Beloved. You are My Worshiping Warriors. You possess weapons not of this world, but supernatural weapons to shake the kingdom of darkness.

Praise, worship, shouting and dancing are very powerful weapons in the Spirit realm.

These weapons cause you to focus on your God and the power of HIS Might. I INHABIT the praises of My People!

Oh yes, for when you praise, it is an act of FAITH. Now you are seeing as I see, Dear One.

You see that you always have the victory through Jesus Christ, your Savior. You have chosen praise over worry, worship over fear.

You have chosen to shout the victory instead of whisper defeat and despair. I AM sending you out before My Army, My Warrior Bride.

With a heart full of praise, you shall sing and dance in My Victory Procession. Heaven shall join in with you.

Source: “You are My Worshiping Warriors!” by Deborah Waldron Fry ~ HKP

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