My son, My prophets, and watchmen, I have seen the tears you have shed for the lost, for the nation, for My land Israel, but destruction surely comes, and with it, a famine that will cause men to eat the flesh of men. The nations are arrayed for war. The red horse rides upon the world, bringing with it the death and destruction.

Where is the white horse? you asked. The white horse has arrived, but the rider will not be revealed until the time I have set. He will ride in with a peace plan, a deal that cannot be beat, the deal of the century – that’s how you will know him. Watch the king of the north, for he is stirring the nations to come against Israel. Those that surround Israel will be pushed by anger to strike her. Those who were friends will be foes as nations now hate My jewel.

My son, the coming days will be wroth with violence. Men will be desperate and will do unimaginable cruel acts. I tell you this not to have My people fear, but to give them knowledge of My protective hand. All those that serve Me, I will protect. All those I have chosen from the foundations of time, I will protect. I will pour out My Spirit in the coming days, and many people will feel the tugging on their hearts to repent, but the window of time will be very short, and there cannot be any indecision or question.

My son, war is coming. The walls have been breached, and the enemy is in the house. Write what I say – Death and destruction are on the doorstep, but the watchmen are sleeping or looking in the opposite direction and are not warning My peopleThe pastors are sleeping, not warning their flocks, all for filthy lucre. My son, the time has come for My Remnant to get bold and warn the people! I am coming, for I AM JUDGMENT!!!



Continue reading @ Source: I AM JUDGMENT – Byron Searle

Scripture reference: Lamentations 2


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