Lou Engle: Faithful Servant of God for repentence

Posted: April 28, 2016 in People who follow the Lord - Biographies, Books and Websites

The Call’s Azusa Now revival happened April 9th in L.A. Coliseum. It brought together in unity believers, prophets and people with a John-the-Baptist anointing to make clear a path for King Jesus’ coming. This commemorates the 110 year anniversary of the Azusa Street revival. Holy Spirit to showed up in a big way with many many healings including people getting up out of wheelchairs to the crowd’s thunderous applause and many having their hearing restored, including veterans of recent wars.

I was one of the thousands attending Azusa Now. Lou Engle (The Call movement) has such an intercessor’s heart for revival fire to break out in America. I have personally heard him speak before at my church in a smaller intimate setting and the spirit of the living God is upon him. I just sat and wept from the presence of Holy Spirit as he powerfully presented his heart for revival before The Call gathering – Sacramento some five years ago. I heard a thundering in my spirit that just kept repeating and getting louder. The same words Father God used for Jesus. “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.” So I know how close is his walk with the Lord. How true his fasting behavior is…not a show…but to plead with the Father’s heart to turn back our nation to Christ.

Azusa Now centered around Jesus as Lord and his atonement on the cross with the breaking down of walls between ethnic groups and denominations and instead the digging of deep spiritual wells of a united purpose to reach everyone with the good news of salvation. Native American groups beating 120 sticks on tribal drums, Messianic Jews blowing shofars, evangelical Catholics from Italy, Blacks and Hispanics were all represented in deeply moving acts of repentance and forgiveness towards Caucasians and each other. I believe with them that God is looking for people to forgive and make clear a path for the coming glory of the Lord in a last harvest of souls with an Acts church that takes Jesus to the people and doesn’t wait for them to venture into a church building or program. Signs and wonders will mark this remnant of God’s true “church.” Not a building, but a sanctified, consecrated group on fire for Jesus and his word. Heaven will come down and we will see it very soon…along with prophesied judgment will come grace and mercy for those who will wake up and need someone to take them by the hand and heart and tenderly lead them home to Jesus…who will speak the truth in love and compassion…to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a desperately oppressed world even as we intercessors continue to cry out and pray for our nation and revival.

I went as one consecrated from birth to complete the Lord’s work before his coming, standing by myself for God because a Nazarite is not turned back or dissuaded. “Though none go with me, still I will follow,” the old hymn has never been more true as the tares separate from the wheat. .)

God’s power and wonders were on display for all to see. Chains and fetters imposed by brokenness, spirits of insanity and suicide and oppression were split apart. Believers gathered together in unity while planes with the word “UNITED” flew just over the top of the Coliseum with a clarity of purpose and on fire to win souls for God’s kingdom before the final trump is sounded and the ark door shuts (metaphorically) on the Church age of grace. Join us in the harvest of souls. Gain for yourselves a soul-winner’s crown in Heaven.

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