The Lord God does not want to see you choose the path of sin. “I, the Lord God, don’t want to see that happen to anyone. So stop sinning and live!” (Ezekiel 18:32)

People accuse God of being unfair for having consequences for breaking his written laws, turning their backs on his Son and grieving Holy Spirit with their blatant disregard for truth. God’s answer: “But you still say that I am unfair. You are the ones who have done wrong and are unfair! I will judge each of you for what you’ve done. So stop sinning, or else you will certainly be punished. Give up your evil ways and start thinking pure thoughts. And be faithful to me!” (Ezekiel 18:29-31)

Every system of law and order needs rewards and punishment. You cannot have a holy, righteous God, and have no consequence for evil. “I, the Lord God, don’t like to see wicked people die. I enjoy seeing them turn from their sins and live.” (Ezekiel 18:23)

Whole nations are turning against God and trying to legislate him out of people’s lives. The leaders have chosen the sin of unbelief, and they are determined to drag everyone down with them. Deception abounds. Service to satan is chosen, believing in the lies that earthly fame, power and money will somehow follow that person into eternity.

“…nations fell into their own pits, and their feet were caught in their own traps. You showed them what you are like, and you made certain that justice is done, but evil people are tapped by their own evil deeds. The wicked will go down to the world of the dead to be with those nations that forgot about you…let them all discover just how weak they are.” (Psalm 9:15-17, 20)

This is God’s truth: There is eternal consequence for earthly choices.  Death does not lead to “nothingness – cessation of existence,” reincarnation and a “second chance,” being placed as gods on another planet, a reward of 72 virgins, or a frat party in hell.” The Bible, God’s inerrant truth states that each person will die and then be judged for their choices for time spent upon this earth. Examine your life and past decisions. Are you ready to face your maker?

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