How can humankind determine who is the wisest…whom should we follow? Can one person know everything about science, religion and technology? No? Then we would have to chose a council of wise people…but which one of us is capable of truly judging their wisdom so that we will follow them no matter what…they practice inerrancy and perfection right? Job, one of the Old Testament’s first biographical scriptures asks this same exact question and then gives us the answer to be followed throughout the ages in Job 28: 12-17 then Job 28:23-28:

“But where is wisdom found? No human knows the way.

Nor can it be discovered in the deepest sea. It is worth much more than silver or pure gold or precious stones.

Nothing is its equal — not gold or costly glass.”

So as human thought changes on what is true, right, worthy and lawful, God does not change. His wisdom is eternal and worthy:

“God is the only one who knows the way to wisdom, because he sees everything beneath the heavens.

When God divided out the wind and the water, and when he decided the path for rain and lightning, he also determined the truth and defined wisdom.

God told us, ‘Wisdom means that you respect me, the Lord, and turn from sin.’ “

So….everyone is capable of wisdom when it means respecting the Lord (following his Word given for our instruction) and leaving sin far behind which is known as repentance — actually turning from your own path and selfish desires and following God’s more perfect path for your life.


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