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“…and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8:32

“Days of peril, days of peace; all come to My children. You are not immune from suffering for it is through suffering you gain the strength and faith to walk with Me. Do not despise My ways for My ways are not your ways. You see through a glass darkly but soon, very soon you will see what was once hidden and rejoice in the goodness of your God.

What has been hidden will be exposed. Sins long covered by the church, called by My Name, will be exposed to the world as a fraud. Cleanse yourself of all unrighteousness or I AM will cleanse you. In My righteous anger you will see and understand My holiness. Too long you have ignored My still small voice calling you to repent…no more! You will ignore My Word to your own peril.

Such evil rules in the heart and lives of man. The weight of sin buries the sinner in compromise, doubt and unbelief. As sin increases the sinner grows further and further from truth and embraces more and more the ways of the world. The sin becomes more enjoyable the longer they indulge. Lifestyles once abhorrent now seem pleasurable. Deep down the sinner knows the truth, but the joy of the sin overshadows the feelings of guilt. But there is coming a day of judgment when the sinner can no longer hide what has been hidden in his heart.

Examine yourself My children. Keep short accounts with God. Do not allow compromise to rule your life. The children reject truth. Millions refuse to accept what they know to be Truth. Their hearts and minds desire the fat of the world, the pleasures that quickly fade away. Tell them.. Enough!  I grow weary of their harsh criticism of My Truth. No longer can they claim ignorance. Enough I say!”

Again, when a wicked man turns away from his wickedness which he has committed and practices justice and righteousness, he will save his life. “Because he considered and turned away from all his transgressions which he had committed, he shall surely live; he shall not die.” Ezekiel 18:27-28

“Now therefore, thus says the LORD of hosts, “Consider your ways! “You have sown much, but harvest little; you eat, but there is not enough to be satisfied; you drink, but there is not enough to become drunk; you put on clothing, but no one is warm enough; and he who earns, earns wages to put into a purse with holes.” Thus says the LORD of hosts, “Consider your ways!”  Haggai 1:5-7

“Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth.” John 17:17

“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness…” Romans 1:18

“Who can discern his errors? Acquit me of hidden faults.” Psalm 19:12

Behold, the eye of the LORD is on those who fear Him, on those who hope for His lovingkindness, to deliver their soul from death and to keep them alive in famine. Our soul waits for the LORD; He is our help and our shield,  our heart rejoices in Him, because we trust in His holy name. Let Your lovingkindness, O LORD, be upon us, according as we have hoped in You.” Psalm 33:18-22

Source: A Watchman on the Wall – Ali Winters


“My people, I come to you today with words of love, encouragement, and instruction. You have entered the most exciting days in all of mankind if you can receive this. For I have many surprises in store for those who earnestly seek Me for My presence and not just My blessings.

Listen intently to what I would say to you this day. I am about to pour out My Spirit upon the earth in such a way that has never before been witnessed by man. These are the last days in which I will show forth My power in the earth realm. And many shall come into My kingdom in these last days.

However, I must warn you that the enemy of your soul is also preparing for his counterfeit of this great move of Mine. Do not allow yourselves to be deceived by his trickery and cunning deceit. Do not allow yourselves to be led astray by those who may show signs and wonders, yet will subtly and cunningly introduce destructive and distorted teachings, even denying Me as Lord, who bought them with a price, thus bringing swift destruction upon themselves. I tell you, many have already followed their destructive ways, and because of these false ones, the way of truth has been maligned, and in their covetousness, they have made merchandise of many with their deceptive words.

My little children, it is not My desire that any of you fall prey to the enemy. However, it is sad to say that many of My children have already been deceived by the many false prophets and teachers of these last days. Yet, even so, it is still possible for you to loosen yourselves from their deceptions. If you would sincerely seek Me with all your heart and truly desire and seek after My truth, even to your own hurt, then I shall reveal to you the deceptions of your own heart and set you free. For the enemy comes only to steal, kill, and destroy, but I have come that you may have life and life more abundant.

Now listen to what I would say to you this day. I need to prepare your hearts to receive all that I have for you in these last days. And for Me to do this, I need you to spend more time in My presence. I need you to sit in silence before Me and allow Me to do a deep work within your hearts. For I have many surprises in store for you. But if you do not spend time alone with Me in the secret place, then I am greatly hindered from doing the work in you that I so much desire to do.

For I am preparing a people in these last days who will carry My Spirit and My authority to the nations. And many shall come to their light and worship Me. Yet, I need your obedience and willingness in this. I cannot and will not do this work in the hearts of those who will not take up their cross and yield to the working of My Spirit.

There are many prophetic voices today declaring the coming great move of My Spirit in these last days. Yet, few will prepare My people for what is needed for this great move. Oh, I will do wonders and conduct miracles through the many who will be willing to be used. Yet, only those who have fully surrendered to Me and allowed Me to purge, cleanse and refine them, will be the ones who carry My authority in these last days.

For I am preparing a spiritual house for Myself and My Father to dwell in. And for one to take part in this house, they must allow the inner working of My cross to crucify all flesh and self-desire. Therefore, I need you to spend time in My presence and allow Me to do this work. And as you yield to the working of My Spirit in your prayer closets, you will be taking up your cross and denying yourselves as I have commanded in My word.

Therefore, allow Me to do this work deep within each of you. For even if it may be painful to your flesh at times, the ending glory shall far outweigh any pain that you may endure. And My deep love will heal all your wounds. I love you, My lovely ones. And it is My Father’s desire to give you His kingdom.

Therefore, do not take these words lightly and yield to the working of My Spirit. For great shall be your reward, both in this life and the next. And you shall be a dwelling place for your God and abide in our presence forevermore. I love you all with an everlasting love and blessed shall be those who heed these words of Mine this day.”

Source: “You have entered the most exciting days in all of mankind if you can receive this.” | Z3 News

Source: MAYDAY! MAYDAY! – Julie Whedbee

Message received Jan. 14, 2018


It is I daughter, your good Shepherd and your mighty King. It is I who have the keys of death and hell and have redeemed mankind with My spilled blood. I alone am worthy to open the scrolls and reveal the end from the beginning. My resurrection from the dead, and My ascension to My Father fulfilled His design from before the foundation of the world. 

To those who believe these words are true, enter into My spiritual rest. To those in open defiance of these truths, I am bringing about a swift and decisive final end to you, as rebellion is as witchcraft and eternal destruction is your end. 

There is a point in every soul’s life when a choice must be made for eternal spiritual life with Me, or the mind of carnal man which operates to serve and satisfy the lusts of the flesh, always leading to destruction and eternal death. Many of you have already faced this moment and made your decision; many more have not. 

This life is but a vapor, a fleeting moment– the vanities therein slowly corroding the souls of those who come into agreement with dark spirits and forces, only to succumb to them and fall into spiritual desolation and oblivion. 

If you are reading or hearing these words now, you must ask yourselves very seriously, have you in the past, and are you making decisions and choices now for yourselves and your loved ones that only serve to feed and gratify the physical flesh, even if only for a brief season, completely neglecting the absolute truths of My Word and the necessary preparations that should be carried out to ensure that your futures are secure eternally with Me?

In giving you free will, I have given you the opportunity to choose life over death, and peace, joy and love over darkness, solitude and separation–eternally. Why then, as I look upon the earth, do I see so many putting their faith, hope and trust in man’s carnal mindsets, the doctrines of devils, and traditions not ordained by Me? A false sense of security has gripped men’s lives and the continual, repetitive choices to make preparations for the physical well being rather than for your eternal souls will be your demise. To continue to live in the world and remain numb to who I am will cost you everything. Hear My words this day. 

In that moment when I require your life from you, you will face the outcome of this most crucial choice that I have given you. Are you able to stand before Me and answer for this life I have given you? Will you be able to accept that in the here and now, you were given a choice in free will, and you chose created things and things manifested in the fleeting and temporal world over eternity with your Creator? For I tell you, it is then that the choice you have made is revealed to you, and the gravity of your decision. Could I be any more clear to you? Can you not hear the cry of My heart and the love I have for you and My great mercy, screaming for your attention? My love for you has no bounds, but I force no one. I loved you first, in so much that I paid the ultimate price for you–My blood poured out, so you could make this choice to be free. 

Why then, My people, do you choose to remain in bondage and be enslaved by the systems that mandate and control your lives? Why do you believe the lies and sink deeper and darker into the schemes of the enemy and the ensuing deception? Why do you allow yourselves and your loved ones to continue to be indoctrinated and slowly poisoned by the prince who has dominion over this earth? I will tell you why. You do not believe in the importance and absolute necessity of standing on My Word and My promises as the very foundation of your existence here. You have bought into the illusion that man has the answers, and that if you consider yourselves good people and your hearts are in the right place, that you are secure and you have a foundation that will stand when all comes crumbling down. This is a lie from the pit of hell, and your example is a direct influence to your loved ones and all those you come in contact with. 

Almost every area of modern daily life has been polluted, distorted, twisted and re-made to sublimely indoctrinate information and knowledge that is not of Me, but comes directly from he who governs this realm. My people, you are being destroyed for lack of knowledge because you have not chosen to make the choices necessary to preserve your spiritual eternities. Take the time to do a thorough review of your daily lives and pay attention to all that is presented to you in the forms of technology, media, business and entertainment. Look closely, and pray for discernment, as you search for the roots and the motives of all that is daily in front of you. There is a beginning to it all, and if you truly desire truth, I will reveal to you the hidden agendas behind it all, and the slow and numbing destruction of your souls that is taking place. 

As the Heavens thunder, you will suddenly find yourselves without a foundation, and when the illusion that you believed in as your reality here will dissolve in an instant, then you will recognize that the time you were previously given to acquire revelation, counsel, knowledge and wisdom from Me will have been spent, foolishly pursuing selfish desires.

I do not speak these words to you to condemn you, but rather to again open My heart to you in My great love, so that you and those you lead will be saved! I know the plans I have for each one of you, and they are never plans to harm you. In a world filled with so many lies, I urge you to please consider deeply in your hearts, My words of truth. I have written in My Word that I will pour out My Spirit in these last days and I am doing so in My servants, the prophets. Heed their warnings and discern the heart of your Father and Creator, the spirit of Truth in what I am speaking.  And, woe to those of you who mock and scoff and persecute My anointed ones and the words I have given them to speak, and question their positions. I AM that I AM and I will not be mocked. 

Carefully and with great concern and attentiveness, look at everything you engage and participate in. Review the places you frequent. What company do you keep? Do you fellowship with those who do not adhere to My truths or compromise in their walks, all the while professing Me? Do you do the same in your inner circles? Do you walk circumspectly and pray for My discernment, wisdom and counsel in every area of your lives and that of your loved ones? Or, do you feel the need to be entertained, therefore opening the door to the enemy for him to manipulate and stimulate the mind and the senses? Do you attend churches and/or fellowships that are not completely biblically sound and have mixed their rituals, traditions and doctrines of men into their teachings? As rebellion in any form is as the sin of witchcraft, and I tell you, there is prevalent in your days, more witchcraft especially in your churches than you would ever believe. 

If you would only simply open your spiritual eyes and ears to hear what My Spirit is saying to you in this late hour. 
You are incredibly blessed in that much truth is available about most of the man-made traditions being practiced, if you would only seek to find truth. You are directly responsible and accountable in what you participate in, so if you still continue to engage in pagan practices and lead others, especially your children to do the same, you are responsible for these choices. Many, many things that are a part of modern daily life are nothing more than witchcraft, and if you participate, you immerse yourselves in darkness and are in direct disobedience to My commands. You are not excused from this knowledge, discerning good from evil, light from darkness, because I have placed My Spirit within you and it is your responsibility  to seek and learn TRUTH. Claiming to be ignorant will not avert the outcome of your rebellion. 

Are My words bearing witness with you? Is My Spirit piercing your hearts, dividing asunder your souls from your spirits? It is sharper than any two-edged sword, and I am the discerner of your hearts. Does this truth circumcise your flesh and cause the dross to begin to burn off of your sinful natures and your sinful ways? 

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand and those who refuse to take these words to heart will find themselves standing outside the gates of My Kingdom, with great wailing and gnashing of teeth. Your cries at that point, however, will not be heard, for it is you that will have chosen to separate yourselves from Me. I have told you, I will never leave you or forsake you, but that it is you who will walk away from Me by the choices you make in the here and now, each day as you arise. 

Knowing that My mercies are new every day, won’t you come to Me with contrite, broken, and surrendered hearts, giving Me your all, your hearts, your minds, your wills, and your very lives? For I tell you, time is no more and before you realize what has occurred, even the freedom you have now to hear and read these words will be stripped from you. A day is coming, it is almost upon you, that there will not be this opportunity to hear and read My words in this way, for the dark forces are increasing their efforts and control and any talk of Me publicly will be condemned. You are seeing this play out already in your lives. 

Yes, My people, the choice to publicly profess and claim Me as King and Messiah is becoming more and more a persecution for those who choose Me, but what do you have to lose? A dying world under a curse, filled with empty promises, whose end is always death and destruction? 

In the end, and the end of the ways of man is upon you, all that matters is what you have done with the lives I have given you. Have you fought for truth and forsaken all to acquire it? Or have you settled for that which is only temporary and fleeting? 

You will only receive these words in this manner for a time, before it will soon not be permitted. I love you more than you can imagine, My people, and I wish that none would perish. Stop everything and be absolutely sure of where you stand, and what you are believing in for your foundation. 



Revelation 1:18King James Version (KJV)

18 I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.

Are you sure without a shadow of a doubt that your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life? Are you in right relationship with God, Jesus and Holy Spirit? Take time to read the WHOLE of the Bible where God sets out His standards for holiness, redemption, service and forgiveness. The following is a great visual of all who must give an account of their life:

Source: Day of Judgement – Amazing True Vision – Must Watch

“My heart breaks for My children. My creation is being deceived by the lies of the enemy, he is a snake, a lion who preys on the innocent, who is out to devour and destroy my creation. Wake up my children and be deceived no more. I am the author of truth. My word and promises are true I can’t lie. Great darkness is coming to this world as it is written in My Holy Word. Woe to those who have ears yet do not take My warnings seriously. There are things coming to this world that mankind has never seen before nor shall see again. Can you not see it all around you? I am shaking this world as never before. Much death and destruction is coming without warning. Man will be caught off guard as they are not prepared. My sheep have been fed false doctrines, false peace. The church is not preparing my sheep in whole truth and are being led out to be slaughtered like a drink offering. Even some of the elect will have doubt and be lead astray by the things are coming to this world very soon.

Come to me all the are weary and I shall give you rest. Ask me for discernment of what is my truth and I shall answer you. Spend time with me in the secret place. Allow me to fill you to overflowing in my spirit and unfailing Love and Peace beyond all understanding. Knock and the door shall me opened; seek and you shall find; ask and it shall be given to you. No longer be conformed to the things of this world, but look up and be transformed to the heavenly things, your true home with me your Bridegroom. I long to be with you, to reveal to you so many beautiful things that mankind could never fully grasp. I am a God of great Mercy, slow to anger and full of Grace for those who love and accept My Son as the one and only true messiah. I sent My son into this world to save it not to condemn it. I am calling out to My remnant, My Bride, My Love to Rise up like never before, to go out with great Boldness and Courage to be My light and hope in this fallen world. To help bring in the great harvest of souls to salvation. Remember I have already won the war, I have the victory.

Wake up O sleeper! Wake up and Repent of your transgressions that you may be forgiven before it’s too late! You’re My creation I do not wish to see any of you perish but there are those who won’t Repent and already have chosen to refuse My Truth. My son is the River of living Water if you deny Him I will deny you as well. Stop killing My babies, stop worshiping your man-made idols that do not see nor breathe but only bring your destruction. Stop feeding My Sheep false doctrines those of you I placed in My churches. I will hold you doubly accountable for leading my Sheep astray. I see all your hearts and what you think is hidden in darkness, I will reveal and make your deeds known. You can’t hide anything from Me so stop trying to. Pray and ask daily that the Armor is tightly around you so that may stand firm when the enemy tries to strike. You must surrender all to me and become an empty vessel that I will use for the kingdom work at hand. For the workers are few but They are Mighty for I Am with Them Always. Pray for your families and all the lost souls to know My Truth of Salvation and repentance. Pray for all the saints to Not be deceived any longer but stand on My Truth the only Truth. I am the Way, The Truth and the Light of the world and only through Me shall you know My Father. Pray to be worthy to stand before the Son Of Man in the day of Judgment.

Wake up O Sleeper and hear my voice!

The Lion Of Judah Is Roaring !!!!!!!”

Source: “Wake up!O sleeper Wake up and Repent of your transgressions that you may be forgiven before it’s too late!”- Juanita Godshall

Source: A Watchman On the Wall – Ali Winters

Saturday, January 27, 2018:

“Thus says the LORD, “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind and makes flesh his strength, and whose heart turns away from the LORD.” Jeremiah 17:5

“Man lives in rebellion against the teachings of My Word. Few desire the things of God. Few desire to listen and learn. Man has been given much but squanders all the gifts of God. Soon enough man will awaken to the reality of what lies ahead. Soon enough he will see the fallacy of his ungodly decisions. Soon enough man will come to his senses. Either in this life or the life to come man will know the truth and acknowledge the greatness of His God…soon enough, soon enough.

Man will come to the end of self. He will realize his inadequacies, his faults, his failures. Pray that man will see and believe before it is too late to change the course he himself has set.”

“Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before stumbling.” Proverbs 16:1

“For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life, is not from the Father, but is from the world.” 1 John 2:16

“But man in his pomp will not endure; He is like the beasts that perish. This is the way of those who are foolish, And of those after them who approve their words. Selah” Psalm 49:12-13

We decree and declare you will MAINTAIN your saltiness by dwelling in the Presence of the Lord: COMMUNING with Holy Spirit always.

Source: Declarations & Decrees: Holy & Pure – You Are God’s Salt & Light in the World! ~ by Dawn Flores ~ HKP