Problem:  “Those who sin have darkness, despair and death as their destiny. They are terribly evil and thirst for sin. They scrounge around for food, all the while dreading the approaching darkness. Even in times of success they constantly hear the threat of doom.” They are looped in chains of sin..but are unaware they have been willfully trapped.

Why? This is Because they have rebelled against God All-powerful and have attacked him with their weapons. They have put their trust in something worthless; now they will become worthless like a date palm tree without a leaf.”  (paraphrased from Job 15: 16, 21-23, 25, 31-32)

Prophets are chosen by God to turn back the hearts of sinners to their loving provide reconciliation between God and man/woman. They are to offer warnings from God’s heart…if people will humble themselves and listen to the message. Prophets must repeat what they hear from God, are not to make up words their audience wants to hear, but are untruthful. 100% accuracy is required according to Biblical rules…a pretty stringent set of requirements…not for the faint at heart to take on.

Anecdote: Head over from your computer/internet connection to Charlotte, North Carolina and meet Mena Lee Grebin and her husband Isaac @ She has a passion to lead people to forgiveness, deliverance and healing through a physical church ministry, internet Watchman on the Wall (prophetic dreams and visions from Holy God to his servant) and Signs of the Times(current news events/commentaries).

She meets the criteria of prophet by repeating faithfully the messages YAHWEH gives her as warnings to repent/turn back to our first love in Yeshua (Jesus’ Hebrew name). She mixes Torah sense to bring a sense of shalom (peace) in a world that is cold, unforgiving and lonely. Remember: Christians follow the greatest Jewish rabbi known to mankind.  Jesus, God in human form (“the Word made flesh” at his first advent) came to fulfill the Jewish Old Testament prophecies first and foremost. His disciples were all Jewish. Paul, the apostle sent to evangelize the gentile (non-Jew), was Jewish.

She repeatedly states that she cares not for the glory this world can offer. She does not accept money for her speaking engagements to keep her motives pure. She seeks to follow God and Yeshua with Holy Spirit’s leadings first and foremost.  Prayerfully listen in and ask Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth.

Jesus said, “Come unto me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”  (Matthew 11:28)

Try this wonderful song for a person who repents and wishes fervently to return to the Lord:  “Life Your Head Weary Sinner” by Crowder on his Neon Steeple album, or “Avalanche” by Manafest on The Chase album.


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