Why Pomegranates and Chains?

Fruits of the spirit (pomegranates – symbol of life) juxtaposed with chains that bind — sinners who have not yet chosen the freely offered blood of Jesus for individual forgiveness of sins. Holy Spirit’s truth which is the Word of God and testimony of Jesus versus the lies of the enemy that ensnare and bind. Are you a seeker after God’s truth? I am but one of the prophetic voices God has raised up for such a time as this. True prophets do not choose themselves but are humble and chosen by God himself, trusted as His courier due to a life with clean hands and a pure heart…willing to listen closely and then bold enough to report truthfully on what is being spoken through God’s Spirit: “…We will tell the nations how glorious you are and what you have done Because of your wonderful deeds we will sing your praises everywhere on earth.” (Isaiah 12: 4-5) Joy and victory and love all have a name in common and that is Jesus, Savior of the World. There is no other name under heaven by which you can be saved. This is truth. There are NOT many paths. God’s words will all be fulfilled. Do not believe anything that contradicts God’s written word in His Bible. Prayerfully ask for conformation from Holy Spirit of all words given on this and any other website.

In reading the Old Testament account of King David’s son, Solomon’s (known for his wisdom from God) building of a first temple to house God’s shekinah glory, I was inspired by this truth by the Holy Spirit: that the two massive columns to the north and south of God’s temple in the one physical place on earth that he chooses above all others, Jerusalem, were both decorated with pomegranates and chains.  God’s Word: “Two columns were made for the entrance to the temple…the top of each column was decorated with designs that looked like chains and with 100 carvings of pomegranates.”  2 Chronicles 3:15-16

The twin columns were even named with names then which carry anointing and destiny. To the North was placed Boaz (meaning God is Strong) and to the South was Jachin (God makes Secure). – from 2 Chron. 3:17

So what does this have to do with God’s supernatural miracles of healing being manifested in the world today? Only God’s perfect plan of salvation through belief in his only son, Jesus Christ — Emmanuel — “God with us” has the power through the shed blood of Jesus to break every chain of disease, sickness, infirmity, broken hearts, addictions and casting out of evil spirits which bring with them pain, heartache, depression and all the other ills of this imperfect world.

Christ comes to live in our hearts by invitation only and brings the Holy Spirit’s fruitful gifts known as peace, love, hope, faith and salvation.

So — choose today whom you will serve. Exchange your chains for pomegranates — known as a symbol of life in ancient times.  Today can bring change. Rivers of life-giving water can flow out of you to a world being enveloped in spiritual darkness. Start living with the Holy Spirit’s fruits beginning now, then tomorrow and be known forever in the kingdom of heaven as a saved believer in Christ.  Know securely where you will spend eternity. There are only two sides: God’s truth spoken from the foundation of the world and not hidden, and everyone else’s views from thousands of sects, mystery religions, atheism, idolotry, and worship of satanic darkness not founded in truth…full of spiritual deception (which can all be wrapped up and combined under the heading “lies of the enemy of your soul.”)  Evil is not choosy about which belief you choose on the wide way that leads to destruction as long as you miss the narrow path that leads to life eternal.

Worship music: “Love Has a Name” (Live) from Jesus Culture on album of same name which speaks about fixing our eyes on Jesus to break our chains of sin. Watch Kim Walker-Smith @ ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZO-3dj33k-I. I was in the audience for the live recording. Jesus Culture meets at Folsom High School in Folsom, California near me.



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