Posted: June 3, 2018 in Hell and Heaven are both real places

June 2, 2018

My daughter, write these words down.

My Father did not forsake Me but you, My children, whom I love so much and left heaven for have forsaken Me. I lived as a meek, lowly and poor man, I demonstrated My love for all and I died for all of you carrying your sins to make a way for you to come back home to the Father.

Do you think this was easy to do? Did I not sacrifice Myself on the cross for you and also in many other ways before I died for you? I had to resist every temptation, was very much alone unless I was prompted by the Father to reach out. Otherwise, I spent my days praying, interceding even while on earth, keeping Myself away from all the ways of the world so I would not fall into sin. Was this not enough to show you how much I love you and how I gave all of Myself so that you might be saved? Daily, I walked in repentance and obedience until that day My Father called Me home.

My heart is heavy children for you do not even care. I am just a myth or a has been to you. I AM the Living Word now and was the Living Word at creation. I have watched over the years how you disbelieve I AM HE, disbelieve I existed before time, disbelieve My Word is true from start to finish, disbelieve that I am real, disbelieve I am returning soon. You walk through life with blinders on refusing to believe. Belief would convict you that you are a sinner in need of Me, Your Savior. It has kept you comfortable in your sins, happy as a lark, living for yourselves, doing as you please. You are following asatan to your eternal damnation.

I do not wish this to be your end for it grieves Me greatly knowing that your unbelief will seal your eternity in hell.My children, My tears flowed and flowed while I walked on earth seeing the true condition of men’s hearts and even to this day My tears flow over the condition of men’s hearts. Those that didn’t listen then perished and so it will be that way again.

Children, hell was never meant for you but you are putting yourselves there. Hell has been enlarged so many times over time because of REBELLION, UNBELIEF AND DISOBEDIENCE. How can you honestly believe you will not have to pay in the end?REBELLION IS SIN IN ITSELF, UNBELIEF IS SIN IN ITSELF, DISOBEDIENCE IS SIN.

How can you marry the Lamb in filthy garments? When you marry on earth do you wear filthy clothes to the altar? My Bride must be Clean, Spotless and Pure. Now, I understand the human frailty and all were born into sin and it was why I came—to relieve you of this “sin condition”. It is why I died to take all your PAST TRANSGRESSIONS from you. Living in this world sin will continually grab hold of you and it is why I left you the Comforter, My Holy Spirit. All you need to do is repent daily, let the Holy Spirit renew you, help you with all your weaknesses. My Spirit is your friend, not your enemy!


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