Quiz: How Many Books on Religion Do you need to own and read to understand Salvation?

Posted: November 25, 2016 in Books and Websites = Holy Spirit's Fire of Truth

Go into your local bookstore — worldly or Christian. Walk around the myriad choices of religious books. Puzzle over where to find salvation on the shelves and among the stacks. What will lift you to eternal life as you stand in the valley of decision over your soul’s final home? Do you need to become a scholar on religious writings and antiquity? What if you do not speak Latin, Greek and Hebrew? What if the task of comparative studies seems way too complicated in your busy life?

I have GOOD NEWS! Only one book brings eternal life and salvation. Mankind, as usual, has made finding Holy Spirit way more complicated than it is by trying to make money and sell religious books and advice. This has obscured the truth that God’s word, divinely inspired and written down in his Holy Bible, is all one needs for salvation.

God’s free gift of salvation and how to be grafted into his heavenly kingdom of believers is detailed from the Bible’s opening book of Genesis which tells of Jesus being with Father God at the creation of the world, then mankind’s fall at the garden of Eden due to his unrepentant sin nature, with Messiah being foretold through the prophets and the psalms of worship which wraps up the Old Testament. God is silent for approximately 400 years, then at just the right time in the fields of Bethlehem where shepherds watched over sheep destined for temple sacrifice in ancient times, near Jerusalem in modern day Israel, the angels of the Lord offer the GOOD NEWS that a savior has been born, who is Christ the Lord.

In the opening chapter of John, the apostle, he tells us Jesus came as a human into the world to save us from our sins as “the Word made flesh.”  Jesus becomes a human. He leaves heaven to become the last sacrificial lamb offered for the salvation of every human soul that is to follow. The eyewitness writings of Christ’s apostles is detailed in the New Testament includes the rest Jesus’s sin-free life, atoning death to take away the sins of those who believe he is the bridge offered by God, and resurrection after three days — being the “sign of Jonah” that Christ foretold to the religious brainiacs of his day — the Pharisees. Jesus warns against those with so much learning and “higher education” that the truth of God’s grace is obscured: “Be sure to guard against the dishonest teaching of the Pharisees! It is their way of fooling people. You teachers of the Law of Moses are really in for trouble! You carry the keys to the door of knowledge about God. But you never go in and you keep others from going in.” (Luke 11: 52 and Luke 12:1)

After the eyewitness accounts and letters of Christ’s apostles in the New Testament, comes the closing testimony of John, in Revelation, for what the future would hold as we near the end of the church age of grace some 2,000 years later. God does nothing major before he reveals it to his prophets beforehand so that all may know he is the true God, the only one who knows the end from the beginning. (He is still speaking daily to His prophets.Try reading through these websites for his current revelations: http://www.Thecallofthebride.com, http://www.Hiskingdomprophecy.com or http://www.Z3news.com. You must use discernment from Holy Spirit and ask God to reveal himself so you hear His still, quiet voice. HE WILL NEVER SPEAK AGAINST HIS WRITTEN WORD< THE BIBLE.)

Satan, our accuser before the throne of God almighty, hates this one book and so tries to hide it among many others. The word of our God will stand forever, which he knows, so that leaves him trying to destroy copies of the Bible, forbidding people in oppressed lands from owning a Bible, and having modern people be distracted from the simple pleasure of reading by technology, sports, shopping, etc., etc. to get us away FROM THIS ONE BOOK!

So — how many books do you need for a clear understanding of salvation? Only a Holy Bible.

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