Did you know that supernatural dreams, visions and healings are happening all around you, probably while you are totally unaware? What separates the truth o God from all other world religions is the spirit of revelation and visions as gifts from Holy Spirit and supernatural happening all around the world every day.

Tune into http://www.Sidroth.org and view his “It’s Supernatural” weekly show with weekly archives stretching back into time. Give yourself permission to view say 30 half hour shows where Sid (a Messianic Jew who was raised Jewish and realized Christ is the Jewish Messiah through direct supernatural happenings himself) interviews in a conversational way many, many men and women of God who are Spirit-filled believers walking in supernatural events, as am I. Then ask yourself, “What other world religion presents this compelling evidence for the truth of God?” Where are the miracles being performed in the world at this time? You would have to debunk THEM ALL…which would require a hardening of the heart and dumbing down of your intellect. A choice to be stubborn and hard-hearted in the face of overwhelming healings and deliverances. You will be unable to tell God at the final reckoning that there was no evidence of his modern-day miracles and intervention as a good and holy father in 2015, 2014, 2013….and back two centuries. He is not asleep, unconcerned and in a “hands-off” mode. Wake up! Join God’s side while you may…

The devil works overtime to keep you overwhelmed, busy, distracted by worldly cares and entertainment, so you will simply not take the time to view the overwhelming evidence for yourself. Add a comment on this website as to the people who most speak to your heart. I’d love to hear.


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