Satan accuses the brethren..his plan is simple and effective…tell you believable lies…confuse you… and lead you off as his slave

Posted: November 22, 2016 in Holy Spirit speaks truth today, Peace, rivers of living water: salvation

I have truthful, bad news for you. You are a slave of sin. Satan tells lies in your ears day and night and then takes you as his trophy at life’s end. He bides his time well and triumphs in your despairing death. Another soul. Another slave for his diabolical kingdom. He hates what God loves, and that is mankind. All humans draw their daily breath from Father God, so Satan desires that we would all stop breathing without the saving knowledge that God created each of us lovingly.

Satan also desires us to not think for ourselves, and that we would not search out the truth. He has craftily devised distractions aplenty…enough to last a lifetime. DO NOT GIVE SATAN YOUR SOUL BY TURNING AWAY FROM GOD’S SON, JESUS, WHO DESIRES THE OPPOSITE: PEACE, JOY, LOVE, HOPE, PURPOSE, ETERNITY SPENT WITH FATHER GOD.

You have been given free-will as a gift. TO NOT CHOOSE IS TO CHOOSE! Time is ticking and trickling and rushing by. Run, rush, flee to God’s side. Accept Holy Spirit…break off those chains that bind and entangle…pray and turn away from your sins…repent…stop scoffing…before it is too late. People get ready. Jesus is really coming back. He will return triumphantly, and you want to be on the winning side.

The invisible, spiritual realm is really reality. This that you see with your earthly eyes is like a stage play…not the real action. It is the short time you are given to choose sides. Some more — some less. When a sinner turns from death to life, angels rejoice, heaven sings and your soul is safe FOR ALL TIME with Father God, who created you for fellowship and worship. Turn away from the devil’s plans to enslave you and choose the great I AM — lover of your soul. There is no peace in this world of turmoil unless your spirit is safely in God’s care.

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