God Inhabits the Praises of His People

Posted: January 31, 2016 in God's Power Breaks Chains

A simple way to please Almighty God, your Father in heaven, is to offer him the sacrifice of praise. This means determining to spend your time with worship songs rather than the music of the world — a distraction that has been far too effective in drawing people’s focus and attention away from God. As people draw together less in church building community, it becomes even more important to spend time in praise and adoration some other way to compensate. The lyrics enter your soul and mind and become a two-way communication with heaven. You can sing to Jesus, and in return, He will sing over you.

I wake up and most mornings one of my favorite worship songs is singing through my mind, before my conscious mind even begins stretching for the day. I am a Carol — a song of joy. My heavenly father spoke to me upon wakeup one morning and said, “I created you to bring special joy to people. That is why your birthday is so close to Shirley Temple, another I created to bring special joy.” Well. Honestly, in the natural, there is no way I would know her birthday. She had just died earlier in the year I remembered. I also know that when you see her movies from the Great Depression, she seems to glow with the joy of the Holy Spirit. I never thought about how that could be God’s gift, raised up for such a time as that. But makes sense that he would use a child as a vessel of hope to a nation in despair. I looked up her birthday upon waking and sure enough, we are one day apart. Holy Spirit’s revelations feel so amazing. Really important to stay close and be ready for that small, still voice.

If you are ready to add more worship music to your life, you may want to begin with the list below. All of these stop me in my tracks and spontaneous worship to our King just naturally breaks forth. Anointed music is that which ushers in God’s Holy Spirit and brings heaven to earth encouraging salvation, healings and deliverance. Evil cannot stand the sound of our praise, so play the music over your home and family. Blessings!

“You Make Me Brave,” “No Longer Slaves,” and “This Is Amazing Grace” by Bethel Music

“Good Good Father” by Chis Tomlin

“Here With Me” by Mercy Me

“Show Me Your Glory/Majesty” and “Waiting Here For You” by Jesus Culture on Live from New York.

“Let It Echo” and “Fierce” from Jesus Culture on Let It Echo, 2016.

“Unstoppable Love,” “Your Love Never Fails,” and “One Thing Remains” by Jesus Culture on This Is Jesus Culture.

“Revelation Song” by both Phillips, Craig and Dean, and Jesus Culture on their “Consumed” album.

“Oh Lord You’re Beautiful” and “Dance with Me” (beautiful invitation to dance with the lover of our soul/our Bridegroom who rapidly approaches with words taken from Song of Songs) from Consumed album.

“Live Like That” by Sidewalk Prophets – single

and finally “Volcano” by Rapture Ruckus because the world is changing and spirit-filled Christians are going to be explosively taking their place to fulfill God’s great commission to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.”




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