100% Accurate Prophesy which tells the future is what distinguishes Christianity and Bible Believers

Posted: July 14, 2016 in God's Love Letters to you - The BIBLE (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth), Revelations and Prophecy

For 40 years I have been amazed and awed by God’s ability to foretell the future of humanity in His written word, the Holy Bible. God would speak and tell beforehand who would be a king or prophet, what would befall cities in the Old Testament and set markers for the birth of His son, Jesus including born of a virgin in Bethlehem, but raised in Nazareth (and many others).

God is always 100% accurate because He lives outside of time. He invented time and can see the end from the beginning. Through Isaiah, the prophet, God invites: “Come closer and listen! I have never kept secret the things I have said, and I was here before time began.” Isaiah 48:16

God warns about seeking false advice from astrology or fortune tellers: “You have worn yourself out, asking for advice from those who study the stars and tell the future month after month. Go ask them how to be saved from what will happen. People who trust the stars are as helpless as straw in a flaming fire…These are the fortunetellers you have done business with all of your life. But they don’t know where they are going, and they can’t save you.” Isaiah 47: 13-15

Still to come in humanity’s future: How this age of grace will end with the last 7 years for earth dwellers who rejected God’s free offer of salvation, after Holy Spirit has removed Jesus’ brides (which are his faithful followers totally in love with both Jesus, God and Holy Spirit who are looking for His return as he promised before leaving earth after His resurrection from the dead) is told in Matthew and Revelation especially, spoken by both Jesus, himself, and written by his apostle, John, which reveals Holy Spirit’s revelation.

Thousands of years ago, through the prophet, Isaiah, God spoke to the nations: “Gather around me, all of you! Listen to what I say. Did any of your idols predict this would happen? Come closer and listen! I have never kept secret the things I have said, and I was here before time began.” Isaiah 48: 14, 16


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