Urgent! Wake up oh Sleeper…STOP PLAYING CHURCH! Satan invited to enter world in Switzerland. God help us!

Posted: June 9, 2016 in Hell and Heaven are both real places, Holy Spirit speaks truth today

Urgent wake up call for God’s one true church…stop playing with religion and stand up on bridges and rooftops and balconies and on college campuses and SPEAK UP for JESUS. We ALL need to stop passive Christianity and SHOW OUR HOLY SPIRIT FIRE for God’s one and only son. He is the gatekeeper, the door of the ark of our salvation. Jesus is COMING SOON for a righteous BRIDE invited to the marriage supper of the lamb while unrepentant humanity parties down below and tries to make sense of the disasters and calamities and judgments which will begin pouring down upon sinners in the hands of our righteous God.

Where is your first love…your passion…your heart’s desire? Run to Jesus while there is still time. I am so perplexed by hearing, “Well, I just don’t believe that we need to repent and not be arrogant.” Earth’s age of grace set in motion by Jesus’ atoning death on a wooden cross in 32 a.d. WILL END….and SOON. How do I know? Listen to God’s modern prophets…do some intense research as if your life depends on it BECAUSE IT DOES! Passive ignorance is not going to stand up to God’s asking you why you did not believe His Son would return. God has not hidden His plans. Look in God’s holy scriptures.

Drop your worldly sports, entertainments and collecting of trinkets and curiosities. THEY ARE TRAPS AND DISTRACTIONS. Evil knows time is short so you are being coerced by what the world can offer. On June 1st, 2016, the opening of the longest tunnel in the world by the Swiss had a Satanic welcome ceremony for Lucifer himself, dressed as a horny goat copulating with undressed zombie miners. Druids cavorted while an upside down tree was projected onto the screen — an in-your-face inverted cross. See for yourself at http://www.Trunews. com on June 2nd with commentary (http://www.trunews.com/nwo-satanic-ritual-gotthard-tunnel/). The world’s leaders are bent on opening a dimensional portal through CERN and this tunnel to Hades. WAKE UP! We are so very close to a signal event of gigantic proportions when your choice to choose the goodness of God and his KIND FREE OFFER OF SALVATION through Jesus Christ will end. Choose holiness over worldliness. Wealth and possessions will not save you. JESUS IS COMING SOON. Wake up Saints!

Empty your calendars of meaningless distractions and begin intercessory prayer with me — for mercy and more time to reach the world for Jesus. TIME IS SHORT! Leaders want you to believe Jesus is irrelevant, outmoded, not for scientific thinkers, for ___phobes BUT TRUTH IS TRUTH. God’s word will stand. He will not be mocked much longer by a populace that shakes their fist and tells Him to leave them alone. Soon humanity will have that wish come true when Holy Spirit and the awake believers leave. This will begin the 7 years of tribulation, which just means deep distressing doubt-filled disease-ridden trouble when people who are left will see what it means to have goodness, faith, love and truth depart. Choose this day, this hour, this minute, this last few seconds whom you will serve.

I have a deep burning desire to see the world on fire with Holy Spirit passion. JOIN ME! SPEAK UP! TELL EVERYONE YOU MEET. JESUS IS AT THE DOOR. He is real, not some fairy tale character or movie script bit player. HE is the only name under heaven by which you may be saved.

“Don’t fail to rescue those who are doomed to die. Don’t say, ‘I didn’t know it!’ God can read your mind. He watches each of us and knows our thoughts. And God will pay us back for what we do.” Proverbs 24:11-12


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