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Jesus is putting on my heart that many will experience a new adventure soon, such as:

  • New place to live, or
  • A new direction in your life, or
  • A new desire, or
  • A new experience in how you receive more of Jesus.

Ask Jesus what this new thing may be for you.

The Holy Spirit says: “Tell that I AM ready.

Just as Moses embarked on a new adventure, so will they.

There is a shift happening and My People need to be ready for changes will occur.

I will put My Spirit into many more people and the Earth will be filled with My Glory.

It is time to rise up and get ready to move.”

Source: Get Ready! A New Adventure! ~by Travis Coffey

I saw a beautiful Tree set in a Garden, with different trees growing around it’s Feet. I heard the phrase, “These are the Walking and Talking Trees of My Shekinah Glory.”

Source: The Walking and Talking Trees ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

Love of God is the currency that produces The Glory of God, and The Glory of God is the real value of life!

Source: Reevaluating Life Priorities in Light of God’s Glory ~by Ron McGatlin

“Remarkable change is on the way beloveds of Mine. Rougher times for many, but glorious times for those who love Me,” says The LORD!

Source: The Great Turning ~by Priscilla Van Sutphin

With all that is happening lately, I have felt in my spirit, that things are being set up for the Antichrist to arrive on the scene, to reveal himself.

Source: Alert: Is the Antichrist About to Be Revealed? ~by Elizabeth Marie

Dream 682

“Watch Norway, watch all of Scandinavia too! There is coming a new wave of Awakening and Revival throughout the land, and many shall be saved!”says The LORD!

Source: The Sword of The LORD on Norway ~by Chris G. Bennett

The LORD spoke: ““You sing, “My country ’tis of Thee, Sweet land of Liberty!”** However, Liberty has been waning, because it has been given over to wickedness for a long time. People point to this thing, or that thing, that influenced the recent direction of The Nation, but there is one particular thing that has done such harm for a long time. That is idolatry to secret meetings, where prideful men and women gather and plan things not planned by Me. For they have bowed to horrible entities. This has been an abomination to Me. It is the root of all that is going on.

There are varieties of people in the ranks of these groups, but all have bowed to other “gods” in the partaking of the forbidden fruit. You cannot drink from the cup of The LORD and of the enemy. These organizations purpose to delude the participants in the beginning. It is admitted in their own literature. It is time for the judgment of all things that slither and deceive. In the ranks of The Church called by My Name, are many belonging to these associations. And they feel justified in doing so. They look down on anyone who challenges them. This is an abomination to Me — and I will not tolerate it anymore! The Spirit of Burning comes now to deal with all that is unholy, before The Holy Spirit is loosed on My People in fullness. People with seared consciences will be judged, so see that your own heart is willing to do whatever I ask. Pray that men and women everywhere will be given grace to say “Yes” to My Will over their own. The Whirlwind of My Power is coming to knock down their plans and perceived power. For they are destroying all that I created. The narcissists have no regard for mankind, but only for their own warped philosophy, their own wills. Greater is He Who is in you than he who is in the world! Roll out the red carpet for the King of Glory!”

Continue reading full prophetic word @ Source: America the Beloved ~by Priscilla Van Sutphin

I was waiting on The LORD for a word tonight — and then I heard the phrase, “You are My Nightingales singing in the dead of night.”

Source: The LORD’s Nightingales ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

March 26, 2023

Warning after warning have I given. I have raised up my messengers, watchmen and Prophets for a time such as this. I have poured out my spirit and have given dreams and visions. This is the END. It is the last time. Yet it is only the beginning. MY KINGDOM COME. MY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. I have called ALL men to REPENT. RETURN TO ME. LOOK TO ME ALL THE ENDS OF THE EARTH AND BE SAVED FOR I AM GOD AND THERE IS NONE ELSE. How few be that seek me. Few are they that respond to my call. Rejoice ALL who have. I have answered prayers for lost loved ones. Do I not love my stubborn souls? Yea I do. Was my blood not shed for all. Yes it was. I AM faithful. I AM TRUE. I AM who I AM. It is much, much later than man realizes. My ways are higher. My thoughts higher. Trust me. Heaven is my throne. Earth my footstool. There is so much good for all who love me. I have prepared a place that where I AM ye may be also. I will come again and receive you. I love you. I have always loved you. With an everlasting love. How I have wept countless tears over man’s indifference at my GREAT sacrifice. How I have mourned not for what it cost me, my life… but for MAN. It was for MAN that I came. It was for MAN that I took on the form of MAN who I created in my image and likeness. ALL for MAN. I love MAN though he shows very little love for me. I AM faithful and though I be denied I can not deny myself. I will destroy your kingdom oh MAN. I will tear it down. Yea with a GREAT crash it will fall. Collapsing. Total ruin. A heap of ruin. Smoke and ash. I will do this because I love you. I AM doing it now. Trust me. I desire you live life HOLY. Live with me in the garden as I had intended. I desire the very best for you. I have created you for love. For life. For joy. For peace. For eternity. You have allowed the cunning serpent to beguile you. The father of lies. The most cunning one to lead you astray and down the broad path of destruction. I will abase and chasten in full. I love you. I AM grieved to my marrow to look upon MAN at this time. The rejection I received a second time has left a bleeding wound. My heart mourns yet I rejoice in all that I AM to reveal to you. I give you the garden restored. I give you the desires of your heart. I give you the land of milk and honey. I give you the crown. I give you back the years the locust consumed. I give you back all that you thought you had lost. There is nothing impossible with me. For me. I AM GOD. Just as I gave you myself in the flesh….JESUS CHRIST, LOVING YOU. LIVING AMONGST YOU. You did not recognize me. You could not hear. I give you my kingdom. I gave myself. I withheld nothing. No good thing. Poured out. Rejoice. Be glad. I gave up all of me. I will give you all I AM and all that I have. I AM all things. ALL things are mine. GLORY. Come in….go out. Green pastures. Live. Expect me. Fear not. Be at peace and be exceedingly glad. Life. Eternity. ALL THINGS NEW.


Source: For a time such as this – Krystal Beall