Noel – (No)w all is w(el)l

Posted: December 21, 2015 in God's Love Letters to you - The BIBLE (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)

Now — all is well. Because there was a first noel. Notice there is no 2nd or 3rd noel. The one and only advent, heralded to shepherds, considered a lowly profession, tending their flocks in a field outside of Bethlehem — where temple sheep were raised for sacrifice in Jerusalem — most likely around 2 b.c.

God chose to send his one and only son, “the Word made flesh,” the same Word that was with God at the creation of the world when Holy Spirit blew across the surface of the waters…as a lamb…so much symbolism…laid to rest in a manger with animals (as he was to be the lamb slain to take away the sins of the world), born in the same town where Temple sacrificial sheep were raised, and the physical acting out of Passover, the prophetic day mandated by God to be commemorated forever, where a lamb’s blood was brushed along the Jewish doorposts to save the people — a mandated Hebrew celebration.

Celebrate the first and only Noel with these worship songs to increase your joy at the promise given through Christ’s birth for redemption of all man, truly “…tidings of great joy which will be for ALL the people.”

-from Michael W. Smith’s Christmas album, 1989: “All is Well” and “Gloria”

-from David Crowder Band’s Oh for Joy, 2011: “The First Noel” and “Go, Tell It On the Mountain”

As my parents’ named me “Carol” at birth (a song of joy), I have been drawn to these songs o praise from a young age and listen to them year-round on my ITunes account — a reminder that now, because of God’s son born humbly, Messiah who came first as a suffering servant, and will come again as triumphant Lord, all is indeed — well.



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