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The trumpet sounds throughout the heavens, as a Voice of many waters.

Awaken those who slumber; prepare your sons and daughters.

He walks among the Candlesticks, a mighty One Who never tires.

He is surveying all His household, with eyes as flames of fire.

His name is Alpha and Omega, His face is shining like the sun.

The stars are held within His hand; behold the Faithful One.

There are seven lamps of fire, that burn before His throne.

And like thunder from the heavens, He is speaking to His own.

Can you hear the call to holiness? Do you have ears to hear?

If righteous ones are scarcely saved, where will ungodly men appear?

Every mountain shall be lowered, and every valley lifted high.

The Ancient One of Days shall come, there will be wonders in the sky.

The watchmen see it coming: His display of mighty power.

So in the spirit of Elijah, declare the lateness of the hour!

Watching unto midnight, they hold a trumpet in their hand.

Salve anoints their eyesight, as they peer throughout the land.

The righteous hear the trumpet, but the wicked are surprised.

Woe to those at ease in Zion, there is no time for compromise!

Warn them and alert them; set the trumpet to thy mouth,

Send a message of repentance to the north and to the south.

There is distress among the nations, with much perplexity.

The countries are in anguish from the tossing of the seas.

But His chosen are ascending, and they shall see the heavens parted.

The unrepentant are as Ichabod: “the glory has departed”.

Cast aside the heavy burdens, and run to win the race.

Turn from any worldliness, be steadfast in your faith.

Endure your time of testing; stay on the straight and narrow way.

Those who overcome all things, shall reign with Him one day.

Though the nations are in turmoil, and their kingdoms tumble down,

Hold fast onto your patience, and let no man take your crown.

His elect are being summoned; pangs are felt upon the Earth.

A travailing as with child, shall bring them to the birth.

Lift your heads, O people, as creation groans and sighs.

Your King is surely coming, and your redemption draweth nigh!

From Source: THE   TRUMPET   SOUND – Terri Hill


Source: My Church is not a building! – Cheryl

“For my kingdom comes and I have for you a mansion in my house as promised. Like me…the son of man had no where to lay his head…so to do many of you my loves….As I was and AM broken so are ye. I say to you…rise up my love…and come away with me. For the rain has ceased and the leaves appear. The sound of the turtle dove is heard once again. For I have opened my gates …I have prepared a great feast. You shall not want for you dwell in the house of the LORD. The great shepherd has appeared and with him as brought. Unending crowns that shine in radiant splendor. Rejoice for you shall see my face and taste of my honey and milk in which flows without cease. I have rewarded all who love me and have opened their door to me. You have and will always be engraved in me. And you shall go forth in eternal life knowing I AM with you always…as you receive all I AM and the desires of your heart. It is I who has placed them there and I who will fulfill them. As I bring all into completion. To those who loved the lamb…The lion vindicates and shelters… I raise you up… I set you free…. Live dry bones… See the GLORY of the LORD…. Feel the latter rain upon you… Awaken oh child for I AM.” JESUS CHRISTExcerpt From: Awaken oh child for I AM – Krystal Beall

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Full word @ Source: Awaken oh child for I AM – Krystal Beall

Source: DAY OF THE LORD IS AT HAND… – Krystal Beall


Beloved. Do you know there is a Lion who sings over you? Do not lose hope. What I have done in the past, I will do again.

Source: Do Not Lose Hope!

Source: Get Your Affairs in Order! – A Word From The Lord