Hope @ http://www.thecallofthebride.com/night-psalms:”I come for you soon. Be ready!” Holy Spirit has begun speaking night revelations and praise to her in June 2017. Read a sampling and be encouraged!

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Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, I pray. On May 31, 2017, I “heard” someone else praying, the Holy Spirit.  The Words were so awesome that I found it right to pray those Words so I did.  This is the same Voice that I hear when I hear from God.  I heard the Voice again on June 2, and after the third time on June 3rd, I felt God was directing me to start a page, similar to the Night Writings.  However, these are clearly not the same as the Night Writings so I prayed and felt led to call them Night Psalms…a psalm is a sacred song or poem, a religious verse.

(Psalm 42:8 – The LORD will command His lovingkindness in the daytime,
And in the night His song shall be with me—
A prayer to the God of my life.)

06/23/17 – The Bride   Video

Times are coming that are rough. My Bride will see many things, many things she wished she didn’t have to look upon, but with joy she will return to Me. She began here; she originated in Heaven, sealed here with My kiss. Her history has always been known from the beginning and now it is known here at the end as well.

Where two or more are gathered in My Name, there I Am among them. She started in Heaven with Me, we were the two. And now she is coming back as My Bride, no longer a child. Many things have been learned in your world by My Bride but chief among them is that I Am her Husband. She understands now who I Am, and who she will become; part of a Royal couple.

Do you know the depth of feeling I have for her? She is My responsibility so believe Me when I say no harm will come to her. Trust in Me and know My love is everlasting, same as the beginning as it is here at the end.

When I arrive it will be time to come Home. I will meet with her in the clouds and whisk her away. Nevermore will she be sad as she will forget all things of sorrow.

The morrow is nigh for this to happen. Events come even quicker now as labor pains. Watch for Me, watch the skies and feel My heart. You will know when I Am close.

Love forever and ever, Yeshua


06/20/17 – A Royal Couple

Let there be no mistake…My mind is made up. It was written about long ago in the Book. I Am returning; not as a Child but as a Man. The sign in the sky reveals a Babe, but My return is as a King. Let there be no mistake.

My Bride will come with Me when I return. She is marvelous, she is wonderful, she is everything I want, and she will rule with Me. We are a royal couple.

Time is short now, very very short. Many think My return is far away. First I come in secret, then the whole world will see. They will weep and moan to find they are left here to go through utter darkness, a darkness that cannot be permeated by the light, for the Light of the world will be missing. Are you ready?

06/19/17 – Praise Him!

I will listen for Your voice in the still of the night, and hearken to the sound of Your speech. You are My Shepherd. Wherever You go, I will go. Wherever You lead, I will follow.

Praise Him! Praise Him, all ye people! The Lamb is coming back to the earth! He is poised to take us Home, His flock and His redeemed. Glory be to God!

06/18/17 – Forevermore

I make the sky blue and I make the grass green. Such are the colors of nature.  The color of your heart is Mine to give. Black is the color of most hearts but My Bride’s is white, pure white, cleansed by the blood of the Lamb.

We are to be married soon, you and I. I will hold your hand, and will walk hand in hand forevermore. No more frightening events, no more horrific childhood memories, and no more death to keep us apart. Imagine…just imagine My love, you will live forever!


06/12/17 – My Footsteps

The warning comes too late for many. I will be here and I will leave, taking My Bride with Me. Those who thought they were My Bride but did not look for Me, did not care for Me, did not love Me, will be sorely disappointed.

The grass is always greener on the other side they say, but I tell you the truth…one third of the grass will be burned up and the left behind will weep with tears and sorrow like mankind has not done before.

Follow in My footsteps oh children of men, and you will find the way Home. Even those left behind will seek Me and will be saved. Every one of My children.

06/11/17 – I Complete You

Our worlds are far apart and yet I lie within you. My Spirit has grasp of your soul and your heart reaches out to Mine. We could not be any nearer. You have no concept of this. No earthly act completes this, yet I complete you. Rest in that fact.

I Am your joy and your very foundation. I sing songs in your heart and draw you near Me each day. Your life is Mine which is why you can live it abundantly. Do not run and hide from My Word for I Am with you, to the ends of the earth.

Love, Jesus

06/10/17 – Hang on to Love

These eyes shall see the glory of the coming of the Lord. There is more than this. Your eyes will see more. You will experience a lifetime of love in a mere moment. Hang on to love for it cannot be stolen, but grief can come upon you when you ignore it.

Your kingdom rests with Me. My kings and queens are worthy to wear the crown though you do not see it. Bear with Me for the night is almost over.

06/09/17 – We are One

The sky above is filled with fire and ice as the stars wink in and out. All obey Me, all sit at My command. I Am the Father, I Am the Son, and I AM the Holy Spirit. We are One.

You are spirit, mind, and body. Your soul is not your own for it belongs to Me. We are one. You will do great exploits soon, as you are written about in My Book. You could never, ever do these exploits on your own but rather accompanied by My Holy Spirit. Great things will be yours to command and the world will change because of you. What was before will never be again, thanks to My Bride!

I come for you soon. Be ready!

06/08/17 – My Love for You

The stars in the sky are too numerous to count but so is My love for you. As far as east is to the west, so is My love for you. It is wide open and cannot be counted. You have no idea…no idea of the magnitude of feelings I have for My children. That is why I give you children, that is why I give you family, so you will have just an inkling of that feeling.

On this night the stars raise up and join together in songs to Me. Soon you will join them, soon you will sing songs like the heavens and raise your voices far above them. You cannot fathom this for it is deep like My love. One day soon though, you will feel what I feel for you and life will never be the same.

I love you, God

06/07/17 – Light up the Night!

The stars are breathing tonight. Their flames flicker in and out, their fire breathes back in. You see the glow but they live. I have named them, I know them all by name.

Long ago there were many more but many have fallen, have been cast out and down to this earth, your world. They do not belong here but they chose this life. Now they are with you. Their flicker and flame is gone, they cast no glow in the night. But you My children, My Bride, are about to light up the night! You are about to mount with wings like eagles and take flight among the skies! You will shine like stars…forever!

06/06/17 – Her Doom is Sure

Sorrow has filled the earth with flames upon his brow. His wind strikes the ground and nothing can stop it. Cherish the colors, those of the earth for she shall weep and moan. The earth will fall, everything collapse, until the end has come and her doom is sure.

Follow Me, children of men, for your time here is surely over. Your lives are but flame to a candle, a flicker in the wind but your soul lives forever. Choose life and live abundantly in the Son. ~ Amen

06/05/17 – The Sweetest Name I Know

The Day will come when those who fear the Lord will be saved. You know this for you are trusting Me in this. I AM your Mighty Shepherd, your Prince of Peace and your Great I Am. The devil has no place to rule here. The powers that be that rule Heaven…are Me!

There is no doubt among the angels for they rejoice under their Creator. These magnificent beings bow their head to Me and sing. Many are the children who are coming to sing, “Holy is the Lamb.” You will take your place among them and sing My Name. “The Name of Jesus is the sweetest Name I know. Fills my every longing.” You will know the song among songs as I fill all your desires for I Am your Mighty King. ~ Shalom

06/04/17 – All Things will Return

The glory of My soul is in your heart. My heart is in your thoughts and you weep My tears. Blessed be the Lord.

His hand is upon you, guiding your steps and directing your life. May the glory of My soul sing to you, like the flowers in the rain, like the dew upon the ground. The Lord is near, He is in your heart, and the earth cries for Him. The Creator of all things wishes no less than the earth to be drawn back to Him. He cries for her, the sorrow of sins is upon her grounds as blood has soaked through. But the blood is cleansing; there is power in the blood; and she will return to Him, the Creator of all things.

Rest assured, all things will return as they were and His children will come Home.

06/03/17 – Allegiance is Declared

Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. The time has come to disclose the martyrs. Chaos will ensue for those who know My Name. Bow your head to Me ye soldiers of the Lamb. Make way for the King of the earth to take His royal seat. He is the Comforter, He is all powerful and worthy is the Lamb.

Shine forth your light for allegiance is declared. My angels sing My Name and My people rejoice. Glory, glory to God in the highest for He shall make us one!

06/02/17 – He Heals

May the Word of God be ever in my mouth and ever in my heart.  For the Lamb of God rules the Kingdom and all manner of love goes before Him. He heals the hurting and the destroyed.  He heals those with ripped hearts and torn souls.  

God bless the King.   ~ Amen

05/31/17 – On Bended Knee (this was my first one and I don’t recall all of it)

“…as I wait for my Divine Savior on bended knee.”

1 Corinthians 2: 4-5 – “My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God.”


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