Without faith that Jesus is God’s son…salvation is through Him alone…It is impossible to please God or find the narrow path to eternity with light, love, mercy, joy, praise, fulfillment and reward from your Creator, the Great I AM.

The Lord can be trusted! Here is the key to peace which is a gift from Holy Spirit when he takes up residence inside you and your soul and spirit celebrate the Lord: “Praise the LORD and pray in his name! Tell everyone [the whole world] what he has done. Sing praises to the LORD! Tell about His miracles. Celebrate and worship his holy name with all your heart. Trust the LORD and his mighty power. Remember his miracles and all His wonders and his fair decisions.” (Psalm 105: 1-5) Measure everything against God’s words to you in his BIBLE (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth). Beyond peace are many “fruits” of the Spirit available to the believer: love, faith, joy, patience = qualities which are bestowed on believers when they turn from the traps and chains of sin.