Our God is powerful, fearsome and faithful!

Posted: July 25, 2015 in God's Love Letters to you - The BIBLE (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)

Mankind worships power and influence. Men and women spend their lives seeking to be powerful, influential and control capital means (wealth) to show themselves their lives mattered. But God is described in the Biblical book of Nehemiah, by a grateful group of Jewish believers who had returned from captivity in Babylon to rebuild the walls and gates around their sacred capitol of Jerusalem as “Our God, you are powerful, fearsome, and faithful, always true to your word.” (Nehemiah 9:32) Here God is rightfully referenced as the source of power.

He is also faithful, meaning He hears our prayers, cries for mercy and requests for deliverance from the many sins in which we find ourselves trapped. Unfortunately, a country at peace which has been blessed with plenty tends to forget that God is the one who provided those same blessings in the first place: “But when they were at peace, they would turn against you…” (Neh. 9: 28)  What is the result of people’s forgetfulness? “…You would hand then over to their enemies…(same verse). Is that it? Are people then doomed to live with the results of their sin and forgetfulness? No. The verse then concludes, “Then they would beg for help, and because you are merciful, you rescued them over and over again. You warned them to turn back and discover true life by obeying your laws.” (Neh. 9:28-29)

What about fearsome? Hearing that God will return soon as a righteous judge is not very popular preaching these days from American pulpits. A gospel of peace and prosperity with gentle messages are being preached instead of telling the people truthfully that they are mired in sin without God’s forgiveness through his son, Jesus Christ. Modern prophets chosen to speak his Word in truth are arising in America today. A prophet cannot choose themselves…they must be chosen by God…or they would be speaking their own invented words. In Nehemiah’s day, it was the same: “For years, you were patient, and your Spirit warned them with messages spoken by your prophets. Still they refused to listen…” (Neh. 28:30) Reckoning will come. Everyone will stand before God and give account for how they chose to spend their time on earth. Choose wisely this day, week, month and year whom you will serve.


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