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“Those who are wise will shine like the bright heavens. And those who lead many to do what is right and good will shine like the stars forever and ever.”-Daniel 12:3 (NLV)

“Rise up in splendor and be radiant, for your light has dawned, and Yahweh’s glory now streams from you! Look carefully! Darkness blankets the earth, and thick gloom covers the nations, but Yahweh arises upon you and the brightness of his glory appears over you. Nations will be attracted to your radiant light and kings to the sunrise-glory of your new day.”-Isaiah 60:1-3 (TPT)“


Recently, God brought to mind a phrase He had used in a word that I posted here a few years back. I heard Him say: “Out of darkness and chaos, I’m birthing a star.” When I heard Him say this phrase, it reminded me of a vision I had many years ago that I had never fully understood. In the vision, I saw in the dark night sky what looked to me like a dust tornado swirling around. I grew up in the desert, where it wasn’t uncommon to see small dust devils or whirlwinds of dust rolling across the dusty terrain every now and then, but I had never seen one up in the middle of the night sky like that. And, never before or after that, have I seen anything like what I saw next. The rotating whirlwind of durst continued to spin across the sky and then began to come alight as its core began to be ignited into a bright white light, until the white light became so intense and bright that its light short across the sky as an explosion of light so bright that everything became white with its brightness for a second and then it was over. I began to realize that the vision I had experienced years ago, was that of a star being born. Stars are born as enormous clouds of gas and dust collapse under their own gravity into dense spheres. As they collapse, the clouds of gas and dust rotate, and like an ice skater pulling in his arms while spinning, rotation speed increases as the collapsing cloud gets smaller. As cloud of dust and gas continued to collapse into a dense sphere that is to become a star, the temperature at the core of the sphere begins to get extremely hot, about 10 million degrees Kelvin. The packed cores are then ignited by thermonuclear reactions and, at this point, the sphere or core of the star comes alight and begins to resemble a bright star. As the process continues, the remaining dust envelope surrounding the star heats up and glows brightly in the infrared part of the spectrum. At this point the visible light from the new star cannot penetrate the envelope. Eventually, radiation pressure from the star blows away the envelope of dust around it and the new star becomes visible and begins its evolution.

This is what I heard God saying about this vision. I pray it brings encouragement and confirmation to someone today. ♥️


“This is a season of time, My Child, where I am going to manifest to you more and more and deeper and higher levels of My Glory. For, I tell you that just like Moses when He asked of Me: ‘Show me your glory’, so it shall be with you. And, just like Moses’ countenance became aglow because He had been in the Glory of My Presence; so people will know that you have been in the Presence of My Glory, because the light of My Glory will be seen in you and through your life. Child, it is My Heart’s desire that you know a greater measure and another side of My Glory, that you may understand that there is MORE. For truly, there is more of Me, more of My Mysteries, more of My Heart, of My Power, My Love and My Goodness that I desire to make you acquainted with and to pour then through you into the world. I am igniting you with My Fire and My Anointing. I am causing you to become My power plant, a vessel source of My Resurrection Power on earth to a dark and broken world. There is a greater strength that is coming upon you by My Holy Spirit. And, there is a heavier, denser, stronger anointing and greater miracles and manifestations of My Glory beginning to pour upon your life this season. I say to you, take heart and get ready! For, in this season you will find yourself doing greater works, greater miracles, greater signs and wonders for such a time as this. You will shine the light of My Beloved Son, and will be My vessel to usher a new impartation of My Glory of the Lord into your atmosphere, your neighborhood, your region, the nations, and everywhere your foot takes a step! For like waves of light travel millions of years to reach far away destinations, so what I am doing in and through you in this time carries eternal significance in My Kingdom. Child, you are arising and coming aglow with the Light of My Glory, bold and unapologetic on fire with My Love and passion. You will speak and shine forth My Truth and My love with boldness and usher in the fires of revival thorough this season of Kingdom Advancement and expansion as has never been seen before on earth.”


“When people need healing, they will look to you to put your hands on them and pray. You will lay your hands on them and you will see them healed and set free to know they have value and importance in the Kingdom, that God has positioned them on earth for such a time as this. Through Me in you, they will come to deep confidence of who they are in Me to run forward in greater understanding, peace and fulfillment. When they need wisdom, they look to you for the answer, because of the evidence of the Power of your Father God in your life. By your life I will direct others in their destinies and they will see My Truth in their lives. Your prayers will avail much and many will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Good News of My Gospel, through the fervent prayers of My Bride. For even your visions and dreams will increase in this season, as truly, My Child, I am advancing your destiny this season. I am accelerating you into your purpose! Through your yielded-ness, many unsaved will see and believe in the healing power of Christ. Many will come to a place of acknowledging the fact that something happens when they talk to you, when you pray for them and so I am bringing you to a deeper level understanding what it is that I have put in the inside of you for such a time as this. That, what I have placed in you is not meant to be hidden away and veiled over somewhere, but it’s meant to be known. I want to open you up that the light I have placed in you will shine with the brightness of My Glory into your atmosphere. There have been times when you have closed up and felt closed off. But the cloud that has obscured the treasure I have placed in you is fading away with the intensity of My Glory radiating from you. What this means is that I am removing every barrier that has kept you from My best for you. I am removing even the distractions, for this is a season of great focus for you as you become My instrument to advancement My Kingdom on earth. Child, everything that has ever stood between you and the fulfillment of your purpose here on earth is being done away with. I want to open you up to shine like the stars in the heaven, as if you would open up a treasure chest to reveal rare jewels and precious metals hidden within. There is so much more in you that others see currently. Yet, as I open you up to reveal the treasure I have placed in you, you not going to be limited by what man would think of you or what you think of yourself. I will uncap your well and begin to allow more and more of My Glory and My Power flow through you. You have believed in Me and, as I have promised, out of your heart shall flow little rivers of living water. Meaning, you are coming to a new place of relationship in the Me where My Holy Spirit will flow through you and you will have no doubt that the Power of My Spirit is flowing through your life.”


“I am touching your heart with a fresh fire to encourage your faith and re-kindle the embers of your heart ablaze with Kingdom passion, with the fresh fire of My Anointing, and My Joy unspeakable and FULL of My Glory to overcome and bring to collapse every single dark work of the enemy and every single hindrance that has held you back from all that I have for you. There has been great shaking, great collapse, great pressure, and stretching as a season of great change, transformation, and restructuring has come upon your life. You have been challenged to step out of the comfort zone of everything you have ever known. At times you felt you would implode and collapse under the crushing pressure of transition, but what is happening, My Child, is that I am realigning you for your destiny and preparing you for a season of advancing in My Kingdom as you have never known before. I am positioning in you a deeper awareness of what I desire to accomplish and how through everything you have undergone during this transformation, I have prepared you to thrust forward. Nothing wasted, nothing missing, My Child! It might not have been what you may have thought for yourself. I know there have been times when you have wanted to pull back, but I am thrusting you forward and causing you to gain more ground and causing you to gain momentum. This is a time when you will look around and see the evidence of My Hand of Favor upon your life and evidence of the increased freedom I have released you into. I know your heart and know that you love Truth and you want to see My Kingdom established within you and in the world around you. And, as you have surrendered to My Heart and purposes and delighted yourself in Me, in My Word, and in the things of Kingdom, even amidst the throes of transition, I want you to recognize that I am fulfilling the desires that are in the inside of your heart. Step by step, you are moving forward gaining understanding and wisdom from Above, recognizing that the weapons of your warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God in your life. And as you continue to take a step forward, I will continually continue to help you and give you the strength that you need for each day. I am clearing up the issues and cementing in your very core wisdom and understanding that I am a faithful God and I will continue to lead you and to guide you to a place of knowing what it means that as you delight yourself in Me I WILL give you the desires of your heart.”


“You have been displaced outside of your comfort zone. And, many times it has been required to make changes and transform in ways that you have dreaded making. You have felt pressed on every side, yet you have not been destroyed, because you were safely under the shadow of My Wing of Love. And, I tell you that your season of refinement, pruning and transition is coming to an end and giving way to a season of advancement, prosperity and blessings. What I have worked inside of you is about to pour out into the world as an explosion of the Light and Fire of My Glory. Through all the turbulence and realignment Child, I have been repositioning for Purpose. I have been establishing you and aligning you on the path towards fulfilling your God-given Destiny. The plans I have for you and your life are for good and not evil, to give you an expected end and through the turbulence, pressure, and seeming chaos of the season of transformation, My Good plans for you are going to be set into motion for such a time as this. There is promotion coming to you, My Child, in the spirit and in the natural! So continue surrendering, continue yielding to My Hand of Love and to My Purposes. For, as you surrender to the work of My Hand within and without you, you will dive into a new dimension of growth, expansion, advancement, and breakthrough in the new season before you. There is acceleration that will take place. There are situations that WILL around for your good by the work of My Heart, for My Heart of Compassion and Love is ever longing to see My People run forward. The enemy has tried hard from keeping you from entering the door of Destiny ahead, but, take heart, for no weapon that was formed against you will EVER prosper!”


“You may feel weak and pressed as the new season begins, but I tell you are about to become stronger and shine brighter with My Glory than you ever have before! So, raise your voice with the new song I am putting in your lips. Praise and worship Me in a new way and watch in awe as I make a way before you! Yes, darkness covers the earth and gross darkness the people but the glory of your Father God rises upon you and the breakthrough you seek will be in My Shekinah Glory. You are about to experience My Presence in such a unique and incredible way that it will shift, not just you, but it will shift cities and groups of people and it will shake the nations of the world. The times of your undoing are giving way to the times of your unveiling, where you will look see hindsight how My Hand has been at work all along and emerge renewed, ablaze with My Fire, and fully cemented of who you are in Me that nothing may shake you. See as I will do these things, I will increase the advancing power of My Spirit in your life. I will not stand for your defeat, nor let you get beat down. The times of being torn down are over. I am igniting you and strengthening you for the greater works I have prepared for you from the beginning of time. And you will be My Beacon, My Weapon, and My representative of My Glory and My Advancement on, and all will know that it is of Me. The dust is settling and see I do a new thing: out of darkness and chaos I birth something new. Out of the darkness and chaos, I am birthing a star and that star, is you, My Child, My Bride, My Remnant! It is the Manifest Children of the Most high God are coming afire with My Glory in the fullness of who I made them to be for such a time as this! ” says the Lord.



We thank you that You know every single one of your children and you have called them out by name and care about every last detail of their lives. Even before they were in their mother’s womb you knew them and cared for them. And, I thank you for the relationship that they’ve built with You, the trust they have put in You. I ask, Father, that as they read Your Word and come into your Presence, they would feel surrounded with hope and expectancy, more than they’ve ever before hoped or expected. I ask that there would be an deeper unveiling of the greater purpose that you have for them, that they would know that there is more ahead. Thank you for what you are doing in and through them amidst the transitions they are undergoing, for bringing them to a greater sense of knowing your Presence and your deep enduring Love in their lives. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

An urgent now Word for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: “The Call; A nation saved!”

Source: UK: 2020 The Call: A Nation Saved! ~ by Veronika West

Daughter, your entire life has been in training for what is now being birthed. Those in My end-time army, My crown jewels and My remnant; they will manifest My power and authority here as all hell is unleashed by the beast system and with the judgments I bring upon a world in covenant with darkness.  These judgments have begun in earnest, as you are seeing already and the portals of hell continue to open, bringing thousands and ten thousands, even millions more demons upon the earth at this time. I will not restrain the evil ones from their purpose, as all is foretold. I will however protect My own, you have My absolute word, that those who walk in obedience have nothing to fear as these things happen on the earth. 

Those who I call My sons and daughters, kings and priests; those who will serve as heirs in My Kingdom, as My governing body and who will rule the nations with a rod of iron, are experiencing the final aspects of training as I require seasoned soldiers to advance My Kingdom here and to slay the wicked forces of darkness. This training requires knowing how your enemy operates, so that your responses and your discernment are highly sharpened, consistent, and you are secured in Me, your foundation, your Commander in Chief who never leaves your side. We will slay the enemy together as you see your enemy’s demise. There is a noticable escalation, yes, in the evil that has saturated every aspect of society, and therefore your training becomes more rigorous and intense. Your focus turns from operating defensively to a full frontal offensive stand, as truly satan and his dark kingdom will do absolutely anything to prevent you from fulfilling your purpose. 

Although My remnant may be small in number, they are mighty and they are fierce, numbers matter nothing to Me, only obedient vessels. My power is the greatest power that exists, and although tens of thousands come against you, I keep you close under the shelter of My wings and even a few chosen ones serving under Me are far more powerful than anything the enemy can devise against Us. 

You must come to Me often, many times a day in our conversation, staying attuned to My voice as you pray My Word unceasingly, keeping the wall of protection around yourselves and your loved ones. Cover yourselves often with My blood, cover all you have contact with in your daily lives. Do not underestimate how intensely focused you must be as you are being constantly watched and monitored; your adversary looking for any small breach in order to gain access to you with legal rights. I have told you many times, the key is in your obedience. Pray My scripture, My Word audibly as there is great power in the breath I have breathed into you. 

As ambassadors of My Kingdom, you have been sent to occupy and to secure. The authority I have revealed to you is yours as it is Mine, to accomplish the purposes you have been ordained to do. You have been sent with all the tools and resources necessary to carry out these tasks in front of you, and although it appears from this perspective that you will not achieve the end, I assure you, all those who walk with Me have access to all that I am and all that I possess, given to you by your Father in Heaven. You are co-heirs to My Throne and you reside with Me in heavenly places; this earth is not your home. I have inserted you, so to speak, into a time/space continuim to anchor My presence here and to manifest all that I am in a lost world. Just as I had much opposition when I walked this earth, you too are experiencing much opposition. Mine was unto death of this physical life and the enemy would like nothing more than to end your mission here as well, keeping you from fulfilling all you have been sent to do to advance My Kingdom here and to glorify My name. I showed all that I am the only Way, the only Truth, and the only Life, by resurrecting Myself with My own power, and therefore, the victory has been secured so you will know no fear. 

When I sent you here, I did not send you without My perfect counsel, My instructions, and therefore you are not walking this journey blindly. I have provided all that is necessary for you. You operate from an open Heaven and the storehouses of blessing are open unto you. You are My army, great and strong, there has never been an army like you. My all consuming fire will go before you and behind you,  My strong people set in battle array. The enemy will know terror as they see you, as you run like mighty men, untouchable and indestructible. I will utter My voice before you and no one will be able to stand for the day of the Lord is great and very terrible. You will do things not possible for any man as My Spirit invades every fiber of your being and We bring in the largest harvest of souls known. 

You will Receive My beloved, all that I have to give as it is My very heart that is the treasure you seek, and that will change the world forever. The essence of who I am manifested through My remnant body is what will alter this dimension and bring heaven to earth, fulfilling My perfect design. You were brought here into a battle, a spiritual war that has already been won! It is only for you to stand firm in this truth, anchor My love and My light, proclaim My truths, and wield My sword of the Spirit as your mightiest weapon. The beautiful part of this battle is that you do not have to do anything in your own strength as it would not be possible.  I AM is pouring through you and will accomplish the very purposes I have ordained for you to do. I will use My finely tuned instruments to manifest My presence and all will know that I AM THAT I AM. Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that I am Lord of all. 

This is the greatest battle of all time; the fight of your lives, but not only for your physical lives, it is a fight for your very soul and the souls of all My creation. I warned you it would become extremely dark, and very very difficult in the last days before I came for you. Is this not what you are experiencing? None of what you are witnessing and going through should surprise you, it is all foretold in My Word. 

Do as I have commanded you to do. Turn away from absolutely everything that is of this world, focus like never before. Pray for radical faith every day. Pray for My discernment of the spirits so you will not be deceived. Pray to continue to receive My holy counsel, knowledge, understanding and wisdom in these last dark days. Then watch and see what I am about to do! Truly this earth has never seen anything like what I am going to do through My instruments of righteousness. 

Your are not alone! You are victorious! You are strong because I am strong in you! You will not fail! Victory belongs to Me! I am the King of all, Master of all creation and I am coming for My beautiful Bride! Use your keys and come through the door which is Me. It is My glory to conceal, but the honor of kings to search out a matter. I will reveal all things concerning you. 

I love you beyond words My beloved.. 

I love you!


Scripture and original word found at

On the 1st of September when I was participating in the Endtime Messengers of Fire Conference, I saw an open vision in which there was a large clock face. The hands displayed the time 11:50. Then the right index finger of God pushed the minute hand forward to point at the 12, so the clock time read 12 o’clock. At the same time, God’s left hand opened the lock of an underground vault but I could not see what was stored in that vault. The synchronizing of the two hand movements told me that God was changing the times (it is later than we think!) and this correction in the clocks of earth would signal the time to open this vault. At the time of receiving this vision, I also heard a scripture spoken audibly:

Dan 2:21  He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and sets up kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding! Dan 2:22  He reveals the deep and secret things; He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with Him!

When God changes the season over the church, we need to be fully aware that it has happened, so that we can keep in step with the Spirit. The place where I saw this vision was a venue called the House of Bread. In Hebrew, the word for ‘bread’, lechem, also means ‘war’! By the moving of the clock and the changing of the time and season, He is declaring over His Body that it is no longer a time for sitting around feasting on the Bread of His Word. It is now a time to rise up, take your appointed endtime position in the army of God and ride forth to war for Kingdom purposes to be accomplished.

That vault was underground, hidden, and speaks of God’s concealed plans being brought into the light as the clock strikes 12. It kind of made me think of God’s bottom drawer, in the sense of a bride having a bottom drawer where she stores things she will need after the wedding.

Later on that evening, the Spirit asked me, “Don’t you want to know what is in that vault?” Of course I did! “Those are My weapons of war, my finely honed and seasoned warriors, held in reserve for such a time as this. The enemy thinks that everything he has thrown at them has caused them to be put out of the race but he has only served to train them rigorously for My endtime strategy. All things that have come against them have worked together for their good as I am now bringing them out into the light as My special forces and unleashing them upon the enemy camp. The kingdom of darkness will quake in terror as My Dread Champions emerge! Each has been specifically trained and shaped for the endtime purpose I have for them and as I wield them in My strong right hand, many ancient gates will fall and captive long held in regions of darkness will be brought into the light and harvested to ride with My army.”

As I was contemplating the Lion of Judah roaring and the manchild company participating in that outpouring, I was reminded of a song released in 1982 by a prophetic psalmist. Chuck Gerard. It is called Soldiers of the Lion and the lyrics are profoundly prophetic for the season ahead. You can listen to it here (click on the title below) and I have included the lyrics below for those of you who don’t have access to youtube:


The field is white and frosty, the hour is drawing near
The battle lines are being drawn as the hour of dawn appears
In the stillness of the morning, the air is crisp and charged
With the tension of the battle, and the enemy at large
The battlefield is crowded, but the soldiers here are few
Yet the enemy is held at bay, no weapon can get through
Our tiny band of warriors continue in our stand
And as new soldiers join us, we prepare to take the land
We form a line of conquest, like fire our armor shines
With unshakable advancement, we move against the lines
Our swords are drawn and ready, and our numbers grow each day
We’ll soon be fully strengthened and we’ll blow the troops away!

We’re the soldiers of the Lion, we’re the army of the light
The unstoppable battalion that drives away the night
And the Lion is our standard, and we know we cannot die
‘Cause the mighty name of Jesus is our sovereign battle cry
We move against the forces of the father of all lies
And the enemy is forced to flee before our very eyes
For no demon can resist us or begin to stand against
An army fully armored, no! Hell has no defense!
So look out powers of darkness, your hour has finally come
Our commander’s name is Jesus, and we’ve got you on the run
And we’ll charge you and we’ll route you
With the Spirit’s mighty sword
You’ve had this planet long enough,
You know you’re not our Lord!
So get back to outer darkness, and you leave the saints alone
Your weapons cannot prosper, we’re commissioned by the

I love the way the Spirit is putting all our separate puzzle pieces of understanding together in these days so we really can see the whole picture much more clearly. The second thing the Spirit is reminding me of as we discuss being soldiers of the Lion and the army of the Light is a series of articles I wrote, which is called


More understanding has been given since the time I penned these original articles but if the Spirit is urging me to revisit them, then the Spirit is saying there may be some nuggets I need reminding of and perhaps there are one or two to add to your arsenal as well. He has changed the times and the season, friends. The season of training and preparation lies behind us, the time of war lies ahead. Our weapons are not carnal or fleshly. We wage war by the Word of our testimony and by loving not our lives unto death. My prayer is that He would quicken to you every portion of revelation you need to piece together your road map for the days ahead.

With love in Him, Christine

via Soldiers of the Lion

I saw a shofar and from it was flowing both the Fire of God and Living Waters.

Source: Breaking the Sound Barrier ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry

HEAR YEA!   HEAR YEA!   HEAR YEA! The voice of one and the voices of many in the streets crying out…PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD! Make yourselves ready…

Source: HEAR YEA!   HEAR YEA!   HEAR YEA! – Margaret Blake

  1. 3-5-19 Dream: I am wearing a riding outfit and stride alone up steps to royal banquet. Empty, so I choose a seat a couple of chairs away from the Prince. Why not? I get to see servers setting our places, then florists wheel in flat carts full of the most impossibly beautiful flowers with long stems in vases — all colors and varieties to put on tables. I am in AWE. Such splendor and extravagance for our meal. So glad in dream that I’m early to watch them set up.
  2. 3-18-19: Dream of being asleep and thinking perhaps I can feel an earthquake slightly. I wake (in dream) and can look down into the Central Valley and see multiple small fires. I even think I recognize a school engulfed, far away. I think that the earthquake must have started them.
  3. 3-19-19: Dream that our house has invisible chain link fences on wheels which protects us here. They open and close easily to let us in and out. I thank God for this hedge of protection upon waking.
  4. Words from Holy Spirit the night of 4/4/19 explaining that the Glory will fall/transformation occur when (and because of) people working hard for the Kingdom — that real, true workers would see the Glory. There would be reward/promotion for service to our King if our heart was aligned with God’s purposes on Earth. We are to be humbly working away at our assignments.” Amen
  5. Words whispered to me while sleeping like instructions that there will indeed be 3 Days of Darkness. Keep close watch. Ethereal, not solid words like some I’ve gotten…more of a night training and increase of wisdom.
  6. 4-28-19: Last night and also around my 58th birthday, I am dreaming of small seeds — like poppy or sesame scattered absolutely everywhere. I think perhaps God is reminding me to scatter plentiful seed for His harvest.
  7. 4-29-19 a parable dream for time to soon end — as I am a public school teacher: At school trying to pack up homework cubbies but racing clock, so almost out of time. I have parent bystanders pitch in…summer is coming…chaotic, frantic, only seconds left until final bell which then rings. Time’s up! (Frantic preparations do not stop the inevitable outcome.)
  8. Either 5-3-19 at night or early a.m. 5-4-19: Miracle healing for me. I had developed really distressing, painful, sad open sore, small lump and large deep lump. I had been praying all week for healing and forgiveness for any past choices I should not have made and mercy from my Great Physician. ALL GONE AT ONCE. Melted away to nothing. Praise to my King of Kings!
  9. 5-9-19: Dream of a suddenly appearing incoming planet that is now visible and getting closer. I can see the pattern of striations on its surface in the night sky. I am amazed and begin to tell those around me I was expecting it and NOW IS THE TIME!