Rivers of Living Water WILL FLOW in 2016

Posted: January 28, 2016 in God's Power Breaks Chains

Lately there are 2 anointed praise and worship songs about rivers that I cannot get off my heart or mind. I wake up and they are literally singing over me before I am even awake. They are “The River” by Jordan Feliz. Not sure if this is his real name, but would be amazing since the translation would be Happy Jordan (River) from the Holy Land. The other is “In the River” by Jesus Culture on their just released 2016 album Let It Echo recorded live during worship services at their home church in Folsom, CA. This is a suburb of the city named after the Sacraments of the Lord: Sacramento, where in the natural gold was discovered in the very rivers that flow through this region: the Sacramento River and the American River. I have been blessed that God has deposited this amazing group of believers from Redding, CA into my own backyard a year ago. What amazing timing our God has. He is replicating from the natural gold history to the coming revelation of His glory through the signs and wonders which will soon burst forth from his remnant church. Let it indeed echo — our songs of praise. Evil has no defense against our raising one voice to declare our God is good, holy, pure and trustworthy. His sheep indeed know his voice.

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