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I asked Jesus what the purpose of life was.

He said:

“The purpose of life is to serve God!  If you are doing anything else then you are not obeying Me.

I AM your creator and King.

I made you to relate to Me and serve Me out of love out of love and appreciation for what I:

Have done for you,

Am doing for you,

Will do for you.

I have given The Holy Spirit to you to help you in this which is why His presence is in you so that communication is direct with Him and not at a distance so He can guide you in all you need to know to serve and relate to me.

You need to develop this personal relationship with The Holy Spirit and He will guide you to develop it with Me and The Father.

I have told people that many, who call themselves ‘Christian’, will not go up in the rapture because they know of and about Me but do not know Me and The Father in an intimate, personal relationship.

The demons know more about Me and my requirements than they do, but they do not have a personal relationship with Me and will never go to heaven, because they did not repent when I gave them the chance too.

In a relationship people interact:

They talk with each other,

They serve each other,

They share their heart with each other,

They spend time with each other.

The more intimate the relationship the greater the degree of each of these.

Are you seeking to develop your personal relationship with Me?

To know Me and My Will more and more in all you do?

Or do you only think about me and do not interact with Me in a personal way.

I said that Salvation is a personal interaction with Me and The Father guided by The Holy Spirit! (John 17:3).

Do you have this personal, interactive relationship with me or am I just an acquaintance of your?”


After I wrote this down I asked Jesus what to tell Christians.

He said to Tell them to live as they should.

That their salvation is an active, personal relationship with Him and The Father guided by The Holy Spirit and not just learning about Him or agreeing with what He taught and then doing it legalistically, because the demons do that but do not have an active salvation relationship with Him and serve Him out of duty and not Love.

“They are to evaluate how much they love Me and The Father and what they, Myself and The Father.

That they are responsible for what they believe and do and will have no one else to blame if they do not at least try and develop this relationship.

All I ask is that people wholeheartedly try to develop this relationship and obey Me.

I do not look at results but at the attitude of the heart as they do things for me so that the only failure will be if you do not wholeheartedly try to Love Me or The Father and do My Will so that the result of what you do is not important in the light of eternity but only the attitude you do it in.”

He then said:

“Salvation is a rescuing from the kingdom of darkness (Satan) hell, to the Kingdom of Light (Jesus) which is The Kingdom of God.

As this occurs you are redeemed so you can enter into a personal relationship with each member of The Trinity.

You are declared to be in a righteous (correct) relationship with God who then

He Sanctifies you by declaring you are His and a citizen of His Kingdom.

To maintain this relationship you need to pursue:

Lordship (making Jesus Lord of all you do),

Holiness (rejecting all that is not of God),

Stewardship (correctly looking after all God gives you to care for Him.  This is important as He owns everything and we are only stewards of what He gives us to care for Him).

It is all founded on Love for Jesus, The Father and The Holy Spirit as all else flows from that.

This is why Love is the first fruit of The Spirit as all the other fruit will be in place if you have the correct attitude of Love to others.”

He then said, “I provide all you need to do these things but you must want to see them and do them.

The Holy Spirit is always there to help and guide you so that you have no excuse, because I will never ask you to do more than you are able to and will train you for what I ask you to do.

Remember in pure love there is no fear or doubt.  So if you have either of these in relationship to how My Love is expressed towards you then you need to examine your understanding of My Love and see where it is wrong.

I have called you with an everlasting Love and have done this in mercy and kindness.

Do not fear Me and My Love.  Fear not knowing My Love so that you cannot express it correctly.”


~ Through Neville Salvetti

From Source: I Asked Jesus What the Purpose of Life Was… ~ by Neville Salvetti


Excerpt: “I am shaking out the pillow that I have been resting My head on and releasing the feathers inside to be carried by the wind of My Spirit to their appointed destinations.”

“Why do You call them feathers, Lord?”

“These are the ones who have allowed me to confine them in dark places, hemmed in by the covering of My design and only able to make out the feathers lying in surrender next to them. They have stilled and quieted their souls in this confinement and the fragrance of their laid-down lives has formed a sweet pillow for My head. In spite of the darkness, they have continued to worship Me and have gained intimate knowledge of the thoughts of My heart. They are feather-light because they no longer carry emotional and spiritual baggage. In this place they have come to know My thoughts towards them and have come to trust Me totally with their lives because they know My plans for them are for good and not for evil, to give them a hope and a future. They are in a place of rest and will allow the thermals of My Spirit to carry them without resistance. They let Me do with them what I will.”

“So what is to become of them, Lord?”

“ Some are to become quills who will write eloquently and express the thoughts of My heart to men, others are destined to be quills in arrow shafts, speeding to their destinations; yet others will cushion the nests of the young eaglets as they learn to step out in independence and learn to fly.”

I pondered this as I walked along and suddenly noticed that there were feathers lying here and there, along my path.

“Why are You telling me all this, Lord?”

“So that they know that the shaking that happens at this time is part of My plan and not the enemy’s attack. It is My hand that is loosening and upturning their lives. For some time, they have been hidden and snug within the pillow company that I rested My head on, whispering together and sharing with those of like hearts what they are learning of Me, BUT now I will arise and begin to shake out the place of hiddenness. I will release them from the darkness of their intimate resting place with Me and launch them on a whole new adventure. I can trust them to impart My heart to the nations because I have found a place to rest My head in them, and they have the mind of Christ. They have ministered comfort and rest to Me with their worship and their unfettered love towards Me and I can now trust them with My business, Kingdom Business. For I so love the world that I now send My sons….”

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Let’s commit to Pray for television evangelists (as t.v. itself delivers unclean spirits of lust, perversion, fornication, vanity, sport team worship — among hundreds of others — right into your homes) operating out of spirits of money, vanity or deception while they speak smoothly. Only God will ultimately look at your heart and motives.  All of life boils down to just two sides. You either belong to God through his sacrificial son, Jesus, or you are on the other side — which is vast and broad and contains everything else, though satan attempts to disguise falseness with many choices and wrong paths. YOU CANNOT FOOL GOD, the Father of us all — giver of life, breath, spirit and soul — AT THE JUDGEMENT SEAT OF CHRIST! Anything attempted outside of His Son will be as FILTHY RAGS — which is garbage if you need this Biblical phrase translated into common language.  That should give us ALL pause. BEWARE everyone. God himself will close the “ark” door of safety as time winds down on the Church age, which is the age of grace. Prosperity preachers have polluted Jesus’ message of grace for sinners by leaving out the repentance and change part followed by gratitude and soul-winning for the kingdom. They do not choose to present all parts of God’s personality and character. They present the New Testament lamb without the fearsome Old Testament judge part. Start to really listen to the many testimonies of who ends up in hell and why, then honestly look at your own life, motives, habits and walk with the Lord. I know I want to remain teachable and pursue holiness with all my heart and soul and mind and strength with Holy Spirit’s counsel. Amen.




Source: The light and Salt – Tess Ann Macallister

I decree and declare the Lord/ Adonai is LOOKING for those who WAIT for Him, those whose Hearts YEARN for His Presence; to these He is GRACIOUS!

Source: Declarations & Decrees: God Exalts Those Who Wait on Him! ~ by Dawn Flores


Source: Come Together – Janice Sharp