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“For I say to you, much change is on the horizon for this nation, the world, individuals and groups.”

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Open wide your heart and allow Me to fill it with My grace and truth. Draw close in this final hour of preparation for My Spirit is beginning to do a deeper work of transformation in you.

Yes, this is the final hour of what you have known time to be. There is a major shift that is taking place.

My kingdom, which is in you, is beginning to manifest in a powerful way. There is no more time to waste on vain empty things.

Stir up the gifts I’ve place within you that have been dormant. Shake off the apathy and complacency and cry out for a deeper infilling of My Spirit.

For many, night has become day, as hours of intercession take place. You reap what you sow. What is sown in tears, will produce a bumper crop of fruit.

A planting of trees of righteousness is taking place this very hour as you seek Me and cry out for the lost.

All that I’ve said I would do I will do through them. They will tear down and build up by My spirit.

They will proclaim and see action take place immediately. Blind eyes will open; and yes, the deaf will hear. Legs will grow out and they will run through the land like in Nineveh.

Many will be cleansed of spiritual leprosy. Cancers will fall off and infirm spirits will leave. Everything that has been a hindrance in the spirit will leave.

So hold on to what you have of Me and be ready for an overload of My power and glory, says your LORD.

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Source: A Major Shift is Taking Place! † His Kingdom Prophecy

Beloved.  Arise and shine.  You are not a nobody.  This is just the enemy whispering lies into your ears.

Source: You Are NOT A Nobody! † His Kingdom Prophecy

I have not called you to fear, but to conquer.  No longer shall you be fighting a “losing battle”, Dear One.  The Day of Boldness has come.

Source: I Have Not Called You to Fear! † His Kingdom Prophecy

That thing you talk about, the circumstance, the situation of your life, a test, a trial – you talk about it all the time making it bigger by your words.

Source: I AM There When You Magnify ME! † His Kingdom Prophecy

Noah built but had little help, as all who said they believed in God did not believe God would actually destroy the world and make a separation from sin.

Source: Up Until the Day God Shut the Door! † His Kingdom Prophecy

I saw a Believer in a bedroom. (Place of rest and preparation).  A GOLD SASH was being placed over his head.  A Key was being given to him.

Source: Beloved, There Has Been A Shift! † His Kingdom Prophecy