you will surely experience it. These are My promises to you, and I make no promise in vain. Not all of My children have received all that I have shared, yet each one of My children have received what is pertinent to them. All who will experience My end-time events will have an experience tailored to them and those around them. Your focus should not be upon not believing you need to experience certain things. Your focus should be on Me, trusting in Me, believing in Me and realizing that all that is to occur is leading to the manifestation of My Kingdom. Humble your hearts. Share what I share with you, after prayerful consideration. Do not be afraid of those who come against you. Do not engage with those who are set on sowing discord, and let yourselves not be deterred from doing so. Wait patiently. Watch carefully, and most important, love one another. I love you, My children.”   Yeshua Ha’Mashiach




Source: Love One Another! – 278pikelk

Source: Rejoice For Soon My Glory, Even My Radiant Glory, Will Fall Upon You – Warrior Princess