“Did you think you will not pay for how you live your life, for rejecting My Word? There is payment to be made. The devil will require payment of you if you sell your soul to live according to his ways you will pay with your soul—he is coming to collect.” Share this warning with all you can: TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! MAKE YOUR DECISION NOW! – MsSophie

Posted: July 14, 2018 in Behavior that shows holiness and consecration to Jesus, Hell and Heaven are both real places, Pray for unsaved loved ones NOW -- Do not delay!

July 13, 2018

“Did you think you will not pay for how you live your life, for rejecting My Word?

There is payment to be made. The devil will require payment of you if you sell your soul to live according to his ways you will pay with your soul—he is coming to collect. He did not give you the desires of your heart as a free gift and those who wanted much wealth he gave wealth, for those who wanted all the pleasures in this world so you could bask and wallow in your filth—he gave it to you. Do you think you will not have to pay the devil his due? Think again—your soul is required and he will have it. There are different levels of punishment in hell and you will spend eternity there.

Everything you desired here will mean nothing when he comes to collect. There will be no wealth, houses, cars, women, men, light, water, food, things of this world. There will only be darkness, fire, screaming, wailing, pain, torment, never any rest, hopelessness as you realize you will never get out. When you decide to reject Me and deny Me you will be forever separated from Me—as I am the giver of life, in there is only death, as I am the light, in there is only darkness; as I am the One who provided for the body and soul, in there will be no water, no food, nothing to nourish you spiritually. My Spirit is the fire but there in hell is only the burning fire of charred bodies (souls) tormented forever. You will never be free from the pain in hell. Your cries will go unheard. The demons will laugh in your faces as they pierce you over and over again. The stench of sin will be the only smell there, the smell of sulphur all around you. I AM the breath of heaven, the fresh air one needs but when you reject Me, I will reject you so the smell of the sins of man is what you will breathe in.

Children, I write this to you to give you a short dissertation of what hell is like. Children, you plan your lives on earth, your wants, desires, your vacations, your retirement yet you never plan for your eternity. Life here is short compared to eternity. Why do you desire to give up an eternity of joy, peace that surpasses understanding, love you never received on earth, the way I Love? No man can truly fathom the depths of this love. You are willingly forfeiting your joy and salvation for what—a car, a boat, casual sex, alcohol, drugs? This is worth it to you? OH how foolish man truly is!!!

Temporal pleasure versus eternal pleasure! You are gambling with your life throwing it away instead of reaching for everlasting life! You think turning away from sin is too hard to do and when you are thrown into hell you will wish you had listened and obeyed and turned from your sins, your wickedness. You say God is good—He will never put me in hell. This you speak truth of; I do not put you in hell. I do not need to for you willingly put yourselves there. I AM is a good God and I do not desire any of you to go there. You desire this to be your final destination.

You children know better and you all know between right and wrong and even when convicted of sin you choose to deny it and run to your false shepherds that tell you that past, present and future sins are all covered. You justify this false doctrine to remain in sin. Your ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED DOCTRINE OF DEMONS will never get you into My Kingdom.

I require a much higher standard of living. I AM is only coming for a Pure, Spotless Bride. I hate the stench of sin. I hate all your abominations you partake of. I AM is a God that also requires one to walk according to My commands. Most of you children will NOT inherit the kingdom because you continually wrestle with Me in your Spirit; your rebellious nature and disobedience to Obey Me will not go unpunished. Chastening is about to come hard upon My children and if you still reject Me and refuse to come out of rebellion you will have sealed your own demise.

Children, you believe there is no hell—how can that be when there is good and there is evil? Where does evil come from? You say there is a God yet satan does not exist. Before he was satan, he was Lucifer and he was My most beautiful Archangel; My covering but he was full of pride and thought he should be the one on My throne. He turned 1/3rd of My angels against Me and caused much dissension and discord in heaven. It is for this reason I took away his status, his beauty and I made him god of this world after the fall of man. He has put his stamp on everything in the world. He works through the minds of men and it is how he controls everything on earth. He does this through manipulation, deceit and offers his servants riches and power. He feeds their egos and has gotten man to do his bidding and when it is time, satan will take them down with him.

I AM the good in the world; all good things come from Me. I give wealth to those that will use it to further My kingdom if they have a special calling on their lives for a specific purpose, I give peace, understanding, hope, healing, restoration. I bless man with children and satan convinces man to kill My babies through abortion or abuse. He hates anything good and knows children are precious to Me. He goes after all those that wish to follow Me; to want a relationship with Me so to keep man from having a relationship with Me he created his Empire through religion. Religion is manmade and men/women serve him well. This is why there are so many different religions, different paths.

Satan is cunning and clever; if you give man different religions you can then keep them from ever finding their way back to Me. My Word says there is only One way, One truth but he has conned man into thinking there are many spiritual paths to Me. ALL these paths he put in place all lead to hell. MY Way is One Way—it is narrow. My Son rebuked the Pharisees for their religion, teaching manmade doctrines.

All I ever taught My Son to teach was to walk with Me in Obedience to My Commands. He never followed any one synagogue. He went place to place, city to city teaching the error of their ways. My true followers then and to this day fellowship with Me anywhere. When you speak My Words, share My Gospel while in a store, you are fellowshipping. When you invite others to join in prayer you are fellowshipping with Me. Where two or more are gathered, I am there.

The church systems will fall for they chase other gods. Churches, mosques, temples will fall. I understand children how deceived you have been and I see how you go to your church then leave and go right back into your sins. Why do you go if you have NO desire to change your ways? You are wasting your time and it is revolting to Me. I will be with the one on their knees at home crying out to Me asking for My help to change them—these cry out from the heart in true repentance and this is how I want all My children to come to Me.

You need to stop playing church. They are about to fall. Most are not of Me. You MUST STOP praying to saints, to other false gods in temples, in mosques also. YOU MUST TURN FROM FOLLOWING ALL FALSE GODS. This is not a mere suggestion but a commandment I put in place for all men to follow. If you are in IDOLATRY, you WILL go to hell!!!

Thou shalt have no other gods before Me! Mother Mary won’t get you into heaven, Buddha won’t get you in, Allah won’t get you in. There are millions of false gods people follow and NONE will get you in. ONLY MY SON CAN SAVE YOU! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER PATH!!!STOP praying to stone statues, stop praying to the dead, stop lighting incense to Shiva, stop bowing to statues.STOP BOWING TO THE FALSE PROPHET—THE POPE. HE WAS NOT GIVEN AUTHORITY BY ME; HE FOLLOWS THE GOD OF THE WORLD—HIS DADDY OF LIES SATAN. THIS IS HIS MASTER.

These are the last warnings I am giving and I give these warnings out of My great love and Mercy. I AM SOVEREIGN, I AM THE ALMIGHTY! There is none besides Me; there is none who can compare to Me. I AM the God you are to follow. I AM ELOHIM. I AM YOUR FATHER, I AM THAT I AM. I am all that you need. Everything is here within…”

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